Thursday, January 31, 2013


When it comes to no-no's, touching, holding or simply being around a newborn is up there.

By doing so, you may find yourself getting that fever. Its the same fever that all your friends are catching. Some for the first time others for the third or fourth. And Lord knows, its going around.

You may do your best to avoid this by staying away from anything with even the word baby. This may include baby aisles, the random Picture People store at the local malls and I warn you this is a must here, but you must quarantine yourself from those around you who may be already be feeling the effects of babyitis.  Symptoms are as followed by not limited to extreme amounts of cuteness, followed by deliriously happiness and lack of sleep may make one delusional. Delusions include, temporary loss of smell, and lack the ability to notice random stains. In extreme cases those with babyitis may be experiencing overexposure to the colors blue and pink, with the occasional greens and yellows.

If you have signs of babyitis, please take caution as symptoms may come on strong and fast and often unexplainable. There is no known cure for babyitis though some report that symptoms subside after eight to nine months....

Please take caution, seek medical attention should babyitis catches you. and I repeat. Do not touch a baby.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lean, mean, crime fighting machine-well sort of.

Every year, usually right around summer my office goes through this mandatory security training. Do this, don't do that. If something looks suspicious, if a person looks a little to weird, if a package is left. The standard norm that I am sure most companies these days make sure to go over.

And every year we all have to sign off saying that we took the training, sat there through the meetings, and the online testing. I am pretty sure that half of us sleep through it.  And for the most part none of us ever think much of it. Nor do we ever have to worry about such things as some random stranger coming up and approaching us. Especially not when we are behind locked doors, where the only thing that gets us in is our card. Believe me, for the most part, we work there, we see the badges. We all swipe, and if you didn't know this, which I don't know is possible considering every other foot there is a sign reminding us to do so., then you will dif know the fact you can't get in at will tell you one must go talk to the receptionist.

But of course from time to time I suppose it could happen.  Take for instance this morning as I am sitting there typing a few things up for another briefing, I look up to find this guy coming down looking in an office, and wouldn't you know he stops and asks me if I knew where so and so sat. And I had no clue who this guy was. But he was dif weird, and as he sat there something just didnt seem right. Especially when I asked him about his badge, and he just looked at me and said the receptionist, who I know would never let him, let him in. And he just stood there babbling. And I told him that he needed to leave unless there was someone. The moment I got up, he bolted. And I headed to security feeling a little uneasy, because the guy was just a little to weird for my liking. I didn't really think of what could have happened, or who the guy was I just acted. And soon the security department had him, and I was back at my desk and things were back to normal.

Of course there would be a talking to, and a debrief maybe not officially but they would want to know. I didn't know if I had done anything wrong because I didn't exactly escort him back.  And sure enough after doing my round of receptionist break coverage I found a note from the head of the security team informing me they wanted to see me in their office as soon as possible.  I walked down thinking of everything I probably could have done better, should have done. Scared that I was going to be written up. And at the moment, its really not the right time for that-though when is it ever time for that-and I entered. Before I know it, she is handing me a framed award for my watchful eye and doing the right thing, along with a gift card to Subway, which made my day more than the award. She thanked me for doing what most people-since someone let him go right on in without question-would never do.

I was in total shock. But thanked them and went back to my desk. Really I was just doing my job.

When I got home this evening, I received a call from my dad who informed me that he has heard of the guy before, describing him pretty much to a tee. Turns out, he does this to a lot of local businesses, sneaks in behind people, and then into offices, mostly to the big wigs. Grabs what he can, purses etc and then walks out. And while he has been on TV and the news, he usually walks away.

Well I hate to disappont, but he didn't get away with anything today.

And as for me?
I can add crime fighter to my resume.

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Balancing game.

And so it begins, the attempt to balance work, school and family. Along with time to myself, and enjoying friends, and anything else that comes along. Its a struggle that happens every semester.

Especially in the beginning of one. I try to remind myself that its always hard in the beginning, the trying to figure out the workload, how much needs to be done. Throw in the fact that it has been a little while-or even longer over the summer-and that soon my whole pattern will fall back into place.

But as I say this, my son is coming down the stairs, he wants to snuggle, and read another book. And we spend so little time together. And then the one show I watch, at least on Monday nights comes on. And we just got home and I really don't want to do homework. But I know I need to because I had put it off all week, even though I had an entire weekend to do so. Yeah.

I need to figure it all out, i need to get thins together. I need to learn how to balance the whole life thing a lot better. Because its not going to get any easier. Papers will have to be done, case studies will have to be reviewed and taught and my son will still need to be played with, work will still have to be attended.

And school will go on.

At least until May.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Five-Unsual.

Friday, how I needed you. Its been a long hard week, and you really couldn't have come at a better time. And with this weeks theme: Unusual.

1. What’s the most surprising or unusual thing to be found in your wallet, purse, or backpack?

I actually found a ticket stub from when I went and saw a movie back in 1999, yeah that was quite amusing. And then I saw the price of how much the movie ticket cost. And I think I cried.

2. What’s the most surprising or unusual thing to be found on your computer’s hard drive?

I got a computer at work that had a bunch of classical and Indian music....I just found this to be very interesting.

3. What’s the most interesting thing hanging on your walls?

A hand made watch with beauty and the beast, it has our wedding date and all. Got it on our honeymoon, yes we won a Halloween costume contest years before as belle and beast, won a thousand dollars for it. So its quite fitting.

4. What’s the most uncharacteristic thing in your fridge?

Beer, they belong to the hubs....

5. What’s something you’ve done in the past year that you thought was going to be awful but turned out pretty good?

When we went to Europe I never thought I would be so into it actually, I thought yea its going to be interesting. I just didn't realize how much I was going to enjoy it.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yeah about that.

So the season is just about a week old now. Of course this is news to everyone except the Caps, who have apparently not been notified as of yet that the season is actually on. While I did not fully expect the same season there was last year, I also did not expect to be at a zero and three record. In fact it seems as though, they are playing like its preseason and none of these games matter. NEW FLASH: They do.

I watched tonight from the comfort of a suite-which does not happen often. In fact it has only happened twice. And I wondered what happened to the beloved team. They looked so unraveled. Not in sync, and a lot like they didn't care at all.  And what happened to that drive that was there last year.

I wondered if this is what a lockout does to them, or if is perhaps something else. Sure I didn't and still don't expect much of the season. Despite what others may feel or say, its been a long time since they were out there, and we have need to learn the system. Which is a lot easier said than done, considering we are playing every other day, if not every day leaving very little time in between to actually learn.

I admit the lack of anything from the Caps has already put a damper on things. I haven't brought myself to watch much of anyone else's games, and the few I have seemed to be sort of the same way our season is going thus far. I realize its still relatively early in the season, but when its a short season as it is? If this is the way its going to be, for any team in the league/

Well maybe I will just hope its October before to long.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I think I can I think I can

Another semester, another year. It all starts again. I keep telling myself one more class closer. But sometimes I wonder how much longer I can continue. Its not easy. I know it isn't. I knew it wasn't going to be. But I thought I would be done by now.

I had planned on being done by now. But as I said at the beginning of last semester, life happens. I mean I also wasn't planning on having three emergency surgeries but I did. And so things were on hold. And things happened.

I wanted this so bad back in the day, and I still do. I want to be able to turn to Logan and tell him I did, and not to give up. And to show him, my husband and even myself that I can. But a part of me, knows things have changed. And what I used to want, doesn't seem so big anymore. 

And sometimes I wonder if it is worth it. If it will be worth it. Because at the moment, I am beginning to really wonder if it is. I know people will tell me things will open up once I get that degree. The doors will. But am I kidding myself? I have overheard my bosses when others get their degrees, and the promises of raises, and advancement and all, suddenly go out the door once the degree is in hand.

But I am so close, and I want to finish. I am to close not to. I am just worried that in the end it won't matter. After all is all my hard work really going to push me through, and get me that much closer to were I want to be?

Lord I hope....I just have to hang in there.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Is that you Chelsea?

I have a secret. Its not one that many people can share either. But for five minutes on January 20, 1993, yours truly was none other than the first daughter to the President of the United States. 
True Story.                 

I know what your thinking, there is no way that this could happen. But trust me it can. And it did. You see, back then I was in my glory days of Girl Scouts, right before it became uncool to be apart of that is-and being one in the DC area meant we got to do some pretty kick ass activities. Like being invited to work the Inauguration. Which believe it not was a pretty big deal, even at 12 I realized it was a once in a lifetime sort of opportunity.  

Getting up at the crack of dawn we headed into the city. Dressed in our blue uniforms, a blue jacket to cover it, our little white gloves and a white beret smashed on top of massive kinky curly (often unruly) hair-like this was supposed to keep us warm-we each got a section to seat parade goers. My older sister got a more prestige's job somewhere farther down the parade line and a hell of a lot closer to the grand stand. We lined up early, as they placed us in the stands were we would spend the next several hours. We we not allowed to take any seats from anybody, whether they offered it up to us or not, and we weren't allowed to move from our designated post. Got it. Clear. And it wasn't that bad. I mean I could handle it.

Except no one mentioned, it was going to be freezing. An hour into things, my hands were numb even through the gloves..I started to shiver somewhere around the two and a half hour mark, so hard that the braces in my mouth hurt. And by the third I was down right unable to bare it. And the parade hadn't even started yet. I got offered several jackets, and sets all of which had blankets but I kept insisting I would get in trouble....still the section stood up for me, and as a gentlemen left, his wife pulled me down. 

Little did I know what would soon happen. 

Before long I was being called down, and replaced by  someone else, which was fine most had been seated anyway by this point. Heading down the stands I found myself being asked a thousand questions, name, age, where the troop leader/mother was. Etc. And was informed I would be walking back with a bunch of men, all either DC's finest or Secret Service members. They put me in the middle, and we walked. It took a few minutes but it occurred to me that I was walking towards the White House. They were taking me to the Secret Service's private tent were I would be spending the next hour under blankets and the greatest hot chocolate ever, until my mother could be located. Believe me at 12, this was pretty awesome. 

But as we were walking in to the tent, I began to hear people chant, and yell and wave. 'Chelsea over here. Wave to us.' 'Can you sign our books.' I remember one of the guys laughing and mentioned that they thought I was the First daughter.  I waved, smiled and told them not today....I think we all got a good chuckle out of this.

It happened again on the way out as well. Causing a good laugh, and an endless amount of life time memories between my family. And a lot of jokes when I returned to school the next morning.

For the record, I don't think I look that much like her. But of course back then, our hair did look a lot like, as did our braces. And I was walking back with security, and secret service. To the White I suppose I could see where people would be easily confused. I used to roll my eyes when I told this story, the same way my little sister rolls her name when Hillary became the first lady-she hated this for some reason-but now I embrace it. 

After all, anyone can be recognized for someone who used to be on TV-in my case its the robot girl (Viki) from the show Small Wonder back in the 80s. Most of these people nobody will ever remember five years after the show ended.

But the first daughter? Even if for five minutes?
Well that's a role of a lifetime.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Puck Drops


There is a feeling of pure bliss at the moment, much like Christmas when the wait is finally over. 
Hockey is back.
And its opening night.

Bring on the season.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Five question Friday-Celebrations

Ah Friday how I love you. I don't know why but these past few weeks have seemed exceptionally long. Hoping that its just due to the fact we are all trying to get back into the swing of things after the holidays. But for whatever the reason, it is time once again for Five Question Friday. This week's theme: Celebrations

1. When did you last blow up a balloon?

For my sisters bridal shower last April. And I don't think I got very far before deciding it was a terrible idea and it would take to long..I suck at blowing up balloons.

2. Whose house is especially well-designed for parties, and why?

My aunt and uncle. Not only do they have a pretty kick ass open concept huge house. But the entire bottom level is for entertainment purposes. Including a movie theatre, pool table, shuffle board, poker table and pin ball machine. Just thinking about it makes me want to move in...

3. If the party starts at seven, what time are you there?

I am one of those show up either right on time, if not a minute or two early. Its this way with get togethers, class whatever you name. Kind of funny considering the rest of my family is exactly the opposite and come late. Since I am not a huge party person the way I see it, you get there early there are less people to have to deal with, and you can leave early without someone questioning you. Its my master plan.

4. Who brought the best thing to your last potluck?

My mom makes some incredible Italian salad, yep. It was wonderful and gone pretty quickly. That and my aunt made some classic corn pudding. Ah pure love right there.

5. Now that the holidays are over, what (besides a birthday) might be the next thing you celebrate in the company of others?

Besides my son's upcoming birthday? Well if I ever land a new job, or graduate these would be reason enough to celebrate I suppose. Though neither are truly set and may not happen right away. But one of these days, and besides birthdays and anniversaries  well those would be the next big thing to celebrate. Unless of course, the Caps win the Cup.

Then we have a whole new ball game to discuss.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

No missing here.

Now that hockey is but back-starting Saturday it will be.-I think its important to mention some of the things I will absolutely not miss while the season is in order. Because lets face it, us hockey fans had little hope, and little to go by there for awhile. So anything news worth, well it was something to write home about. Still these next few things listed are things I will absolutely be ok if I don't hear anything about for the next little while.

1. What soda company sponsors the arenas.

OK I get it, not everyone loves Pepsi, not everyone loves Coke either. Either way your going to piss off half the crowd. I prefer neither. I am a Dr.Pepper kind of gal myself-a habit which yes I know is horrible but doesn't stop me any less.-yet the arena doesn't offer it. And you know for a couple of hours. Its fine by me. If I don't like what they have, I won't drink it, find something else or go for water. It works. But I do not feel like this matter should be addressed every five minutes. Really.

2. Sunday Football.

I am not a football fan. OK let me refrain that I am not a football fan much. I have watched more games this season than I have since high school.  But without hockey, I felt the need to watch some kind of sporting event, and so I watched. But I am pretty sure the next few Sundays, when I have a football game on-the few that are left anyway-will only because I have homework I am trying to catchup on.

3. Having my coworkers think I know the inside scoop.

The number of people that would stop at my desk, and ask if Anderson knew anything at times was amazing. No matter how many times I told them he was no closer to knowing than any of us. It didn't seem to matter. Maybe it was an excuse to talk about hockey. I don't know. But I will not miss it. Of course this will only be replaced by those stopping to analyze the season, an individualized player or a previous nights game, but at least this may be a little more entertaining that the prior.

4. Speculations that so and so are not coming back

Those that wanted to come back did. And for the most part, all have. Enough analyzing things. And perhaps I am in the wrong mind frame but if that player didn't want to come back, play for a certain team etc, then so be it. I think what matters is if they are happy. Teams an the league can adjust.

5. Hearing about Ovi's love life

Maybe it was the lack of hockey news, but the moment he became engaged, it was all over the place. Including Yahoo's sports page. I am thrilled for him. I think its wonderful and wish the happy couple nothing but happiness for many years to come. However let them be. I do not need to hear every detail of things, including reading about how long you give them before its over. Seriously. As Jodie Foster said, privacy is a word for a reason.

Look for things I will miss now that hockey is back in the next few days....

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Apply Within..

Last summer I applied to a position I truly wanted, and blogged through most of my experience leading up to what would be true heartbreak come the beginning of November, in my  Moving on post. It was such an emotional three month roller coaster.

The whole process took a lot out of me, shattering my confidence on every level. I had a lot of self doubt during the next month leading up to the holidays. I just was so unsure about everything. And because of this, I took a step back from the process of looking. I knew I had a job, which probably didn't hurt. And as much as I wanted out of it, at the same time the blow that I took, well I needed to recover from. So I pretty much stopped. Sure I would look, and occasionally I would apply. But nothing really seemed to grasp my attention, and I knew with the holiday season upon us, finding and landing a job before, or anytime soon would be pretty hard.

So I quit. Looking. For awhile. I enjoyed the holidays without thinking about it. I decided to let things go. Figuring things would be as they would be.

But with the holidays long gone now, the new year now a half month old I figured its about that time again. And so last week I decided to start again, maybe its not the dream job that I was thinking I had landed, and maybe it never will be. But whose to say there isn't something out there that I will be as equally excited about.

I just need to keep my eye out.
And hit the button.

Monday, January 14, 2013

And the winner is...

Award season has finally arrived. For the most part I tend to forget about them and only seem to watch them out of boredom.Most of the time I tend to disagree with who wins, who is nominated. And since having little man, I don't get around to half of the movies I want to see. Besides I prefer the music awards, as I am an avid music lover. And OK the fact that I worked in the music industry (radio anyway) for two years probably has something to do with it it Although even that has become more of a performance based show that is making me feel incredible old as the years go by. Probably because I am. But this is another story.

I watched last night to kill time while little man fell asleep in my arms-which he did half hour into the show-and instead of changing the station I just remained watching it. And while I am no critic, here are some of my thoughts regarding last nights glitz, glamor and awards.

1. In order to make it in Hollywood these days, you must be foreign. 

I watched and listened to the red carpet interview and one by one noticed that they were English, or Australian. Irish. You name it. I mean I knew there were those actors from across the pond, but I suppose I just didn't realize  how many there actually where. Lets name a few shall we,,

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Hugh Jackman, Adele, Damien Lewis, Ewan McGregor. Daniel Day Lewis, Daniel Craig, Helen name a few.

No wonder Madonna has suddenly come up with a britsh accent. Apparently its the cool thing to do.

2. Taylor Swift is a sore loser.

Now, I will admit. I love TS's music, not ashamed to admit I belt out her tunes from time to time. And her perfume is used so much its the first perfume I have ever actually gone through an entire bottle, and gone back for more. And yes she is gorgeous, she can rock just about anything and look amazing-which is totally disgusting I may add. But did anyone else catch that look when Adele was named winner? Seriously, she looked like she was about to send out a hit man on her. Note to self: pray that you are never up against TS for an award. Hire bodyguard if you are. Taylor, I love you but you could at least act like your happy for can't win them all girly.  Or maybe you can/should according to you.

3. Jon Bon Jovi doesn't age.

Seriously he doesn't. I do not know if this fact scares me, or gives me hope for the future. But I am pretty sure he looks exactly like he did back when I was a kid. Well minus the whole 80s hair. One thing from the decade I hope never comes back thank you very much.

4.There is no way Claire Danes just had a baby.

Did you see her?? Her post baby body is incredible. Even I am a bit jealous of it. I mean there is just no way she had one...which leads me to believe there is some sort of conspiracy we don't know about. Either that or she was photoshopped in. You know the magic of television and all.

5. Jodie Foster is alive, despite my concerns otherwise.

And actually made an excellent point. Whether you are making fun of her coming out to the world or not is one thing-I am not, could care less-the fact that she got up there, and did a 8 minute speech on the media's obsession with the need to know is pretty incredible. She is absolutely right, everyone deserves their privacy and who are we to demand that we know the ins and outs of their every day life's, including who they are involved with romantically??

Overall it was not a bad show, Amy and Tina did have some funny moments and kept it light-hearted.  And a lot of the speeches this year seemed to keep up with the same sort of thoughts, joking and laughing and making fun of one another. Yes there were snubs and pictures that you would have thought would have won but didn't. Actors that should have won, but didn't. That's the way its going to be. Not everyone is going to like something, not everyone is going to agree...

And thats the true beauty of Hollywood.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Change of plans.

Training camp opened today. After months of waiting, the family-including my own-were ready for it. To celebrate we invited my mom and my nephew to hit up Ballston mall/Kettler to watch and celebrate along with thousands of other fans.

They gladly accepted. So we rushed around this morning, donning our Caps gear. The jerseys that had been tucked back into the corner of the closet. The t-shirts, socks and my Caps Vans that I had made a couple years back. We loaded the three of us in the car and made our way down to my parents home to pick up the other two.  We were going to have a fabulous day. And nothing but hockey was on tap.

Except halfway down the road little man starts wailing. And I am not talking just your average wail, but the kind that he hadn't done since newborn when we found out that he was allergic to dairy.

Thinking it was just a case of needing to go to the bathroom, we made it to my parents and rushed him into the bathroom. Were he sat and sat. And sat. And nothing. On either end. Still he wailed. And we sat helplessly knowing we couldn't do anything about it.  He scrunched up then became a board. Then scrunched up again as he kept talking about his stomach hurting. Usually we would call up Kaiser, talk to the advice nurse and bring him to the after hours care. But when the new year came, my Kaiser was dropped-thank you work-after 32 years. And we went under Anderson's. We are still waiting for the cards to come in. Which meant I had absolutely no idea what to do.

Other than knowing that going to see Caps training camp, was out of the question. To the disappointment of both Logan and my nephew. I have never gone to ER without having to call first, but I suppose there is a first time for everything. And so Andy and I made our way down where we spent the rest of the morning checking in, and having him checked out. Half an hour later, after being there Logan coughed, and smiled and said 'Well I feel much better.' still they wanted to check him out, just in case because you never know. And so we waited. We watched as the clock stuck, and Andy mentioned the boys would be taking the ice. Logan couldn't understand why we could just go...after all he was feeling much better.

We spent a total of two hours there, missing all of the first day of training camp and the celebration that came with. In those two hours they couldn't find anything that was wrong. Maybe a little gas, maybe just something he needed to pass. There was no telling really. It happens with kids. And while I could be upset. I am not.

As Logan said. 'Its OK. Mommy. There will be other times. We will just have to wait a little while longer to see my best friend Ovi. But you know what? That's OK, because hockey is back.'

Friday, January 11, 2013

Five Question Friday" Hurried.

 Its been a weird week around here, and I was in need of a little Friday possibly more than ever. After all the short weeks we have had, this first full week back post-holidays seems to have drained me. But never the less we have made it and thus, brings another Five Question Friday. This weeks topic: Hurried.

1. When did you last find yourself in a real hurry?

This afternoon, while on my way to cover the receptionist downstairs. I was running a bit behind as I was writing something and time just kind of slipped away from me. Thankfully, the dude is pretty laid back as long as I make it withing the five minutes grace period we are good...

 2.Often, when we’re in a hurry, we make stupid mistakes. What’s an example from your life that supports this, and what do you do to prevent such things from happening again?

I normally don't talk and drive, especially on my hand held. But my mom called one time and she just went on and on, and I couldn't get her off-love you mom but-I remember talking to her and trying to turn a corner. And yeah I rubbed up against the curb. It scared the crap out of me and nothing more. But since then I have dif stayed away from talking on the hand held and driving.

3. Why are some people so loud in places where quieter voices are usually appropriate, such as this cafe that’s closing in a couple of minutes, where these high-schoolers are being so loud it’s difficult for me to write these questions?

I really don't know, but it annoys me. Like on the bus, on the way home. Or metro. And its just like they get louder and louder and louder. And I find myself saying really is it that important that everyone needs to hear your convos??

4. How’s 2013 treating you so far?

So far, its been a rough year. My father's accident the day after New Years, followed by several company cuts to personnel-and these were good hard working people And then having to postpone our spring getaway-which I am over-has made things a little rough but hoping it will get a little better..its still early yet.

5. Are you more of a December person or a January person? What does this mean, anyway, and why are you whatever you are?

December, January seems to be an ugh its just sort of here month. And I think its the whole new year thing I tend to forget a lot about it. But by December I love the holidays and the feeling that it comes with it...

 Alrighty then, there you have it. The five question Friday for the week. May your weekend be fabulous no matter what you do.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


This has been a hard week around the office. Its been one of those weeks when you realize just how fragile the whole work thing can be at times. And how in the blink of an eye, things change and what you thought was a safe and secure position. Can be taken away. And sometimes it doesn't necessarily have to be you. Sometimes its the people you least expect.

And its days like this, when you want to roll your eyes and think really? Really? And all you think there has to be something better than this. But you realize that even as you think this, someone no longer has a job. And then suddenly. it doesn't seem so bad at all.

Because its weeks like this, that make you thankful you still have a job.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The best laid plans.

With the announcement of the return of hockey this past Sunday came a lot of other things as well.  My husband who has enjoyed his several months of non busy work, found himself scrambling to get things done in a rather we need it like yesterday sort of fashion. He also found himself in a new role, one of the managerial style which was just announced Friday.

This is all great and fun, I am thrilled to have the sport back, just in case you hadn't read my previous posts, I will say it again. I would gladly trade this for a season. But as he came in the office on Monday to do work, and discuss the future it was also determined between the two of us quietly that going on our planned vacation probably wasn't the smartest of ideas. No it was not mandatory that he canceled it rather suggested that his new team may not favor the idea. After all he would barely be in the position for two months, and the season would be just about into the final stretch of games before the push for the playoffs.

Now we had already discussed this, which is why we had not put any money into the trip besides the place holder for the room but still the sting of realizing that we would be cancelling still stung. Especially when you consider we were exactly 60 days away. Had it been five months, it was one thing but when you are so close...well for some reason it just hurt. Anderson and I sat in silence neither of seeming to want to say we were pulling the plug, at least not out loud. And for a moment I hated the fact that my life revolved around the sport. That we have to do such a thing, and then I felt incredibly guilty for even thinking this. Because I know how much he loves his job, and I know its completely selfish of me to think things like this.

I am trying to hide my disappointment this afternoon, to get along with my day and push the whole thing out of my head. But I am finding that to be a very tall order as every other site is mentioning spring getaways, and spring break fun. And I can't help but think that it was during my spring break from school that we would be going. And then there I go again with the whole disappointment. Perhaps its best that I just stay away from everything vacation wise until the pain of disappointment subsides just a bit. And it will right?

Vacations will be there, we can rearrange and plan for another spring trip. And its not like we won't be going back, as August is already scheduled. But still, to say we were looking forward to it is an understatement as we were more than just looking forward to it. Logan has been counting down, and while he has no concept of time yet, he knew it was getting closer.

We have yet to break it to him.

At this point I don't know if we will officially. At least not for a bit.

And these are things, like canceling things and putting things on hold. Missing weddings and birthdays These are things that people don't see about life as a hockey widow.

And vacations are apart of the whole thing.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Bringing in the news.

Broke the news to little man that his beloved Ovi and the rest of the team are on their way back. to play his favorite sport.

He was so excited he started immediately jumping up and down and running around.

It appears we weren't the only ones in no hockey game blues.

He also mentioned he would be ok with no watching football ever again.  He does not care that the season is short or that it will now go until the end of April, he is simply just happy that hockey is back.

And maybe this is what it is all about. Because while there where several people who were already over analyzing the state of the deal, and going back and forth on what the whole thing meant, the good the bad and the ugly of it all, when all is said and done there are those of us that just wanted the game back. Those of us like my son who could care less that so and so makes this much that the owners want this the players want that. What matters to them is the game, the sport and we wanted it back more than anything.

There have been several times during the past months when I have been pissed of the league for putting us fans through this. Didn't they know it was not each other that they were hurting but the fans. And in a sport where its fragile fan bases is always on the rocks, well I would have thought that, this is all important to us. That the fans were important to them.

This all changed though at the end of the evening as I watching little man run around the room screaming Ovi, my best friend is back. All those months of being pissed at everything hockey related no longer mattered.

Just like my son, I was thrilled to have the sport, and that smile it brings to my son's face back.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Welcome back.

While all eyes are focused on the beginning of the NFL playoffs this week, for hockey lovers there was a very different feeling. Much like any team playing this weekend, this one was of a due or die for an entire season.

Andy pretty much lived by his phone as of late as word that a possible deal to end the lockout, repeating that if nothing came by the end there would be little hope to get the boys on ice until next fall.  And when we went to bed last night, he made note not to expect a decision until at least Monday, as it looked like they were going into marathon discussions overnight. Which meant we turned off my phone, my computer and didn't give it another thought.

And then came morning. I lay half asleep on my side of the bed as Anderson rose grabbed his phone and said. 'They did it.'

I didn't even need to ask who did what. I sat up, excited to know that hockey would be returning. While the news has been all over the Skins game against the Seahawaks, little had been mentioned of the lockout. Even as we turned on the TV to get ready for the day, the lockout long over nothing was mentioned. No details,  no nothing. Andy started back up with his here we go, no mention of hockey mambo jumbo that he does every season. I didn't care. I knew hockey is on its return, and that's enough for me really.

Of course I know what this means. It means we immediately had to start talking about things. Plans that were made will now probably have to be changed. Things will postponed, and schedules will be rearranged. Those who have little interest will be asking for tickets come tomorrow. 

And I will once again be a widow.
Welcome back hockey, welcome back.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Going for a goal.

Five days into the new year and I have yet to make a resolution. By this point I probably won't. This is not unusual, as this makes the several year in a row I have not made one.

But this year, I did decide to do something. More of goals, specifically in the finical end of things. But I figured its a start. We are now at the point where we have a couple of our bills getting ready to be paid off in a a year or two. But this was not good enough, no I wanted to see if we can start paying them off sooner rather than later. Because while we are managing everything and doing ok, there is always room for improvement. And hey the sooner that we pay of certain things, well then the sooner we can think about other things. We know a new car for Anderson is in the near future. But with what we already have budgeted, it leaves little room for much else. Which is why I set some goals that I want to see done by the end of 2013.  They are as follows:

Have both of our student loans paid off:

We have just over three hundred dollars left to pay in Andy's. A little more than that on my own from the one year I spent away at a college in southern Virginia. Both are quite doable to get paid off, Andys scheduled by the end of the year and mine with the way things going still another three or four years.  And while Andys is done well before the end of the year my goal is to get it done a lot sooner than that. As for my own, hoping that once Andy's is done I can work on getting my own done. This will free up some extra money to put towards other things, including savings.

Have so much in savings:

I will not get into just how much I want, but I know the amount. I am still one of those people that actually puts money aside from each of our paychecks into savings. But I am hoping with the extra money that we can save, even if its five dollars more that we can work on continuing to set aside money. I know things happen, and I know it may not be the exact amount. But this does not mean that I won't at least try to get it to a certain point.

Re-Evaluate come June:

As mentioned above, I am hoping to at least have Anderson's school loan paid off, and by June I am hoping that we will at least have a betteridea of just when and if I can pay off my own. Which means, I am hoping that come June we will decide what is and can be done to start the next set of financial goals. This may include helping get down the next set of bills, though we both are well aware we may not be able to start this until the new year we figure come June its a great time to evaluate how we are doing...

Perhaps these and this does not seem like a huge financial plan. Perhaps I could be doing more. But from where I see it, well I think its a start. And with a little work and concentration, well I think these goals can be achieved surprisingly enough....

Just may need a little luck to go along with it.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Five-The worst is behind us.

Happy 2013 to one and all. And we have made it through to the first Friday. So lets begin this year off with a brand new Friday Five shall we? This weeks topic, the worst is behind us...

 1. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done in the past six months?

I suppose I am not much of adventurous person as I would like to be.I did however try some food out that I had never had. Moroccan which was actually quite tasty. Even my stomach issues held long enough for me to actually get a good taste. Perhaps I should add adventurous to my list of 2013 'resolutions.' 

2. What recently could qualify as a happy accident?

Oh wow. Yeah I have no idea, would actually like to stay away from this accident topic at the moment thank you very much.

3. When did you last experience Buyer’s Remorse?

Sometimes the question is when don't I. I am forever buying something and then feel guilty that I spent the money on it, rather than on bills or something that we may actually need. I got a lot of money from family for the holidays. During my time off we went out and shopped for things we didn't actually need, but wanted. For the first time in a while. And I came home not spending half of it, and getting things on sales. And I still felt guilty about it. Its one of my worst habits.

4. In what way do people keep underestimating you?

I don't think people think I am actually as smart as I am. OK I don't even think I am. But I come up with things, and seem to know a lot about things, and then its like wow I didn't know you knew that. For instance in history. I know random facts and am pretty good with presidents. I play jeopardy a lot and people always seemed amazed that I know things.

5. What have you got in your pocket?

Three dollars in cash, 50 cents in change. A gum wrapper and a note about a possible opportunity I saw posted. 

And there it is, may you have a fabulous weekend. I have some topics cooking for a post or two this weekend...stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Keep calm, and write on.

Prior to the holiday vacation I told myself I would do three things, spend time with my son, not think about work. And write. I was on a roll with two out of the three, and I had been on a roll with my writing as of late, and I had every intention of continuing it. Especially since I would be away from work, and would have the freedom and the luxury to write whenever I wanted.

It was a promise I had made to myself. After all, if that book that I hope to someday get published were to actually pan out, well it would need to get finished first right? I sent whatever notes, and thoughts I had to myself before leaving out on that Friday. Notes I had written down in notebooks at work, or blurbs on my phone. I vowed I would sit down and actually formulate these, write until my fingers bled. I would! Yes I was determined. And if nothing more. I would have ten days of not thinking about work. So surely I would get something accomplished.

Well here it is, ten days later. I am now back at work. And how much did I actually write? In the beginning, I told myself I had plenty of time. Plenty of days. And it was the holidays. I wanted to spend it with my son, and enjoy the time. They are after all fleeting. So I pushed the thoughts and my work out of my mind. Until later. And then it was the middle of the holidays. You know that in between time, between Christmas and New Years. And I thought well I still have time. Maybe I would write when little man went down. But I didn't account for his whole sleep pattern being thrown off-for that matter, my own as well.- and so he was up at all odd hours of the night. If not in bed, he wanted to snuggle and he wanted his mommy. And time, and days like this, well they won't last forever. So I put it off once again. It could wait. What was another hour? Another day.

Except then it was the Sunday before, and New Years was right around the corner. And a house had to be cleaned, and my time with my son and my husband off of work, well it wasn't going to last much longer. shouldn't we be enjoying it while we can? Once again I put it off, and held on. I reminded myself I was on vacation. Even if it was a staycation, I still was on it. Surely my mind deserved a break from things as well.

New Year's rolled in, and I went and saw Les Miz, and I was so in love with it, and my emotions already a wreck, just couldn't handle sitting down and writing. Not to mention, the lack of sleep and thrown off pattern had meant while my son slept, I didn't. I barely was able to keep my eyes open for the ball drop as it was.  Writing would have to wait. Maybe tomorrow. I still had one day more.

But when I woke, and picked my son up from my father, who had so graciously offered to watch him so Anderson and I could enjoy New Years Eve. Well this was our last day of the vacation. Should I truly be spending it behind my computer? I would be back to doing that soon enough.

Another words, I did absolutely zero writing. At least not in the form I wanted to. Sure I kept up with my blog. But on my forever in progress book. Well, that was once again put on hold. I remind myself the beauty in writing, is I am forever in thought, moments of inspiration and all come to me when I least expect it. And I have jotted down things and written, so I doubt that it will be going anywhere.

Still, this does not help me finish what I sought out to do a couple of years ago.
But here's hoping 2013 will be different.

I will write. I will finish.
It may be the death of me.
But in 2013. I will write.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!


I blogged the most I had in 2012, here's hoping this year will be one for the record books. While I am still trying to get used to the fact that I will now have to write 2013 on things such as notes and letters, etc, I hope the new years found you enjoying the last little bit of the holiday season with those you loved. Here's to a whole new year of memories.

May 2013 be as fabulous to you, and yours as 2012 was.