About Me.

 50 Random Facts you never knew you wanted to know...

1. I am in my 30's.Though on any given day I could pass as someone who is barely out of her teenage years. I won't complain.

2. I am married to this guy for over 7 years now.

3. He really does think he is one of the funniest guys he knows. Just ask him.

4. He works for the Washington Capitals.

5. Which pretty much means we live, eat and sleep hockey. The most frequent question we hear is: 'Can you hook me up with tickets.

6. I live just outside of DC, work in the city. The commute sucks.

7.  Pretty sure my son is the greatest kid ever. Don't hate.

8. I was born with Cerebral Palsy to the right side.

9.  Its mild and was caused by a dog. Apparently my mom looked appetizing while carrying me.

10. I had a stroke right then and there.

 11. To this day I am petrified of dogs.

12. And of walking over grates in the city. Which has no connection to the one above.

13. I technically started blogging over 13 years ago.

14. I aspire to write for a living, my work, is always in progress.

15. Though I have been published.

16. If asked, I could probably live in FL and be a happy woman.

17. The same could be said for Boston, though I would never survive the winter.

18. I am a warm weather kind of gal.

19. I am never far from a book nor my Ipod.

20. True to my Gemini ways, my mind is always only half made up. The other half can't decide.

21. I totally believe in the middle child syndrome. And swear I will have no more than two kids.

22. Obviously I am a middle child.

23. My best friend growing up was a boy named Spencer. I was the only one that could see him.

24. I could draw you a picture of what he looked like, leaving many to believe he was not just in my imagination.

25. For the record, he always wore the same thing every day.

26. My husband thinks I look like Mandy Moore.

27. Considering he thinks she is gorgeous I will take it.

28. Though I was always confused for that 'Robot Girl' aka Viki on Small Wonder.

29. It was a show in the 80s.

30. I really did look that much like her.

31. I survived years of being bullied as a child.

32. Id like to think it made me stronger.

33. But know at times am still tortured by the past.

34. Disney World is my home away from home.

35. If I was a cartoon character I would be Belle.

36. I am that much like her.

37. I can recite the alphabet backwards.

38. Its an ability a lot of lefties have.

39. Yes I am left handed.

40. I was locked in a suitcase by my sister at 7.

41. I don't recommend it.

42. I throw Friday dance parties in my cube.

43. I am the only one that attends.

44. Being an introvert, this is fine by me.

45. I live in jeans and flip flops whenever possible.

46. Probably a good reason I love Kenny Chesney.

47. But has nothing to do with my love of Nick Carter.

48. I still admit I am crushing on him.

49. I want to see Mt. Rushmore one day.

50. Considering my love for history, this should surprise no one.


Barb said...

One of these days, I need to do something like what you did on my blog, for the "About Me" section that I haven't done yet!

Jlomo23 said...

I am so thrilled to have met you through the incredible Disney Parks Moms Panel process. I sincerely hope to meet you in person one day, preferably early to mid December works for me. **wink wink** Keep up the great job on your blog! Have a magical day!