Saturday, June 30, 2012

Goodbye June.

A couple of weeks ago, I looked at the beginning of summer and thought, well its going to be a busy couple of months. Though thankfully it wouldn't start until July.  At that time, it seemed still a million days away. Seriously.

And yet, here I sit just a few hours away from July. June has somehow escaped me. And starting tomorrow I am full speed ahead until the end of the summer...


There is still those same parties I described back in the beginning, with a couple of others thrown in there. A house warming party. My friend who is expecting has found herself in the hospital until pretty much the birth of the baby after complications to the pregnancy. I will now add in a visit or two to see her.

And, vacation in 18 days.

At the moment it can't come fast enough...

Bring on July.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Five Question Friday 6/29-Ooh, Ahh and Oops

Happy Friday my friends. And here we are heading into yet another month. As always on Fridays, its this weeks Friday five. This weeks theme is ooohhh, ahhh and oops.

1. What were the events leading up to your most recent utterance of oops?

The family and I were on the way home from the in-laws cabin in West Va, when we decided it was time for a potty break for our three and a half year old son. Thankfully, my own parents house wasn't to far. We stopped, and unfortunately a little too late as my son had an accident. We walked into that house feeling extremely bad for anyone in that house.

What were the circumstances that led to your most recent utterance of aha!?

Perhaps I haven't mentioned this, but I am pretty terrible when it comes to math. So while at work I was giving a task to do, math. Yeah I freaked I admit it. But I sat down, thew on my headphones and got to work. And wouldn't you know I figured out a problem. I pretty much went aha right there in the middle of the office. No shame in it either.

What most recently caused you to say ick?

While over at my parents house recently, they informed us that they found a turtle. They placed it in the back yard and later went out to find it with my 8 year old nephew. As my father opened the door to lead the way he came face to face with a five foot snake. Not a fan of snakes I immediately decided I had seen enough of the backyard for a lifetime. Thankfully my father was able to get it out of there without harming anyone. But I still don't think I will be venturing back there any time soon.

What inspired your most recent utterance of yum?

Last weekend, while at a trip to the local mall. We decided to splurge just a bit. Yes little man and I are both allergic to dairy, but for an afternoon we didn't want to care. After all, isn't that what summer is all about. We don't do this but maybe once or twice a year. And so we had ice cream, and it was the best ice cream I had had in a while. It was well worth the price I would later pay....

Where were you (and what was going on?) the last time you said ooooooooh?

Pretty sure I went oooohhh over the huge rock that laid in that jewelry store last weekend. Hey a girl can dream now can't she?

And with that, another Friday five is in the books. Enjoy the weekend. Stay cool.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oates is in the house.

And so it begins...officially.

Welcome Back Oates. 

May you be as successful as we all hope.

Bring on the season.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


New Head Coach, Adam Oates.
The wait is over my friends. As of this afternoon, the Washington Capitals have a new head coach. And once again it is a familiar face to any long time Caps fan. Adam Oates, former Cap himself he played 19 years in the league. Most recently he was an assistant coach for the Devils and is credited for helping them get into the finals this year.

I don't know a whole lot about him if I should speak the truth. While I know him as a Cap at the same time my fandom didn't start until one of this last season's with the team in 02'. So my knowledge of him is very limited. But I will say it seems as though now and days, if you want to be a head coach for this team, you must have prior Cap experience as this is now the second coach in a row who has been a former player of ours. Because of my limited knowledge I can not say whether this is a good move for us. Then again I can't say its a bad move either. I hear he is a offensive minded sort of guy, which is good if your a player named Ovi, who already seems to be pretty pumped to have Oates, and had already called to talk to him. And its good because well offensive wasn't the most important thing under the wings of Hunter. Then again, we saw what being an offensive team did to us under Bruce.

And we all know how that ended.

But on the other hand, I am hearing he has defensive on mind as well. So in that sense, I think it would be good because you need a little bit of both if you want to make it farther than the first round. Of course this is just my opinion, so take it or leave it. I do not claim to be a professional analyst.  And because of this, what I am saying could all be thrown out the window mid way through next season, should there be a season that is.

I do know this, it seems lately, in the past couple of seasons we have gone from a true contender to, well we will have to wait and see what happens. Hope this system, under this coach works out. Its a rebuilding period. Don't expect to win every game, or to have things click all of a sudden. And while this is great and all..At the same time, its getting kind of old. I hate the whole well we will see how things go. Just hold on. Give us some time.

But we aren't getting any younger. Ovi is no longer that fresh faced kid he once was. Backstrom, Laich, Green and Semin (though I doubt he will be around past Sunday much less next season) well they aren't the young guns anymore.

We don't need a system based upon we will wait and see. We need a system, and a coach that works. And gets the results that we all know we are capable of. That we are expecting. But is Oates really the answer?

Well time will tell I suppose.

And as a Caps fan, that's the only thing that is guaranteed.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The DVC Decision-Part II

If you ask me, I am pretty sure by the time we got off the plane the decision on whether or not to join had already been made. Anderson and I had discussed and rediscussed it until it was pretty much dead. We were going to join. Still we toyed around with it, as if we were walking on egg shells. Because even though we both knew we were going to join, at the same time I think there was the unknown, that kind of scared us.

For Anderson, it was more of the thought of vacationing down there just about every other year at least. For myself it was the financials. I was totally happy with the thought of hitting up Florida, and Disney every year. But it was a lot of money to sink into. I do not want to lead on anyone when I say that it is a cheap way of vacationing. Because while yes it will save you money, it will take a couple of years until you actually start seeing that savings taking effect. And if you go in thinking its a free program, and you will automatically start seeing that savings pay off. I think one would actually be quite disappointed.

 Then again, it would pretty much ensure that we would have a vacation to go on from here until whenever. And from where I sat, on the other end of things with a husband who reluctantly went on vacations. Well that deal seemed pretty good.

All we would need to do was crunch a little bit of some numbers. 
Which thanks to my father in law we did within the week.

Now all we had to do was agree. Or rather to come out and say that yes officially.
Still we thought about it. We talked about it. To everyone else, we were crazy. After all, going to Disney every year is not everyone's cup of tea. And to think that it was ours, as mentioned seemed absurd to most. There were several who questioned us. Wouldn't we get old of it? Tired of it? And wasn't it for kids? And since we were two people without kids, what was the point? We did our best to back each question with a response. I tried to remind people that it was no different than buying a beach house, I mean the beach never changes?(I pointed out Disney did from time to time) Do you they get bored of sitting there looking at the same beach every year? Does it ever get old to them? As for the statement of being for kids, well I tend to believe everyone is a kid at heart, and have had more enjoyment out of the parks since becoming an 'adult' than when I was kid. And while we didn't have any kids at the time, one day we would and wouldn't that be something to enjoy with the kids for years to come?

Some got our points. Some didn't
And while a few tried to discourage us from joining. Anderson and I in the end decided to not listen to them. It made us happy. And simply when it came down to things, well that is all that matters in the long run...

And so we signed those papers, naming our home resort as Saratoga Springs, had them notarized and sent them off to the good folks at DVC and made it official. We were members.

Welcome Home.

Now the only question that remains is do I still feel the same way five years later?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

I'm a Big Boy now.

Well it seems as though we have come to yet another milestone in terms of the toddler years. We now have a fully potty trained little man on our hands. For the most part that is. We still put pull ups on at night, which have remained dry for the better part of the past seven nights. But for the past week, he has been wearing his big boy underwear and have had only one accident thus far. Not bad if you ask me.

It of course has taken a while. After all we started the whole process back in February right after he turned three. Back then I thought it was going to take awhile, but didn't realize just how long it would take. I mean a month yes, two months ok maybe. But here it is the end of June and he has finally gotten the hang of it.


We made good on our promise though, back when we began the potty training event that we sat down and came up with goals..little prizes here and there. And what did Logan want as his big prize? What every three year old dreams of. A trip to.....can you guess??

Disney World...oh wait nope wrong place. Chuck E Cheese. Ah yes that is much yes we made good on this promise this afternoon. For two hours little man ran around, cheered and played games throughout the place informing those around him that the entire reason he was there was because he was using the big boy potty.

The kid has no shame I tell you.

And as a proud parent, I suppose I couldn't ask for more.  Though at the same time there is a certain amount of sadness knowing that this means my little man, is growing up. Its one less thing he will need me for. The thought saddens me more than I want to admit. I mean I love the fact I don't have to worry about diapers. But I miss the baby stage at the same time. Who would have thought?

Still I am extremely proud of little man. It has been a long few and at times challenging few months. But all the hard work has paid off in the form of a newly potty trained son. I know we aren't officially over the hill, since we have yet to put him in big boy underwear at night. And I know there is going to be the accident from time to time. But for the most part, well for the most part he is trained.My mother in law asked what we were planning to top this...


Going to Disney World actually.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Five Question Friday-Scattagories.

Ah yes its that lovely time of the week once again. The one day that everyone is looking forward to. Friday. And thus means it is time for my five question Friday. This weeks is rather interesting.  Its Scatagories. And all my answers must start with the same letter.  So shall we give it a go? Alrighty then. Here goes nothing.

  What random letter was generated by the online random-letter generator? (this doesn’t really count as one of your five questions)

I drew the letter I.

1. What food item, whose name begins with the letter in question #1, are you most likely to eat within the next few days?

iceberg lettuce on a sandwich of some sorts more in likely. This sounds rather boring actually.

2. What item, whose name begins with the letter in question #1, are you most likely to purchase this weekend?

Ice cream. We are on the hunt for non dairy kind. Pretty sure if we find some we will be picking it up for little man and myself.

3. What famous person, whose last name begins with the letter in question #1, makes you think thoughts you probably shouldn’t?

Enrique Iglesais..oh yeah...Though I have to admit this was a hard one for me since I could think of a thousan other people who I would think of other thoughts. Unfortunantley none of them started with I.

4. What is your favorite film whose title begins with the letter in question #1?

Incredible s...cute movie....

What geographical location, whose name begins with the letter in question #1, are you most likely to see within the next few days?

I don't know.

(hey it starts with I...)

Alright, well there you have it. My five question Friday....may you all have a fabulous weekend...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The DVC Decision-Part One

Five years ago Anderson and I made our way down to the happiest place in the world on vacation. It was the second time in two years we had done so. The first being on our honeymoon. Yes we had loved it so much we decided to go back down. This gained thousands of questions from family and friends who immediately questioned why were heading back down. After all we had just been. Of course now they merely shrug and bat an eye when we mention this. But back then, believe me this was a foreign thought to most everyone in our little circle.

But that second trip would change everything. You see mid way through our vacation we hopped on one of the many Disney buses that would take us back to the resort, we were tired, exhausted and looking forward to getting back for an evening of relaxation. The bus was unusually empty. The only other passenger's was a family-whom just happened to be from just outside the DC area-they were discussing their next trip down. They were throwing around words like points, and villas and DVC left and right. Now I had heard of DVC, one of my best friends had a mother that was a member. I was lucky enough to stay with them for a couple of days back in the early days. And even if she hadn't how could you have missed the signs around the park. After all they are practically around every corner. But as we listened to them, even Anderson's ears began to perk.

Perhaps I should really blame that bus ride. Because we soon found ourselves talking to that very family, who talked us into at least checking out what DVC had to offer. Because we were young, and we didn't have anything else to do. They sat there telling us of all these great memories with their kids, how they wished they would have done it a lot sooner than they did. And how we would be lucky if we did it sooner than later. They encouraged us to even take a listen to what they offered if nothing more Disney would provide fast passes for our times. Which is what I think sold the husband on the whole willing to listen to the speech.

As the bus pulled into our resort we thanked them and made our way-which was the Wilderness Lodge-and wouldn't you know there in the lobby was the DVC stand. Anderson and I looked at one another. I mean what did we have to lose? Twenty minutes? And so we found ourselves signing up for a session the following day.

In all honesty we were there more for the fast passes. Were we interested in the DVC? Yes but neither of us really knew if we were exactly serious about it. Still we went, we listened and we came with an open ear and mind. While I don't remember specifics about the discussion it has after all been five years. But I remember the guy really getting to know us. And I remember being asked three questions.

1. Are you willing to vacation here at least once every other year? 
2. Are you willing to have a lifetime of memories?
3. Can you afford $$ a month.

We didn't answer these question, only told to think about them and discuss them at home. Which was fabulous since it was a lot to process. I liked the fact it wasn't pushy. I didn't feel like I had to make the decision right then and there. After the discussion we we were told they would have a packet of info waiting for us back at the hotel. He shook my husbands hand and told us not to think to much about it until we got home In fact he didn't want us to make a decision until then. As promised he handed us the fast passes and we were on our way. They even dropped us off at the location of our choice, Epcot. Where we slipped among our fellow vacationers, none of whom knew that we had just learned. 'The Best Kept Secret.'

But like every good secret, would we be able to keep it? And would it be right to do so?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Take a bite into it.

I must hand it to apple. They knew what they were doing. Love them or hate them, one must admit, its true. They did.

You see they knew that the moment they created that Iphone, and enabled 24/7 access to things like Itunes, and the app store, people wouldn't resist. I mean one now has that access to buying that song that is currently being played on the radio. The one that is forever stuck in your head-at the moment its Call Me Maybe for myself-or that just released album the moment you get it up in the morning. Instead of waiting until they get home, or hoping to find that wi-fi somewhere in order to do it.

Yes, I have to hand it to them for this.

And I have myself fallen victim to this. Two weeks ago when I bought my first Iphone I was sitting there thinking, well how different can it truly be from my Ipod right? I vowed to still use it. My Iphone would be a phone. Except, come on this is the Iphone we are speaking of. And two weeks later I am pretty much chocking on my words. Because it a hell of a lot cooler. I mean instead of waiting for the new Kenny, it magically appeared this morning on my Iphone with just a touch of the button.  I was on my way to work. No need to wait. And that App store? Yep I had a couple of games waiting for me. Just in case I get bored on metro.

There is a danger in all of this. That instant connection. My wallet for one thing, I usually am pretty good with watching what comes out of it. I avoid things, stores and places because I know I don't have the money. But apple apparently knew this and they said, well whatever. We know if you don't think about it, you will do it.

And damn if they aren't right.

Because I don't think about it. Not the way I should.

Its all apart of their plan.

Well played apple, well played.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ten lessons from my father.

My dad, much like my mom is an incredible dad. He has never let me down, always been there and has always made time for me despite me being a middle child of three girls. As I get older, I have realized just how much I am like my father. I will not complain about this, though he keeps apologizing for this. Sometimes on a daily bases. And though he is often quiet, when he does say something you always listen. And while he may not think so, what he has to say has been some of the most important lessons in my life.

And just like I did with my mom, I thought I would share such important lessons.

So here they are....the top ten lessons I learned from my dad.

Lesson One: You don't have to a son (or daughter)  to be close to your child

Yes having a girl would be amazing, but having a son has been just as much of a blessing....and I haven't had to do one ponytail yet!

Lesson Two: Teenage girls need their dads too.

I may be the exception, but most of my weekend nights in high school were spent with my dad. Instead of dates with guys, it was dates with dad. It was some of my best quality conversations.

Lesson Three: George Michael=go the playroom.

Because apparently we couldn't just turn off or change the station when he came on. To this day I automatically start running for the door. Even if I am 32.

Lesson Four: A leader doesn't always mean you have to be out there.

In fact sometimes its the quiet leaders that get the jobs done properly. And just because you are quiet and shy doesn't mean you can't be a leader.

Lesson Five: Hitchhike at least once in your life.

And if your with me, and our car is broken and there is a girl scout camp that we have to go to. Its ok. It may have taken an 18 wheeler, a Jeep, a tractor and a strange man. But we got there. And it still remains one of my favorite memories.

Lesson Six: You don't have to be blonde to be pretty.

And some day some guy is going to agree with me..
he was right.

Lesson Seven: I'm proud of you no matter what you do.

It doesn't matter if your a doctor or an admin, you are still amazing at it.

Lesson Eight: I know one day, you will be a somebody.

Believe in yourself, practice and patience. But someday you will find what you are meant to do. 
I know when that first book comes out, he will be the first to read it.

Lesson Nine: You are your fathers daughter

And you know, that's just fine be me. I can't think of a bigger compliment than this. Despite what he may think...

Lesson Ten: No matter how old you are, a girl will always need her dad.

Funny, I still do.

Happy Fathers day, to one of the greatest dads out there. My own. You will never know just how much I love you.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Five-6/15:Lost.

Well happy Friday once again. Seems as though summer is full under way as I noticed the tourists have started making their presence known around the DC area...which sort of makes this weeks Five questions ideal...

On a side note, this marks my year anniversary of my Five Question Fridays....yea me.

This weeks theme: LOST

 1. How easily to do you get lost?

Oh boy, well this is a loaded question. Before the invention of cell phones, GPS's and what not's I was forever getting lost. Yes I was in fact one of those that would get lost going to the local mall...which was about ten minutes away. But hey it lead to me getting a cell phone..Now thank god I live off the GPS system. No more getting lost for me.

2. What subject in school made you feel most lost?

Math...I still to this day do not understand it. So I just gave up. We have a mutal hate hate relationship for one another. And I am ok by this.

3. What’s something you’ve recently misplaced and have not yet found?

I had this friend in high school that I lost contact with. I have tried several times to find her. But have not had any luck at all. I often think about her, wonder where she is and what she is doing. I hope someday I can find her. And thank her.

4. What’s something you found and were able to return to its owner?

I found a guys wallet on the bus I take to work. It had his entire life in it. I found him surprisingly he worked in the same building and returned it to the guy. The look on his face made my return worth it.

5. When you need some alone time and don’t want anyone to know where you are, where are you most likely to disappear to?

At work, I usually find a little spot out in our building area where the trees are and camp out for just a minute. That is if it is not to bad. If it is nasty, I go to the nearest empty conference room and bunker down for some quiet time away from the grain of things. 

And there you have it.

May you all have a fabulous weekend.....

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tale as old as time.

Sometimes I don't mention how great Anderson is. Sometimes I tend to forget how great Anderson is.

But he is.

He is incredible in the fact that he knows my love of Disney, my love of theatre and my love for Beauty and the Beast. Therefore, on my birthday I received two tickets to go see the touring production of Beauty and the Beast. And believe it or not, he seemed rather pumped to see it himself.

It has been years since I had seen the show. Probably because, it closed on Broadway a couple of years ago, and the tour hadn't been around since.

I don't know if they are trying to revive it or if I just got lucky. But for whatever reason I am grateful. I marched into that theatre as if I was a twelve year old girl-in fact there were several of those.- and families. I actually didn't know what to expect, if things had changed or had the remained the same? Would it be just as good as I remembered all those years ago?

The answer is: yes.

It was a wonderful show, perhaps not on the same level as Les Miz or Phantom, but I don't think its supposed to be. The story of course was the same, though with a scene or two mixed and changed up. The Beast  had a lot more adult humor than I remembered. But it kept the adults in the audience entertained for the three hours. And I was thrilled to see they had not gotten rid of my favorite part. When the men are in the tavern and they do the dance with the steins. I was really excited about this.

I found myself fighting back the urge to get up and dance. To sing and repeat every line of the musical. Because I am that kind of nerd.

Should you get lucky enough to see it I think you would be pleasantly surprised at this heart warming story about a belle and her beast.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Desperately seeking vacation

I am in need of a vacation.

Desperately I am afraid.

I know this because as I walked out of my office yesterday and stepped out I looked down at the brand new carpeting they had just put down and all I could think was how much it looked like carpet you would see at some fancy hotel. And for a minute I swore I could see a hidden mickey in it.  If I closed my eyes hard enough I could even smell that hotel smell. A strange mix of suntan lotion and seawater.

I was disappointed when I opened my eyes only to find that I was in fact not in the middle of sunny-or rainy at the moment-Florida. But rather making my way out of the office, and it was only Tuesday. And I still have 36 days to go before I could even think about the word vacation

As I sat there on the free shuttle my company offers to get to metro, a gentleman sat down beside me when I catch a glimpse of his watch. And the dial is in the shape of? A hidden Mickey. That's right apparently I am seeing them everywhere. I have to take my eyes away in order not to seem creepy. Except as I do so, there is that damn metro bus that has a sign for Turkey vacations. Not that I have any desire to go, but damn if that doesn't look fabulous. And lets not mention that the bus seems awfully familiar. Like it looks a hell of a lot like the ones that they drive around on Disney property. And well there I go again.

I do my best to avoid thinking about anything with the words, Disney, Florida, vacation...beach. I pump my music up and start the ride home. Metro is packed, before long it will be standing room only. Thankfully I am able to manage a seat. I rest my head against the glass, trying so desperately hard to not think about vacation.  I focus on the stops, counting down to my own, play peek-a-boo with a toddler across from me. I finish a book I started three days earlier. It seemed to work.  I was doing good. Yes I was. Until two girls just graduating roll their luggage onto Metro. Floppy straw hats in toe. Smiles are plastered on their faces yapping about how in four hours they will be sitting poolside, a daiquiri in hand served by some guy named Pedro. He will of course look amazing. I realize I am envious of them. Not only do I suddenly wish to ask if I can somehow cram myself in their luggage-but also a daiquiri served by a hot guy named Pedro sounds amazing right then. Maybe I should ask and I look over at their direction when their stop was called. In an hour they would find themselves boarding, off to some luxury resort and I would be stuck in rush hour traffic.

 I know I need a vacation because I am hating all those that are heading, going or leaving for vacation. It doesn't matter that a month from now they will be the ones to be watching me and wishing for the same while I will be the one to be off enjoying Florida.

And I know I need a vacation because as I sit in morning traffic for all two hours, I begin to realize just how much I could do with two hours somewhere other than being stuck in rush hour traffic. Like laying on the beach, enjoying breakfast at the Poly. Getting on Space Mountain...standing on Main Street as it pours buckets of rain. Which I am reminded is probably happening at the moment.

But damn I would take that over being stuck in the office on a glorious day.

After all a rainy day on vacation beats a sunny day anywhere else.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

And the winner is...

And just like that, the season is over. For everyone. 

(it only took 44 years, which means there is hope for us right?)

And so, as of this morning, the quest for the cup once again is a anew. Preseason schedules are being released. Free Agents are beginning to appear. Deals will be made and teams will once again be trying to figure out what the right combination may be in order to win next years coveted trophy.

Thats right, in the sport there seems to be no off season.

Are you there October?
We are waiting.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Just say no.

As a parent one likes to think we pass on a lot of things to our children. The color of our eyes, our hair. Even some of our personality traits and our quirky little habits. Most of which we gush over, thinking look how much they are like us. Its a proud moment indeed.

There are some things however we often wish not to pass along. For instance: my food allergies. But pass along I have. I had hoped, prayed and wished he wouldn't but of course I knew there was a likely chance he would get at least one of my many..

So far the one is just that. One. Dairy. We noticed it early on, his reaction. His massive diaper explosion, and later when he was able to his complaints about a stomach ache.  We switched to soy, and thank the lord he has taken to it. Enjoys it even. We have cut out most anything that even remotely has anything with it. At home its not to hard considering my own dairy allergy. But in the outside world its not so easy. Two months ago he was enjoying an ice cream and ten minutes later was curled up into a fetal position.

If our suspicions weren't already on high alert, that nailed it. We took him back to the doctor, who told us to avoid it all together..stick with soy, next doctors visit there would be a mandatory allergy testing. I immediately felt bad. I mean after all if not for me the kid would have a greater chance of living a care free food allergy free life. And I had passed it to him. I knew what he was going to have to deal with...granted there are shots, and pills and everything but at three he is totally not going to understand.

Still it wasn't to hard. We tried to avoid things as much as we could. Though I admit we could probably do a lot better than we actually do. Including yesterday when he had a treat from my mother in law and given a bowl full of ice cream.

Well, maybe it was a fluke.

I mean maybe it was something else. Except not even an hour later, he was in the bathroom. His explosion massive. His stomach hurting. And obviously this is no fluke....

But I can't just take away the love of ice cream, the joy of ice cream, which means I will now be on the hunt for dairy free ice cream. I know it exists. I have had it myself. Ironically down at Disney...

Now I just have to find it up in NoVa. And hope this is the only allergy I have passed along.

Fingers crossed.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cabin Fever

When it comes to weekend getaways I am fairly lucky.  With my own parents owning a house in North Carolina and my in-laws a cabin in the woods of West Virginia, if the family and I ever need an escape from the DC area it is pretty safe to say we are in fact only a car drive away.

Like this weekend. When we left the suburbs, packed up the car and headed west.  Admittedly we don't get out there as often as we should, or like for that matter. But when we do its always relaxing.

I grew up in the 80s-I was born in the 80s.-long after television, telephone and most modern technology came around. While I do remember a time when the internet was not around, and we had to find other ways to entertain us, for the most part I took the luxuries of always having some kind of electronics if not on, then around.

And yet when we are at the cabin it is often as if we have warped into the past.  To a time when things like a television is not in every room and the only reason there is a telephone is for emergencies. Yes that is right. The only TV they have is in the basement and its only use is for the rare occasion or when the weather calls for it, and even at that it only plays DVDs and Wii. But for the most part, if you want to find something to do, you best pick up a book, pull out a boardgame or take a ride in my father in laws mule.

I would love to say this is my dream, my escape from reality. But I would be lying if I said this. While its wonderful to get away, and a great place to get away from it all at the same time I don't think I could stand it much past the two days that we are there. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact there is nothing up there and I don't have to turn anything on. At the same time, the lack of anything to do would get to me after so many days of doing just that.

But for the weekend. Its quite fabulous.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Five-Flowers.

Once again we have to just about everyone's favorite day of the week! The sweet smell of summer is in the air, and for most of my friends they are gearing up for a lot of days without having to come up with a lesson plans. Congrats to them...though I admit I am way to jealous...

Anyway lets get on with this weeks installment of the Friday Five...this weeks theme: Flowers

What is your favorite flower?

Daisies hands down. Without a question. I love the fact they are quite simple, quiet and rather friendly. Yes indeed give me a daisy over roses any day. Though ok I wouldn't turn down roses either.

Do you buy or send other people flowers for special occasions?

Of course. Been known to buy my mom her yellow roses from time to time. Sent flowers to friends when they have kids, weddings. Etc. I totally believe everyone deserves to get flowers from time to time just a friendly reminder that you are thought of.

Have you ever picked flowers from your own garden (or wild flowers, if you don't have a garden) to give to someone else?

I believe when I was a kid, I picked wild flowers, I think we all have at least once or twice. I probably gave them to my mom, who swore they were the prettiest flowers she had ever seen.

If flowers could talk (think Alice In Wonderland), which flower would you most like to converse with?

Again, Daisies. I think we would probably have a splendid little conversation. And for some reason I think we could sit and complete silence and be ok with it...I just foresee that sort of thing out of the little quiet flower.

Have you ever used edible flowers in cooking, or eaten one?

Nope, can't say that I have...but that's an interesting thought.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The final.

Yeah so apparently hockey is still going on.
Imagine that.

Seriously if your like most of the world, if you blink you have missed it. After all it seems like half the games aren't even on a regular station. Even myself has fallen guilty to the 'Who cares about it anymore' Syndrome. Which is really really sad coming from me.

I don't know if its the fact that I don't regularly follow the teams playing. I know people who are fans of both but other than that, my fandom is limited. Or maybe its the fact that it has been a rather quiet uneventful series. The Kings up 3-1. I really truly thought they were going to sweep the Devils-I will now apologize to the Devils fans that I know for thinking this.-But I don't think I am the only one. Apparently this one of the lowest viewers in years. Which leads me to wonder if the hubs was actually right when he said the NHL would have preferred NY since they would have boosted ratings. Though I for one am happy to see the Devils in the series. So yes maybe I am not the only one.. and really after the Caps were eliminated the local sportscasters could care less about hockey. 

Then again its hard enough to get them to care during regular season.
So this doesn't surprise me really.

None the less in a matter of days one team will win the cup. 
But will anyone watch it?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cruel Summer

Last summer seemed busy. For reasons I am having a hard time remembering, it just seemed unnaturally so. Looking back, it really wasn't. Other than one of my closest and oldest friends getting married there was nothing much going on. Yes the few weeks before the event was made crazy.  This was to be expected. That with the hockey season, parties and rehearsals to attend.  But it was all said and done the weekend of Memorial Day.

Which in truth meant I had the entire summer to be nothing but lazy.

Still I left the end of summer last year saying that next year I would slow down. Enjoy my favorite season in a hell of a lot slower fashion. And I had every plans on doing this. This would be the summer when the only thing I would plan on doing would be enjoy a long vacation, my annual Kenny Chesney concert and some quality time with my son and Anderson.

But then my older sister gets engaged. And that friend that got married, is expecting. And suddenly, a Labor day weekend wedding is in the works. And a baby is due in October. And suddenly my summer will be spent throwing showers, and attending parties. My weekends will be filled with making out of state trips and long distance calls.

Two months ago when I offered to host my friends shower I looked at the calendar and thought, I have so much time to plan. I mean August really was that far away. Plenty and plenty of time. And yet, I flipped over the calendar the other day and it read June. My first thought was not the fact that it was now summer. But rather. Well shit. Of course there is the usual family occurrences neatly written. Birthdays, anniversaries, you know the kind that is supposed to keep our lives so organized. Reminders of years flying by. But as I sat down with Anderson to plan out the month. One by one those days that weren't filled in seemed to be within two seconds. A show here, a get together there. A weekend at the in-laws cabin still needed to be worked in somewhere between a family open house and a car show my little sis is participating in-as a Chef!-I tried to remind myself it is only June right? Still plenty of time.


I am still waiting to find out when the little sis is throwing the big sis a Bachelorette party. And that baby shower, planning needs to get down. And we are going on vacation for the week and a half before the shower. So I should probably have everything ordered and planned before. And my sister is taking my son to North Carolina to spend some time with her. When she leaves, is still up for debate.

Then its August, and the shower, and the Kenny concert,starting back to school after nine months of not...And before we know it we will be heading down to attend and be in the wedding.

Personally I am exhausted just thinking about it....And that long lazy summer with nothing planned? Suddenly is not the long lazy summer I had once dreamed about.

Maybe next year right?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Slipping through my fingers...

Yesterday morning our bedroom door opens quietly.  I peep out of one eye to find my son standing there in the doorway. Believing we are asleep-which yes technically we were.-he closes it again. When it opens for the third time I motion him in, and offer him to curl up next to me. Anderson is snoring beside me, and so its just me and this little man in the early morning dawn.

I lay there as I rub his back, and feel his own tiny hands clutch my back and copy my movements. He kisses my nose and then cheek. He begins to sing the same song I sing to him when he is upset. It is so simple, and so sweet and its just so loving. Its one of my favorite moments.

I know what the experts will tell me. I know they would say in instances, the moment he first opened that door I should have marched him back to his bedroom put him in bed and closed the door.

But what the experts won't tell you, is that those moments when its just you and the little man, lying in bed. Well its not going to last forever. He won't want to always snuggle. He won't always want to be this sweet little boy who wants to hold his mommy's hand and tell her she is his best friend.

And he won't always sit there in the middle of the restaurant and Anderson is teaching him how to wink to the pretty girls. And when he tells him to wink to the next pretty girl, he turns to me and winks. When I am in shock. He smiles and says..

'I'm not winking at any pretty girl mommy, I am winking at you. My pretty mommy.'

I know 15 years from now this line won't be used on me, unless he wants something. No. This line will be used for his next girlfriend. His pretty mommy, will be the old mommy....the thought kind of scares me.

He won't want to play Batman and Robin and let you pick out his outfits.. He won't come running to the door when you come in from work, wrap his arms around you and smoother you with kisses until you can stand no more.

No he won't want to do any of this. And while you think you have years and years until all of this happens. Those years, tend to sneak up on you faster than you could imagine. Before you know it, he won't be that little boy crawling into bed with you to snuggle at 5:30 in the morning. Believe me, you may think it sucks to lose an extra hour of sleep. But before you know he is going to be that teenager who won't want to see the hours before two in the afternoon. 

So the experts, can save their advice.  I will keep mine.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The bathing suit debate

Summer just happens to be my favorite season. Give my flip flops, Kenny Chesney. Give me sun and heat. Give me cut off shorts and long lazy days. And bikinis.

And if your any normal female, the beginning of the season means by now you already have your suit. Or suits. Since lets face it, any normal girl I know can't go an entire summer with just one suit now can we?

Yet I sit here, the first full weekend of June in my favorite season of the year. And I still have yet to get a suit. Its been this way for the past two years in fact. I have been living off the same suits since the birth of my son. And no its not due to the fact I haven't lost the baby weight. Or the fact I am ashamed of what having a baby has done to my body.  But rather because having to try and find a suit is just another reminder of how un-normal I really am.

Its in fact one of the few things I hate in regards to the season.

Because trying on suits, depresses me. You see gone are the days when bikinis clasp in the back, in its place every bikini ties. And if I am wrong, I would much appreciate someone telling me where I can find one. That doesn't make me look or feel like I am 90 that is. And while it may be the latest fashions, and look amazing on just about anyone. When you can only use one hand. Tying that in fashion bikini is a pain.

Believe me.

Of course I have my husband, who offers to help me whenever I can, which is great but then he gives me that look. And then I feel incredibly ridiculous to even ask. Because I shouldn't have to. I should be able to do this on my own. When I ask again, I get the same look. So I don't bother again. Not to mention, he can't exactly be in the dressing room to help me out in the try on process. Believe me we have tried and the sales associate has informed us that is against the policies. So I end up going in by myself, acting as if I am just like everyone else. I smile to the associate and thank them. Then I close the curtain and stare at myself in the tiny room. I slide on the bottoms-at least they fit-before attempting to try on the top. They never make the top small enough, and so I am standing there with it hanging down and try as I might I can't get it any smaller.  I contemplate asking for help, since the associate did say if I needed help to let her know. But I am pretty sure that goes well beyond her offer, and would be extremely weird. Though for who I am not so sure.

So I end up holding it up to my skin. To imagine what it would look like. I hear the girls next to me oohhing and ahhing over the outfits, and am almost jealous that they can do what I can't. Then out of frustration, I yank it off, put back on my clothes and storm out of the dressing room.

I know I could buy the damn suit without trying it on. But it seems stores these days are becoming even more picky with returns. Especially in the bathing suit regards.  So once more I put the suit back. Tell myself that I have one at home, and even if it is a bagillion years old...

It works. And isn't that enough??

If not I can always hope that next year, things will change.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Five-6/1:Who

 Welcome to June! And its not only the first day of June, but a Friday as well. Which means another installment of my Friday Five. This weeks topic WHO

Who gave you your last balloon, and what was the occasion?

My husband and son. For mothers day this year. In fact it is actually still floating around in my kitchen...staying strong.

Who gave you your last scolding, and what was it for?

My last scolding? Maybe my mom? Though I don't remember what for. I don't think I have been scolded for awhile now. One of the benefits of being an adult I suppose.

Who gave you your last attaboy, and why?

This past week I got my annual review here at work. And yeah my boss gave me a pretty awesome one. Believe me I was due for a good review so this thrilled me. Lets just hope I can keep it up. I feel as though I have really been pushing myself to be better all around lately...

Who gave you your last haircut?

Again my mom. This past Monday. She rocks at things like that. And is a hell of a lot cheaper than going to my salon. As much as I miss it, I just can't afford it right now.

Who gave you your last massage?

I will admit I have never had a professional massage. But my husband is kind enough to give me some pretty awesome back rubs from time to time. If that is the case, maybe Tuesday night....the days are seeming to fly into one another.

And there you have it...may you all have a great beginning of the month! Happy Weekend to one and all...