Monday, September 28, 2009

so monday is not even gone yet.

and i am already ready for the weekend.

is it here yet?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

we didn't take logan to the doctors. we got him from my mom, andy being a typical male said we should just keep an eye on him and see how he is doing. so aleisha put away her little worrying self and said fine. even when he was coughing and couldn't breath, and andy was sucking his brains out in one of those green nose sucker thingabobs they give you at the hospital. i just let him do it. because he kept insisting he was fine. and the only thing he said was if it was to make me feel better to go ahead and call.

which so was not the point of the whole thing.

i think he thinks logan will always be feeling well. he thinks that he will never get sick and will never have to be taken. at least that is the feeling i get because whenever i feel like we should take him, he is always like well...and i asked last night about taking his temp and he just just said, well it would be through his butt and i dont think he would like that at all. so we didnt. because apparently i am to much of a worrier.

he did sleep through the night. and even if he is a bit congested, it wasnt enough to go for now. so lets hope....

i could take a nap.

the next several days look to be a busy one in the aleisha household. andy has a game tonight, so i am with logan. tomorrow i have class so he is with daddy. friday is free saturday, andy is working the caps convention and has be there by 7:30 am and won't get out til probably ten at night. and on sunday he has another hockey game. meanwhile i have a quiz tomorrow and a paper due on monday. which shouldnt be to hard considering its only a two to three at max page paper. easy. or so i say. hoping to get to it tonight while andy is at the preseason game. if not over the weekend while he is at the games and the convention.

after all tonight is so you think you can dance and glee...
and i will be home by myself with my son who will probably and should be in bed by that point in the evening.

so much for being married huh?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

so my first official quiz of the semester is down. not quite sure how i did. we actually challenged an answer or two because of the way it was worded. she apparently said she may take off one or two which will be good. not to mention once again that she drops the lowest of the four quizzes. so that is good. because i think we are all going to need that one.

mom called. because andy had a hockey game last night, and i had class she took logan over night. anyway. she said he has been coughing and is congetisted and all. and he won't let anyone go near his right ear. not a good sign. she said he just keeps screaming his head off. so i am thinking we just may be dealing with the first case of sickness he has had since he was born.

at seven and a half months. that truly isn't to terrible. not at all. i just hope my little man feels better.

i think we are going to call the doctor as soon as we get in, hoping to get him in either tonight or at the least tomorrow morning. but tonight would be better for sure. i hear those things, ear infections that is, if in fact it is one, are nasty to deal with. and the longer that it goes on. the harder it is. so i am hoping we can get in and all and get it taken care of as soon as possible.

of course i am hoping its not and he just doesnt like anyone messing with his ears.

i already told andy about it. since he has a game tomorrow i would need to stay home but i have class on thursday and he doesnt have anything so maybe if need be he can stay home on thursday or something. i dont know. this is of course if in fact he is sick. andy said we should wait it til tomorrow, but he wasn't feeling good on sunday night. at least i didn't think so. and i had told him this. but whatever.

i just dont want him feeling bad. getting worse. turning into something that will cause permanent damage in the end. and yes i know i am paranoid. but its my first child, and all so i think i am allowed to be. i mean i dont know what goes on.

other than that my day has been uneventful for the most part. though it seems i have been on the phone for the majority of it all. working out some issues for a new hr with our HR department and stuff like that. i say it as though its no big deal. when in fact i was on the phone with them for the better part of an hour with the whole I-9 mess. not a fun thing at all. and of course i usually don't get any calls during the day, when i do. it floods. i think i had five people call all the same time. and i couldn't hang up so they left messages. most of them were thankfully my mom and andy. so it wasn't any big deal. still an hour on the phone with an hr rep is no fun at all.

and on this, the first day of fall. it is kind of gloomy and overcast making it a pefect segway into a new season!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Its the last official day of summer..the thought bums me out.


You have no idea how much so.

Friday, September 18, 2009

So, maybe I won't be getting and A. But as I sat there, going over problems with the professor before class last night I figured a way to pass the class.


And a lot of hardwork. I admit it, I know what to do. Go to him with help, be there. Sit through the long classes and all. Because if I can't necassarily understand the material all the way I can at least show him I am making an effort.

And hey it is working thus far.

I sat up in his office for a good hour long session last night, two other girls eventually joined asking questions and all. Right up til the very minute that our class was to begin. And when I asked him if I could be a few minutes late to grab my good old Dr. Pepper-because I can't survive a three hour financing class or any class for that matter without it.- He said sure no problem take your time. He then gave me money and asked if I could grab him a Red Bull.

I of course walked in, walked to the front of the lecture hall and handed him one. The look on the kids faces said it all. Teachers pet.

Maybe so.

But if it helps me pass. I am all for it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

so its now the middle of september. logan is seven months old, hockey season is just about to start back up and i am once again back in school. things are moving a long for us. i will admit it isnt easy. there are several moments throughout the day when i worry about being everything to everyone. there are moments when i want to cry, because i am trying to figure out financing a class i dread just about every week. because i am once again on my two hour commute and hate it. wishing i could spend more time with logan. who i feel is growing up before my eyes. moments when i know hockey season is around the corner. the first game is just about two weeks away. and i know that before i know it, andy will be at work during the nights. and i am trying to figure out how i am going to do it all. and still sleep at night.

no i didnt think it was going to be easy. i get it. but there are times when i dont think i thought it was going to be this hard either. i cant lie. it is extremely hard. to do it all. but somehow i am managing. and i am hoping that the reward will be greater in the end.

at least i can hope cant i.