Friday, August 27, 2010

Logan at 18 months.

Believe it or not, in the blink of an eye Logan has gone from newborn to infant to now a running toddler. We had his 18 month, ok more like almost 19 month check up this afternoon.

Now I will admit this. I am a very worried first time mom. I worry he is to short-which is ridiculous considering dad is about 6'2- I worry he is a huge baby. Because I have been constantly told that he is 'soooo big.' I worry I don't feed him enough, or worse I feed him to much. I am assuming this is only natural and that I am like many and we all share these sort of fears.

I would like to think anyway.

Of course my fears were all put to rest when I heard the analysis. At 18 months he weighs in at 26 Lbs, (56%tile) and 33 inches (65%tile) I am sure my sigh of relief was heard throughout the Northern Virginia region as I realized that my son is normal. Sure he is a little taller his head a little bigger than average but all in all, everything is perfect.

I find his sense of vocabulary is astonishing. True I don't have that much to compare it to. But he is counting, both forwards and backwards, his alphabet isn't quite there but he picks up on them here and there when the mood strikes him. He sings-Lady GaGa and Train seem to be his favorite. Lord help my husband who now has two dancing fools in the house. If Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ran all day he would be a happy camper, and Buzz has become his toy of choice. Yes I am already setting myself up for another Disney nut. Again I should probably apologize to my husband.

He loves broccoli and green beans but would rather pass on any meat you offer him. Bubbles and books are things he can't live without and he sleeps with a Mickey Mouse we got him during our latest trip to Disney.

So yes my mommy fears are gone. For the moment.
But give me a few more days and I am sure I will come up with something else to worry about.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Surprising big day.

September 13th.

For many, this is to be just another ordinary day. And it shares little meaning to anyone. But to me, September 13th is a pretty big deal. For two obvious reasons.

First lets talk about a topic which has been on my mind, and my blog quite often. You see September 13th is the day when the 2011 Moms Panel Applications start being accepted. Already I find myself thinking over every little detail that may come in handy. So much so, my husband at this point I am sure is ready to just get this thing done and over with, though if asked he would smile and say this is untrue. Unlike last year where I went in blind, this year as a second timer I should at least be a little familiar with the process and have at least a better idea of the type of questions they may ask. Not to mention I have one more year of planning under my belt. And no it just wasn't any planning but rather planning for a group of ten which included one in a wheelchair, three of us with food allergies and a six year old who had never been. So yes, I gained a whole lot of experience from just one trip alone. I realize I am sounding like a pitch here and believe me I am in no means trying to. After all I know there is no guarantee I will get in, or make it through the first round for that matter. But one will never know if one does not try. Besides, I didn't think I would make it through the first round last year.

Of course this was only one of two reasons its going to be a great day. The second? This is the day when training camp starts. Its the unofficial lets get hockey started day. Players will be rolling in, the ice freshly cut and the skates sharpened. That's right my friends, hockey season is right around the corner. Of course this also means I will once again lose my husband to late nights, and locker rooms and to the NHL. It also means dinner conversations revolving around injuries, rumors and odd tidbits heard while interviewing-much like me and reason #1 stated above-so I figure this all works out pretty evenly. But its a small, small sacrifice to make. Especially when they provide the paycheck. Technically the season doesn't start until the beginning of October. But for those of us that breath sleep and live for hockey season, those who's husbands are so anti football its pretty much banned in the house. For these people knowing that training camp is officially here. Well I would say that's a pretty good start. Bring on hockey!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Disneys Moms Panel 2011

Last year about this time I was contacted by a fellow Disney fan. She asked if I had heard that the search for the next group of Disney Moms was soon to be under way and was curious to know if I was going to be one of many to try out. She thought I would be perfect for it. After all, helping people plan their vacations was one of my passions. Being a mom of a newborn helped. I told her I would probably look into it, not expecting much of anything to come out of it. The time came, I applied and as we waited for the results to come back I began to realize just how excited I was for it. Just how much I wanted to be chosen as one of the panelist. Understanding however that the chance was not an easy choice for them and that there was plenty out there that like myself, were just as nuts about the subject, just as deserving as I was.

So I was just happy enough to make it through round 2. I continued through the application process, and my nerves were on high. I wondered if I answered it the way they wanted, thought and rethought my entire answers and yes even doubted myself....until they finally came out and announced that round 3 would be selected. I was devastated to not make it through to the next round. Even blogging my experiences here

But now its been a year, and once again the rumors that they are in search of the 2011 moms panelists. Once again I am being question. Will I?

My answer in plain English. Yes. I think I have grown a lot more this year than last. I have also helped several people in the aspects of Disney, my family, friends strangers at work who have just so happened to hear I am a Disney nut. Not to mention, apparently I am quite the knowledgeable one when it contains Disney, dining and allergies. Because, yes I have plenty of them myself and have planned many of vacations around what I can and what I can't eat. I will state, for anyone with allergies Disney is the place to go, and you will and can go on vacation free of allergy worries.

I am also a mom of a toddler now. Not that this is a requirement to being a panelist but couldn't hurt now could it?

So long story short. In just about a month I will once again be throwing in the application for Disney's consideration. And once again I will be blogging about my experience, this time through the entire process...

And once again I will be crossing my fingers and hope someone will throw some magic pixie dust my way.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Hair Cuts

While we were at Disney, we had every intention of getting Logan's first hair cut done at the World. We had it all planned. To get up early head over to the Magic Kingdom's Barber shop and get it done, complete with first ears and all. However best laid plains never seem to work, and before we knew it we were hopping the plane and heading back to our Northern Virginia home.

Without a hair cut.

Its been two weeks and we had yet to get his hair cut. Its not that we didn't want to, I mean we knew that he needed it. Its just never seemed all that important I suppose. And really was it that long? But this past weekend, I decided enough was enough, and it was time to finally get my baby's first hair cut. About time, considering my baby is now 18 and a half months old.

And so we made our way to the local Cartoon Cuts to get his first official hair cut. As you can see, it didn't go as smoothly as mommy and daddy would have liked.

Everything started out ok, we were able to get him in the chair no mom or dad sitting with him needed.

Curious but no worries, especially when they gave him a tasty treat.

But oh how quickly it all goes south, as soon as the gentlemen turns on the buzzer he starts wailing. I begin feeling bad for the man because he was putting up with a lot.

It was still a challenge but somehow it was workable.

And in the end, well I have to say, in the end the results were amazing. And my lil boy began to look like a little boy once more. Though it was a sort of biter sweet moment for as he sat there and stared at me, he was no longer that baby I had but was fast transformed into a growing boy.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Inspiration comes in the most random of places.

You can't wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club.
Jack London

Its 10:15 in the morning on a Friday. I know what I should be doing. I should be sitting here looking over a report or to. Or setting up a meeting. Or something relating to work. But instead what do I find myself doing, sitting here typing up words to a piece of work I have been working on.

Now normally on any given day I try to avoid mixing the two. After all, work is work and my writing, is something that while I would love to turn into a career and hope/dream that one day it is I realize for the moment it doesn't exactly pay the bills.

That being said, I am not a writer that can sit down and will the words to come out. I've tried. It doesn't work. It ends up being forced and horrible. So rather I usually let them come to me. Which pretty much means, I need to start carrying around a pad of paper or invest in an Ipad. Because my ipod's notepad isn't exactly cutting it anymore.

You see while I let the words come to me, I have recognized they usually come at the most random times. Mainly when I am boarding the metro to take the commute home. No i don't know what it is about metro, because while there is quite some interesting characters its nothing earth shattering. Still whatever it is, it hits right then and there. And then I spend the rest of the trip hunched over my ipod trying to type as fast as I can while the words come. While the idea sticks.

I have every intention of running home, opening my computer and typing away for the rest of the evening. But by the time I get home. I've been in front of the computer for the better part of the day. My eighteen month old needs to get dinner, a bath and then off to bed. My husband needs a little bit of my time before we head off to bed ourselves. And those words that I worked so hard on all the way home, seem to take a back seat to the activities of daily life.

And I wonder why I have yet to finish any of the works in progress..Hmm...

Have I mentioned my two hour one way commute?

So while I know I should be doing other things while I could be doing other things. At the same time. I know faxes will still be there, the report will still get done. An email will still get sent. All things that can wait a few more minutes.

Words on the other hand, don't wait.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The final day-another disney trip in the bag

Ah Friday, the day we all were not looking forward to. This being the final full day. Tomorrow we would pack it in and call it a trip. But we still had one day of activities yet to do.

With pretty much everyone getting to do and see all that they wanted to see, we felt no rush to head back to the park, and since my mother ceramic experience went so well, we figured all of us would do something. My sister choosing her Nightmare Before Christmas plate set, my older sis a plate, my dad did his own Kidani inspired plate, my mom an ornament and I chip and dip bowl.There was no intention of this being an all day event but with nine of of us there, it turned into just that. Though I have to say, we are quite the creative family. And all our pieces turned out to be quite awesome.

Hillarys final piece..She is obsessed with Nightmare before Christmas, so this turned out to be quite fitting for her.

and my final piece. You may not be able to see them but there are mickey heads lining the bowl, I painted them in black. OK actually my husband helped but shh. I don't think he really wants the hockey community to know.

After the family activity was complete, Andy and I took my mom to downtown Disney for some last minute shopping before we headed over to Whispering Canyon for our final Disney meal. When we first set up our meals we were focusing on things that the family would like, some we picked because of food, others because of the experience and having been to Whispering Canyon before we knew we would be in for a treat, especially with six year old. We got seated, ordered making sure that Randin had ordered something needing ketchup. I also took all the blue crayons so he would have to ask for it if he needed. Sure enough both worked and as soon as his food came out he asked for the ketchup. Or rather the entire table asked for ketchup....we proceeded to get about 20 bottles as you can see...

And how did we spend our last night? At the Kingdom of course rocking out to the magic hours until the wee hours in the morning.

I hated to see it come to an end, but as always, all good things must come to an end...which means this also concludes my trip report.

Until next time.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Oh Canada!

Thursday morning brought the first of the departures. Jamie had to return to the real world to go back to work, so he left two days earlier than the rest, leaving one less in the party.

Andy and I had late dinner reservations at Le Cellier, my parents had agreed to watch Logan so we took our time hanging around the resort, taking my mom to Animal Kingdom where she finally allowed us to look up and get a guest assistance pass, she had been in a wheelchair since Monday. This also allowed for us to roam the parks a little more easily. I think it took her a lot to ask for this because we aren't the kind of people to take advantage of anything, especially the system. And I know she felt that there were people a lot worse off than her, even though she herself needed help.

Before you ask or think, let me say, I myself have a slight disability, cerebral palsy to the right side-very mild case. And I like my mom, have never used the system to get away with anything or to get freebies. etc. I suppose Im feel like I am able to do everything anyone else can do so I don't usually need any assistance. Anyway, getting the card while may not seem a big deal for some but it was a big deal for my family. Still it helped a lot and my mom didn't feel as much as a burden as she once did.

So they got to ride the rapids again, while my husband I enjoyed the dancing. Or ok, I was picked to do some African dancing. I also played a game with a few cast members that they had brought from their country, a game my sister and I had as a kid. I ended up beating the girl easily. Needless to say, she was quite impressed...

We headed back to Kidani for lunch and some time at the pool before getting ready for dinner. My parents, and the rest of the family had reservations at Crystal Palace while my husband and I had reservations much later in Canada. We headed to MK to make sure they got in ok before headed to EPCOT ourselves.I had purposely saved my Brooks Laich-Washington Cap hockey player, and born and raised Canadian-t-shirt just for the evening. Maybe it was silly but I wanted to see if anyone would notice...and it worked, the very first cast member made note of it and my mission was successful! Now on with dinner, I know Le Cellier is a crowd pleaser, and we have in the past been very pleased ourselves. But I will say this was probably my least favorite meal of this vacation. So much so I don't even remember what it was. Mind you I have a lot of food allergies and usually have no qualms about anything I eat but this one just was not my cup of tea. Not to mention we had 8:10 reservations and did not get seated until 9:00.

We had plans of hanging out after dinner but with us getting seated so late, we decided to head back. Tomorrow was our last full day and we wanted to make sure we were rested.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Getting to know you.

My parents offered to watch the kids this morning while the big kids once again got some time to go hit up the rides. This go around, we went to Animal Kingdom, my sisters wanted to Kali River Rapids, and I was dying to hit up my favorite ride of all four parks Everest. I know a lot of people complain about the Yeti not being in top shape, but I still love it none the less.

the girls waiting for the bus.

We headed right for Everest, where we were going to hit up fastpasses, but decided with a twenty minute wait, to just go ahead and wait. Tuned out it was truthfully closer to ten for we pretty much walked right through and on the ride. And while it may not have been as awesome as it would have been had the Yeti been working right, my sisters and Jamie all got a good kick out of it!!

Dinosaur however was another story and we had to fast pass, so we grabbed up the passes and headed to the Safari, where I have to say the new baby elephant is absolutely adorable! And we had plenty of time to check it out, since we were stuck on the ride for some time. Seemed an animal was in the middle of the road and they had to wait for it to move out of the way. It took so long they had to get an 'expert' to come out and coax the animal away from the road. Because of this, we pretty much sped through the rest of the ride and didn't see a whole lot. But the baby elephant, playing in the water made up for the whole thing. I mean at least we had a decent view while being stuck.

We returned to Dinosaur and since I hate this ride I spent the entire time with my head down and avoiding everything until the car was back in the dock and we were unloading. Thankfully, my lil Logan greeted me back at the resort, and erased the nasty thoughts I was sending to my husband, who loves the ride...ah the things we do for our significant others.

After some fun in the pool once again, were we ordered drinks and sat at the bar, I must say my sister-little-does not waste any time and flirted like the best of them. Still it was very enjoyable, the drinks delicious and time spend with sisters fabulous. So after the pool we went back to get ready for dinner in Japan as the entire group.

As always we enjoyed the dinner but this was the first time Logan started to act up and I decided to take him out and walk around. As I brought him up to the front one of the hostess-AI-pronounced 'I' came up to me, she just beamed at Logan and introduced herself explaining that she had seen us on a bus to downtown Disney, and he was making the most adorable faces.-I later remember this and his flirting-she of course said how adorable he was and in Japanese said she was glad to meet him and hoped we would see each other again. It was just amazing that out of all those customers, on a daily basis she remembered a little boy that she had seen earlier in the week on a bus..

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Water, Jewelery and an engagement.

By this point in the trip, most everyone had done each park at least once. And with this, our midway point in the vacation we decided to take the day off from the parks (with the exception of going for dinner) Instead, we hit the pools.

When we first started talking about the trip, Hillary asked about getting the water park option because she figured Randin would want to try it out. And while it was an option, we informed her that in all honesty he would probably enjoy the resort pool just as much. And so, even if she wanted to, she agreed.

Turned out to be a great thing because at six, he isn't exactly into the thrill rides, and has no interest in things that go to fast, to high or looks to scary for him. And as you can see, he seemed to enjoy the pool just as much.

Oh blocking the sun. After checking out the pool, and realizing that we were right, and the AKL's pool was just as good as the water park, my sister decided it was a good thing we didn't pay extra for the park and spent most of the afternoons beside the pool herself...

He probably would live on this slide if you allowed him. And I am sure if you asked him, this was probably his favorite ride of the entire thing. No ticket? No problem man.

Even my dad got in the act. Though maybe he didn't exactly enjoy it as much as my nephew did. And that is quite alright.

And while the boys played..the girls enjoyed another resort offered activity.
Jewelry making. Love the yeah ok but I will smile like I like it look of my lovely husband. I joined them and we all walked away with bracelets, anklets and necklaces. And I have to admit, I actually enjoyed myself. We had only been here for three full days but it felt so much longer and by doing things like pool days and what not, it make the vacation go by so much slower instead of the usual blink and your through we usually experience.

Of course these activities couldn't last forever besides we had dinner at EPCOT to get to, so we all headed back to the hotel, got ready to head to the park. My parents and Hillary and Randin had dinner at Le Cellier-which they thought was amazing-Burg and Jamie at Coral Reef-loved all but the lobster soup- and we at Chef's De France. Again we enjoyed it....but it was the after dinner special that we enjoyed the most.

You see we were meeting up in France, enjoying the evening in front of France's gardens when this young couple came up. The gentlemen kept trying to get the girl to sit on the edge of the water fountains to take a break. It took him a couple of tries but he finally managed to get her down. And thats when we realized just exactly what he was doing. For right before our eyes, he got down on one knee and proposed to her. My sister captured the moment and later emailed all pictures to them. Of course she said yes! I had never witnessed such a thing though I know so many people get engaged at Disney, and I have to say it was great seeing someone come up with another spot besides in front of the castle.

And may I add the ring-which I had to check out-was impressive! And it was a great way to end the day!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A different kind of Disney Vacation

This is my mom

And while I could sit here and do the typical trip report, I figured for day three I will tell a fabulous story about her, the trip and a side of Disney most have probably never considered.

Lets talk about my mom. After all my exsistence on this Earth wouldn't be possible without her. Four months ago my mom was on her way to work as a local county public school bus driver. She stopped to get some coffee at the 7-11 around the corner when she tripped on a mat and fell face first into a sports car. In doing so, she tore all but one of her ligaments in her rotatory cuff. She has yet to return to work, and goes into surgery tomorrow morning. We were kind of skeptical she would even come with us, because she has needless to say been pretty down and out of it. Between worrying about the surgery, and suffering through the pain I suppose I wouldn't have blamed her if she had changed her mind. But alas, she wanted to go. After two years of planning she said that this was the one thing in the past few months that had actually been keeping her going. This of course was exciting, and and wonderful but I have to be honest here. I think we were a bit nervous that she wouldn't have a good time. I feared she wouldn't find anything to do. That she would be cooped up in the hotel room while the rest of the gang went out. And that isn't the sort of Disney vacation I dreamt of for her, or for anyone really.

We knew we would have to take things a lot slower however. We knew we wouldn't exactly be hitting the parks every hour with her. Which is fine because my mom isn't exactly the ride type of person. So on that Monday my mom pulled out the activity guide at Animal Kingdom Lodge and found there were ceramics. She asked if we had even known about the activities at the resorts. Sure we knew about them but we had never participated in them. But we were willing to give it a try since we like to do different things with each trip.

Now if you have never done this, that is done any activities at the resorts I advise you to. Especially if you aren't the thrill/ride kind of person.

The Animal Kingdom Lodge offered both ceramics and jewelery making every other day. Monday was ceramics. Located in the Simba Club House, at Jumbo house we were greeted by two cordinators that supervised the ceramics. They offer anything from Mickey ornaments, to a Buzz Lightyear bank, to a Mickey Chip and Dip bowl. I must admit I was quite impressed not only with the selection of pieces but the prices. Up in Northern Virginia my husband and I have done ceramics but have stopped in recent due to the prices. But at Disney, all we had to pay for was the piece.

On this day my mom choose to do a mug.

The coordinators-Michele and Hillaree-I have to say were beyond impressive. Friendly and accommodating they made sure my mom was taken care of, even helping her get the colors and all so my mom wouldn't have to get up and down from her already painful state. By the end of the week we actually got to know them very well, but thats another story.

After the coordinators say the results of this mug, they asked her to create one for their showcase.

I know painting and doing ceramics isn't most peoples ideal Disney vacation, but as I watched my mom sitting there painting, it occurred to me. Maybe she wasn't doing the rides and spending hours in the park. But she was having a wonderful time. She was enjoying herself, and she was in her element. And while this may not be everyone's ideal Disney vacation, this was her Disney vacation.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The journey continues.

Lets move on to day two shall we!

We all got up early and headed to Disney's Hollywood Studios. Here is one of the only entire group shots that we were able to get. Yep this is the gang. Amazing there was a time when I didn't think all of us would actually come. Due to schedules and financial but somehow we all managed to pull it off! But I know you aren't reading this for a family history so I will continue.

We had talked about Toy Story Mania for a long time, raving about the ride and picking up the Wii game for Christmas. Which is why, we headed immediately to get fastpasses to ride it, and while we didn't get them until later on in the afternoon we assured the rest of the group that it would be well worth the wait. My parents offered to take the boys to go see Playhouse Disney while the big kids-that would be myself, my husband and both sisters plus one boyfriend off to ride some thrill rides. Mainly RocknRoller coaster. As always, it was a huge line and we opted for the single rider line which shortened the line by quite some time and we were out of there in no time.

At this point we still had a couple hours to kill before our fastpass return time and my sisters and the boyfriend went off to join my parents in watching Indiana Jones, while Andy and I and the now little man went to grab lunch before we met up with them at Toy Story Mania. Of course while sitting there lil man enjoyed mommy's drink and actually learned how to control the thing. One should watch out from now on. All the heat however made for one sleepy boy and he tuckered out before we got to the Toy Story Mania

It was finally time to ride the ride we had hyped up and for a minute I actually worried that we had hyped it up so much that they would be disappointing. Making our way we made sure to get in the shade, and wait for my family. The plan was to take turns watching lil man while we went in groups on the ride.

However as the time approached and no sign of my family-but a thousand Brazilian tour groups.-we saw as even the fastpass line grew to outrageous numbers. And as the hour past, Andy and I knew there would be no way that all ten of us could ride. So we stood back and let the rest of the family ride while we waited, promising ourselves that we would make it back to the park later in the trip-after all it was only the first day in the parks and day two of vacation. We still had plenty of time.

The good news, everyone thought this was one of the best rides ever. And while it was disapointing to not be able to ride, I know we will return, more often than any of my family, which meant we will be able to ride whether it was this go around or next.

I must say for previous trips we would be jumping from one ride/show to the next without much of a thought of rest. But my mom was in pain, the boyfriend not feeling good and both lil ones had had their fill for the day. So instead of cramming everything in, we decided to call it a day and head back to the hotel to enjoy the evening/dinner and the resort.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Disney Vacation-The beginning.

So as promised here is my attempt at cramming 10 people, 4 parks and 7 days into 1 blog entry.

It was a very excited family that left Northern Virginia bright and early-and by early I mean we were at the airport at 5:30am on Saturday the 23rd. We were all a little tired, but excited at the same time to get the show on the road. Andy and I had talked about what to do with lil man, since we were still nervous about bringing a 1 and a half year old on a plane for the first time. We were sneaky and slipped him a little Dramamine in his bottle, as you can see it worked, and he conked out just before take off, we were able to snap a quick photo of his first time.

sleepy little Logan.

After a quick two hour flight, we made our way to Magical Express, boarded the bus and made our way to the Animal Kingdom Lodge were we would call home for the next week. Being a DVC member, as well as an avid Disney world fan we have stayed in numerous Disney hotels, ranging from moderate accommodations to the Deluxe Villas. And other than a quick two night stay back in February we had never before stayed in the Animal Kingdom. Mainly because Andy and I when we first saw the place, weren't exactly excited about the place and didn't think it was our cup of tea. After staying there, having the savannah view, I can proudly say, we have dif. changed our mind. First off the service is incredible. From the moment we stepped foot on the grounds we were greeted by nothing but exceptional kindness. I loved the African music that was piped into the lobby. We had saved our points-for non DVC members=money-to get a Savannah view figuring that this trip would be my nephews first trip we wanted to go all out for him. Though even without this I think we would have been extremely happy. The lobby itself, with the African artifacts and the views of the animals are breathtaking enough.

and this was the view we came to love. Yes this is a shot from our balcony. We would often wake up grab a cup of caffeine-for some it was coffee while for others it was soda-and sit out here watching the animals do there thing in the morning.

Even my own parents who have never really understood my husbands and mines fascination, or gotten the whole Disney thing seemed quite impressed acting much like little kids running from room to room-we had a two room villa-just saying they couldn't believe the accommodations. And for the first time, it seemed as though they finally started to believe why we were smitten. Not only that but they actually said they could see why we invested the money that we have.

This made me a very happy person as you can see..and I was actually in the middle of the deck!

Have I sold you yet?

If not maybe this will:

And this was just one of the animals that greeted us from our balcony.

After dropping off our bags, we headed to dinner at the Poly, where my family got their first taste of what the Disney treatment is, mainly in the area with food. Since I have so many food allergies and my sister and my dad have a couple to add, I had told them repeatedly of the greatness and the care that Disney offers. After the meal, which was filling and left the group of 10 extremely happy, they began to see what has lured my husband back year after year.

And while my sister took her son to the park that day, the rest of us took ourselves back to the hotel to enjoy the evening and rest up knowing we would be hitting the parks full force the next day.

And because I think it damn near impossible, I will be breaking up the vacation within a few blog stay tuned for the rest in the next coming days.

Vacation thoughts

I know, I owe you guys a good deal. A vacation wrap up. Which I plan to post this evening so bare with me while I get my thoughts, photos and adventures together. Not to mention my witts, since it seems as though I have been in jet lag mode since my return on Saturday evening. But I promise you something shortly.