Friday, February 4, 2011

Not the expected.

This was not the week I had in mind.
Nor was is it the week I had planned.

What I had planned was preparing for my son's 2 year birthday, celebrating my son's 2 year birthday. I planned on going to work, taking him to the doctors. Partying. And enjoying my time.

But I suppose the best laid plains don't happen right? For what I got instead was myself being a patient. Heading into the ER last Friday night after some severe stomach pains. What lead next was a weekend of CAT scans, and X-rays. Of speculations of anything from kidney stones to who knows what. It was finally discovered my colon had twisted around it self, causing a blockage in the colon. They determined a colonoscopy was in order and early on Saturday I found myself being hooked up to machines, given anesthesia and going through the process of removing the blockage. While they couldn't guarantee it would fully work, they were pretty sure it would.

The pain returned six hours later.

Even more tests were done, and by Sunday it was made clear, it didn't work. The blockage was back. And the twist was even worse than it was before. And by Sunday afternoon I was being prepped for major surgery. 17 inches of my colon would be removed and put back together. This would eliminate the problem all together and I would never have the same issue again.

Three hours later I found myself waking up to room 476, where I still remain to this day.

To say that it has been an easy care free experience would be a lie, for it hasn't. I sat for six days with a tube down my throat, and a diet of ice cubes. In fact it wasn't until just this morning that I was able to be on a liquid diet. I have lost weight, gained a nice little scar and have spent seven days in a bed, in a room in a hospital, that I never imagined. There have been moments of frustrations and pain. Moments of gratitude and happiness that I am still here.

And while I had no intentions for this to be my week, this is the week I got. And nothing can change that.

Maybe next week I'll move to Australia.