Wednesday, July 30, 2008

happy 12 weeks blueberry.....

only 32 more to go.
amazing how time flies by. seriously it seems that it was just yesterday, we were finding out that we were expecting and here we are coming up. or should i say are in our third month. and before we know it we will be heading into our second trimester.

by that point. we will be in disney again.

maybe we should name her minnie. or mickey.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

turned 11 weeks yesterday. i have my next appointment next thursday. this is supposed to be a physical. though i am not really sure why because i dont know why i need one at this point. but oh well. it must be done so it will be. but other than that everything is good. and its a go.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Im going on vacation in two weeks from tomorrow. Which is great. Andy and I cant wait. But there is a problem. As it always is, the two weeks before any vacation, or long weekend for that matter, seems to drag. I am dif. expecting it come next week which will be the last full week until the 12th of August. I am just ready to go away for awhile. We will be leaving after my appointment on the 31st, and will be arriving back home on the 10th of August. A nice long ten days away. This will be the last official, just the two of us vacations for some time.

Its a weird thought.

Work has been rather boring lately. Nothing major really is going on. Which leads to some rather long days. But oh well. I did find out (through my paystub) that with my pay increase, my paychecks will now be about a hundred dollars more. This is assuming they have already made it active for the two weeks. If not, it could be more. So I guess the August 4th paycheck will decide it. Still it was a nice fat increase. Not many people can say theirs increased a hundred dollars.

Im thirsty.

Had dinner with Sarah this evening. Her sister gets to find out if she is having a boy a girl tomorrow. I told her she better let me know. Apparently some psychic told her she was going to be having a boy, but Sarah thinks she is having a girl. Its truly a fifty/fifty shot. So who knows.

Still its exciting....I'll be finding out. Eventually that is.

Burgandy and Hillary are coming over tomorrow to do some cleaning. I need to get off this couch, and get some instructions out and make sure that they know where to get things and what not.

Not that I need to clean if they are. But I need to get things together for them.

So peace out!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cap news

So of course it isnt hockey season, but the caps are still working on contracts and resigning players in hopes that they can once again make it into the playoffs, with the possibility of going even farther.
they were successful in resigning brooks laich, a personal favorite to a three year deal. laich, who played all 82 games last year was a key necessity to resign. while i wouldn't say he carried the team solely. he was a big part of the driving force that made the caps the team they are today. and if he continues to grow in the next couple of years. i suspect the caps will not only get their money worth, but they will find a repeat of the playoffs for years to come.
there is also talks, that we resigned sergei fedorov to a one year four million dollar deal. his contribution? with kolzig out of the team, i believe that fedorov could become a great leader role that some of these younger players are going to need. yes we have clark still, but with fedorov being in the league for going on eighteen years, he has the knowledge and the experience we tend to forget about these days.
he just needs to cross his t's and dot his i's and its all but a done deal.
next up for the caps to work on: shaone morrison. who goes into arbitration before the end of the month.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

our fourth was nice. spent the weekend down in Smithfield NC at mom and dad's house (Burgandy and Jamie live in it for the moment) despite some of the rain on Friday, it was a nice fourth. Spent the day at Maxwell's house were we cooked out, played some games and just sat around goofing off. The rain delayed a lot of the local fireworks so we headed home to watch NY City's and Boston's fireworks. We decided that this year, the firework wars went to Boston who just seemed a bit more patriotic than NY City. And yes that is hard to say, considering most people would think NY should be the city of patriotism. Kind of bummed that we just missed the DC firework show but since we live in the subburbs of DC, we figured we could see it whenever we wanted to. Of course, we say this every year, and each year we always decide to do something other than head into the city for the fourth. Though by this time next year, we will have a little one and so the possibility of staying in town doesn't seem to be that outrageous.
We stuck around the Raleigh area until Sunday afternoon were we regretfully had to return back to reality and to the life up in DC.
But as always it was nice while it lasted.
And our trip to the beach will be here before we know it anyway. So I suppose I shouldn't be to sad.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

you know its hard to do work on a computer that has no power. and when you call to get it worked on, there is something to be said when the electricians on duty dont know what the matter is, and cant garuantee that they will be getting anything fixed right away. maybe monday. who knows.

isnt it great working for a computer company.

but you know. its priceless, when they tell you to go home. no one will argue with that now will you.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

free agency.

it was the start of free agency in the hockey world. and how did the capitals do?
we resigned mike green to a four year deal. thats the good news. we needed this. he was and still will be a great asset to the team last year. i have no doubt that he can do the same for this season.
we are also still in talks to resign fedrov. ovechkin says he is betting that we will resign them but you never know in these situations.
so whats the bad news? or is there. well we let huet get away from us. or maybe he wanted to. apparently george mcphee did all he could do to keep up with everything he wanted throwing it out on the table. whatever he asked for, he matched. still it wasnt good enough for him. and in the end he signed with chicago for a five year deal with over five million dollars per year.
so what or whom did we get?
theodore. from the colorado avalanche. andy says he is a good match and will do well. i say time will tell...

and if your wondering what happened to olie the goalie? he went to tampa bay lightning where he will be playing with old team mate, and personal favorite of mine. jeff halpern.

and while the season doesnt start for a couple of months. in our household. its the only thing on our mind.

at least for the next twenty four hours anyway.