Friday, July 29, 2011

Five Question Friday-July 29th.

When did you last use a public restroom?
Just a few minutes ago. That is assuming work place counts, if not last night, at the Verizon Center for the Keith Urban concert.

When did you last ride public transportation?

Last night, coming home from the Keith Urban concert.

How far away from your home is the nearest public housing?

Umm not sure actually, about three miles I would guess.

Which of your public utilities is the least reliable?

Metro. It used to be at least tolerable, but as someone who takes it pretty much on a regular daily basis to work, I find its getting increasingly worse as the months go on. Elevators are always down, trains with no A/C, over crowdedness and overpriced is just a few of my grips with them. I really don't think you want me to continue.

What did you last view on public television or listen to on public radio?

Public Television? Whats that? Actually it was a Broadway performance of Les Mes...they were trying to save PBS. I happen to love the musical...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Post vacation blues.

I am sitting at my desk once more. How did this happen, wasn't it just yesterday that I was counting the minutes until I hit the door for a week long vacation? Wasn't I thrilled at the very thought of not being here, the idea of some time away so wonderful I pretty much danced around the office?

What happened to that? Where did that week go? Surely it didn't fly by like it seemed to have right?

Um wrong, in fact it did fly by. No matter how long it seemed to have gone while I was actually there, which I will say seemed like a really long vacation. Now that I am back among the living, it feels as though that week wasn't nearly long enough.

Welcome to post vacation blues. That's right. I said it. Haven't heard of it? What is it? Its that time right after vacation, usually the first week or two when the high of vacation is still there, and reality has just begun to sink in that in fact you are back to reality. Think about it, for so long you had something to look forward to. Sure you may have spent your days behind the desk. Slaving away punching the clock. But at the same time there was that little countdown in the back of your head. Two weeks from now, two months from now. You live for that high for so long. And then its finally here. And its time to relax.

But when you get back? Well that high isn't so high anymore. Papers are stacked waiting for you on your desk. That to do list that should have been taken care of by that assistant who said they would help, never got taken care of. Voicemail and emails flood your in box.

Welcome back.

Suddenly the time off seemed like an eternity ago. You find yourself thinking another vacation sounds good right about now.Which for many of us won't come soon enough The thought depresses me just thinking about it. You aren't exactly ready to jump back in the swing of things, and no one seems to understand when you tell them you are still on Island time.

I felt the same way coming off maternity leave in fact.

I can lie and say that I am not already thinking of the next getaway, which at this moment seems to be a trip overseas to see my brother in law and sister in law. But why should I? Because in all honesty.

That is exactly what I am doing.

And hey its only 210 days away.
Give or take.

But whose counting?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The 48 hour countdown

Its crunch time.

With less than 48 hours before we land in the most magical place around we found ourselves scrounging last night to make sure we had everything we needed.

Its unbelievable the amount of crap you need to bring. Seriously this was one thing no one prepared me for when we were expecting.

There is the toys, to get him through the sitting around the airport. The several changes of clothes for the airport.

The sippy cups and the extra bowls. And his favorite big Mickey. And just when we think we have everything there always seems to be one more thing to add to the list of necessities.

Just in case.

That isn't counting everything for Andy and I.

Funny, looking back my parents hated packing for vacations. We never took them on a regular basis but when we did it took them at least a week to pack everything. And we never flew. Due in part that the prices were outrageous, but they always claimed it was just easier to drive.

I get why now. Here I am 48 hours away from being in the happiest place on Earth and I am freaking out that I may have missed something. And its not like we will have a car to just drive there to the nearest Wally World to grab something.

Maybe my parents were on to something all those years ago. Really. Maybe they were.

Because I can guarantee you, right up until we take off. I am going to be rethinking everything we packed. And I can guarantee there is going to be at least one thing we will forget.

Though, being at my happy place. I kind of doubt I am going to care to much about it.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Terrible Two.

Houston, we have a problem.

My adorable, sweet loving toddler has gone. In his place is a screaming, sleepless, not willing to take no as an answer go getter.

I miss the sweet little boy.

Andy and I had just settled down for the evening, after a long day of running around. Logan had been down for a couple of hours. The news was on. Its a nightly ritual that we always swear we will stop and never do. It was late enough on a Saturday evening to be in bed, yet early enough that we didn't have to rush falling asleep.

We had plans. It had been way to long.

But as usual, we were out within minutes. This was nothing new.

And then, an hour into our sleepful night. My sweet little boy started screaming at the top of his lungs, calling for his daddy. Andy waited though, long enough to make sure it wasn't a false alarm before reluctantly throwing the covers off and heading into his room.

Two hours later, Andy finally crawls back into bed.

Only to be woken up an additional two times. Both of the time, by Logan who apparently wanted nothing to do with sleep. While he may have been calling for Andy, I was sitting there listening to the two talk, and argue back in forth as only a father and a two year old can. I offered to help, but Logan didn't want to have anything to do with me. And so I sat on the sideline feeling useless. It didn't help me sleep any myself.

In the end we did what we always swore we would never do, we put him bed with us, nestled in between us.

Yes, I know roll your eyes if you want. But there are times when as a parent sleep sounds so much better than a night sitting in the rocker, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse until the wee hours of the morning. And you, will often at times do whatever it takes.

Including having a screaming toddler in between you and your love.

Finally he slept, it was for a blissful three hours but at that point we were happy to take it.

Now I had hoped that the three hours would have helped. It didn't. Logan, who is usually a sweet tempered, easy going kid had somehow turned into a stubborn exhausted temper tantrum in the midst of everything kid.

I had never been the kind of parent to wish the day over with.
Until tonight.

When all I wanted to do, was put him down, shut the door and wish for Mr. Sandman to visit my son long enough that mommy and daddy could perhaps get some sleep.

So Houston, if you have seen my sweet little boy, please return him.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Five Question Friday-July 8th

Of the five weekdays, which is the easiest to get through?

Fridays are great, but I would have to say Thursdays gets my vote on this one. I love them. You are now more than halfway through the week, and yet still have Fridays and the weekend to look forward to. And during the summer, several tend to take off Fridays for various reasons, leaving Thursdays to become your Friday. Double the score right there.
Which of the five little piggies is the most bizarrely characterized?

The second one, this little piggy stayed home. Because out of all of them, he did absolutely nothing. He did not eat, did not go to the market and did not go wee....Lazy bum more like it. Either that or simply had no life.

Of fire, earth, metal, water, and wood, from which do you draw your power?

Water. Though I really have no real reason to say this...other than I love the ocean.

Haribo Gummy Bears come in five flavors: pineapple (white), strawberry (green), raspberry (red), lemon (yellow) and orange (orange). Which is your favorite?

Orange. I am pretty much obsessed with anything orange flavored. To anyone who has ever shared a bag of anything with me, if you happened to notice the orange flavored gone. Yeah I admit I am guilty. I will not apologize for this.

Which of the five basic tastes (sweetness, sourness, bitterness, saltiness, and savoriness) best describes your personality?
Probably sweetness. I have a hard time being mean and think its a waste of time to do so anyway. I could be bitter but why? I don't think it will get you far in the long I choose to be sweet and simple.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

All aboard

After a long day at work, all I really want is to go home. Who wouldn't? But of course going home isn't a short commute for me. And in case you don't know, or need a reminder, my commute is on any typical day an hour and a half.

One way.

You may find yourself saying, there is no way. Well yeah, at one point I would have agreed. Hard to believe there was a time, when I would have never given the thought of commuting into the city on a daily basis. But I quickly learned, if you want the money, and if you want the job. Well you better be willing to commute. Which explains why for the past three and a half years I have done just that. I have gotten lucky lately, after one to many 'odd' happenings I convinced Andy to at least start bringing me in during the morning rush hour. By doing so, we have saved five dollars one way and I get to spend up to a half hour of extra time with my husband.

It was a win-win situation.

Getting off work this afternoon, standing on the platform as I looked up at the wait time announcement I began to wonder, what would it take to get him to start picking me up in the afternoon as well. It was just before 4, the summer vacationers were just making there way home after a long day of touring the city. It was packed. Still I made my way down to the crowded platform, threw on my headphones and was jamming out to some Lady GaGa, when I looked at the sign, which read no trains were coming.

Brilliant. It looked like I was going to be in for a long wait. This of course is nothing unusual. Metro is notorious for broken down escalators, and its never working systems. I just happen to hit at the right time. I settled in for my wait.

That wait turned into almost a 40 minute wait. Sweaty and tired I pushed my way on to the packed last car, there of course wasn't any available seats, shocker! I glance around, at the kids taking up two seats as I struggle to wrap my hands around the poles. I curse my disability at times like this. I was thankful however that I was on my way home, at that moment its all that mattered, it wasn't like I couldn't hold on. Struggle yes, uncomfortable, yes. But I was on.I watched through the window as not so lucky commuters had to wait for the next train.

But my disability started to get the better of me as one commuter and tourist after another piled onto the already overcrowded car and by the time I was three stops into my long trip home, I was practically in someone else's bubble. And thats when she offered her seat.

I didn't know what to do, I never do. On one hand, I feel as though as an American with Disability, I have a right to sit there. And yet, on the other hand, I can stand just as easy as the next I don't desperately need the seat. Its a struggle I try not to think about to often. Because in all honesty, I tend to forget I even have a disability.

She pointed to the sign above her and said, this is yours. Its reserved for disabled people.

I wanted to be offended. Because I hate the fact its that noticeable. I wanted to be upset that someone even classified me as it.

But I wasn't. And I couldn't.
All I did was thank her, smiled. Grateful that for once someone actually gave up their seat for someone whom the seat was actually intended for.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Its the final countdown

9 days.

I am down to 9 days until the family and I board the plane and head down south for 8 days.It all sounds so glorious. Who doesn't look forward to vacation. No matter how long it is?

Last week I sat there, feeling as though fourteen days was endless, and now I am down to just 9 and while it still feels lke it will never get here, in the back of my mind. I am freaking.

9 days?? Seriously? With a two year old and a full time job, one that takes me two hours one way. Those 9 days don't seem to be nearly enough. Not by a long shot.

Add on to this, we shall be reminded that while we have 9 days we are staying at my in laws that Thursday night before. Meaning we are now down to pretty much 8 days to make sure its all said and done.

  • Haircuts for hubs and lil man's. Mine will have to wait.

  • Pedicure, I bargained for this instead of haircut.

  • Laundry.

  • Pack

  • Turn in the jar of change, exchange for cash.

  • Pay bills.

  • Get the hubs something for anniversary.

  • Including a card.

  • Make sure we have all necassities taken care of.

  • Cancel dental appointments

  • Make sure we have everything for Logan.

  • Stay healthy.

  • Secure home.

  • Cordinate with family for drop off/pick up.

OK so the list seemed a hell of a lot longer in my mind, and there are things on here that in the grand scheme of things really aren't all that important. But with just over a week to go I keep feeling as though there is something I am missing. And the list, whether it is deliberate or not. Seems to be getting longer by the day...

Which means, if I want to get anything done and not be doing my typical last minute run around the house next Wednesday night. I think I better get my booty in gear.


Friday, July 1, 2011

Five Question Friday July 1st.

Subject of the Week-Reality Television.

1. If you had to be apart of some reality show which would it be?

Considering my love for dancing, I would have to go with So You Think You Can Dance, especially if they paired me up with Dimtry or Pasha from a couple of seasons ago. I mean, hot Russians, awesome dance routines and skimpy outfits! What more could a girl want?

2. What would your challange be on Fear Factor?

I have a huge fear of dogs,-especially German Shephards, Pittbulls and Dobermans which means they would probably find this out and involve them somehow. To what extent I have no idea but I am sure they would find away to totally torture me. I invision me getting chased down by a pack of dogs, it wouldn't be pretty and I can garuantee I would drop out before doing so. Screw the money.

3. Which reality show do you enjoy watching?

Again, see above, So You Think You Can Dance. For the same reasons as above. Perhaps it helps its on during the middle of the summer and there is nothing else new on during the week. Perhaps it doesn't. I just happen to enjoy dancing that much. I admit I never would be good enough to be on the show, and am to old at this point to even try out. But I find myself dancing around the room to it every week!

4. Which reality show would you never be caught dead watching?

Jersey Shore. Haven't watched one episode in my life, and I don't plan on starting. Really are half the kids on their from Jersey? That or the Kardashian show...why do we seem to like to make people famous for no real reason? I have had enough of hearing about either show. So I usually try to avoid either at any cost...

5. What's so fascinating about reality shows anyway?

To be honest I haven't the faintest clue. Though if I had to guess I think we as humans like to make ourselves feel better about our situations. And as long as their is someone else out there gullable enough to go through it, then we are ok. We can look back and say, well at least I am not this way. Sadly with the number of new Reality TV shows that hit the airs every season, its a trend I don't see going anywhere any time soon....