Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Go Team

Last Friday night Anderson, little man and myself were finishing up the last evening of vacation. A half a world away the 2012 Olympics were just beginning to get underway. And as much as I wanted to I resisted the urge to stop what we were doing, rush back to the hotel and watch the opening ceremonies. I do admit to DVRing it.

To think there was a day, not so long ago when the world and the games was not at our fingertips.

I came back home from my wonderful week and a half vacation and immediately turned on the games. Normally I am not the hugest sports junkie. I don't spend hours upon hours in front of my TV on Sundays watching football, I couldn't name but maybe five basketball players, ok ten come to think about it. I find gold boring. Sure I love me some hockey, and baseball in classic. But when it comes down to it I could really care less about most everything else.

Yet there is something about the Olympics that makes me turn into a need to see every moment, of every event junkie. At least for the two weeks anyhow. I rush home on a nightly basis, immediately turn to NBC or whatever affiliated channel it is on and sit in front of it for hours. Admittedly I have thought my timing of the vacation was rather poor planning. It should have been this week. I make a mental note to reconsider this in future vacations.  After all I have already spent way to many nights staying up way past my bedtime afraid to miss something.

Yes I know there is DVR, but these days, with Twitter and Facebook and the media in everyone's face, I find by the time I am ready to watch it, I already know-this will lead me to a future post-and what is the fun in that.

That's right I have turned to the games. I am pretty sure I am not alone in this. I even marvel at the overhearing of three older gentlemen discussing the situation of the US women's gymnastics. Men who I am pretty sure could care less about women in sports on a normal day.

The Olympics I suppose does funny things to everyone.

For a moment, we are all fans.

Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm back.

Well as much as I wanted it to, vacation couldn't last forever. Which means I will be back to my posting and blogging ways shortly. Please excuse me while I dust off the work attitude thoughts and post vacation blues....I am sure I will have plenty of endless things to say in no time...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Vacation Hiatus.

Thats right my friends, while I am on a much needed vacation, which by now I am assuming most know exactly where I am heading. I doubt I will be doing much blogging. Which means for at least a week and a half things will be relatively quiet from this end of things. Of course I say this and things may come up that I will blog about. But lets just pretend for the moment that I will be able to stay away.

So while I am away, may you all have wonderful weeks, my weddings be beautiful, babies be born and may the end of July treat you with much much happiness as it will treat me on vacation.

Have a fabulous week!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Here's to all you hairbrush singers...

I admit it I love to sing. Country, Pop, Broadway, you name it and I love to belt it out. It was a source of endless amount of entertainment growing up with my sisters. We would put on shows in the living room-to which amused our neighbors. We had 'singing' competitions in the backseat of our car while we waited for our mom, who was in some sort of boring store or another-back then apparently leaving a child in a car with their big sis was socially acceptable-and considering my sister was in the theater program it was not unheard of that we attended show after show, at high school productions here and there. Yes that's right singing has apparently been a long family tradition.
Except for the simple fact that I can not without a doubt, carry a tune. Yeah somehow that trait did not get passed down to me. Perhaps I am still little bitter about this. These days while I can't carry a tune I have discovered I am pretty gifted when it comes to belting it out with a hair brush. Lip Sync style that is.

And just like any Thursday night regular Karaoke singer, I too have my favorite songs. Songs that no matter where they are being played whether it is on my Ipod, at work or on some random speaker at the grocery store I have to stop grab a pen, a hair brush or whatever small hand held item that is closest to me and belt it out. 

What may my top lip syncing songs? From classics, to recent hits here is the list of songs that pretty much rock when it comes to the whole hair brush lip syncing thing...

Call Me Maybe
Rock Star
I Want it That way
Good Morning Baltimore
Careless Whispers
I can hear the bells
You Belong to Me
Bye Bye Bye
Tom's Diner
Brick House

While I may never win an award for my awesome lip syncing ability it won't stop me from continously trying to find the next great song to belt out to. Sing on my friends sing on.

Monday, July 16, 2012

The two day ban

Its early Monday morning. And while I am never a fan of it being such, the fact that I am leaving out on a nice long vacation come Wednesday afternoon makes the morning that much more bearable.

That being said, I think there needs to be some sort of law banning work the few days-lets say two-before a vacation. I am pretty sure there won't be getting much work done exactly anyway.  By this point, your focus is not on work-as OK maybe it should be-but rather have I forgotten anything. The last minute run to the store for batteries. The lost charger. Your mind is on cram packing and making sure you have the money you had allotted all worked out. I know it should be on these reports, and the last minute odds and ends that everyone wants you to get done around the office-because all of a sudden they realize you are leaving in two days. Its the final push and you have no desire to do any of it. Its not your fault they decided to wait til the umpteenth hour right? Of course you will do it. Though you may have no remembrance of doing it when you return from your much needed time away.

Yes thats right, the two days before a vacation, no matter what the length is pretty much useless. As it stands I am sitting here in my office, which may or may not be empty trying to not concentrate on the fact this time in 48 hours I will just be about out of here. I am trying to focus on the daily tasks, the report, the meeting I have to go to. The phone calls to make and the people to see. And yet I am failing miserably.

And its not even 9:00.

Screw the fact I came in an hour early, or the fact that I was feeling pretty successful this morning. I had the whole thought of coming in and wiping out all the tasks I was going to get done. Not only the every day weekly thing I get to do. But the challenge of knowing that the boss has decided to push me off to a new group. And instead of waiting til I return they want to somewhat train me before I leave. As if anything that I will be learning will actually stick with me for the week and a half I am gone. I will however smile and pretend that I am not thinking about vacation.

Its the least I can do.

Yes, a two day no work before vacation ban sounds pretty fantabulous right about now and I doubt I would be the only one in full support of this.

I think I will put a talk to HR on my to do-list.

Which all can wait til after I return.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer cleansing.

So what are two kid free parents doing while their son is off at the beach???

As I sit amongst bags and boxes of giveaways. I can't help but wonder how we accumulated so much crap in the first place...

In review:

6 garbage bags of clothes.
4 boxes full of 'stuff'
3 bag of books.
5 bags of trash...

And we haven't even touched two closets and the laundry room.

And I am guessing we won't.
Whats another year going to do really?

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Five-7/13..Versatility

Happy Friday to one and all! Here's to hoping your week was nice and easy...mine was...long. Which is typical for the last full week before a vacation.

Anyways so its time once for my Friday Five!! This week's theme is: Versatility

1. Among people you know, who has the most diverse range of talents or abilities?

Probably my mom. She can cut hair, draw paint, sew and do all those art and craft. Plus she is in an incredible public speaker and great writer. Yes. I think all three of us gals have gotten some sort of talent from her...though I probably the least crafty of us...I can however write you something pretty.

2. Besides its intended use, what are three things you’ve used a paperclip for?
  • A hair-clip
  • A Button
  • To clan out the crevice of my desk...you know those hard to reach spaces.
3. What item in your pantry is the most versatile?

Chicken stock? Because we use it for things. Not only for soup but its a great dairy substitute.

4. What implement related to your work seems to be the most useful in different ways?

This probably has nothing to do, but my looks. Only because I look a lot younger than I am. And yet I can be old soul. So I can still blend in with that young crowd and they put me out in the reception area and yet at the same time I can go sit through meeting with men way older than myself and I know what they are talking about.

What’s an item in your home that seems to have one (and only one!) use?

 The coffee maker...

So not the best Friday Five...but there it is. Have a fabulous weekend.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

There goes my life...

Yesterday afternoon my sister took off from her week stay at my parents to head back home. Along with packing her suitcase, her wedding dress and wedding shoes in the backseat she packed two additional things. My 8 year old nephew, and my son for a week and a half long visit. I don't yet know if she completely insane or just loves her nephews that much.

I assume come next Wednesday the verdict to be in.

Prior to Logan I listened to friends as they discussed weeks without their kids. These friends would countdown to Bible school, to summer camps. To grandparents house. I would sit there and listen to them discuss how they would send them off waving as they watch their car disappear, and the minute that their kids were out of sight they would turn to their husbands smile and sigh. For the next week they would do things they hadn't done in ages. See movies together, talk about adult issues. Have sex. I raised my eyes and they would give me this little shake of the head. 'You have no clue. Just you wait.' Still I didn't understand this.  I mean who wouldn't want to spend time with their kids? If I was a mom surely I wouldn't be so willing, so excited to drop my kid off on someones doorstep and leave.

Well three and a half years later I can successful say.

I get it.

Don't get me wrong. I love my son. I adore him. Even as I write this, I feel like a gigantic part of me is completely missing. But as I drove home with my husband sitting beside me I had to admit. It was kind of nice knowing I wouldn't have to drive the extra miles to my mothers house to pick him up-sorry mom. Really I do love you.-It was nice having that extra two hours of sleep this morning.

Yes, I said it. Two hours. I forgot what it was like. I hadn't seen that hour on a workday in bed since the early years of marriage. Even better, I got ready and was out the door within a half hour of getting out of that very bed.

I get it.

 The fact that I actually have time to clean. To reclaim the living room as just that.  To sit down, and watch a television show without the fear that a curse word will come flying out, and will soon be repeated by little ears. OK even the fact I can actually watch an entire episode fully is sort of nice.

Its amazing how much you forget what its like when you have a kid. To go out and have a date with your husband, on a Friday night without having to pay for a sitter, or hope your parents are willing to watch them. 

I am sure in a week, when I get my son returned to me I will wrap my arms around him and kiss him till he pulls away. I may even cry. My sister will look at me and ask me how I managed the week and a half away from him and I will smile and say it was hard, and that I deeply missed him. Both of which will be true.  A break is nice but its all I want. I picture her saying she doesn't know how I do it, that she couldn't do it herself. 

But she isn't a mother herself yet...and when she is?
She'll get it.

Monday, July 9, 2012

A little too close...

A few years ago while in bed I got this idea for a book. It was not the first time I had had an idea, because as a wannabe writer, well I get them a lot. But for the first time, I was really excited about it. So much so I got up right then and there and began to write.

And write.

I had five pages within 30 minutes. It has been a work in progress ever since. I vow one of the years to finish the project I started. But with a child, a full time job a husband, and trying to finish up my Bachelors finding that time to actually write it  isn't as easy as one would like to think, or wish for that matter. Believe me if wishing would to make it so, the book would be done by now.

The story is not an unusual concept. Nor is it something that hasn't been written before. But a part of me had hoped the story would be different, someone would pick it up and think OK, this isn't bad. This is different. Enough that more than my husband would take interest in reading it, who at the moment has been the only one to even look over it. Ask him, and he will tell you that it is quite good. Which is to be expected, he is my husband and not liking something I put my heart into is surely grounds for divorce right?

I had been on a roll as of late. While it wasn't every day that I would sit down, when I did find time, at least once a week, the words were coming. I was on the path to completion. I was feeling pretty good about the whole thing. Truly I was.

And that's when it had happened. I picked up a book, and I began to read. I had read the author before, and have liked her style, her stories. And sure enough by the third chapter I was sucked in. Except wait a minute, this story sounds strangely familiar. A little to much so. I kept thinking well its ok, I mean its only one chapter. But one chapter fell into the next. And even the words are sounding the same. The thoughts I had for where I want my piece to go, was what I was reading. It was heart breaking. Because this was my idea. Sure maybe its not all the same, because it isn't. But it was still hard to take.

And whats worse. I tried to write. I tried to sit down and actual put thoughts in my head down on paper. But everything started to sound to much like this authors work. And I didn't want to be accused of anything. Which really really sucked.

As if that wasn't strange enough, the book began to sound a lot like my current life. A husband who enjoyed a sport so much they had to have talks, a sister that had been in some trouble that was trying to clean herself up. A pregnancy, bed rest..(thankfully it is not I who is) right down to a diner where she gets turkey sandwiches and homemade soup....taking place around the DC area....

Yep. Check, check and check..And check...

I was certain that this author had not only read my thoughts, but surely she must be following me around...

She should just admit it now. And until I finish the book-which should be on the commute home-I think that pen and paper.

Will remain blank...

Damn it.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Five Question Friday-Allergies.

Happy First Friday of the month. Its now July, where the year is going is beyond me. But seeing that it is Friday, means one thing. Time for my Friday Five..This weeks topic is: Allergies.

 1. Do you have any allergies, if so, what are they?

Yes, I sure do. What are they? Well the list is probably to long to actually list everything. But we will try to list the majority of them shall we??

Animal fat 
Oak Trees
Pet dander

and these are just to name a few....

2. What kinds of symptoms or reactions do you get, are they mild, moderate or severe?

It depends on what it is, for instance if I eat anything that I am allergic to, I will break out into hives, and get sick. Yet if its Penicillin, I am a goner. Seriously. I have a 99.999% chance of instant death. I was at one point asked how bad that would be, which wouldn't be so strange except this was from a doctor and all I could think about was seriously?? Your going to ask this.

3. How do you manage your allergies?

Because I have so many, I used to get shots several times a week. My mom would trot me down about two-three times a week to get multiple shots. This would allow me to eat what I wanted, and not have to worry to much. But it got to much to handle. When I went away to college my system finally broke down and couldn't take it much and I began to get really sick. I lost so much weight in the first 6 weeks that people began to worry...my allergies weren't handling anything and I was forever getting sick and broke out in hives constantly. I went to the doctors who recommended me cut out all of the food allergies. Since then I have felt a lot better. Even if that steak is tempting.

Other than that I need to get a new bracelet for my penicillin allergy. Or rather find one I am not allergic to since I am allergic to nickel.

4. Do you or someone you know have any rare allergies?

While being allergic to beef, pork and dairy aren't totally uncommon what I did learn is that it is rare to be allergic to all three at the same time. Another words you can be allergic to beef but able to eat pork. Etc. Unfortunately for me, its the animal fat that I am more allergic to as well. Which is sort of rare. It is not an allergy I recommend or wish on anyone. Believe me there are a lot of things I would rather eat without the fear that whatever goes in, will ultimately mean I will have to pay the price for within an hour.

5. If you are allergic to pet dander, yet you choose to keep a pet what influenced your choice?

We actually ended up giving our cats away when my son began to break out. I tried to ignore the itchy skin and the little patches of breakouts here and there but my son seemed to have it worse. I did not like the choose and hated to give them away but knew for the family it was for the best.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Celebrating America.

 Happy 4th of July

Me, Hillary and Burgandy...
This year we found ourselves at my parents place, a tradition we seem to be doing a lot of these years as this has made the third year in a row to do so.  We always say we will make it down to the big display in the area but have yet to do so. Once again we said, well maybe next year. This year was a little different in the sense that Burgandy, my older sister was able to make it up to partake in the festivities, bringing along with her the southern heat it seems. it has seemed like ages since all three of us where home to enjoy the fireworks my dad loves to blow up! Logan on the other hand, well Logan is still unsure of what to make of them so we find it to a perfect set up. And we have even found a solution to the loud boom booms as you can see....

Logans answer to the loud boom booms...

And like that he stayed through the entire show my dad and Anderson put on. Smile and all. Though halfway through the show he did begin to sing ' This is Halloween.' we tried to tell him it was the wrong holiday but he was so stinking cute doing it that by the second round of it we even joined in and let him carry on....

Though next year, we will attempt starting Katy Perry's 'Firework' before we go out.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The DVC Decision-Part III

Its been five years since Anderson and I took that plunge into the Disney Vacation Club.  And how do we feel about it? Do we regret buying into it? The answer in short is absolutely not. In fact if you ask us, it has been one of the best decisions we could have ever made. 

Why you ask?

Because it allows the freedom to go where we want. 
And it forces us to actually take a vacation. And before you ask, no its not just at Disney World. Three months after finding out we were expecting little man, we decided to spend some time down in Vero Beach in southern Florida. We were able to use our points to spend a couple of days at Disney's hotel right on their private part of the beach. It was one of the most relaxing  beach getaways I have ever had. And since Anderson is not a beach person, the few days was long enough and perfect for him.  Not a beach fan? They have options for that as well. Though we have yet to take advantage of some of the other options and resorts Disney Vacation Club offers including the cruise line, adventures by Disney and traveling around the world, we one day hope to. The bottom line is there are so many other choices to choose from if we wish.

Because it allows us to take the family. 
After we had our son, my family decided to take a family vacation as the whole clan. My parents, my sisters and my 6 year old nephew along with my own. Anderson and I weren't going to push the thought of Disney on any of them, we were perfectly happy if they wanted to go to the Outer Banks. But it was my dad who actually brought the idea of going up. He wanted to go while they could still enjoy it, while my nephew still believed in the magic. And so for two years we planned, and plotted. And Anderson and I calculated and saved points to share with the family. In the end, we were able to provide the accommodations for everyone at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, savannah view. With a two bedroom and a studio there was plenty of room for everyone. The look on the face of my nephew as he walked in for the first time, was priceless. While it didn't cover all the financials, the fact that we could help cost with that allowed for a little flexibility elsewhere. 

Because it allows us to go when we want.
The reality is, we aren't always able to take big chunks of time off. Anderson's crazy work schedule during the season means we often don't see one another come hockey season. So when there is a break in the schedule, we like to try and get away. Unlike some timeshares I have known we aren't locked into a certain week. If we want to go for a couple of days to celebrate my son's birthday in February, so be it. What about a spring break trip-awesome-in fact I recommend going down during the Flower and Garden festival personally. If we want to go down for a week and a half in July. That's perfect as well. If we want to bank our points to go on a mega trip the year after, we can do that as well. There is no set rule that says we have to vacation this way or that way. We can go for three days or 14. It is all up to us, its how we want to vacation, when we want to vacation...I know it doesn't work for everyone. But its perfect for us.
Because  we don't feel rushed.
I know several families that go down and when they return they look at us and think we are nuts. 'Its an exhausting week, I don't think I could do it year after year.' We thought the same thing after our honeymoon, we came back sour, tired and totally exhausted. But when we returned the year after, when we joined the DVC we found that all of a sudden we don't have to see every show, we don't have to ride every ride every year. In fact we don't even have to go to the parks if we don't want to. Some of my best memories have been doing things outside of the parks. We painted pottery with my mom, we have horseback ridden. We have made jewelry. In fact, the simple fact that we know we will be back in a year or less allows us to enjoy the simpler things that Disney has to offer. I know people look at me like I am a crazed person, but really going to Disney now and days is some of the most relaxing and lazy days there is..

Because if that wasn't enough....

The look on his face is...

Maybe we are crazy, and a little insane. I know that going to Disney World every year isn't exactly what everyone decides to do. But every year, when I head down there and am greeted by 'Welcome Home.' I can't help but smile and think yes, for me and the family.
It was right.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Busy bee

I know I have mentioned how insanely busy I am this month. But there is something about the whole beginning of the month, when it actually sinks in what you have to do that it hits the reality of just how busy one is going to be. I flipped over that calendar this morning to stare at the following.

  • 4th of July.
  • An open house party.
  • A baby shower.
  • The Caps fanfest-which Andy will be working.
  • A visit to the friend in hospital, at least once.
  • Assist with wedding planning.
  • Plan baby shower
  • Logan off to NC to visit my sister.
  • Logan off to the beach.
  • VACATION -(this was the best one)
  • Inlaws 40th wedding anniversary.
Somewhere along the lines, we have to pack, pay bills, and still manage to do the day to day musings of life. Work...which is hard enough to concentrate on at times, throw in everything else and a vacation and its near impossibhle.

Breathe. Just breathe.