Friday, July 6, 2012

Five Question Friday-Allergies.

Happy First Friday of the month. Its now July, where the year is going is beyond me. But seeing that it is Friday, means one thing. Time for my Friday Five..This weeks topic is: Allergies.

 1. Do you have any allergies, if so, what are they?

Yes, I sure do. What are they? Well the list is probably to long to actually list everything. But we will try to list the majority of them shall we??

Animal fat 
Oak Trees
Pet dander

and these are just to name a few....

2. What kinds of symptoms or reactions do you get, are they mild, moderate or severe?

It depends on what it is, for instance if I eat anything that I am allergic to, I will break out into hives, and get sick. Yet if its Penicillin, I am a goner. Seriously. I have a 99.999% chance of instant death. I was at one point asked how bad that would be, which wouldn't be so strange except this was from a doctor and all I could think about was seriously?? Your going to ask this.

3. How do you manage your allergies?

Because I have so many, I used to get shots several times a week. My mom would trot me down about two-three times a week to get multiple shots. This would allow me to eat what I wanted, and not have to worry to much. But it got to much to handle. When I went away to college my system finally broke down and couldn't take it much and I began to get really sick. I lost so much weight in the first 6 weeks that people began to allergies weren't handling anything and I was forever getting sick and broke out in hives constantly. I went to the doctors who recommended me cut out all of the food allergies. Since then I have felt a lot better. Even if that steak is tempting.

Other than that I need to get a new bracelet for my penicillin allergy. Or rather find one I am not allergic to since I am allergic to nickel.

4. Do you or someone you know have any rare allergies?

While being allergic to beef, pork and dairy aren't totally uncommon what I did learn is that it is rare to be allergic to all three at the same time. Another words you can be allergic to beef but able to eat pork. Etc. Unfortunately for me, its the animal fat that I am more allergic to as well. Which is sort of rare. It is not an allergy I recommend or wish on anyone. Believe me there are a lot of things I would rather eat without the fear that whatever goes in, will ultimately mean I will have to pay the price for within an hour.

5. If you are allergic to pet dander, yet you choose to keep a pet what influenced your choice?

We actually ended up giving our cats away when my son began to break out. I tried to ignore the itchy skin and the little patches of breakouts here and there but my son seemed to have it worse. I did not like the choose and hated to give them away but knew for the family it was for the best.

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