Thursday, May 31, 2012

Joining the Iphone generation

Well its official. We have gone to the dark side my friends. That's right Anderson and I have caved into the temptation and finally gotten ourselves the so coveted Iphone's we have been patiently waiting for since they were first announced on Verizon.


It only took a year and a half in the making. Of course the last time we were able to upgrade our phones, Apple had yet to partner with the cell phone service and so we had to make due with an Android. Not that we minded, because we were just happy to get the smartphone finally. Shortly after they announced and the whole network went crazy. And yet we waited, patiently. We counted down the months, and I mean we literally did, because while the whole Android thing was great, it was no Iphone. Lets be honest. And when you are an Apple product family, it sort of killed us. OK, killed my husband more specifically since he is the Apple guru, have to have it right this minute sort of guy.

And at last, I  got the notice we were eligible.  And the very first opurtunity we got, we took it. My wallet didn't thank me that's for sure.

But its kind of funny. Holding that sought after product in my hands. It was like I had finally become a big girl. Yes, just as many females talk of those big girl purses, I view this phone as my own big girl gadget. Its as if I have graduated somehow and I am part of the in crowd.

Lets just hope this crowd, treats me a hell of a lot better than those in crowders did back in high school.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Because its the cup

The finals begin tonight....the official official finals. The LA Kings vs. the NJ Devils. And I am sitting here not watching it.

For a hockey nut like I, you would expect I should be. But I am not. I don't know. Its not that I don't care about who wins, its just. Well it has been exceptionally nice not having to worry, or care...its been so nice not have to really been into it. Its been nice to have my husband back. And to watch tv, that doesn't revolve around the ice. Or a stick.

So instead of watching the game, I am sitting here watching So You Think You Can Dance. A summer guilty pleasure. Currently two fabulous gay dancers who are pretty much taking over the show. Even if they don't make it past the auditions I have to say they are quite entertaining.  And I am reading to my son, and playing Batman and Robin and doing things that half the time hockey gets in the way....

I am sure somewhere along the seven game series I will turn it on, after all, its hockey. Its the cup and how could I ignore it. Not to mention, I don't think the husband would exactly let me go throughout the series without one game on the TV.

But for tonight.

Its all about the dancing. And hockey can wait.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Soundtrack to summer

Summer has finally arrived. With it came the promise of long lazy days, barely clad teenagers, sweet ice tea and plenty of road trips.

And of course no road trip-nor summer for that matter-would be complete without a perfect summer playlist. A soundtrack to summer. Of course there are plenty out there. From the loss of the youthful innocence, to surfin' in the California ocean.

But what are my must haves to make the summer complete? They are listed below. Some are young, and some are older. Some you have heard of, and some you haven't. But they all have a common theme. There of course are so many more, and as always I find myself adding on as the years, and the summers go by but for the moment this is my current summer soundtrack. So without further ado:

My summer playlist:

Sunshine & Summertime-Faith Hill
The Boys of Summer-Don Henley
All That She Wants-Ace of Base.
Summertime-Kenny Chesney
Strawberry Wine-Deana Carter
Summer Love-Justin Timberlake
Endless Summer Nights-Richard Marx
That Summer-Garth Brooks
Something Like that-Tim McGraw
Summertime-The Fresh Prince 
Summer Girls-LFO
No Shoes, No Shirt, No problem-Kenny Chesney
Kokomo-The Beach Boys
Some Beach-Blake Shelton
Cruel Summer-Ace of Base/Bananrama
Escape (The Pina Colada Song)-Rupert Holmes
Summerboy-Lady Gaga
All Summer Long-Kid Rock
American Honey-Lady Antabellum
California Gurls-Katy Perry
The Thong Song-Sisqo
Barefoot Blue Jean Night-Jake Owen
Long Hot Summer-Keith Urban
The Night before-Carrie Underwood
Springsteen-Eric Church
Anything But Mine-Kenny Chesney
Call Me Maybe-Carly Rae Jaspen
We Are Young-Fun

So here's to summer. And the music that makes us love it...Jam on my friends, Jam on.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Here's to us.

Six years.

And here it seems as though just yesterday I was sitting down to discuss five years of marriage. I wonder where the year has gone.

Actually I know where it has gone. Its gone to trips to the hospital, to surgeries. To Germany, Paris and London. And New York. To North Carolina.

Its been spent around hockey games, and school. And around an active toddler. And so many days in between.  Days that fly by in the blink of an eye.  Amazingly so.

Sometimes I wonder just how we make it through each year. I would dif say this has been one of the hardest yet. Between hockey, and my surgeries. And the struggles of just every day life. I have questioned a lot of things this year. I will admit to this. But then I look at my husband and I know I shouldn't question. Because I know, he is my stable rock. He is my love. Just as much as I wrote about him last year. It still remains to this day. He is my everything. And he still remains.

We've had an amazing year. We took the trip of a lifetime to Europe. Thanks in part to the brother and sister in law who are currently living there. I never even thought I would love Paris as much as I did. And London, right before the Olympics.  I don't doubt come July we will be saying we were there.We went to NY, to see the regular season ending of the hockey. Andy hadn't been to one as a fan in years....

I know we have been extremely lucky with two sets of parents that have made these trips possible. I know this. I do not take it for granted. Believe me.

Yes this year has been a struggle at the same time. We have had our share of fights. But doesn't every couple? I know the hockey schedule and the fact he decided to travel last season probably didn't help. I don't think people-family or not-realize just how hard it is at times on a marriage when the other half works for a professional sports team.  Hockey or not. I would love to say that its easy. But it isn't.

Sometimes our marriage is a whole lot of imperfect. 

I think for a moment we even questioned our marriage. Or maybe I did. Sometimes I wondered this year if he loved the sport more than myself. Or our son. I had a brief fleeting thought. I know this is silly because in all actuality, he loves us. And he would do anything for us. Including leaving the team should I ask him. Which I wouldn't even dream of.  But I would by lying if I didn't think this while he was away drinking and parting and living the bachelor life when he was traveling.

And yet there is always something that reminds me how much I love the man. How much I couldn't do without him. And how I wouldn't be me without him. Yes we have our struggles. And our issues and we have moments when we don't seem like we are on the same path. But at the same time, we have moments, when we sit in complete silence and its perfect. And I couldn't imagine him not in my life. As my husband.

And so as we begin our sixth year, I will wish for what I have wished for us since the beginning.

Love, strength and another year of happiness....and whole lot of imperfectness.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Five Question Friday-Choices.

And so thus begins the kick off of summer...Congratulations we have made it.  This weeks Friday Five are top five choices....

1. List your (current) top five favorite food dishes:

  • Chicken, a baked potatoes and broccoli. Yeah I could live off of it.
  • Turkey, rice and peas. Or rather Thanksgiving dinner....seriously can not get enough of it.
  • A turkey sandwich and chicken noodle soup.
  • Spaghetti made with chicken. My mom made some pretty kick ass spaghetti at that...
  • Shrimp, shrimp and more shrimp....

List your top five disliked movies of all time and why.

  • ET-not only is it incredibly sad. But the whole ET dying scene just about freaks me out. Yes I know I am probably in the minority when I say I don't like this movie at all.
  • Pinocchio-The whale pretty much does me in...
  • I am Legend.-I have a huge fear of husband and best friend wanted to see the movie. So I tagged along. Someone should have warned me.
  • Twilight-Yes I said it. All of my friends seemed to think this was the greatest thing EVER....umm yea. Though I will say that it was good for one thing: making fun cheesy moments.
  • Breaking Dawn-See above.

List your (current) top five favorite TV shows and why.

Greys Anatomy- I have followed the show since the beginning. I love Patrick Dempsey and was just really into the whole show from the start. Love the characters. The stories. Yes there has been seasons that have been better but I still find myself getting wrapped up with their lives...

Once Upon a Time- Such an original show! Doesn't hurt that I am a huge Disney fan to begin with. But it is truly like nothing on TV. The mystery behind everyone's story really captivates me and its always interesting to see the characters in a new light...sort of makes you think.

Drop Dead Diva- Not to many people know this show, but I came across it and have been in love with it. I love the main character and it shows that beauty comes in every shape. Just totally in love. Its my summer obsession...

Glee-The music, the singing, the dancing....totally in love...besides it reminds me of my big sister, back in the day when she was in HS...and show choir was her life.

So You Think You Can Dance- I admit it, I can't sing worth a shit. But I love to dance. And watching hip hop dancers turn into ballet dancers and reverse is always amazing. The talent is always fabulous and  it just makes me want to get up and dance around the living room. Which I may, or may not do on occasion.

List your top five favorite places to visit. 

I am going to just say my favorite places I have visited would be:

Boston-hey its my favorite place to go..
Disney World.
Clearwater Beach FL....

List your (current) top five favorite songs. 

Dancing away with my heart-Lady A-I think we all have someone that would remind us of this. Brings us back to the day when we were young and we always thought it would stay the same.
Call Me Maybe-Carle Ray Jaspen-Laugh all you want but its the song that gets in my head. Its just a fun cheesy summery song. And for some reason I love it. Yes. I said it.
Come Over-Kenny Chesney-Because I am pretty much in love with whatever song he has out..And it already has me hooked.
Somebody that I used to know-Goteye-Though this song is starting to get a little overplayed. It still remains just one of those really awesome songs that I simply love.
Payphone-Maroon5- Again totally in love with it, even if it like the Goteye song. getting a little overplayed. But the hook, the chorus. Its just so damn catchy....I can see me blasting this all summer long.

And there you have it. May the start of the summer season find you with a fabulous three-four if your lucky-long weekend....

Until next Friday....

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Working 9 to 5

Ah the life of an admin. I am sure I know exactly what your thinking. Its an easy job. I mean what do we do? Make coffee, copy a few things here and there. Answer phones. Fax. We are the office gossip. We know whats going on with Sue in accounting and who is sleeping with Brad in IT. On occasion we run errands, that may or may not include picking up our bosses dry cleaning before making reservations for his lunch, and sending flowers to his wife who just recovered from something or another.  And other than sitting there and looking good, you probably find yourself wondering, does she actually do work? Other than pretending to look busy?  I mean how hard could this really truly be right? Anyone could do it.

And maybe you are right. I know what I do on a daily basis isn't rocket science. It doesn't require a fancy degree either. Perhaps your even right about the whole at times being really good at looking busy. Because yes, there are times when we aren't exactly busy for the full eight hours of the work day. Then again I am guessing the same could be said about you, or that Engineer sitting across the way from you.

But there are those days-like this one in particular-when perhaps you would be finding yourself re-evaluating the whole being an admin thing. Re-evaluating the entire value of people like us. Because yes while we do make coffee, and we usually do know more about whats going on around the office at the same time, those copies that need to be made? Turns out those copies are more like 1,000 pages, and it needs to be put in binders, color coded, and they need four of them.

In three hours.

That coffee that needs to be made? Well its for five manager and they each want it their own way, and pipping hot...except for one, who hates its pipping hot, but likes it room temp and wants it refreshed every half hour.

And what is the status of the copies??

Then while your busy trying to make all those copies, keep the coffee coming and answer your bosses phone, the receptionist out front decides to get sick and while it technically not your job you know your the backup, and so you become receptionist, as well as admin, coffee maker and copy girl. As you answer a phone, the Engineer that sits across from you needs something faxed but of course they don't know how to fax..and when they read the instructions-clearly labeled above the machine-they get pissed when a confirmation doesn't spit out within ten seconds. The papers out. And they don't know how to feed it. And so you get up, knowing full well that just last week this very Engineer was the same one for slamming you for still going through school, meaning no you don't have a degree-a point made clear-and help the Engineer. Because yes, someone has to do it.

And somehow you manage to still find the time to make those copies, bind them color code them and send them off to the manager. With ten minutes to spare. You change the copy machines ink-without getting ink all over you.-refill the paper. Stock the kitchen, and reload the supply cabinet.

Yes maybe you should re-evaluate after all.
That is unless you want to fill the copy machine?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Turning 32

I woke up this morning to the knowledge that somehow I was older than I was when I went to bed. I didn't want to think of the number not because I dreaded turning 32-because in all honesty, it is just a number right.-But rather because just saying 32 sounded so foreign to me, like even if it was just a number it somehow sounded so much older than 31. So instead I turned on the TV for the weather. Because I had this kick ass dress I was determined to wear....

'rain, rain, and more rain.  Expect downpours from time to time. Though on the bright side it will be warm.'

I should probably think, great we need the rain. Because well we do. But couldn't it have picked a better day. Like tomorrow. When its not my birthday?? 'Look for clearing skies tomorrow.'  Hmm. Well shit. Fuck you Mother Nature. No seriously I contemplated the whole dress thing. Then decided against it after I knew the heels I would wear with them would be horrible in the rain. Not to mention the whole walking through metro. Shit. Strike one against my whole birthday thing. I went on to find another appropriate, maybe not as good but at least a decent outfit that would say Its my birthday and I am determined to look good for it.  I got dressed..cursing mother nature again. Because if it wasn't that dress then I could have at least worn white right?

Until I realized that Aunt Flo decided to come and knock on my door the other night. Well damn there goes the whole kinky Shades of Grey sex I had hoped on getting.  OK so more like envisioned really.Well fuck her too. Because seriously, no one really wants to have this aunt come knocking to begin with, but especially not on their birthday. And I was really looking forward to tonight. I mean, really looking forward to it. Between a toddler, Things get crazy at times. I am not ashamed to admit this. And there are certain days when one expects they will get some. Birthdays being one of them. So yeah she could join Mother Nature for all I cared about.


But its ok, I mean its just a day right? I head to finish my routine,I begin to brush my teeth standing in front of the medicine cabinet. And what is that? I lean in closer to get a look and nearly groan at  a long grey strand, which I was pretty sure wasn't there last night. In fact I know it wasn't there last night. SERIOUSLY?? I mean what is this I turn 32 and suddenly everything begins to fall apart. I yank it out, knowing full well I wasn't supposed to that. Something about pulling out one only means three more will come in its place. At the moment I didn't care. I looked at myself again. 'I hate 32.' I mumble to myself. Obviously I am not alone. Mother hates me, Aunt dif has something out for me and now this?? SERIOUSLY??  I stand there in front of my mirror for so long. Noticing the little things, like little lines and blemishes that weren't there a year ago. I look so long that eventually my reflection is replaced by an older man pointing to his watch...laughing.

'Go to hell.' I exploded right back at it lying the toothbrush down. 'And take dear old mother and her sister with her.'

Its mornings like this, when I say who needs family right?? Especially when all they do is bitch, bleed you dry and remind you that you are in fact getting older.

Bitches. All of them.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Little Black Dress

MY  little black dress
Well it only took just under thirty-two years but I have finally bought my very first little black dress. Sure I have had black dresses, most of which have had a mix of other colors, and are a lot more casual than what I consider a LBD to be.

This does not mean I have never wanted one. Its just, well I had no occasion to wear it to, I never found the right one or the price wasn't right. But then my sister finally gets engaged and wouldn't you know after much debate, weeks of going back and forth between decisions, well she finally decides to go with a little black dress as her bridemaid dress for me. There is my occasion, and wouldn't you know she finds just the right one that looks great on me. One that comes with a detachable skirt to pretty much make it two dresses and one. So there is the right one. And while the price was a hell of a lot more than I wanted to spend on it, its my sisters wedding. She has been waiting, well forever to get married. Eleven years with this guy alone. So  I figured she is worth it.

Two out of three ain't bad right?

I guess you can tell I am sort of excited about this little black dress right? I mean the way I figured it this means I will dif have to find something to wear it to again. Which means I will have to start hinting to the husband that I am dying to go see a play or something. To bad he isn't in the military because I am pretty sure this would make for an awesome ball gown. The possibilities are endless thought, plays, holiday parties. Yes Yes....just thinking about this dress makes me smile.

Wait a minute?? You mean a bridesmaids dress that I just may actually wear again?

I will dif take it.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Post season.

Its been a week since we lost the series, and our chance at the cup. In past years, the week that follows is always a hard one. While I did come into the office faced with a thousand condolences on our loss-so much so you would think I was going to a funeral-there at least wasn't the kind of fights, and pissed off moods from the husband as in past years.

We haven't talked much about it. The game, the series, the sport since. Andy shaved off his beard Saturday night, turned off the tv and we went to bed. For the few days that followed there was this weird feeling I must say. I wasn't disgusted just kind of numb, almost as if I didn't know what to think. I was sad that we lost, yes. But it was over and I at least was willing to accept it a hell of a lot more than I did last year.

Just as we haven't talked about the game, we haven't watched much of the series that followed. After we are out of it, its common. We spend just about nine months with our live surrounded by hockey, so separation from the sport is nice for awhile. I admit it. Its nice not have to be home to watch a game, to feel as though everything relies on a win or a loss....we can plan things.

We have spent this first post hockey weekend as a family. Doing odds and ends. There is no checking of the games that are going on. Its kind of nice. There hasn't even been a whole lot of mention to the fact that Dale Hunter resigned. Maybe there should be. But we haven't discussed it. Andy said it was a bit shocking and yet not at the same time. He is a family man. He gets it.

And it looks to be in terms of our household anyway, a quiet off season.
At least for the moment.

Though I guarantee it won't last long.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Five Question Friday-School

 Ah Friday. At last.

We can all breath a little better. And since we are fast approaching the end of another school year-well for those that work, teach or are in that is.-The subject for the week is quite fitting. The weeks Friday five is: School

1. What was your favorite subject in school?

Toss up between History and English. These seemed to rotate every other year. I took a creative writing class my Junior year of High School and fell in love with it. Seriously. I think I could have stayed in that one class for the remainder of my HS days and would have been happy. Then again the same could be said for a history class or two. I just found it vivid imagination probably didn't help either thank you very much.

2. What was your least favorite?

Math I do not need to say anything more on this subject. There are not enough hard words to describe my deep hatred I have for the subject.

3. Did a teacher inspire you to go into a certain career?

That same creative writing teacher. Inspired me in so many ways. Made me want to be a writer. I am still working on it but I vow if I ever am lucky enough to have a career in writing. If I am lucky enough to write the next great American writer not only would he be the first person I thanked, but the first I would dedicate it to..Because he believed I could long before anyone else knew I could.

4. Did you enjoy a particular book in literature class? If so, which one and why?

To Kill a Mockingbird. Which is to this day remains my favorite classic. Maybe it was because it was my first true classic, maybe it was the story. Or Gregory Peck in it, which seemed like a great actor even if I was not in the generation to know of him. But for some reason the story and the characters just stuck.

If you could, would you go back and relive high school all over again? 

I think about this question a lot. Usually right around this time of year in fact. I don't miss the gossip or the bullying. I don't miss the work that came with high school. But I do miss the ability to just do what I wanted. I miss the lack of responsibility.  And I miss the fact that the future still seemed open, and the World really was yours. I miss that feeling. But high school itself?? No.

Enjoy a beautiful May weekend...

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Besides being a bride, just about every female looks forward to the day when she is asked to be in a wedding. Its that total confirmation that you are somebody's person. Yes its true, the day is all about the bride. But what girl doesn't love to play dress up from time to time. And come on admit it, even if the day is all about the bride, most bridesmaids like to pretend its about them as well.

Don't lie.

But what most of us tend to forget that its not just about the dresses. Its about the whole day. Its about planning, preparing, commitment and being a bridesmaid is a lot more than simply putting on a dress at the end of the day.

I have been in a handful weddings-OK more like I can count on one hand-now. Including my own. Through the years and all the weddings I have learned the ins and outs. What to do, what to say. How to do things. And I have learned that the most successful pairing between bridesmaids and the bride often depends on a few things. Organization, communication and well, knowing what you want.  Or rather what the bride wants.

But what happens when the bride doesn't know what she wants? And when she finally figures things out how do you stress the importance of communication to the bride.

This past December my older sister got engaged after eleven years of dating the groom. And within a short week of the announcement I found myself stepping into the roll of Matron of Honor. Which is fabulous I mean who doesn't want to be a MOH. Except the closer this wedding gets. The more it seems as though the bride doesn't know what she wants.  And once she does she second guesses herself, changes it or expects that someone else should make the decision.

I get it, wedding planning is hard. But up until this very afternoon she didn't even know the color that she wanted the bridesmaids dress.  I have gone from being the MOH as well as the provider of music to back to being MOH. I am waiting for her to go back to the DJ thing. She still has things to figure out and is beginning to run out of time.

And its just one day. And it has to be perfect. And maybe with a little communication well maybe it will be exactly that.

And without it, well without it? We won't even mention that.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How to save a life.

Growing up I was probably one of those kids picked most likely to live in a bubble. It seemed as though I had everything, a physical disability, a learning disability. Asthma. And countless amount of allergies. I can't recall the number of times I sat inside trying to catch my breath after a couple of minutes out in the backyard. The pollen, the oak, the flowers, the bugs. You name it, I seemed allergic to it.If those weren't enough, pile on the food allergies to beef, pork and dairy, and it may seem to you I was a pretty sick kid.

I assure you I wasn't. Thankfully none of the listed above where serious enough to kill me. Well as long as it was in moderation's that was. Felt horrible, Check. Get sick. Check. Break out, swell. Check. But nothing was going to send me rushing to the hospital in fear of my life.  Well all except one.

Penicillin and molds Yes that's right, if anyone wanted to know how to kill me off, you now know. I am told it wouldn't take long either. Good and useful information if not to me, then perhaps to an enemy maybe?

I remember my parents would buy me bracelet/necklace after bracelet/necklace replacing them when I lost them, it wore down to the point it was unreadable. Or I broke out thanks to a nickel allergy-told you I was one of those- I hated wearing them I admit. I am pretty sure I even lost a couple on purpose. I didn't need one more thing to tell the world I stood out. And I always figured someone would be there to tell them right? I made sure to tell anyone who hung out with me that I was allergic to them so I was covered. Truly I didn't see what the big deal about wearing one was.

But then I grew up, and I started working. And I had to take metro on a daily basis. And the whole sniper thing hit the area. And it truly made me start thinking. I reevaluated the whole wearing a medical alert thing. I went out and bought a cheap one. It broke. I replaced it. That one too broke. As did the three that followed. And before I knew it, I once again said screw it and stopped wearing them. I started joking I was going to get it tattooed across the inside of my left wrist...and actually got no laugh back. My mom, who isn't the fondest of the tattoos and pretty much cringes whenever my little sis comes home with a new one just sat there smiled and said. 'You know that isn't a bad idea.' My husband, and even dad-who likes them less than my mom-both agreed.

It was a joke. Really it was. Because knowing my damn luck I would be allergic to the ink.And I was pretty sure I would chicken out, and just the thought of getting one for medical reasons seemed kind of ridiculous really.

It has been a running joke of ours ever since.

Until today, when I came across a report about the latest tattoo trend: Medical Alert tattoos. Mostly by those who are diabetic. And while they said medical association does not totally encourage those with medical needs to get a tattoo specifically for this, they said they couldn't deny that it just may save a life or two. 'You can't lose a tattoo, you can't break a tattoo.'They did make sure to say a bracelet is still what most look for, at the same time they can't ignore the sign if it is just right. And where does the medic interviewed recommend?

'The inside of your left wrist. Medics are trained throughout the world to look there first.'

Maybe my idea wasn't so ridiculous after all.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Ten things to look forward to during off-season

Attention! Attention! I have an announcement. Hockey season is now officially over. Well if your a Caps fan that is. And while yes I am disappointed and saddened by the thought-after all this was supposed to be our year.- I always try to find the bright side of things. Which means I bring you the top ten things I am looking forward to now that it has officially come to an end.

10. Knowing the next time I see Schultz, it won't be in a Caps jersey.

Seriously dude, pick a direction and just go with it, better yet, we are shooting for the goal at the other end...

9. I now have 3 months of not having to worry about whether I have to find a commuting partner.

Because I don't need anything adding to my already two hour commute thank you very much..

8. I don't have to hear. 'Hey do you think you can get me a pair of tickets... for three months...'

On those same lines, I don't have to hear people fighting over whom is going to go to what game....

7. I can finally wash anything pertaining to the 3: Caps, red, anything worn during playoffs.

For fear that had I washed them any earlier I would have totally jinxed us. And while I appreciated the leftover chocolate, onlookers didn't.

6. Hello Friends!!

Pretty sure half of them think we are dead...

5. My son may actually realize that his parents are in fact still married.

That's right little man, this strange man who is gone most of the season is your daddy...whats that? No he does not live at work after all...

4. We just may celebrate our anniversary on our anniversary.

Because its always put on hold until after its over....

3. Having conversations without the words OVI, Backstrom,Laich and Green in them.

Because I love my men, I love my team but HBO stopped tapping 24/7 just about a year and a half ago...I don't need repeats.

2. I am free to blog about things other than hockey.

Just think of the endless possibilities with this one...

and the number one thing I am looking forward to...

1. One word: DISNEYWORLD....

And nope, I do not need a damn championship in order to scream this at the top of my lungs...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

10 lessons I learned from my mom.

 My mom is pretty incredible. For almost thirty-two years she has been there for me. Through thick and thin, good times and bad. She has been there...and so on this mothers day I wanted to share ten lessons I have learned...

Of course it has only been since I have become a mom myself that I have truly learned the values of such things...

Lesson #1: Never let them see you cry...

Because in the end, those that make you cry don't deserve the time to begin with. Nor are they worth the effort is takes...

Lesson #2: Always have a backup plan...

Because not everyone can be the next Nicholas Sparks, Britney Spears or Resse Weatherspoon...and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches get old after awhile.

Lesson #3:  In the end all you have is each other...

Yes you may fight, you may call each other names. Hate each other from time to time. But in the end, they will be your only link to your past.

Lesson #4: There will always be someone who has something bigger, better and fancier than you. Deal...

Keeping up with the Kardashians/Jones..truly isn't worth  don't try.

Lesson #5: Ten years from now, that boy you had a crush on, will be either, fat, bald divorced or in rehab...

And you will look back and find yourself wondering what you ever saw in him in the first place. Trust me, there is someone better for you.

Lesson #6: You do not need a man to make your life complete.

Though finding the right one always makes it worth while.

Lesson #7:  You are your own worst critic...

In your eyes there will never be anything good enough, never do anything good enough, never be pretty enough. But this is only in your eyes alone...don't let this stop you from finding your own way....

Lesson #8: You can't change what happened in the past. But you can learn from it.

They will only make you stronger in the end....listen, observe and learn....

Lesson #9: Life often is not easy, not fair and hard for most of us...

There is no such thing as a freebie. Nothing is handed to us, it takes work sacrifice and patience to make it...But if you work hard, in the end it will be worth it.

Lesson #10: We may not have had a lot of money, we did not raise you in a mansion, you did not wear name brand clothes or driven the most expensive of cars.  But that did not mean we didn't love you any less...

And sometimes, that's enough.

 To all the moms out there, including my own. Happy Mothers day...the saying is true, the hardest job is often the most rewarding job....and you rock at it.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Proud to be a fan...

Yesterday, as I was leaving the office my boss asked if I was going to NYC for game 7. I told him no, as much as it would have be awesome I would be watching it at home with my family.  The trip, while may have been amazing, we just couldn't afford another weekend up North.

He smiled and added that he understood then turned and said. 'Besides it would be a shame to go all the way up there, to spend the money and all that time only to walk away empty handed, with nothing.' He laughed as if he knew something I didn't.

I wonder when he became a Ranger fan. Then again, this was the same boss that informed me he couldn't wish us luck since we were playing Boston....

I sat behind that desk in my cube as I watched him head back down the hall way retreating to his comfy office while his words lingered. Losing game 7 was never an option in my head. Yes I knew in reality and in truth, there actually was a chance. But in my mind, at that moment it simply wasn't. We would not walk away empty handed. Not a chance.

But then I thought about this as my afternoon dragged on. What if we did? What if Saturday night's game was the end of our season? Then what?

In past seasons the loss of a series has stung far more than I want to admit. It always seemed as though the expectation to glide right on in through the playoffs was there, and when the team did not live up to this expectation, I was beyond myself.  Yes I was still proud of the boys, proud of my team and was nowhere hanging up my fan card. But losing a series in the fashion that we often did was quite embarrassing at times. There was some dark days after the series loss between my husband and I. Each summer as players came and went I always told myself next year would be different.

It has been like this for the past three years.

And then this season happened. A season that started so high with a 7 game winning streak, of the expectation that we would be the team to be hoisting that cup up in June. To falling apart just as fast. To a firing of a coach, acquiring of a new one. Losing several games, several key players. To questioning whether we even going to make it into the playoffs.  Suddenly that team to beat, was now the team to barely make it in.

And still I was true.  Even after listening to every analyst saying would would be lucky to win won game against Boston.  Game after game I have donned my -t-shirts, jerseys and hats as if I need one more thing to say I am a fan. I have sat there, at the games, in my house watching every second half the time on pins and needles as one by one the games seem to mean that much more. I have watched as Holtby has stepped up to the plate and taken everyone by surprise. I have watched as a team that 'barely' made it into the playoffs suddenly became the team that other teams began to worry about. Each game only seemed to make them stronger. I have been watching this team for long over a decade and have never seen them be the kind of team that I had seen during these series.

Something funny has happened during these playoffs that has been different than any other playoff, while in the past I had been almost ashamed of the way we have played I wanted it to be over for the simple fact I was tired of facing guys like my boss. This year I was proud of them, of staying in the game despite everything that they had going against them. Despite the nay sayers and the odds. I was proud to be a fan.


Twenty four hours later I currently sit in my living room watching game 7. The Rangers already having the lead. Fear, nerves and frustration have already taken a hold of every fiber in my body. I am so not ready for this season to be over. Not by a long shot.

But what if it is?

What if we lose this game? The team schedules golf slots in the morning? Then what?

Well then I will still be extremely proud of them. They have brought us some of the best playoff hockey in two series than any other team. In the past month they have proven themselves over and over and over. They have played with heart, with passion and with more guts than they have in years. They weren't expected to make it past the first series, and here they are in the second round playing a game 7? Well  even if they do lose, that won't make me any less proud to be a fan in the morning.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Five Question Friday-5/11-Travel

I find this Friday Five funny. Why do I find it funny. You may ask why, well because as I was commuting in with the husband this morning I was doing my best to convince him we needed to escape. You know get in the car, head to the airport and go to Disneyworld. We would be the in three hours..The thought was most excellent. Unfortunately he could not be convinced despite my countless efforts. But nope, financially we couldn't just drop that much unless however we found that pot of gold before we made it to my office. I am sorry to report no such thing was found.

That being said, here is this weeks Five...enjoy.

1. If you could get on a plane tomorrow, where would you go for a week? Where would you go for a month?

For a week? well gee if you couldn't tell by now, and judging by my response in my opening I would think this to be sort of obvious. Hmm maybe Disney?? Seriously I could probably live there in all honesty. OK maybe not but I would settle for living close enough to go down when I wanted, but far enough away that its still a get away.  If the husband is reading this, perhaps he may just come up with something up his sleeves...hmm. No seriously I do not expect this what so ever. The thought though is rather nice.

As for a month, well overseas again. Because I felt like while we saw and did a lot, there is still so much we missed and Paris was a bit rushed. Yes I could have stayed there a little longer....

2. Where do you want most to return to?

Boston, Disney. I could return to this places any day and never get tired of two favorite places to travel to. Yes really. Something about both just speaks home to this weird? Yes probably? Can I explain it? No not really.

3. What was your most memorable meal or drink while traveling?

I have a thousand food allergies. Beef, pork and dairy. Which means eating and traveling for me never go hand in hand. But that is one of the things I love most about Disney, and one of the main reasons I return every year. When I am down there they take such care for those of us, that we get chefs and specialized meals. Anyways so last year while eating at O'Hanna's (at the Poly) I had this incredible chef, who offered me dessert. I assumed it was fruit because thats my usual offering. But no. This guy came up with dairy free ice cream and the best chocolate chip ice cream-dairy, nut, gluten, egg, free-it was so fabulous I had my skeptical husband try it. He said it was the best he had ever had. So much so he took the second one for himself. Yes it really was that good.

4. What is the most breathtaking view in your city? How about from your travels?

Several years ago-actually more like decades really. EEKKK- my father took me to bring our daughters to work day. It was one of the first they had ever had, pre-mandatory any kid boy or girl-anyway so I went into DC with him, my father is an electrician. I thought I was some shit to go with him. Anyway we broke for lunch and he took me up to the top of the roof of a building he was working at. I believe it was the top of the National Geographic Building. It was an incredible view, maybe it was the fact I was with one of my favorite people in the world, or truly the view was just that spectacular. But for whatever reason it was amazing.

From my travels. From the top of Notre Dame in Paris. The view of the words can describe how breath taking beautiful it was...

5. What’s the most touristy thing you’ve done?

On that same trip to Europe, my husband and I went to England. And of course there were three things I had to do before leaving. Take a cab, ride a double decker and stand in a phonebooth. All of which we did. And it was awesome.

May this weekend find you off on an adventure of two....

Last chance sweetie....

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Yes we can

Last week, just after the Caps tied the series 2-2, word got out that the Rangers decided to start selling tickets to the Eastern Conference Finals. 

Brilliant idea right? 

Well it seemed to be if you are a Ranger fan anyway. And of course then there was that terrible loss of a game on our end, and you better believe they were feeling pretty good about themselves. After all, how could we as a team bounce back from that. There was absolutely no way right?

Except this is not years past. And the Caps of today were not and are not willing to give up, hang our heads and admit defeat. That being said, we had to win last nights game to even consider a game 7. We knew this, they knew this and the fans knew this.

And we were prepared for this.

From where I sat on my end of the couch, we looked incredible. We dominated from the moment our skates hit the ice. This was going to be our game. There was most dif going to be a game 7, no doubt about that one. 
I for one was sure of it.

I have to say, it was an incredible game. Seriously, we just looked so in it. We wanted it. And for the better part of the game it was ours. Yes I would like to wash out the one and only goal that The Rangers scored because Holtby deserved the shut out but I was so ramped up and charged that I didn't care.

We had this.
We still do.

And game 7 is going to be one hell of a ride.
We best hold on.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It has to start sometime....

I did not take this pic, I do not take credit. But Go CAPS go!
 'One day more! Another day, another destiny.'
- Les Miz

I admit after Mondays loss I pretty much stayed away from anything with the words Caps and playoffs. I avoided the news, I avoided specific tweets and certain friends on Facebook who have never been and never will be Caps fans. I just wasn't in the mood to deal with their shit.

And as for the media? Well they haven't exactly been on the Caps side since the beginning.

Yes I stayed away....

But today was a new day, a new start, and one more chance. I didn't dwell on Mondays game What was done is done. Like it or not. There was nothing anyone could do to change what had-or hadn't-happened. I hopped on twitter determined to be positive, to think positive and to focus on the prize.

Game Six. More specifically winning.

Yes I believe in the team. Yes I think we can, and we will win this. And we will bring it back to NY for a game 7. I stand by my team, and my fellow fans and am not ashamed to say this.

God I wish I could be there tonight. Verizon Center is going to explode some kind of fierce when that game starts. Would love to be there when Goat goes on, or when the Horn Guy shows off that decimal device to the crowd.To get up, to cheer, to yell Ovi 8 times when that clock reads 8 minutes left in the period. Now is not the time to be quiet....

But I  will not be there. I gave my tickets over to the in-laws-it was truly their turn anyway-and I expect them to do the cheering and the rooting in my absence. Because if they don't. Well we just may have some hefty words exchanged tomorrow. I kid. I kid....Or do I??  Instead I will have to settle on watching it from the living room. But you better believe I will no doubt be yelling at the top of my lungs as if I WAS...and I expect the same out of my fellow fans...

And to those lucky enough to actually be at the game? I fully expect everyone to rise, and support the boys. Because they need us. Because this is not the time to loss faith...its a time to rally. And believe....

It has to start somewhere, it has to start sometime. 
What better place than here.??!!
What better time than now??!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

6 seconds...

Game 5

Six seconds.

That's all.

Six seconds and we would have walked out of MSG with a win, taking control of the series and heading back to DC to try and clench the series.

Six damn seconds. But if you know the game, six seconds is often an eternity. And in this case the game changer. It was just long enough for the Rangers to score, forcing an overtime.

I can't lie, even the morning after the Overtime loss I am beyond words. A little pissed. Drained...I couldn't even bring myself to watch the OT, as soon as the regulation was over I knew the Rangers would finish it off.

After the game I sat there with my husband, just a little beyond pissed. I mean we were six seconds away. I just couldn't believe we let it go like that. I cursed. I cried. I was overly dramatic...Even my husband was quite pissed at just how much I was 'over-reacting.' to the loss. I didn't want to be, but I couldn't help it. I am pretty sure I didn't know about a lot of things at the moment.  I spewed things off left and right. Things I didn't even mean...yes I was heartbroken. Beyond heartbroken at the loss for some reason. Yes I knew it was just one game and in all truth we have lost more than one or two games in the series. But for some reason this one just hurt ten times worse than the others. And I was feeling every emotion I could possibly feel at that moment. We ere soooo damn close. This was our game. We were going to win it...


And my poor husband who kept trying to tell me that it was alright, they still hadn't won the series, there was still one game they had to win, and you better believe we were going to respond...Well he tried to tell me everything is going to be fine.

It only seemed to make things hurt ten times worse. Even the morning after the loss and I am still finding it hard to even think about it. Talk about it...I know in the end it wasn't and isn't the all....I know we still have tomorrow to get through and I know, if this series has taught me anything its the fact that the boys aren't going to just hand them the series easily. In fact, I am willing to think there is most dif going to be a game 7 once again.

And the Rangers have the pressure now. They have to finish us off....not the other way around.

Still, it doesn't make last nights loss any easier and I really didn't want to write this as my loss of words are making it hard to think so positive at the moment.

So lets move on, lets regroup, rethink and prepare. For tomorrow is a whole new day...and new game.

Lets go boys.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Simply the best...

Game Four

I walked into the Verizon Center this afternoon, downed in my Laich jersey feeling like it was going to be an amazing afternoon. Judging by the crowd around me I wasn't the only one. It seems as though the playoffs bring not only the die hard fans but the crazed ones as well.

From behind me the smell of hot dogs are heavy. Everyone, fans of both teams are smiling. And it dawned on me right then and there.  No matter your team, no matter the game number-whether its game one or game 7-whether your up one game or down two. It doesn't matter. There is nothing like playoff hockey.


Even if I had a bunch of Rangers fans behind us, yelling at the  top of their lungs. At that moment, it was all good. We had this. This was going to be our game. I looked around at the crowd, the women down the way wearing headbands that were recycled from a 4th of July. At the guy behind us the one with the huge cowbell that he already was laying hard on. And at my mom, who proudly pulled out her rally cloth and was waving it like it was the last two minutes of the game. It was as if they knew it too, that this was our game..


And yep there was nothing like this, nothing at all.

We were pumped as the puck dropped, and it seemed as though the place just kept getting louder and louder. I watched as the decimal machine climbed on the board, amazed at just how excited and pumped everyone was. I just hoped the boys on the ice could hear the excitement. And the moment it did get quiet? I had to deal with the Ranger fans picking up where we left off, and while I tried to be respectful-after all I was with my mother- I couldn't help it, I had to jump in there myself and scream Rangers suck. because, yes it was fun, yes they were the enemy...and yes they were in our house. I am pretty sure they do it to us. OK I know they do it to us.  And just when I didn't think it could get louder?

Ovi scores. And the place erupts. The big guy, the one that all the commentators said we need to be in the game and score in order to win, actually provided it. Came through. Just like that we were up. And omg. I remember somewhere reading the statistic regarding the first team to score in these playoffs have been the winning team and while I thought this was exciting, I didn't want to get ahead of myself.

Because of course the Rangers responded. Pleasing those fans behind me. I had to listen to them chant for awhile. And in all honestly. It didn't bother me. Let them....

Its funny though just how much the crowd gets into games. After that score, the place settled down, we settled down. I settled down. 

Until Backstrom put one in the net. And once again it was incredibly loud. And the place was rocking and this. this is what playoff hockey is all about. Yes its stressful and the near misses can be so damn frustrating. But its soooo damn exciting at the time. Because it is that close. Because with every moment things can change.

Like the Rangers scoring. Its tied up.


I swear this whole tie games is going to be the death of me....

We got loud again during the third period. Maybe its the whole realization that this very well could be our last home game of the season. Maybe it was just the second period was that horrible. Or maybe it was the fact that by this point the beers were kicking in. But it was amazing.

And still tied. Through just about fifteen minutes into it. At which point, Mike Green found away to the back of the net.

3-2. Now all we had to do was just hang on for six minutes...Thats it.

I stood for the last remaining three minutes. Watching as the clock ticking down. Realizing we were three minutes away from tying the series. The series in which many had already said was over...


Its just beginning my friends.

And it is now down to the best of 3....and as the crowd once again joined me at the top of their lungs, and I looked around at the sea of red....

I was reminded, that there is nothing like playoff hockey...nothing at all.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Five Question Friday-5/4-Take out.

TGIF! My friends. Yes we have come to the beloved day already. Hard to believe. And so once again I present my five question Fridays. This week theme is-take out.

 1. What was the last thing you took out of your microwave oven?

Today's lunch which was soup. And I will be totally honest here and say its one of my favorite things to eat. A good bowl of chicken noodle soup on a wet soggy afternoon like this is love.

2. What was the last thing you took out of the washing machine?

With playoffs in full swing now, I am constantly wearing anything Caps related. Which means I am rewashing them. I wanna say the last thing I took out was my Holtby and Laich t-shirts. Yep probably.

3. What was the last thing you took out of the trunk of your automobile?

A book. Which had been in there forever and I kept promising myself to go get it, except I totally forgot until I saw it. After half a year of sitting there, I finally got around to reading it.

4. What was the last thing you took out of your mouth?

A pretzel, only after I stuffed my mouth with to much. TMI?? Yes probably. I will leave it at that.

5. What was the last thing you took out of an envelope?

A bill...yes it was super exciting indeed....

And there you have it. My Friday five. Have a super dee duper weekend.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Working overtime.

Game three...

Lets discuss overtime. Some people love it, even more so during playoff time. There is no shootouts, no watered down period before hand. Its full blown twenty minutes, until someone scores. And if its still tied, then there is a second overtime.

Or third in the case of last night.

Thats right it took three overtimes before someone finally scored. I have to say, this has been some of the best playoff games I have seen from my beloved Caps in awhile. They are playing some incredible hockey. Full of heart, and wanting and emotions. With my husband at the game, my son in bed I was able to watch a game with the peace and quiet of the place. I actually watched it. Without having to feel like Andy was bound and determined to break our coffee table. Or hear the pretty little f word come out of his mouth...

It was a great game. Both teams, as was in the previous series are neck in neck. They know how much is on the line. They know whats at stack. And even if winning meant you would only be up by one game, it was still one game.

I sat with my heart on my sleeve and hid my eyes every time the Rangers had it in the Caps zone....I watched as time ticked down, thinking well here we go again. Its not like we are new to this.

The game ended in a 1-1 tie.

I waited it out, and watched the first overtime, surprised I still had my nails all still in perfect form as near misses came on both sides. I even yelled just score already hoping that someone would hear my prayers. Obviously this whole praying thing only works with my husband in front of me. Because no one heard me.

I admit after the first intermission with the clock reading just about 11 and knowing that a 4:30 wake up call would be approaching faster than I wanted to admit. I gave up. I turned off that television deciding whether they won or lost was not going to be determined on the fact that I stayed up to watch it or not.

So I gave up.

I mean by any good means, the team would win. My husband would be happy..

Somewhere around 2:30-3 my husband crawls into bed. I didn't bother asking who won, it could wait til the morning.  But you better believe this was the first question I asked.

'Do I even want to know? Did they win?'

He only shakes his head. 'No.'

And I looked at him, he is so tired. And exhausted and you could see his entire emotions written all over his face. It was a great game. It went into three, almost four overtimes before the Rangers finally scored. He said at that point it didn't really matter who won, there comes a point in the game when everyone is so exhausted and one team will have to be the lucky ones.

Unfortunately. It wasn't us. But that doesn't mean it wasn't a great game.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

An eventful month.

May seems to be a pretty big deal in my household. Mothers day, my birthday. Our anniversary.

OK, so perhaps I should recite. May is a pretty big deal in my books. Because I am pretty sure if you asked my husband he would have told you he would have rather spread things out a little more than we did.

But its not as though I could help the fact that they decided to celebrate Moms on a Sunday in May.

That being said, when we first realized that this month would be dedicated to celebrating me, the topic of does he or doesn't he have to get a present for every single event sprouted. Now I totally realize that being the mom, the birthday girl and the wife my opinion is somewhat one sided. After all, I make it a point to get him a birthday gift, an anniversary gift and a daddy's day gift every year. It doesn't matter that his birthday is in April or not. I still do it.I would do it even if it was in May..or June for that matter.

Come to think of it, he gets a present for three months in a row. I don't hear him complaining about it.
 And had it been three different times of the year he would still have to get me something, ok so he doesn't have to get me something but you get the point. He would because he is that kind of guy.

Still the question remains, does the fact that I have three reasons to celebrate this month, give thy husband an excuse not to get me something on a single day?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Game two :Here we go again with my heart...

Game two.

Still up in good old NYC.

And as it seems to be the pattern in the playoffs for the Caps, we find ourselves down one game. Though in the best of seven, this often means little. Especially considering it was only game two.Still it would have been nice had we gone into it with a game advantage. This of course is what they all say.

And even if it was only game two in the best of seven, it seemed as though most of the DC media outlets assumed that it all came down to this game. It was a 'must win' for the Caps. If you ask me they have been saying this pretty much during every game of the playoffs, yet last time I checked either team had to win four games...

Whether it was a must win or not, it still would be nice to come back to DC a tied series. No doubt about that one. And as it has been with the away games, I sat in front of the TV, this time in the comforts of my home listening to my husband start up. He pretty much guarantees a win for us. How I am not so sure. This is not Boston, different series and from what I saw on Saturday I wasn't feeling as confident that it was a sure thing. But hey I would let him believe what he wanted to believe. Don't get me wrong here. I knew we could win, but could and will are two completely different things. It doesn't take long for him to start bantering at the TV, cussing under his breath, rolling his eyes and praying to the lord. A lot.

Which is something I truthfully didn't need already. Still I sat there watching as it went back and forth and back and forth and OK, yeah we looked better than we did on Saturday, and it seemed as though we had the momentum. And if only we could capitalize on this..well then that would be great. I listened as the commentators went on about in order for us to win we needed the big guys to show up. And blah blah blah....because otherwise there is no way....and as they went on, Ward grabbed it, and took it down found Knuble who found the net.

Who said we needed the big guns?

Shortly after that, Chimera-who holy cow can skate-finds it as well. A two goal advantage. Sweet...OK so yes my nerves began to settle. I mean we are up two goals, this is huge.

Until they responded with two of their own. Shit.  And thats when I decided I couldn't take it anymore. I just needed a bit of space from the commentators, from the roar of the crowd from my now fuming husband.  I was getting far to nervous, I didn't care as he kept telling me, its only tied. They aren't winning. Well yea, neither were we at this point. And since it worked the last time, I made my way up to our room, muted the volume-or had it on low-and watched the game in peace up in our bedroom. I could flip, step away and could have a moment of hockey free.

That is until my husband decided to join....back on went the volume, the game. No more stepping away if needed. Damn it. I watched nervously throughout the remainder of the third period. I even listened to them once again analysis the status of Ovi, who hadn't seen a hell of a lot of ice time-should we be concerned?-and I felt like crying. Seriously I am way to emotional about these games...I just wanted that win. I wanted a win...'Please just score.'  I managed to get out.

'We will.' Andy assured me.

'Like now.' I yell....and maybe all that praying my husband did, didn't go to waste because no sooner than I said this, Ovi found himself wide open-seriously they let this happen??-shot and found a beauty of a goal....

3-2...I swear Andy pretty much flew out of that seat and told me if thats all it took, I better say it about a dozen more times.

Turns out, that one, was all we needed. Game over.

We head home tied...