Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Little Black Dress

MY  little black dress
Well it only took just under thirty-two years but I have finally bought my very first little black dress. Sure I have had black dresses, most of which have had a mix of other colors, and are a lot more casual than what I consider a LBD to be.

This does not mean I have never wanted one. Its just, well I had no occasion to wear it to, I never found the right one or the price wasn't right. But then my sister finally gets engaged and wouldn't you know after much debate, weeks of going back and forth between decisions, well she finally decides to go with a little black dress as her bridemaid dress for me. There is my occasion, and wouldn't you know she finds just the right one that looks great on me. One that comes with a detachable skirt to pretty much make it two dresses and one. So there is the right one. And while the price was a hell of a lot more than I wanted to spend on it, its my sisters wedding. She has been waiting, well forever to get married. Eleven years with this guy alone. So  I figured she is worth it.

Two out of three ain't bad right?

I guess you can tell I am sort of excited about this little black dress right? I mean the way I figured it this means I will dif have to find something to wear it to again. Which means I will have to start hinting to the husband that I am dying to go see a play or something. To bad he isn't in the military because I am pretty sure this would make for an awesome ball gown. The possibilities are endless thought, plays, holiday parties. Yes Yes....just thinking about this dress makes me smile.

Wait a minute?? You mean a bridesmaids dress that I just may actually wear again?

I will dif take it.

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