Wednesday, May 28, 2008

you know what really sucks?

coming home from a great vacation.

ahh. its back to work tomorrow.

high ho high ho.....

its off to reality i go..

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My 28th birthday.

i turn 28.


im having a problem with this. more than i thought i would to be truthful. why? because before this, before this exact birthday. i was always twenty something. first it was early twenties, then mid...i could still say i was in my twenties and had a long way to go before i hit thirty.

but now?

well now i am two years away from the big 3-0. i am now in my late twenties. i dont know. maybe im stressing about nothing. but turning twenty-eight. its just kind of scary.

though my husband lived to see his thirties with no problem so there is hope for me.

it really cant be that bad.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

And the Winner Is...

Oh my god.

My voting finger paid off.

David Cook is the new American Idol. 2008.

Thoughts on American Idol.

It comes to two men. Both named David. One, a twenty five year old bartender and the other a seventeen year old high school kid.

A battle of two Davids. Both talented. Both want the prize when all is said and done. And how do I think its going to play out.

Personally, I believe in the end, it doesn't matter who is the best (to me, Cook) but rather, who has the biggest fan base. Who can convince people to vote for them more than twenty times.

Its a popularity contest peopole.

David Archuleta has that going for him. Since he is 17, the young girls go wild for him. He is adorable in the little brother kind of way. Though I for one can't stand the way when he sings, he tends to lose his eyes. And his voice, its just there is something about him that I just am not a huge fan of.

David Cook on the other hand, is the rocker. Is American Idol ready for a rocker to win. Probably. Look at the success of Daughtry even though he wasn't officially the winner. But he doesn't have the little boy charm. And he doesn't have preteen girls screaming their heads off for him. But he out of the two has the talent that would be the kind of talent needed to go all the way. The talent one needs to have the longevity.

Archuleta falls behind in that category.

So who wins. Archuleta probably. Cook a very close second.

May the best David win.

Monday, May 19, 2008

I wonder what its like to date twenty five men at one time. Reality tv makes it look so glamorous. Makes it look so easy. They make it look romantic. They make it look as though every fairytale that you could ever think of, can come to life. How many of us, which we could take a stroll along the beach, right at sunset. How many of us, wish we could dress up in fancy name brand dresses all the time, and live in a castle.

When in fact, I don't think it is as easy as they make it out to be. After all, I can barely manage to keep up with the one man in my life. I can't imagine what adding twenty four more to the mix would be.

And it leads me to wonder, can someone in a matter of six weeks. Go from dating twenty five guys to meeting the man of her dreams and marriage proposals. Could it even be possible. Yes I have heard of those couples. The couples that meet one weekend and marry three/four weeks later.

But this is television. Their relationship is played out over such a short time span, in front of America and throughout the world. Could it really be possible for two people to fall in love under such circumstances?


And yet.

I can't help but think, how damn lucky she may be. You have twenty five nice looking men. All fighting for your love and attention. How for a matter of moments, I would love, to get half that attention or had that attention on me.

Not to mention, how damn lucky she is.
I won't deny it. Even if I am happily married.
Some of these men are rather hot.

Friday, May 16, 2008

End of the Semester.

after a semester is done, there is those days just afterwards where you sit in front of your computer and wait for that magic grade to appear. and even if you know what your getting you still sit there just waiting anxiously to see it. as if it appearing will make you feel that much better.
but it does.
somehow seeing the grade puts a completion to the semester. a finalization that for the short time between one semester and the next that you can actually breath a bit easier knowing that you passed. im thinking positively here. for it could be the other way around. and if you fail?
well then you wish never to see that grade posted.
as for myself? my psychology professor posted mine yesterday. surprisingly enough, I landed a C+ in it. So I guess you could say he was right. I did better than I think I did.
What about Science?
Havent heard officially yet. my guess would be a C. If I am lucky. My tests werent the strongest in that area either. But I did all the extra credits so I should be in some way shape or form ok.
But its the waiting that is killing. The I need to know. I need to make sure that I passed. Need to get on with it. Its like a damn bandaid. Just rip it off already.
It would probably hurt a lot less than this waiting is.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

There is a point right before you go on vacation where you don't want to do a damn thing. I like to call it vacationitis. I sat in my cubical today, thinking how much I didn't want to do anything. How I just wanted to skip the next week and head straight down to Florida and get the six day break on the road.

Lord knows I need it. The week before, we all need it. We start feeling yancy. We start day dreaming and doodling on the side of the notebook instead of taking notes. And you begin to wonder how your going to make it through the next week.

7 days...can be either one of two things.

either extremely long
or extremely short.

im hoping mine will be the latter.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


this semester is finally over.

let the summer begin.

Monday, May 12, 2008

So, its exam week at Mason.


But on a better note, I took one this evening.

One down, one to go.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Went and saw Kenny Chesney yesterday up in Baltimore MD. The weather was a lot colder than it has ever been in previous times. But as always, there is something about him, that when the sun goes down, and he arrives. Being cold is the last thing on my mind.

As I sat there creaming at the top of my lungs to She Thinks My Tractors Sexy. I couldn't think of a better way to welcome summer.

Bring on the flip flops.

Friday, May 9, 2008

lets talk hockey

Its a sad day in the hockey world. No, no one has died, no one has been seriously injured either. But for those of us who have followed the Washington Capitals for the past two decades, well someone may as well have.

Call it an end of an era, the final bow. Whatever you may. But as of this morning, long time goalie, Olie Kolzig has decided he won't be returning to the organization he has been with for 17 years come Training Camp in September.

He will either do one of two things. Find another team in hopes that they will think highly enough to put him as their main goalie. Or he will retire.

I for one wish him luck in whichever he decides to do.

Am I surprised? Not really. I mean yes, I was hoping that by some chance he and the team would come to a decision and would work things out. But on the other hand, my heart told me I knew this would come. Sooner or later.

But I have to say this. The team will not be the same without him. I can't even imagine how foreign it's going to be come October, at the first home game looking down at the freshly cut ice and realizing Olie won't be stepping on the ice. There will be no more Godzilla chants.

Foreign indeed.

Vogel, of the Caps organization said it best, when he mentioned it being personal. I agree. While I haven't followed the team as long as my husband has, or half the others out there. I have followed it for quite some years now. And before so, the only name I remember is Kolzig. He was supposed to be a forever name to the organization a personal establishment.

He was also the first true Cap I remember following even remotely. I guess I like many felt like he was going to be around for ages. We tend to forget the players are human, and if they don't get what they want from one place, they are bound to look somewhere else.

We can not fault him for this.


I take it personal because he was the Caps. Because he was one of the first 'famous' people I met during the two years I worked at Z104. How clearly I recall not letting him in because I had not one clue whom he was. How I blushed when Haber finally told me and I quickly looked around let him and turned bright red.

I take it personal because he was the first hockey player I had seen close enough to realize what incredible athletes they are.

Let me tell you. He had a nice butt. Among other things.

I take it personal, because it feels as though I have lost someone so dear to my heart. It hurts.

I will miss him.
And his beautiful ass as well.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

you know whats a scary realization. when you look around. and everyone you know are doing one of two things. they are either:
a) getting married
b) getting pregnant. or
c) all of the above.

and you begin to think, there used to be a time, when that was the furthest from any of your minds. and you begin to feel old. maybe because you realize. youve been married for nearly two years now. and babies arent that far off. or maybe its because, you want a baby and it feels as though everyone else has or is getting it. not that you are trying. but still. your thinking, ok its logically going to be us coming up here. i mean seriously. dont think it isnt. you begin to think how true that is. how in a year or two. it isnt just going to be the two of you anymore.

but everyone else is doing it. and its just weird. because who in a million years thought you were going to be at the age when everyone was getting married after all you can remember when thinking thirty was old. or it just seemed like so much older. and now your approaching it within the next couple of years.

maybe it scares you that much more.

seriously. it seems as though we are in the every one but ourselves are having or expecting babies. Michelle and Braxton had theirs Sunday the 4th and Andy's cousin and his wife had theirs yesterday.

Tim and Tiffany are expecting in August.

ok. so most of my best friends are still unattached, and arent even close to walking down the aisle. but its happening. more and more. another one goes off the market. and then another.

and i just feel like im so old. because ive been there done that. would have bought the tshirt. but they were all sold out.

would i switch places?

probably not. i was happy. i did it in my time. and i dont want to go through the pain of trying to find the love of my life again..

but with everyone expecting im not sure i want to be drinking that water any time soon.

on second thought.

maybe i do.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Happy Cinco De Mayo..

May you all wake up very happy drunk campers.

Now go have a beer on me!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

just after nine thirty at night
another weekend is now out of sight.
tomorrow begins another week
this sunday night just got a little more bleak.
five more days and i am free.
but thats just to long if you ask me.

Friday, May 2, 2008

three weeks.

Three weeks from today. We will be in Disney World.
I will be turning 28 and Andy and I will be sharing 2 years of marriage.

Lets make some magic people!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

on my way home from the office this afternoon i got on metro, and this family in front of me just stopped right there. in front of the meter. i guess they couldnt find their tickets. and then when they did. it took them forever to put it in the machine and walk through. the regulars like myself stood behind waiting as patiently as we could for them to finish so we could go through and make our way home. most of us try to be patient as we can. for the most part its not to horrible. we understand.

after they moved on they dwalded all the way down the escalators. filling up the entire row so you couldnt get through. i smiled and said excuse me several times before they moved.

and then it hit me.
i had become on of them.

the dctonians. the get out of my way, im heading home and you need to move kind of people. i am a regular now. i know how to zip through lines and avoid making eye contact with the creepy guy in the corner that smells a lot like booze kind of people.

i dont even flinch when someone calls someone else bitch. or asshole. ive probably been called one myself without realizing someone has done so.

i know how to get around the city, hopping from one train to the next without looking on at a map. and i can even help those around me. i wear sneakers all the way into town, and out of i carry my lunch in a plastic bag with my name written on it.

and i go through a book a week.

at least.

now granted i am not as rude as most of the people. i will say excuse me. i will go out of my way to avoid running people over. i smile. i give up my seat so that the older lady that just got on can sit down.

still i blend now. more so than i did. i dont have that im scared of where i am going look in my eye anymore. im almost comfortable working in dc. even if it is in the not so great part of town.

and it only took five months to do so!