Friday, May 31, 2013

Five Question Friday: 5/31/13: Warming.

Well here we are again, Friday. I can't say I not happy to see it, even if it has been a short work week I welcome it. Funny how that is. And once again its time for my five questions. This weeks theme is: Warming....

1. As the weather in the northern hemisphere begins to warm, how do your days and nights change?

During the week, nothing much changes. A result of still having a two hour commute one way. However my evenings seem a little more lazy, and the weekends are spent enjoying life a little more than once. I tend to try to stop and enjoy the moments a little more. Preferring the warm weather, I hate to see it go....

2. In what way do your dining habits change as the weather turns warm?

We don't eat as much hot stuff, usually its tacos and a salad. We eat grilled things a little more, and fruit, lots and lots of cool fruit.

3. What’s the best thing unrelated to weather about the warm-weather months?

Life seems to slow down a little more during these months, people seem to be a little more relaxed and vacation is usually right around the corner....and did I mention, the days are longer? Because this makes me totally happy...

4. What are some strategies for dealing with those especially unbearable warm nights?

Shh...I love it I am a weird one to say this does not bother me as I tend to never get warm...

5. What words of encouragement do you have for the you of six months from now?

Hang in there, six months from now it will be warm again, and you will be happy. The cold will not last forever. I promise.

And there you have it, may this summer be fabulous and may your weekends be long and lazy.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Vacation hangover.

I came reluctantly into work this morning. It was not an easy task. Especially not when what greeted me, what welcomed me back to reality was the two hour DC traffic. I am sure it was a hell of a lot more happy to see me than I was of it.

I envied the flights that were landing, wondering if some of the planes carried happy tourists just beginning their getaways.

Not even twenty four hours ago I found myself lounging around the hotel basking in the last minutes of vacation before a not so magical bus was to pick us up and take us to the airport.

24 hours ago.

It still hurts.

Maybe next time I shall re-evaluate this whole coming in the following day thing. It sort of sucks. I have done absolutely nothing what so ever today. Truth. Its not that I haven't tried, but its a lot like the pre vacation feeling, except its a whole lot less exciting. But the feeling that you can't wrap your brain around much of anything. I can not concentrate on the given tasks, even responding to emails has been rather draining.

I don't care that is is a lot nicer here at the moment than it was in Florida when we left. I would prefer that any day.

I wonder how my son is feeling. When we left out yesterday he cried. He cried the entire way home, and even as we dropped him off this morning he was still saying how much he just wanted to go back. I wanted to tell him I agreed but somehow we have to pay for the trips, and it doesn't come free no matter how much we pretend otherwise.

I tell myself I only have 64 days until we head back out. A longer trip this go around. But believe me when I say, those 64 days seem like an eternity away at the moment.

And like my son, it only depresses me that much more.

Friday, May 24, 2013


After months and days of counting down. We have come to the end of the countdown, I am sure by this point we are boarding and getting ready to take off.

And because it is not yet Friday, there will be no Five Question Friday, I will however tell everyone to have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. May it be long and glorious and may it find the beginning of summer to be amazing.

Here's to summer.

Enjoy the moment and the weekend.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Waiting Game.

Well our bags are packed. They currently sit in front of our door. Our carry-on are assembled and waiting to be enjoyed during our waiting time to board.

We still have 24 hours to go.

In a little under an hour, our mad dash for last minute to dos begin. The end of the preschool year party, a trip to Salvation Army to drop off clothes that have been waiting to do so for the past couple of weeks. A playground trip, dinner. And hopefully just in time to get a -fingers crossed- four year old home, bathed and to bed.

We have an early wake up call in the morning.

And yet despite the fact we are ready I still don't feel like I am fully prepared. Did I forget something? Did I grab this, or that. Do we have enough to keep little man entertained for the two and a half hour flight.

The answer is yes. I think so. Despite my worry I know we are more than ready to go.

The only thing left to do.

Is wait.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013



Am I supposed to feel different? Because I don't. I have long since passed the days when birthdays meant a whole lot. Now its just another day in the book. Another year marked. I will however say that there is sort of the knowledge that comes with age. No longer do I fear it like I once may have.

The dreaded 30s haven't for the most part been that bad. Sure there was the whole colon issue, but that is now a thing of the past. A year and a half out of it, and I am feeling a hell of a lot better than I ever have. I mean for the most part, its been OK. Then again, I still have plenty of my thirty something days left, so perhaps in years to come this will be a look back and a if I only knew then.


Wasn't bad to me. I liked being 32. I do not know why, but I did. Maybe its because I was still young enough to say I am barely out of my twenties, but old enough to say thank God I am no longer in my twenties. Or maybe its because that Taylor Swift just came out, the one about being 22, and I shameless always changed the words to 32, to match my age. Its kind of hard to do this with 33 but I am willing to give it a shot.


Doesn't seem any different than 32 did. Not at the moment. I hope it stays this way. I hope the year finds me with more meaning, and a better clarity of things to come. A surprise or two of the good kind wouldn't be so bad, but I am not willing to jinx it by wishing anything more than a good year.

So here's to another year. Older, wiser....but mainly.

Another year.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Vacation mode.

12 working hours.

This is all that stands between me and vacation. Its a glorious thought. Though I admit at the moment, the 12 hours that looms ahead of me are not appealing hours.

I can't concentrate. Not in the least. I want to. I really truly do. The thing is, I can't. Rather I am thinking about the loads of laundry that need to be completed. And the piles of clothes that actually need to make it into the suitcase rather than just lying on top of them. About the way we are getting to the airport, taking metro, will little man be OK. Will he keep up. I am thinking about medicine and the fact my ear is killing me. Which is exactly how I want to start my vacation.

Perhaps I will blame this on the fact that there isn't a whole lot going on around the office these days. The organization underwent a major re-org in which a lot of things have yet to be figured out. Its the week before memorial day and most have decided now seems like a pretty good time to take that vacation. The other half will be waiting it out.

This only allows me to have my mind wander even further, to stare at the clock until I swear it hasn't moved in over an hour. I get up. I walk. Anything. Anything to figure it all out. To try and concentrate.

I can't even write. My characters are there, but they too seem to be in vacation mode. I wonder where they are....are they enjoying themselves?

See I am even resorting to discussing my characters in the content of this blog in order to concentrate.

I suggest a ban 2 days before vacation, and a year later I fully stand my claim as I find little has changed since then. I can not concentrate, can not think about anything else and am already on vacation time.

And I still have 11 hours and 20 minutes to go.


Monday, May 20, 2013


I walked into the office with a huge smile this morning. It was going to be a fabulous week.

This did not go unnoticed, the minute I walked in people commented on my huge extra smile, asking what kind of pill I took to make me so deliriously happy.

I did not tell them what I wanted to. That this is going to be a great week.

 For starters its my birthday on Wednesday. And while I am well over the age now that birthdays are really cool, or special for that matter. The fact that its my day alone is special. Besides I kind of dig my birthday. Its the one day that I am allowed to be selfish. So the rest of the world will just have to sort of deal with my happiness.

But more importantly-which is kind of hard to do because its hard to top birthdays-its a short week.In fact after Wednesday I am going to check out of the office and not think much about work until the following Thursday. That's right, its a short week for this gal. And who doesn't love a good short week.

And why is it a short week? Well I am on vacation until the following Thursday. Heading out of town for a couple days. Yes that's right. The trip that was postponed back in March, is now fast approaching.

This of course does not mean that its not going to be a long week. Rest assure the short weeks often feel like the longest. They drag. The clock never moves, and people slam you with the last minute to dos.

Its sort of like they know your just waiting to get out of here.

But lets not think about this shall we? No, lets think that for the next three days time will pass...and I will remain this deliriously happy.

After all, I have no reason not to be at the moment.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

weekend. love.

While we were out this afternoon I turned to Anderson and mentioned the fact that it has yet to be a full week since the end of the season.

It feels a hell of a lot longer than this. It seems as though it has been a month rather than just a couple of days. Yes, a week ago we were still in it.

Not to say that it hasn't been nice. Nice in the fact that I haven't been glued to the tv analyzing every painstaking minute of the game. Sure I have watched other games but not with the same intensity. I am rooting for Boston, because they are my second team but find if they lose, well its not nearly as agonizing as when the Caps did.

Its kind of...nice.

Not only that, but it has made the weekend seem a hell of a lot longer. More relaxed. Even Anderson seems to be on a slower schedule than once was. Neither of us seem to care much about anything. Believe me he is at times much better to be around after hockey season ends.

Of course the fact we have a short weekend, probably doesn't hurt either.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Five-5/17/2013: Motto

 And so we have come once again to the day we all live for. Well most of us anyhow. Friday. Its been a weird week around the house, but things are getting back in place, and thankfully we have a couple days getaway planned next week, so it is helping ease the pain of the end of hockey season. But lets get on to this week's Friday Five shall we? The week's theme: Mottos.

1. The motto of the Brownies is “Lend a hand.” If this were the personal motto of someone you know, who would it be?
My mom, because no matter where I am at, what I am doing she pretty much stops to help out. No matter what and often with little questions asked. It is amazing and remarkable to see her do things without ever asking for anything in returns.

2. The motto of the Olympic Games is “Citius, Altius, Fortius” (“Higher, Faster, Stronger”). If this were the personal motto of someone you know, who would it be?

My little sister. She is always fighting for things she wants, and she is always getting stronger by the minute. 

3. I don’t think it’s a motto, but Apple, Inc.’s tagline for some time has been “Think different.” Grammatical iffiness aside, if this were the personal motto of someone you know, who would it be?

My husband has a friend from high school, with a sister who lives very much of the hippie life, renamed herself 'Moment' and has lived a life off of the land, borrowing systems and trade. It has always been interesting listening to stories and to see how different she is. But she embraces it all. And its kind of beautiful.

4.Here are some food-related marketing slogans: “The incredible, edible egg.” “Beef: It’s what’s for dinner.” “Got milk?” What would be a cool marketing slogan for something you’ve eaten in the past twenty-four hours that doesn’t already have one?

Shrimp, there's nothing small about it.

5. Here is a very long list of cool Latin phrases. Which will you adopt as your personal motto for the upcoming week?

 ad meliora=towards better things. 
Because not only will I be celebrating my birthday, and hope to make the next year better than the last,but I am heading down south and leaving work behind for just a bit.

And there you have it, may you have a fabulous weekend.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bruins love.

Round 2: Bruins vs. Rangers.
With the Caps out of the playoffs-and I will not get into this again-I will have to switch my focus and my allegiance for the time being to my number two team...The Bruins.

So here we go, lets go boys...beat those Rangers. And if not for me, than for all of us Caps fans who would nothing more than to see the Rangers go home. Because its the cup.

Lets go Bruins....

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

You make me feel so emotional.

Nearly forty-eight hours after the loss in game 7, I am still in some sort of weird state of....disbelief. I haven't figured out a better way to put it.

I should be used to this, the early exit from the playoffs. After all, we are becoming quite notorious for this. Every year I push the team, I back them and support them. I sport my jersey, I rock the red and tell myself this is the year....our year. Its a motto we seem to be living by. As Cap fans we have gotten used to the maybe next year mentality. Always next year. And yet every year I am only disappointed when we bow out in round 1. Or get swept easily in round 2. 

I swallow this pill and attempt to find not only meaning behind the whole thing but look for the bright side of things. As Anderson says, we get our summers back, I get my husband back. I am married again for another blissful two months before the madness begins again. Life goes on. As does the Caps, and the organization. And soon the disappointment that was once felt has passed, renewed with a sense of hope and joy as the next season approaches.

And so thus begins the cycle once again.

But this year, well this year it just feel different. It is different. Maybe its not so much the fact we lost the series, as it is how we lost. a 5-0 loss. Seriously?? After the games beforehand and leading up to the game 7 had all been determined by one goal, to go out like that? Well it was a blow. It was a how the hell did this happen sort of feeling. I understand there is never any guarantee that you are going to win a particular game, or series. But to have you season end with a shutout on home ice does not necessarily give anyone the warm and fuzzes. Even as heartbreaking as a loss in triple overtime may be, I would have to say I would prefer that over this. At least it would have been a fight til the end.

I had not watched the game, I was in fact studying for an exam. I didn't even know anything had gone on until after the game when Anderson came down the stairs. The moment he did, I knew it was over. He looked just as defeated as the team did. 'Its over.' he said. Since then, there has been little talk regarding hockey, and little interest in watching the remainder of the championships.

I expected some of this, after we are defeated every year there is always this decompression time around the house. But I have never seen him like this, and I myself have never felt like this. Words just seem to not be there. What do you say really? Sorry, better luck next year? They put in a good effort, that was up until game 7?? Or that they started the season with such a horrible record that we should be proud that we even got into the playoffs, so what if we didn't make it past the first round? Nothing seems to be right really. And are poor constilation prizes for what any fan truly wants, and has been all but promised to us.

I do not know. I do not have the answers to any of it. And because I really don't want to hear anything more on the whole subject of why we lost, and the way we lost I have avoided the majority of mass media. It is simply too soon to figure out where to go from here, what to do next. The emotion of the whole thing is still raw and gut wrenching its almost painful.

And yet, come October, I will do it all over again. Because I like torturing myself apparently. Maybe I have gotten used to this feeling. Maybe I know nothing other than this. Or maybe just maybe I have fallen into the trap of, well this year will be our year.

Who knows.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I did not take this picture..

I am pretty sure this guy knows exactly how I feel today.
I truly have nothing more to say...
And if anyone knew me, 
they would stay away from anything Caps related today.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day.

This is my fifth year that I am celebrating the fact I am a mother. 
Its amazing how much more meaningful this day is now that I am older. Growing up, sure I realized that it was a day to celebrate mom but you do not actually get how much your mom does until you are one yourself. Until you grow up and realize that your mom is not going to be there forever. 
I spent the day with both sides of the family, and both my mom and my mother in law.
And I spent it with my son.
Which is probably the best gift I have ever received.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Five Question Friday: Knowledge.

 Happy Friday to one and all....these weeks are just flying, it is time once again for another Five Question Friday...these weeks topic: Knowledge, or rather the lack of. lol.

1. What’s something you know about constellations?

If you are on the equator you can view all the constellations in a year. If you are on the North or South Pole, you will only be able to see the part of the sky above you.

2. What’s something you know about bugs?

No two ladybugs have the same spots...and despite their names, the majority of them are males.

3. What’s something you know about a car’s engine?

The average car engine last 9 1/2 years, though the average truck life is more like 7 1/2 years. Not bad at all.

4. What’s something you know about wine or beer?

 The first drunk driver was . . . a guy riding a chariot in ancient Egypt around 2,000 B.C. He ran over a woman, and was CRUCIFIED on the door of the tavern where he was drinking.

5. What’s something you know about the Pacific Ocean?

The name means peaceful, and was given by  Ferdinand Magellan in 1521 who called its waters "mar pacifico" which means peaceful sea.

And there you have it, this weeks Five Question Friday, may you all have a fabulous weekend, and to those who are mothers a very HAPPY MOTHERS DAY....

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Game 4: Well, about that one.

Coming into the office after a loss is hard enough. Coming in after a playoff game is even worse. Especially after a game like last night, when we well lets just say, we didn't exactly look like the playoff team as of late.

Already pissed I decided the best solution was to just lay low, keep my cool and avoid any conversation about the game. Put up a sign that reads something on the lines of: If your here to discuss hockey, turn around. Not today.

Yeah, fat chance of that happening.

Everyone in the office knows my husband works for the team, they know we live eat and sleep the team, and the sport. There is in fact not a day that goes by during the season that someone doesn't come by asking me what my thoughts are or requests for some kind of something. Analysis, what my husband thinks. If I have any clue of whats going on from the inside. Etc.

And not even five minutes after setting my things down do those same people come crawling to my desk, tough game, yeah you can say that, I had to walk away and not watch it, it was that painful.  they looked like shit..well you can't look strong at every game. Its bound to happen, Holtby needs to shake it off...what is happening to them. Its the playoffs, every team wants it, every team will fight for it. They were on home turf. Etc. Don't worry its still a long way to go...that it is, but this does little to help my pissed off mood.

Yes, pissed off was right. I was. I could barely talk to Anderson without getting upset last night, I cried on the way home when we were down by 2 goals. What is wrong with me???? I should not be this freaking emotional about it. Looking back I do not know if I was more pissed at the games results itself or at  myself for being upset about the game's results, which only got me more upset. For awhile it seemed to be a vicious cycle.

I contemplate calling in, there is no way I want to face anyone this morning. But this is not an option right now. So I dragged myself up, got ready and told myself that I would simply ignore the snide remarks and questions about the lack of game on our end, offense, defense. Goal tending. 

But try as I might, ignoring those around my office is not going to be an option today. I already know this one. I try to put on a smile and tell them I am cool with everything. I say game 5 is tomorrow we will come back. I know we can. We haven't lost the series yet. They haven't won. It is in fact tied, no one has the upper hand anymore. The series is now the best of three with two of the games on our turf.

As long as I can remember this as I sit in my assigned seats tomorrow, well then we just may be OK...

Though I expect the Caps to bring it. We need them to bring it....

Game on boys, game on. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Game 3: Hold up wait a minute.

I need to remind myself its just a game. One game.

Except in the playoffs, it doesn't feel like just one game it feels like a season.

Going into the game last night I knew it was going to be a hard game to win, the Rangers were on home turf, they were also down two games in the best of 7. In a lot of ways, they lost this one, well while it may not be impossible, coming back and taking the series is that much harder on them. Yes, if they lost this game, well they would have dug themselves a hole. This being said I still had hopes that we could win, make the series 3-0 and be on the verge of sweeping.

Something that we haven't done. Ever.
We also haven't ever won a game three. Ever.

I tend to tread lightly when it comes to playoff games. Or rather the more appropriate way to say it is, I have a love hate relationship with the playoffs. I love playoff games, it has the potential to be some of the best hockey of the season-rightly so.-and yet some of the most frustrating at the same time. I love every moment of it, and hate every moment. I get far to emotional over the smallest things. With every pass intercepted I tend to feel as though I am about to have a heart attack. I cringe at everything and pray, yes pray that we get things together.It is only until we score, and pull ahead that I seem to be able to get my breath back long enough to grab something to drink. I drink far to much caffeine anyway, during playoff games well you may as well put an IV in me.I sit on the edge of my seat hanging on to every moment like its the last thirty seconds of the game...I have even been known to cry.

Yes, cry...seriously. I was not kidding when I said I get to emotional about the playoffs.

And when it all gets to much, I yank my hoodie over my eyes, mute the TV and watch in silence. Because surely this is better than listening to the crowd, and the stupid commentators, and everything else. If all else fails, I abandon the game all together. Even if for just a few minutes to regroup and regain my composure. I turn to things like Dancing with the Stars (really?) before I yell at myself for being to invested in the game, after all its JUST A GAME....well that and for turning to a reality show that I have no interest in.

So last night I watched with a mix of all these emotions, and in the end I felt the ultimate pain, disappointment as the Rangers won 4-3. OK, in all honesty I couldn't even watch the last few minutes of the game, my heart couldn't take it. Sure it was just one game, and we are still in the lead by one game. I remind myself that this is by in no means over. They will take yesterdays lose and improve. The only thing this means is that they will win at home, and guarantees me the possibility of going to one more game-because I like to torture myself in person apparently.

And ensures that for at least another two games, my emotions will be at their breaking point.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Caps vs. Ranger Weekend.

The first weekend of the playoffs has come and gone. The Capitals found themselves hosting the Rangers. And while we may have been the 3rd seed and thus considered the better of the team, in a lot of ways we found ourselves coming in as the underdogs. The Rangers favored by so many.

Then again,  I think anyone who plays us is the favored, as I find many of the commentators against us.

We entered Saturdays game leading the series, 1-0.  The Rangers were going to come back fighting, there was no doubt about that. I expected the game to be a lot closer this time than Thursdays 3-1 victory.  By the second period, when it was 0-0 we realized it was going to be a one goal game. I just hoped it would be us. Even if the Rangers did win, and the series were to be tied, there was something about going up to NY with a 2-0 lead. I wanted it.

I muted the television during the third, the commentators have never been my favorite, I needed to get things done and the game was just getting to intense for me. And when the final buzzer went off, the score 0-0. Well I thought.

Shit. Here we go again.

I waited patiently during the intermission, continued to mute it while the Rangers found themselves on the power play, dear lord please....and finally unmuted just in time for Gameover Green to score, closing out the game in overtime.

Moving us into a 2-0 series lead as we head up to NY....

The battle while may be a little closer to being finished, still a long way from being done.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

May the 4th

For all the Star War Fans and my little one who asked what the day meant...
Enjoy your day.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Five: 5/3/13: Nervous.

 I came in this morning and looked up this week's Friday Five theme and laughed. You see last night I found myself sitting at the Verizon Center one nervous fan. In fact I am pretty sure I looked a lot like the guy to the left. Though my face was hidden in a hoodie. I will admit I was nervous. Antsy.

Which makes this Friday five totally appropriate. The theme: Nervous.

1. What are you like when you are very nervous?

According to my husband last night, pretty cute. I pull my hoodie over my face so to drown out the noise and the action around me. I am sometimes a nail biter, which I hate to admit because its kind of disgusting. Thankfully it has been broken...the habit that is. I tend to not be able to sit still when I am nervous...but still my husband found my nerves-and my passion for the whole sport/team-quite adorable apparently.

2.How do you deal with nervousness, especially nervousness about something that’s going to happen several days later?

I think it depends on the situation. Public speaking for instance I am a bundle of nervous for weeks, and even minutes before. Its horrible. But yes. And during the games, and stuff man I am like my father sometimes I just can't handle it. Sometimes it just best to let me be on my own for awhile and come back to check on me.
3.In what circumstance are most people nervous, but not you?

Getting things done. Papers. At least when I do them on my own, so many people freak about deadlines. But often I find the closer it is to the due date and the longer I hold off on getting them done, the better the paper is. Its a horrible trait of mine. But it works.

4. What conditions seem to be fine for most people but make you feel nervous?

Walking over those grates on the streets. People every day walk over them, and I still can not bring myself to walk over them. In fact I will do everything in power to avoid them...its horrible. I know. I am so afraid I will fall into it.
5. When did you last feel nervous about something that turned out completely fine?

Well let me think here, if any indication of what this posting has been about, then I would assume you would know that it was last night, during game #1 of the playoff series against the Rangers of course I was incredibly nervous, but it turned out fine. And we won.

And that is another weekly edition of the Friday Five. May you all have a fabulous weekend.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Its playoff time!

Tonight it all begins..
Round one.
Here we go.

At the moment all I feel is antsy. I just want it to start. I want it to begin instead of sitting here and watching that clock tick by. This is torture. I want that puck to drop and for it to be underway. I also want the results to favor in my way. But this will remain to be seen.  If all is going to go the way everyone else thinks, we are in for a long drawn out series. Sit back and enjoy the ride. And the games.....

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day

Thus begins what is probably one of my favorite months of the year. Yes I realize its my birthday month, and my anniversary month, and mothers day. So technically I suppose you can say I am kind of biased when it comes to this. But even without all of these things to factor in, I would have to say the statement would be true no matter what.

The weather is pretty damn near perfect, its not cold and its not to hot. I still have the hot lazy days of summer to look forward to and winter is that much more a distant memory.

I flipped over the calender this morning and stared at the happenings going on.

And while I had expected it to a busy month, staring at everything that was going in solidified it that much more.  This year, the busy month of the year appears to be May. Well, I suppose there is one in every year.

Between birthdays and anniversaries lays mothers day, and birthday parties that my son was invited to. Playoff hockey and a final exam. Meetings, appointments, who thought scheduling all of these around the same time a brilliant idea?

Of course I scan down, to the final week of the month. And am quickly reminded that the reward for the busy month is a little get away for six days......the same one that was scheduled for March initially.

23 days from now.

To celebrate a lot of things.

But mainly to celebrate the fact we will have survived the month.