Sunday, May 5, 2013

Caps vs. Ranger Weekend.

The first weekend of the playoffs has come and gone. The Capitals found themselves hosting the Rangers. And while we may have been the 3rd seed and thus considered the better of the team, in a lot of ways we found ourselves coming in as the underdogs. The Rangers favored by so many.

Then again,  I think anyone who plays us is the favored, as I find many of the commentators against us.

We entered Saturdays game leading the series, 1-0.  The Rangers were going to come back fighting, there was no doubt about that. I expected the game to be a lot closer this time than Thursdays 3-1 victory.  By the second period, when it was 0-0 we realized it was going to be a one goal game. I just hoped it would be us. Even if the Rangers did win, and the series were to be tied, there was something about going up to NY with a 2-0 lead. I wanted it.

I muted the television during the third, the commentators have never been my favorite, I needed to get things done and the game was just getting to intense for me. And when the final buzzer went off, the score 0-0. Well I thought.

Shit. Here we go again.

I waited patiently during the intermission, continued to mute it while the Rangers found themselves on the power play, dear lord please....and finally unmuted just in time for Gameover Green to score, closing out the game in overtime.

Moving us into a 2-0 series lead as we head up to NY....

The battle while may be a little closer to being finished, still a long way from being done.

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