Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Game 3: Hold up wait a minute.

I need to remind myself its just a game. One game.

Except in the playoffs, it doesn't feel like just one game it feels like a season.

Going into the game last night I knew it was going to be a hard game to win, the Rangers were on home turf, they were also down two games in the best of 7. In a lot of ways, they lost this one, well while it may not be impossible, coming back and taking the series is that much harder on them. Yes, if they lost this game, well they would have dug themselves a hole. This being said I still had hopes that we could win, make the series 3-0 and be on the verge of sweeping.

Something that we haven't done. Ever.
We also haven't ever won a game three. Ever.

I tend to tread lightly when it comes to playoff games. Or rather the more appropriate way to say it is, I have a love hate relationship with the playoffs. I love playoff games, it has the potential to be some of the best hockey of the season-rightly so.-and yet some of the most frustrating at the same time. I love every moment of it, and hate every moment. I get far to emotional over the smallest things. With every pass intercepted I tend to feel as though I am about to have a heart attack. I cringe at everything and pray, yes pray that we get things together.It is only until we score, and pull ahead that I seem to be able to get my breath back long enough to grab something to drink. I drink far to much caffeine anyway, during playoff games well you may as well put an IV in me.I sit on the edge of my seat hanging on to every moment like its the last thirty seconds of the game...I have even been known to cry.

Yes, cry...seriously. I was not kidding when I said I get to emotional about the playoffs.

And when it all gets to much, I yank my hoodie over my eyes, mute the TV and watch in silence. Because surely this is better than listening to the crowd, and the stupid commentators, and everything else. If all else fails, I abandon the game all together. Even if for just a few minutes to regroup and regain my composure. I turn to things like Dancing with the Stars (really?) before I yell at myself for being to invested in the game, after all its JUST A GAME....well that and for turning to a reality show that I have no interest in.

So last night I watched with a mix of all these emotions, and in the end I felt the ultimate pain, disappointment as the Rangers won 4-3. OK, in all honesty I couldn't even watch the last few minutes of the game, my heart couldn't take it. Sure it was just one game, and we are still in the lead by one game. I remind myself that this is by in no means over. They will take yesterdays lose and improve. The only thing this means is that they will win at home, and guarantees me the possibility of going to one more game-because I like to torture myself in person apparently.

And ensures that for at least another two games, my emotions will be at their breaking point.

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