Tuesday, March 24, 2015

No I have not gone anywhere.

I realize I am long, long overdue for an update. After all, according to my blogpost numbers and despite the promise otherwise, this year has been lagging in posts.

Truth be told, something had to give. And between finishing the Senior capstone project, the presentation class and the communication class, there isn't much free time.

And that is just school work alone. I will not mention my actual work, which has kept me running around in circles in its own right these days.

I have told myself over and over that I am getting there. That this will all be done and over with before I know it. And in just two months I will not know what to do with all that time on my hand. Thankfully it won't be job hunting as most Seniors find themselves doing. At least that part is working out for me.  But still little at the moment seems to be a consolation prize.

I am also long over due for a break. I know this. I recognize this. But until the end of May there is little I can do about this as well.

So I mutter through things. And my blog updates have to wait. I do hope I am forgiven. I still find time to write for the Disney Driven Life, it is a much needed break from the technical writing and research. But for the moment, this blog will have to wait.

This does not mean I am abandoning it. Believe me I crave creativity. I crave writing again. And I can not wait to be back sharing m life, my thoughts and even some tips and adventures with you.

Just not until then.

Please forgive.