Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter/Passover

From the Puck to the World would like to wish you and your family a very Happy Easter and Passover.  I hope the day has found you surrounded with love, and serves as a reminder of what the holiday-whether your Christian or Jewish-is truly all about.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Five Question Friday: Snacking

 March has all but come to an end. Thank the lord. It has been an extremely long month on my end of things. With a little hope and some fingers crossed, things will and have settled down. And once again it is Friday. Which means the last Five Question Friday for the month. This weeks theme: Snacking.

1. What’s your favorite crunchy snack?

Pretzels. I am horribly addicted to them. And yes I could pretty much eat them all day long. Thank you very much. Its an addiction I am quite proud of.

2. What’s your favorite chewy, gooey, or mushy snack?

Gummy bears...See above but besides pretzels, yes give me some good old gummy bears any day..And for your information, the gummy bears in Germany where far better than the ones over here in maybe I will go as far as saying those where my favorite...

3. What’s generally not considered a snack food but is something you love to snack on?

Cereal is the only thing that comes to mind. Especially if they are apple jacks. Those things are great and handy to snack on...Easy compact. Its fabulous.

4. What packaged snack have you tried but would recommend others avoid?

At the moment I can't really think of any. Because in reality, what I like isn't for everyone. And works the other way around. So I say just enjoy.

5. What four snacks would you put on your Mount Rushmore of snacks?

Pretzels: for obvious reasons.
Gummy Bears: Again for obvious reasons
Hotess cupcakes: they remind me of my dad, and every now and then you have to have one.
York Pepermint Paddies: Another guilty pleasure and they make your breath smell amazing

And there you have it. May you all have a fabulous end to your holiday week.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


I have been really hard on myself lately. Its a habit of mine that has dated well past a decade now. But especially lately.

I blame it on the month of March, which has always seemed to be one of the longest months of the year for me.  The holidays are long gone, the one holiday between that is gone. School is in the thick of it, and summer seems that much farther off. To make up for it I usually try and schedule a getaway but as most know, hockey came back and our March getaway is now in May.

Throw on top of that the up and down of my office, the layoffs and reorganization and the stress to come with all of it, and well March has been even longer.

Believe me I will not be sad to see the month go.

I will admit I truly thought I was on the list of layoffs. I let go of a huge breath I didn't even realize I was holding when I found out I wasn't. Still, its been extremely slow for the past couple of weeks. The effect of end of the fiscal year. And when it is slow, I tend to do a lot of thinking. Some if not most of them aren't the most pleasant. I begin to think about where I am going, and what am I doing. I begin to think about where I see myself, in five months, five years.

And this week as I have had a lot of thinking, I couldn't answer any of the questions.

Does this make me horrible? Because I don't know the answers? I know what I want but at the moment its not making me anything and I am almost afraid to ask for it. Does this make me a bad person because I don't exactly know what I want?  I am heading toward 33? Shouldn't I know by now?

Is it to late to figure anything out?

Monday, March 25, 2013

60 days to go.

60 days to go.

And we have reached the point where waiting seems to be the hardest thing. So close, and yet so far away. Right around the corner and yet so far out.

We were this close once before. But had to postpone it-thanks a lot hockey-at exactly

60 days to go.

So yes, we were thrilled to wake up this morning and see the number 60 hit up on our countdown calendar. Two months. We can do this...we can, we can we can.

And yet for all the waiting around and the counting down, I know it will be here before we know it. That much I know is true. Before I know it we will be packing our bags and taking off. We are believe it or not flying this go around. Choosing to drive down in August, which will be a much longer trip, and some of it will be to visit family on both sides.

I am trying not to think about the fact that 60 days seems so far away. And failing miserably. Because while I tell myself this, the truth is. It isn't working all I can think about is, vacation. Doesn't help that everyone else I know is on spring break and heading off to the various locations for the week.

Oh yea and did I mention is snowed several inches.
Its the end of March, its not supposed to be snowing. Period.

I am trying to figure out how to make it through the next day, staring at my calender thinking well this time next week we will be so much closer. I get this way on any vacation, Disneyworld, Europe. And hey even to a weekend trip to NYC and Boston-heading there in August for a concert. But with sixty days to go, its kind of hard not to.

Although fit the urge to think about it I must.

Or its going to be a very long two months.

Sunday, March 24, 2013


I came into the office Friday not knowing what to expect. Other than this. By the end of the day some of us would not have a job. Myself could be included. And while I had prepared myself, giving myself 'the talk' and had discussions with my husband about it-including a for warning that I may be calling him to pick me up the moment he dropped me off-truth was, I was scared.

I don't think anyone could truly prepare themselves for it. Even if you know its coming and there is a potential that it could be you. At the end of the day, you don't want it to be you. And yet, at the same time you know that if it isn't you then it could be the person beside you who is planning a wedding. Or the girl in accounting who is expecting another baby. And she is a single mother.  It doesn't make it any easier.

I made my way back to my desk, it was the longest walk that I could take for a Friday. The office didn't even feel the same. I turned on my computer thinking, and wondering if I should even attempt. I almost expected them to come and get me.  And when the receptionist called to ask if I could come sit for her, I ran into two of the unlucky ones. Neither could look me in the eye. And I didn't blame them. What do you say at a moment like that?

Slowly names began to fly around the office of those that were let go. With each there seemed to be a quiet moment for them and a question of why. We knew why. But still it didn't make it any better.

By noon it was all said and done. Those that were let go had been informed and where already on their way home.  Leaving the office is an eerie sort of silence. I can't even begin to describe how things were because, well no one could. It was just odd. Silent, unhappy even. Most people walked around trying to avoid one another. While conference calls went on and business attempted to get back to a sort of normal, the realization of what had just happened loomed over everyone.

One by one people made excuses to take off early. Can't say I blamed them.

And while they all left I sat at my desk looking around.
Thankful that I had a job for one more day.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Five Question Friday. 3/22: Last

 March always seems like the month that will never end. The holidays are long gone, the summer still seems far away and Easter/Spring break sometimes fell and sometimes didn't. Meaning on occassion there is something to look forward to, but for the most part its just one long month.

This year seems to be no exception my friends. That being said, its another round of Friday Fives for you. This weeks theme: Last....

1. At a gathering of your usual social group, who’s almost certain to show up last?

My mom...she I believe has this theory. Better to show up a late. In fact most of the time she is one of the last ones to arrive. But she is also a great person to start things going. Go figure.

2. Of chores that must be done this weekend, which will you probably complete last, and why?

Homework for school on Tuesday. Mainly because its not due til Tuesday, and because its not my favorite thing to do.

3. Some TV remote controls have a “last” button. If you were to turn your TV on now and hit the “last” button on the remote, which channel would you be taken to?

A music channel, either Music Choice or a video (yes they do still exist). I was attempting to do a little cleaning last night. So before the game (Caps/Jets) I had it on to 90s Pop and was cleaning and dancing around all at the same time.

4. Your task is to try one scoop of ice cream per day until every one of thirty-one flavors is consumed. Which do you save for last?

I would say chocolate, since its my favorite. I may as well save the best til last right?? Get rid of all the ones I have no desire for first. Just because I would rather get them out of the way and be able to enjoy my favorite....

5. When did you last have an awful meal in a restaurant?

I will not name the resturant but a couple of weeks ago while out with my in laws, they got my meal-like com wrong, completely not even close and took it back. Then when it finally did come out correctly there was hair in the food. Needless to say despite the free meals they gave us, we have yet to return.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend....

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Please forgive me as this post I fear will be rather crappy.  My mind is a bunch of jumbled up thoughts that at times aren't making sense. But I feel like I need to get it out. And so this is the best I got.

And so here it goes....

It has been one very long week

It has  also been a very quiet office I have come into.

 On Monday word slowly began to flow through the grapevine that another round of layoffs would be coming. Some mentioned Wednesday, while others mentioned Friday. It would be the fourth round since right before the holidays. 

No one however wanted to mention the elephant in the room, and so we have gone on about our business as if we don't know. Though I admit, ignoring it wasn't something, isn't something I could easily ignore. Try as I might, I have felt like this incredibly huge cloud is over top of me. Every slight movement, or lack there of I feel is a sign. No one is talking to me, they pulled me off of this. The weirdest look must mean I am on the chopping block.


I have come into the office everyday fearing that this is the last week. I really didn't know, don't know how to cope. I felt I was in the wrong. On Tuesday word came that yes it was official, there would be layoffs-though nothing personal-on Friday, no one knew who and nothing more has been really said.

I have been counting down to the days. The thought that I could walk into work tomorrow and only hours later walk out without a job, is times hard to fathom. I fear it. And yet I have tried to make the best of it, and accept it. I realize that what we are going through it difficult at best. It is not something that any one wants to do, or what anyone wants to hear. But it has to be. And so I am trying to accept it.

And just as much, I know I am not alone. I know we are all walking around not saying anything to anyone because no one really knows what to say. What is there to say. So instead we all have gone around, gotten what we need to get done and worked as if nothing is going on. As if tomorrow is just another day.

Now here I am here on the eve. Not knowing exactly what to do or what to think. Except  that twenty four hours from now...

One way or another, it will all be said and done.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A failed excuse.

Sometimes I wonder if I am failing my son. I strive on a daily basis to teach him things to prepare him for this road we call life. Right from wrong, how to read. I bring love into the house and show him what it means to say please and thank you. We make it a point on a daily basis to have time for laughter and joy.

But I have not taught him about this. Religion, church. God.

Growing up in a household I was raised as an Episcopalian. My parents rounded us up every Sunday morning where we faithfully attended the same church once a week. It was a routine that lasted up until late elementary school. Soon our schedules called for increasing time away. Every day of the week was scheduled with one thing or another. Dance lessons, recitals. Musicals.  Other than Church, Sundays were the only day where nothing was scheduled. While we knew we should, we skipped a week, then two. Soon we found ourselves really liking the fact Sunday was a day to rest. And so we found ourselves going less and less. This did not seem to bother either myself or my younger sister who just looked at it as an opportunity to sleep in, or play. And we were thrilled with the idea that we wouldn't have to wear a dress anymore. Or tights. Or fancy shoes that hurt our feet. And it did not bother my parents. My dad didn't really seem to care about religion in a lot of ways. And mom hated the fact that week after week the church 'begged' for more money. She would feel guilty when they said 'But this is what God would want you to do.'  knowing full well that we couldn't afford to help like the rest could, and yet feeling the pressure to do so.

Sure we still went, on occasions. Like the standard holidays that most families find themselves being dragged to. Christmas, Easter. When something happened. It wasn't unusual. And we would slide into the back of the pews, because we were to old-and really to ashamed to walk through the Sunday school classes-and we would listen to the sermon and always think well maybe we will start anew.

We never did.

We stopped all together by the time my older sister was in the midst of her high school career. Religion soon became a footnote in the family. It was never discussed, and never an issue. We all understood. We knew there was a God, and we knew what it meant. We knew about heaven and hell. And as the years went by, so did religion.

I did find myself exploring it once again in college. The one year I went away anyway. I bounced from congregation to congregation, baptist, catholic. I even had an interesting spurt with the Jewish faith. My roommate at the time was half Jewish, and wanted to figure out where she truly belonged. But after I came home for good, I left the Religion exploring behind.

I knew what I was. I didn't think I needed to be defined by the classification that a Church brings.

And when I met my husband, once again Religion wasn't something we discussed. He had never been raised in a Church. Period. The only times he had stepped into one was the recent marriage of his brother and new sister in law. And as for myself-while I believed in it I wasn't practicing it. Nor did I think Church was all that important.

And so this is how we live. No church, no true religion. Both of us believing in our beliefs. It is sad to say I am not even sure he believes there to be a God. I don't even know if he has read a scripture from the Bible. Ever

Its not that I don't think about it, because in reality I have been doing a lot of it lately. I have even thought about going back, would they accept me? Would it be awkward? And every Sunday I think, well maybe next week. But this of course never happens. And while my husband encourages me to go, he has little desire to go himself. Understandable I suppose.

I have been ok with this. The not practicing of religion. I know the Bible, I can read it. But while at dinner a couple of weeks ago, they asked us to bow our heads and pray. I recited the familiar Lords Prayer, my husband and son just sat there. And after, on the way home my son asked who God was, and why we were praying to him.

We sat in silence as I tried to figure out an answer. In the back of my mind feeling ashamed that he had to even ask this.

I had done it to ourselves of course. I had failed my son.

Because while Religion may not be something that is promadent in the house-who says it has to be really?-I would like him to know who God is.. He has the right to know.

Whether he will want to believe in him or not will ultimately be up to him.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Pattys day.

Irish I am not. OK I take that back. I think I have a smidgen-and I mean smidgen- of the Irish heritage in my. On my mother's side. Of course my husband said everyone has some. But this morning as we were enjoying an early lunch I actually looked it-sometimes I have to love modern technology.-and sure enough one of my mom's surnames is, wait for it. Irish descent. So I suppose she really wasn't kidding. Though I will not go as far as even saying I have much in me, because in all honesty its so far down the line its nothing to really count.

That being said I totally took this as an excuse to dress up in green. Which was only a pair of socks and a hate. I laugh. I love the color green, you would think my entire wardrobe would consist of it. Then again, I didn't look all that hard. And I am going to the Caps game tonight, so it wasn't like I had plans on wearing green.

Anyways, on this more of comercial holiday here in my neck of the woods, I figured I would share some fun facts about Saint Patrick's Day.

1. 36 million

Americans claim to be of Irish descent. Its the 2nd most reports ancestry, the 1st? German.

2. 24 percent

Of Massachucetts residents claim to be.  And is one of the largest in the country.

3. The first St. Pattys day parade

Was not in Ireland, but in Boston in 1737

4. The Pot of Gold

Is believed that there is one gold coin for every year of a leprechaun’s life in its pot. 

5. Green River

As part of a more than 50-year tradition, the Chicago River turns green for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade celebration. The tradition of dyeing the river green arose by accident when some plumbers used fluorescein dye to trace sources of illegal pollution discharges. The dyeing of the river is still sponsored by the local plumbers union.

Happy St. Pattys day to one and all. Whether you are Irish or just pretend to be for the day....

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mid season

And so we have reached the halfway point of the season. Though the way the season has been going for this Caps fan, the end can't come soon enough. It has just been one of those seasons.

The feelings of jubilee that hockey is back have long gone passed. And while I never really expected much of the season-the new coach, no camps. etc-I didn't really expect this. That the Caps would be that bad. Barely fighting to stay out of not first place, but last place. And not in the division, but the entire league.  Sure we have in recent games at least made a couple of strides, and we are not the sole bottom. But it seems with each stride up, there is also a stride down or two. Or three. And the moment we think that we are climbing out they switch and are once again struggling and questioning everything.

I get a lot of people, coworkers who on a daiy basis stop by my desk and ask me what the hell is going on with the team. They ask me what Anderson can do about it-because apparently he can do a whole lot- and yadda yadda yadda. I don't have any answers of course because really at this point I don't know. Call it a season and better luck next year?

Look I know everyone wants teams to forever be on the top, but realistically I don't think this can happen. There will be years when you suck and years when you are fantastic. But its not always going to be what you want it to be.

Just as much, sometimes I think I don't want them to make it into the playoffs. Why? Because we won't have to hear well they just barely made it in, or the analyst slam us when we lose the first round. Sometimes its just better to call it a season and pack it in....

As much as defeat sucks, getting shut out during the playoffs is that much harder.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Five Question Friday: 3/15 Lines.

 I hope everyone survived the first week of the time change. I know it has done a number on our household, mainly in the form of a confused four year old...but we have made it. And it being Friday once more means its time for this weeks Friday Five, The them for the week is: Lines.

1. What’s the longest line you’ve ever stood in?

Probably to get concert tickets back in the day when you actually had to go stand in line for tickets at the local Tickmaster locations. I remember one time specifically when my dad got up extra early and drove me all the way into DC-because back then it seemed so far away-to sit in the longest line to get tickets to a Backstreet Boys concert. We got there well before they wen on sale and it was already around the block. I knew we had very little chance of getting in, or even close enough. But at the moment, we all dreamed.

2. When did you have the most fun waiting in line?

That same line, it was so long they ended up doing a ticket drawing. We made friends with the mother in front of us, who needed three tickets. I needed two. There was a five ticket limit. We ended up making a deal, who ever got first would go in and we would get tickets for the other. She ended up getting fairly good number and so she got in. I just remember having a blast with her and her daughter while waiting. It was a great time, and showed that not everyone was out for just themselves. And you know, we even went to the concert with them and had a fabulous time no less sitting beside them. Imagine that!

3. What line, no matter how long or short it is, always drives you crazy?

The line for the bathroom. Do I really need to hear about your uncles best friends boyfriend's girlfriend who slept with so and so, and now has some kind of weird thing going on? Really  half of the conversations are ridiculous and has dif made me think twice before saying anything to anyone while in the bathroom.

4. When did you last behave in a manner that was over the line?

Probably two weeks ago. The hubby and I got into it, and yes we managed to solve it and work it out, but I was probably way out of line...

What are some lines of poetry you can recite from memory?

Probably my own


32 victims we never knew
a college many had no ties to
What a tragic state of events
fueled by a mad mans personal resents
One nations fallen silent
how can someone be so violent
Cover the world in orange and maroon
for those that left us a little too soon.

-yours truly.

And there you have it, my Friday five. May your weekend be beautiful...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Time Change.

This has been a long week. Funny how such a simple thing can screw you up. Case in point; the time change.  Kind of amazing since in the beginning it was actually going pretty quick.

After all, we were an hour ahead of ourselves. The sun was shinning, it was even beginning to get really warm. A preview of things to come for sure. And for two days, I went to work, before I knew it, the day was over. My clock still read that it was two, even if it was really three.

But there was a downside to this whole time change. My sleep schedule seems to be off whack. Even if its only an hour difference, and its been four days I still find that I am not bouncing or adjusting to it quite like I used to. Then again  I am twenty two anymore. I don't bounce back from anything like I used to.

And by Wednesday afternoon, I found myself saying its only Wednesday? Even now, as I sit here I am finding myself saying, its only Thursday? We still have a full day to make it through?


I thought this whole time change thing was supposed to help make the week go faster? At least the first week of the change?

Apparently I stand corrected.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Bachelor Gotcha....

When it comes to reality shows these days they are a dime a dozen. Not an hour passes that you can't find one on any random network. From dating, to facing your worse fears to Alien Encounters. You name it they have it.

Now I admit for the most part I do not partake in them, I find them annoying, drama-filled for no reason and over the top. Even the ones that claim to have started it all seem so. As for the 'talent' competition ones (American Idol, America's got talent.) seem to be missing the talent they once claimed to have had. I gave up on American Idol a couple of seasons ago for this very reason, I found the talent lacking in so many ways. And other than the occasional night when Logan is having issues falling asleep and we need something appropriate on for him to snuggle with I tend to forget its even on. 

And whether they want us to believe otherwise, I know half the shows are rigged, set up in advanced or scripted to go one way or another-manly in the drama department-to earn higher ratings. And you know, we fall for it every week. Yes America we really are that gullible.

This all being said, I am not immune to the hype of certain shows. Case in point The Bachelor/Bachelorette  Admittedly I sit every Monday night to watch the show on the edge of my seat. And every week I sit and roll my eyes at the dates, and some of the over top cat/dog fights that they have. I question the judgement of the woman/men who think that what happens on the show will translate into the real world.

 While I am not questioning some of their feelings for the chosen bachelor/ette, because I am sure some of them truly do have them. But I don't think they are all there for love, rather for their fifteen minutes of fame. And what always amazes me is the women/men who get sent off after one date or even at the first rose ceremonies, crying because they knew they were the one. And don't even get me started on the dates, which yes are truly romantic and breath-taking. Enticing them with lavish gifts and expensive outings that most of us will never see in a lifetime Believe me I am envious even as I write this.But what happens when they get home and are just a normal couple? I mean is it really any wonder most of them never work out?

The amazing thing is, ABC knows what its doing. After Ben's Bachelor season I swore I was going to quit it. I had had to much of the drama. The over the top women and all.  I didn't even really like Ben. Other than the whole Courtney thing, I found it all to be rather boring. And for the most part by the time the show even airs-or surely by the final-we know who is going to win-thank you social media.-so it isn't any surprise anymore. If this wasn't enough, for the most part we even knew how it is going to end, which if history repeats itself is usually in heartbreak and a lot of negative media about the relationship. We know they will go on After the Rose and say they are so happy and can't wait to be a couple, and three days later rumors of the demise of the relationship start to pop up. So why bother.

And yet this vow is always broken. I get bored on a Monday night and turn on ABC and well why not its just one episode right? Besides its Sean, who was your favorite from the previous Bachelorette, and who you called would be the next one if he lost-hello have you seen those abs?- And then well I may as well watch the second, third and before you know it I am hooked. Running home to DVR the entire series because even if I know whats going to happen and whom they ultimately pick in the end, I can't miss a moment of it. Just in case someone, some 'reliable' source got it wrong. And even if they didn't well the drama makes my life seem a whole lot less miserable.

Yes, bravo to ABC for hooking me once again.  I would be lying to myself if I said I would not watch the upcomming season of the Bachelorette, because I know as much as I say I won't, I will be there as 26 men fight for Des's love. Even if I know for the most part what will happen.

 After all, I am just another gullible American.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Food allergies sort of, well suck.  Sure one or two things in the grand scheme of things aren't all that bad. But when you have as many as I do, well it makes eating, hard. I have unfortunantely passed at least one of my food allergies on to my son.

And if that wasn't enough I had to go and have my colon tie itself in knots.I had three major to fix it. My already limited diet found itself that much more limited.

During the holidays with the knowledge that my son is allergic to dairy I went on a search for recipes for cookies sans the dairy and found the website Skinnytaste. A website dedicated to low fat, healthy and yes even allergy free meals. And yes, they had cookies. We were skeptical of course, more so Anderson who cringes at the idea of healthy living at times but recognizes the fact that both his wife and his son have allergies that can't be ignored.

Still he was willing to at least try, and we found ourselves making gingerbread cookies. Turned out they were amazing. So much so that we finished the entire batch, and shared them with some family members, who never knew.

After the cookies we figured that was the end, we were satisfied. But I found myself going back on the website from time to time to see what other goodies they may have. And what I found was meals and ideas and things that we could use instead of what we couldn't. And one rainy weekend, a recipe for chicken pot pie soup caught our eye and we found our selves running to the nearest store to pick what it called for. It may have took a little longer than expected but the end result was like the cookies, quite fabulous.


The most recent try was a shephards sweet potato pie and again it did not disappoint. Anderson in fact said it was one of the best meals he has made. I couldn't agree more.  Suddenly this whole eating healthy for him doesn't seem so bad. And everything we have made has been allergy proof for both my son and I.

Double score.

And you best believe we will be going back for more. I know my family is not the only family who battles allergies. Whether it be eggs, dairy or gluten she has an answer for it all. even if you don't and just looking for some great healthy recipes, I totally recommend giving Skinnytaste a try.

For further information including the recipes mentioned head on over to Skinnytaste.

I doubt you'll be disappointed.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Five: 3/8/13: Speaking

When I saw this as a topic for this week's Friday Five I just about laughed. If you had read this weeks earlier post I had to do a presentation in front of the class, and I am not a huge public speaker. So for some reason I find this only to be fitting for the week. This weeks theme: Speaking.

Who’s the fastest talker you know? 
My sister in law. Whether she means to or not, she talks really fast. Especially when she is super excited about something. Or a subject. Its kind of cool.

Who’s the most soft-spoken person you know?

My father, he doesn't speak much but when he does I love it. I know he doesn't think so but he truly gives out some amazing pieces of advice as well....

What are some words you know from a language you don’t speak?

I know a couple russian words, though ask me if I remember them at the moment and they seem to escape me. But I did know them.

To whom did you last speak your own name?

My husband....if I understand the question.

If everyone had to be a national spokesperson for some cause, what would be yours?

If they made me a spokesman, it would probably be for something to do with disability advocacy.  Cerebral Palsy foundation or something.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Snowquestration 2013

Yesterday afternoon it was announced that when it comes to snow, DC is the worst. The entire city shuts itself down with the mere thought or prediction of snow. School systems cancel one, sometimes two days before in preparation of what could be. People panic, run to the stores for things like bread, milk and toilet paper. Stores run out of snow blowers and shovels within five seconds of putting them out.

Not so ironically this report came out the same day we were supposedly going to get the most snow we had seen in three years. Nicknaming it snowquestration, it was predicted we were going to get anywhere from 4 inches in the city, to 20' farther west. Out where I reside, it was expected to be anywhere from 8-12 inches.

And yes the area in a way did panic. Schools were cancelled, the government shut down. Anderson's office closed while mine gave me permission to work from home in anticipation yesterday morning. We woke up to heavy heavy snow, and sat anxiously for the accumulation.

The accumulation never came. Well not in the way they were expecting it to. By noon, it was mostly slush despite the fact that it was heavily snowing. The temps never fell that low to do any heavy damage. And while it was gathering, and adding up by three, the roads were still manageable, the ground covered with several inches of snow out in my neck of the woods, but the farther east you went, and in to the city little to no accumulation happened at all. By five people were reporting and bitching about the lack of snow, what happened to it? While I looked out my window at several inches it seemed the storm never made it into the city. The snow that did, did not find its way to the ground as promised.

Leaving several very unhappy snow-lovers.

Within a matter of hours, tweets and Facebook statuses from people who previously where loving the thought of snow and having the day off, turned to absurd amount of disappointment and anger that they were lied to, and that they had the day off for nothing. Questions began to rise about whether weathermen, and the area officials jumped the gun on the storm. Because the storm truly was nothing. Jokes about meteorologist being the only people in town who can get it wrong and still have a job in the morning fluttered on. Despite the fact they had no control over the weather itself, the direction it was going to turn etc, still it somehow always turns into their fault for making the city panic so.

These are the same people that had it been the opposite and school systems remained open, and the storm really did hit, then they would no doubt complain that no one acted like they should. They would complain that their kids would have had to go to school in the snow, and the cold and the roads were horrible. Etc.

Proving that this study out yesterday was absolutely right.They are damned if they do and damned if they don't

After all, DC is such a fickle town as it is. Adding a potential snowstorm to the mix, only enhances it.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Excuse me, may I have your attention please.

Tonight, in just a few hours in fact I will have to get up in front of a class full of fifty some faces I may or may not know-mostly not. And speak.

For a half an hour.

Already I can feel the anxious nerves start tickling my very core. My hands are starting to shake with just the thought of the word group presentation.

Its not that I don't like public speaking. Its more, I loath it. I almost fear it. Which is kind of funny considering in high school, I competed in the very act of public speaking.

Of course there is one major difference, the sort of public speaking I did was one of reading children's books to a total of maybe five people. And unlike the situation I find myself in this evening. I knew exactly what it was about. I knew the words, and the story and it was good. The books I had memorized where prize winners. They are still some of my favorite books today. They are not based on a case that I read and have to determine from my own point of view. They were solid. Unlike tonight, which I can only hope I understood enough to spend a half an hour up there reviewing it with my classmates.

And perhaps this is what I fear most of all. Of being wrong. Of standing up in front of fifty strangers who are supposed to be supportive and understanding and know that I could be the one to not understand a damn thing. Flashbacks of the teacher in high school come to mind. Because when I was wrong in high school, she would make me stand up there in front of that very class and announce that I was stupid, and that I was not in fact smart and never would be.

Yeah, I probably have her to thank for the whole public speaking thing come to think of it.

I try and remind myself that I will not in fact be alone. Two other individuals will be up there with me. But the introvert in me is crying out that it is not enough, they can't speak for the things I say.  I contemplate running home, throwing on my pajamas and doing the snow dance to the snow Gods. Knowing full well that this would only delay the inevitable for another two weeks.

But surely it would be better than sitting here nervously watching the clock, counting down the very minutes until I have to stand there in front of everyone.

At least for another two weeks.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The beginning of a blog: by the Hubby.

The other day I found Anderson sitting in the midst of our living room, feverishly typing away. A beer beside the computer he was studying the contents. This is nothing new as he has recently taken or rather gotten reintroduced with his love of beer. Though he used to be the standard kind, the buds and all, lately he has gotten more into the craft beer. I will admit I know nothing of beer since I do not drink but he seems to be thrilled at this discovery. 
 So there he was, sipping and typing away.

'Don't laugh at me.' he states as I stared at him.
'OK I won't. But ???'
 'I started a blog. About beer.'

I did not laugh. But I will say I was shocked as he has never been much of a writer-or so he claims- and while I have 'blogged' for years, I really don't think he has much read the things I have written. After he sat rereading and evaluating his work. And when he slipped up the stairs I too took a peak. 
Not bad.
For a rookie.
And so I bring you a link to the blog. Should you be interested.

May he enjoy it as much as I do.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Five Question Friday 3/1/13: Lights

Well folks we have made it through the first two months of the year. Amazingly. And its the first Friday of March-if you can believe it. This week I find myself in a bit of a rush, but here it is. This week's Five Question Friday. The theme: Lights.

 1. Where’s a good place to check out some pretty lights?

Actually if you come in to DC at night, with the monuments lit, its actually quite pretty. The Lincoln Memorial is one of my favorites, along with the Jefferson at night. They seem to remind me just how powerful the place I call home can be. And yet serves as a reminder of those who built the country.  If you get a chance. I dif. recommend hitting up DC at night.

2. How well do you sleep with the lights on?

It depends on how exhausted I am. But usually pretty good. I am afraid of being in the dark by myself, so when I am at home by myself I actually sort of prefer it.

3. What’s your favorite song with the word “light” or “lights” in the title?

I can see the light, from the Tangled movie. Every time I listen to it, or watch the movie I get all teary eyed. Yes I am a complete sap, and yes I am OK with this. Its a beautiful song. And I have been a fan of Mandy Moore for ages now, which makes the song that much better.

4. What “light” version of some food or drink is as good as (or better than) its regular version?

I actually prefer the taste of Diet Coke over the regular thing. This brings weird looks my way since I am a little bit of nothing. But I don't drink it because of the fact its diet, I just truly enjoy the taste better.

5. Which light in your house seems to need changing the most frequently, and which the least?

The most: probably the closet. The most: our lower level bathroom...we never use it.

And there you have it. May March be wonderful to you. And lets hope Spring is right around the corner for us all!