Sunday, March 3, 2013

The beginning of a blog: by the Hubby.

The other day I found Anderson sitting in the midst of our living room, feverishly typing away. A beer beside the computer he was studying the contents. This is nothing new as he has recently taken or rather gotten reintroduced with his love of beer. Though he used to be the standard kind, the buds and all, lately he has gotten more into the craft beer. I will admit I know nothing of beer since I do not drink but he seems to be thrilled at this discovery. 
 So there he was, sipping and typing away.

'Don't laugh at me.' he states as I stared at him.
'OK I won't. But ???'
 'I started a blog. About beer.'

I did not laugh. But I will say I was shocked as he has never been much of a writer-or so he claims- and while I have 'blogged' for years, I really don't think he has much read the things I have written. After he sat rereading and evaluating his work. And when he slipped up the stairs I too took a peak. 
Not bad.
For a rookie.
And so I bring you a link to the blog. Should you be interested.

May he enjoy it as much as I do.

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Jessica | Living La Vida Holoka said...

Aww! The couple that blogs together...

By the way, the link goes to a beer .jpeg image, not Andy's blog.