Friday, March 1, 2013

Five Question Friday 3/1/13: Lights

Well folks we have made it through the first two months of the year. Amazingly. And its the first Friday of March-if you can believe it. This week I find myself in a bit of a rush, but here it is. This week's Five Question Friday. The theme: Lights.

 1. Where’s a good place to check out some pretty lights?

Actually if you come in to DC at night, with the monuments lit, its actually quite pretty. The Lincoln Memorial is one of my favorites, along with the Jefferson at night. They seem to remind me just how powerful the place I call home can be. And yet serves as a reminder of those who built the country.  If you get a chance. I dif. recommend hitting up DC at night.

2. How well do you sleep with the lights on?

It depends on how exhausted I am. But usually pretty good. I am afraid of being in the dark by myself, so when I am at home by myself I actually sort of prefer it.

3. What’s your favorite song with the word “light” or “lights” in the title?

I can see the light, from the Tangled movie. Every time I listen to it, or watch the movie I get all teary eyed. Yes I am a complete sap, and yes I am OK with this. Its a beautiful song. And I have been a fan of Mandy Moore for ages now, which makes the song that much better.

4. What “light” version of some food or drink is as good as (or better than) its regular version?

I actually prefer the taste of Diet Coke over the regular thing. This brings weird looks my way since I am a little bit of nothing. But I don't drink it because of the fact its diet, I just truly enjoy the taste better.

5. Which light in your house seems to need changing the most frequently, and which the least?

The most: probably the closet. The most: our lower level bathroom...we never use it.

And there you have it. May March be wonderful to you. And lets hope Spring is right around the corner for us all!

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