Thursday, February 28, 2013

Goodbye February, hello March.

I looked at my calendar this morning and came upon this realization. Tomorrow is March. Already.

I wondered how this happened. Because I was pretty sure we were just flipping over to the new year yesterday.

Now we are two months down, ten to go.

I for one won't be sad to get rid of the month. Its not that it was a horrible month, sure I ended it with being sick. But overall, February wasn't horrible. Little man turned four, The brother in law/sis in law moved back to the states-to sunny Florida none the less-and while I am a tad bit jealous, I remind myself I now have a reason to visit. Hockey is back, despite the fact the Caps are crappy this year, at least its back. I still have a job, which is pretty big right now. And there was no major snowstorm in the DC area to worry about. I realize I am the only one in the area that was thrilled with this knowledge. My two hour plus commute is long enough without the added issue of snow.

So no, none of which was horribly bad what so ever.

But there is something about March, the knowledge that spring is right around the corner. The fact my semester will be halfway over. Warm weather will be coming in sooner rather than later. Baseball is fast approaching. And the days are getting longer. Summer will be here before we know it.

All of which makes me a very happy camper and glad to see the month of February come to an end.

Sure March is somewhat a long month when I think about it. There are no holiday breaks-in my term anyway-and even if warm weather is coming, March can be cold, and ugly. But for some reason I will take this over the short freezing days of winter that February brings.

So I will gladly say good bye to February.

And hello March.


Jessica | Living La Vida Holoka said...

It's crazy to me that spring is just around the corner. It's crazy that February is over. 2013 needs to sloooow down!

Aleisha said...


Yes, yes it does...