Wednesday, April 30, 2008

the disability card

id like to thank those oh so wonderful dc metro riders.
thanks for nothing.
im on the metro this afternoon, and as usual its packed. i look around, hoping to grab an open seat. i knew there wasnt going to be one but you have to look anyway. popping in my ipod i wrap my hand around the pole and prepare to hang on for the forty five minute ride home.
as the train begins to empty, people begin to take the now empty seats. usually, you let the person that had been there for the longest or the person that is the closest to take it.
and then you have those with disabilities. like myself. which usually get a free take a seat pass. except. i dont use that card. because unlike most of them, you would never know i had one at times. so i wait my turn. and finally after several stops. i spot one so i began.
thats when this woman out of nowhere shoves me out of the way and takes the seat.
since when did people become rude?
or have i just refused to notice?
so i once again wrap my fingers around and wait. hoping that something would open up.
and one does. so i begin to take a seat, and a woman three times my size gets it before i do.
its times like this i wish i did pull out this disability card on them.
i wanted to tell her so.
but i am sure, she would have told me being fat was a disability. either that or would have swallowed me whole.
so i shut up and stood the entire way.
putting the disability card back in my pocket for another day.

Monday, April 28, 2008

when it comes to psychology exams. i have come to the conclusion that i just cant win. granted i just took the exam and i wont be getting my results back until sometime midweek. still i left with an unsettled feeling.

like well shit.
i give up.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

its amazing how in the blink of an eyes, a flick of a hockey stick. the season is over.
and the only thing left to do is thank the fans. and wish that next season is better.

Friday, April 18, 2008

so two things in my works.

1. i really really hate the flyers. and their fans.
2. im thinking of trying, really trying this time to quit caffeine/sodas.

stay tuned.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

tomorrow it begins.
playoffs for the caps against the flyers. bought my red and will be supporting them the entire way.
it does seem odd though. its near 80 degrees outside and the dc area is getting ready for the biggest hockey game in a long time. its the kind of weather that baseball is meant to be played in.
twenty four hours. and we should know who will have an early lead in the best of seven game series.

lets go caps!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

we are a week away from the pope coming to washington dc. a week away from traffic being a nightmare.

i think ill work from home.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

it was an amazing night. sitting in a cold ice rink, the final game of regulation games. there was an erie feeling. we knew we had to win this, after carolina's loss last night. if we won, we would be in playoffs. something the caps havent done in nearly five years. but we still had to win. the crowd, in its full red yelling mvp's. lets go caps and a thousand other chants was energitic. quite possibly the most energitic and loudest i have ever heard it.
i had another reason to win. burgandy is a hurricane fan. up until last night, had been exstatic because they were leading the souteast division, and if we lost, they still had the division and the playoffs in the bag. but this year would not be their year. in a matter of an hour, sixty full minutes on the ice. the present would be to the caps.
and playoffs are in the air.
and ready or not. we are in.
and the caps are ready to take on whomever our oppentant may be.