Monday, June 22, 2009

I have a fascination with my teeth. I have had it pretty much since I was a kid. I always loved brushing and the feel of a clean mouth. My sister's to this day believe I am strange.

It went a step farther when I went to through the braces, expander stage. This lasted a good six years of my life. Yes, you heard me right I endured six long years of no gum, no candy no nothing. I know I probably didn't exactly need to follow every little ounce of their instructions. But for me, it was this or jaw surgery. And I suppose at sixteen, that wasn't an option I really wanted.

So giving up on sweets, seemed to be a better option.


I also prided myself on never having a cavity, never having anything majorly wrong. And you can imagine my disappointment when I went to the dentist two months ago to find out I was having a root canal done.

OK i thought. that isn't horrible. id just go in there, and have them get it taken care of.

four appointments later, and i have yet to get it done. seriously.

my pride has been deflated.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

so happy 1st daddys day to my dear husband.
who is a wonderful husband
and an even better dad!

Friday, June 19, 2009

once again we have weathered another week my friends!

so Happy Friday though i for one can't say it has been the most pleasant of fridays out there. i woke up this morning. at 3:30 am! yeah not cool. i had to go pee. not unusual. and then once again i began recognizing the signs. the burning. the pain. the oh shit is this what i think it is.

anyone that knows me, knows i am prone to UTI's. i have had them since i was a kid. they get into the kidneys if your not careful. for a good chunk of time there, i was getting them every 3-4 months. yeah no fun. believe me i have gone to doctors about this....

so i know the signs fairly well. this is also a reason i have trouble with birth control...

so needless to say i have been drinking water up the wadzo. even more than normal. by lunch, i had already had nine glasses. thankfully for me, i think it was just a false alarm. or at least i am hoping it was, because right now i feel pretty good.

finally managed to make it over to the house last night. my mom called me up yesterday at work and asked if she could watch logan for us over night. for real no reason. i said yes. feeling a little guilty that i was so happy she did- and it turned out for the better since the whole bladder thing- anyway. we went over there. his parents were still there doing thing. but thus far. it looks really good. i am really happy with the way things are turning out. though a little worried to. that nothing is going to get done in time and that it won't look nice. but i am silly for thinking this.for i already am seeing the vast improvement since last weekend.

i think burgandy and my mom are going to be helping paint the guest room, which will be nice not that we couldn't but i am one of these people-and i admit it- that once something is started i want it finished. just done and over with. so i really want the paint to be. plus did i mention i have a lavender bathroom in my master. yeah it matched the purple just fine. but the sage green that is now in it?

not so much.

my dad is going to be working on the gutter because according to andys father, it needs to be totally replaced. my dad said he would check it out and see whats going on. but he didn't think so....don't know who i would believe the business man or the just taking a wild guess and going with the electrician. but then again he is my dad....and i am my fathers daughter. so we will see. he should be on his way over. he is also installing a mirror and working on the bathroom again. so that is good....

i will say, while i love my in-laws. i am ready for a break from them...i have had as much as i can take...

but things are coming along.
and we still have a week before we actually move.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Andy happened to jump on the local police department's website this evening to discover something unnerving.

a registered sex offender.

living right below us.

i made sure to lock the doors as soon as i heard.

i know they are out there all the time. i am not stupid to know that they don't exist. but i never thought, naively mind you. that someone right below me would be one. its a scary thought. a scary thing. especially knowing that it was for molesting a five year old. and to think randin was out there this evening saying that no one was going to grab him.

it dif, made me think twice.

he did check to see about our new neighborhood.

it came out clear...

Monday, June 15, 2009

You know, I am really beginning to hate HATE Monday's.....
I'm really thinking if we erase Mondays, it would make things that much more easier!

I am sure thousands would agree with me.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I sucked my thumb until I was seven. In school, during dance class, at friends houses. Practically anywhere I went, my thumb was permanently in my mouth. My parents hated it. I can't tell you the number of times they told me my thumb was going to one day, up and fall off my hand because of it. Of course I loved it. Psychologist would call it my oral fixation. I simply call it my comfort.

I stopped on a dare. Or rather a bet from my grandmother who promised me a stuffed Miss Piggy doll if I stopped sucking my thumb. In return she would give up smoking. At seven I fully believed she would be true to her word and stop. Like it was that easy. Somehow my desire for Ms. Piggy beat out my desire for the thumb and I broke free of the addiction that for so long had been my comfort.

Funny, I have not one clue what happened to that doll. I am sure she is stuffed in a black garbage back somewhere in the back of my parents attic being totally ignored.

My thumb on the other hand is still fully attached.

So now Logan has begun his fascination with his fingers. And this evening while over at my parents, he stuck his finger in his mouth-ironically his left-and began sucking away...

I am already on the hunt for a doll. Though I am thinking Kermit over Ms. Piggy..

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Buying a house is great. What isn't, is all the little things that come a long with it. Seems as though, every where we turn there is something new to fix. First it was the appliances. And now, well now we are discovering the amount of mold that has been hidden beneath the walls of the basements bathroom. Andy and the gang have gone ahead and ripped out most of it. I suppose tomorrow will be yet another trip to home depot were we will sink (no pun intended) into the house. But I keep reminding myself that after. When all is said and done, and we have moved in. We will have one amazing house. And all the hard work will be for something....

Friday, June 12, 2009

So after all that waiting and sitting around.

We are finally proud new homeowners....

Let the demolishing begin.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

well we thought we were going to close. turns out, the selling bank hadn't gotten all the paperwork done in time. which means our closing has been pushed back til tomorrow morning. so it looks like a four day weekend for me. well somewhat i have actually been doing a lot of work from home.since i had planned on closing today i made sure i had things to do at home today. as always i seem to get more done here than i do at work. of course i don't think i brought enough home to get me through tomorrow. but i still have gotten a lot done today...a lot.

amazing huh.

of course we are a bit bummed. you could even say we were pissed earlier about this. because it isn't like they didn't know this date was coming. after all, we have known since the beginning of may, and today was the day that the bank chose. not us. but oh well. its all good. hopefully tomorrow they will have the act together and we can officially close and get started on things.

but believe me, andy and i were both just really really pissed. especially since i did take the time to work from home and and all. i mean its not that i dont enjoy working from home. i just try not to abuse it. i know they let me do it and all. but its truly a work at home when you need to and don't make it a habit if you can help it.

so yeah.

besides work work, i have packed another five boxes. crazy if you think about the fact that we live in a two bedroom apartment. seriously i can only imagine moving if you have a thousand rooms and what not. no, i don't want to think about it. this is a lot of work in itself.

so yeah. we are as i try to remind myself, getting there. we are five boxes closer to finishing up. though in truth it doesn't feel like its a great big feet. after all. we still have so much to do....and then comes the unpacking and the cleaning of the other place.


at least it is a somewhat nice day. sure the clouds stroll by every now and then but its not to terribly hot, and we have the windows open and the birds are finally singing their beautiful songs so i really can't complain to much. accidental three day weekend is always welcomed.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

we all have those days. when you wake up, get dressed. and you feel like you look really good. you are pleased with your results. and you just you feel really good about yourself.and you know its just going to be a kick ass day for reasons you can't fully explain.

yeah. today is not that sort of day.

its not that i feel like its not a great day.
its just.


today i just feel blah. i looked in the mirror after getting to work and was like what the hell am i wearing? its not that i dont match. its just i dont like what i put together.

just thought i would say this.

i feel better already.

so last night. we did our final walk through. we, being my dad, andy his father and his uncle. all looked right, and in place not that i didn't expect it to be but still. funny thing was, they all arrived before andy and i did. so they were already there, looking around all. in a way, it was kind of like umm this is our house and they didn't even bother letting us be the ones to enter and show it off.

but we went in and met the new real estate guy, who i actually went to school with his wife. so that is a bit strange in a weird cool kind of way. he wasn't as rude or dislikeable as we thought he was going to be. so that was good. he actually seems to be a pretty cool guy. though we are sad that our lady (alicia) isn't going to be around for the final things. closing and all. because we've only been working with her since march so it would be nice. but under the circumstances. well i can totally understand. word is she is still in the hospital and she will be for a very long time. dif. until she delivers the baby probably. which isn't officially due til august. so yeah.

the general thought is that they really liked it. they thought we did good and that its a great starter place for us. my dad was just so happy and proud you could hear it and see it all over his face. it was such a great feeling. not that i doubted they wouldn't like it but still affirmation is always great.

closing is now twenty four hours away...

but really really really


Monday, June 8, 2009

i hate mondays....

we were supposed to have our walk through yesterday. our final walk through of the house should i say. but on friday night, our real estate lady went into labor. two and a half months early just about. so obviously, the walk through didn't happen. we were hooked up with another real estate agent, who said he had to attend a family bbq. and don't you know he just couldn't get out of it. so he wanted to do it a half hour before we close on thursday. yeah that ain't going to happen. he said it should only take fifteen minutes. if that is the case why couldn't he spare fifteen minutes out of his day yesterday? just my thought.

so yeah. we aren't to thrilled about that one. thankfully, we agreed to meet him tomorrow night after both andy and i got off of work. andy had apparently invited his dad, and his uncle and his brother and nephews a long for sunday. which was totally new to me until his father called about it. actually i got upset because i didn't see the need for all of them to come along. and i thought they had invited themselves, which i thought was even ruder. turns out my husband had invited them. now ok. so i understand my father in law coming. after all, he is helping with the downpayment and all. i get that. i know and don't mind him coming at all. but do we really need his uncle and bro and our two nephews along. when we get the house and keys and he can show it to them come next weekend?


and maybe i wouldn't have minded if it wasn't for the fact he didn't even care to bring this up to me first. maybe that is my issue.

so after the whole fiasco of the little lack of communication i get on to metro, take a seat after standing for awhile. only to feel a cold wet spot on my drink had decided to spill all over my purse, into half the stuff and onto my pants.

and then i have the most annoying transfer into our organization that i am dealing with. who has proceeded to tell me that we have done everything wrong, that i am only an admin and nothing more, that i have mispronounced a name, when in fact i hadn't, she just didn't know there was an ivory and an iris. yeah. welcome to the group. its nice to have you hear as well. i am so looking forward to working with you.

and to top it all off...
my lovely aunt has decided to come knocking on my door.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

a year ago this evening, i promptly went into the bathroom, peed on a stick and got a positive test result.

logan alexander was on his way to this earth.

my how things can change within a year isn't it?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

heres the deal.

i enjoyed maternity leave. i truly did. i enjoyed being home with just my son, spending time and bonding. i smiled and agreed when people said isn't it amazing how much he has changed since he was born. and i guess i saw it. or maybe i didn't. after all, i saw him every day so the change was gradual. and while i loved it. in truth, it hasn't been until recently that i have really enjoyed it.

because we are now in the curiosity, and development stage. he now rolls over, he now looks at you and instead of wondering you know he is looking at you and actually sees you. he smiles at you. he cries for you. its all so magical.

and last night..

so there we were in the middle of target, in the entertainment aisle. we were in between the kiddie movies and the start of the book section. we were deciding whether we should buy classic movies now or wait. i looked at logan and said. 'it just means more stuff to pack.' in my best little kid voice. and he looked back at me and...


he actually laughed. and this is the first time he has done so. i stood in there, amongst the shoppers, my husband and the workers repeating the sentence over and over while logan just laughed and laughed. it was the greatest sound in the world....i didnt care if i looked absolutely absurd. i wanted to turn to anyone and everyone and tell them...but then i knew i wasn't the only who's child laughed for the first time. and while they may have smiled and said great. they wouldn't have cared.

so i just looked at andy and smiled..jumping up in down in pure giddiness. thinking that this stage thus far. is by far my favorite.

Friday, June 5, 2009

so im going to ramble about a book today. because i feel like it. because it was that great of a book it deserves it own rant. so here it goes.

ever read a book that just blows you away. the kind of book that you sit there, not able to put down. and in the end you want more.

so the book: firefly lane

now i must admit i wasn't to excited to read this in the beginning. mainly because my mother in law lent it to me to read. and well, there have been a few books that just haven't impressed me what so ever that she has given me. so i was a little iffy....but i did. mainly because we had already packed half of my books away and i needed something to read.

so i picked it up.

and from the moment i started. i had a funny feeling that it was going to lay an impact on me. though i didnt know exactly what.

the story expands over four decades, and follows two best friends through them. i could really see it. i sat there reading thinking, oh i have felt this way about so and so...we all have friends like this. i felt the characters. it has been a long time since i could say that....

tully was frustrating and empowering at the same time. i wanted to slam her up against the head and then hug her within seconds. i dont know why. but i did. she was strong. she was pretty incredible and she thought she could do it all..

and katie is so strong in her own way. and so beautiful. and a worrywart and so much of everything and she doesn't even know it....

they were quite the pair.

it took me just under a week to go through this book. i could have gone through it in a night to be honest but in some way, i wanted to savor this book. i wanted it to make a lasting impact and there are times when you fly through books, that you dont get that from them.....

so i guess what i am saying is that if you haven't go read it. believe me. it will make you want to fact thats exactly what i did.

and once your done. you can pass it along to your best friend.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Imagine this...

this time in a week. We will be holding keys to our own place.

And we will finally be:


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

i survived! a little numb, a little sore but i survived.

and it isn't over yet, unfortunately. he did a lot of the work today but i have to go back to get the crown in and then after that, for a cleaning and a check up. he said there looked to be another tooth but he couldn't tell if that was just a shadow or what.


twenty nine years and it all falls to shit in a month. he said he wished i would of called earlier. and i wanted to remind him that i called for three weeks straight before i got a call back. of course he didn't know i was looking for him. and i didn't know he was having back surgery and then was out for some time.

so yeah.

but i did seriously try to call and get in for awhile there. oh well. anyway. moving on. its done and over with.

the greatest thing about the entire experience-if thats what you want to call it.-was the waiting in between when i sat there in the chair. and read. i got through 40 pages in between all of the dental work that needed to be done. and that was maybe a fifteen minute break to go see another patient or something while the Novocain kicked in. yeah they came back and were pretty impressed with it.

still unsure about tomorrow he said i would be pretty sore for the next day or so. more so tomorrow. when i talked to andy today he said 'well your going to take tomorrow off' and the way he said it was like umm ok. and then he added. 'well just the way you are talking, your taking it off.' and i got confused cus he didn't sound to thrilled about me taking tomorrow off. but just last weekend he was like you should take off. and blah blah blah.

so now i am thoroughly confused. and will just play it by ear. again see how i feel. i could always work from home. or what not.

but yeah. i am so thrilled that its done and over with. at least for now anyway. ask me again in two weeks when i have to go back and it may be a different story.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

i am a very nervous person this evening. you may ask why? well because i am going in for a root canal tomorrow afternoon. and while to many, it may seem like a simple thing, ok so a root canal isn't so simple. the thing is, i have never before even had a cavity. sure i spent the majority of my late childhood and the entire teenage years trapped behind metal, but i am proud to say that i have not had a cavity what so ever. so going straight from zero to a root canal is pretty impressive actually. hey i figured may as well shoot for the big time if you are going to go all the way right?

i am sure it will be fine. a little swollen, a little sore but i am sure that in the end my smile will once again be on my face. and believe me that is a rare thing for me to say these days. and your talking to someone that absolutely loves to smile....

i just want my teeth, and my smile back.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Logan had his four month checkup today. All went well. The doctor seemed to be pleased with his progress, though he seems to be a little underweight. Which is sort of funny because everyone is telling me that he seems to be a big baby. So when Andy told me this, I was just sort of shocked. But she also said not to be to alarmed by this yet. It will be more of a concern when he finally begins eating solids, though that is still a little far off, crawling and walking shouldn't be since he is already kicking and rolling over and all. She said by the time, he has his next appointment at six months, he will more in likely be crawling.

My little boy, is growing up.