Monday, April 30, 2012

Number five is alive

Last night as the family and I  rounded our final legs of our drive up from North Carolina I decided to jump on Facebook to see what was happening in the world in the past forty-eight hours. I scrolled through update after update finding it a little to sad that most of my keeping up with friends has resorted to a two line status update. Still I scrolled, friend, friend, someone I only know via my Disney obsession, celebrity...organization.

And woah, wait a minute. What was this.

I had to read the status update a couple of times but it wasn't long before I squealed like a fifteen year old. OMG! OMG! My husband for the most part ignored this, until I frantically started searching on my phone, fingers flying....

'Is something wrong?'

Hmm did I something was wrong? I searched my brain, but dif do not recall saying anything is wrong. 'Kevin is rejoining the group.' I get out before a smile evades my entire face. And at that he looks at me, like I had completely lost it. Like I was in fact out of my mind. 'You know, the Backstreet boys.' As if this was was the biggest thing that has happened to me in years.

Admittedly, this is the biggest thing that has happened to me. For awhile anyhow.

'Backstreets back Alright...' he mocks. Rolls his eyes as gets back to driving. From somewhere behind us, our son starts where he finishes off, though at three he thinks they are a hell of a lot cooler than his daddy does so his lyrics come out more of a oh I know this song I shall join in, rather than oh dear lord here she goes again.

OK I get it, I am well beyond my teenage years, I shouldn't get soo damn excited about this news. Really I shouldn't.

I am nearly 32...

Except? Well as much as I love them, it hasn't been the same since Kevin left. Sure they have gone on to join forces with NKOTB, and have earned rave reviews, and countless numbers of new fans. They have had two other CDs without him.

But it wasn't, isn't the same....not really. I missed Kevin. The old fans know what I am talking about. I am sure of it. And just as I start thinking of all the endless possibilities. Another tour, surely another album. I mean they couldn't exactly announce that he is back-for good none the less- and then leave us fans hanging now could they?? Comes even more knews, AJ and his wife are expecting their first child.

Damn. ''Wow'

'What now??'

'A baby for AJ.'  Even as I say this, the fact that he mentions he is the latest of the group to settle down and have kids, makes me a little sad. It doesn't seem so long ago they were kids themselves, and I was destined to marry Nick. Just ask me. And now...

'The one that was in rehab.'


'OK....' he doesn't sound nearly as enthusiastic with all this news as I do. 'The good news is, Nick is still available.'  Or rather he isn't married yet anyway. I joke. Knowing full well there isn't a chance in hell for this to ever happen.

But lets not tell my fifteen year old self this.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Round Two..

Round Two.

Caps vs. Rangers.

And we have been here before. In previous seasons. And if records are true,  the Caps have a slight advantage in this one. Since in the previous two seasons we have eliminated them. Though this year they are the higher seed. They have home advantage. And we are once again the underdogs in the series. Despite us knocking off the current Cup champs, they Rangers are expected to win.

Of course this sounds all too familiar with this.

Game one found the Caps up at Madison Square Garden on a Saturday afternoon. I, was far from the area, and watched it from my sisters home in Hurricane territory.  My husband thought this was in the bags. I was a little skeptical. And I had every right to be, they didn't look like the team that played against Boston, in fact I didn't even know where that team was....they looked a little to anxious at times. And the Rangers, seemed to want it a little more.  Then again they were at the home.

There of course were moments. Moments where they were so close to scoring, but Lindquist wasn't having any of it and denied some what would have been gorgeous shots from Ovi, and Johannson. And for a moment we were so close. It was tied for a while. And yes I thought here we go.

Was it going to be one of those series again? Time will tell.

In the end game one went to the Rangers...3-1.

Come on boys, tomorrow is another day...

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Five-4/27: Smooshy

Happy Friday once again! These weeks are flying aren't they? So are we ready for another edition of the Friday Five....Topic for the week is smooshy...

1. Besides on a sandwich, what’s your favorite use of peanut butter?

I used to love peanut butter on celery. Put a little raisin on it and you had the perfect snack. Sadly when I found myself in braces for the better part of six years, the love affair with peanut butter diminished.

2. What are your feelings about pudding?

Absolutely love the stuff. Chocolate pudding is one of my all time favorite desserts. Yes it is....that with a little bit of bananas an throw in some whip creme. Yep I am in heaven. Just thinking about it has made my mouth water thank you very much.

3. What’s the best use for peas?

Mission launching. Duh...Just think of the awesome fights one has with a kid across the table. Oh boy, thank the lord little man is too young to read. Or mommy would be in some major trouble right about now. Though I will say for all the bad rap that peas get, I actually love them. One of my favorite veggies..

4. Where can you go for a really good dish of mashed potatoes?

Actually my husband makes incredible mashed potatoes. And he has mastered the whole dairy free ones, thanks in part to our several trips to Disney who gave us some cooking tips. So I guess that means, my house. Yep come on down to our house to get these.

5. Besides gum (that’s too easy!), what’s the worst food you’ve ever had stuck in your hair?

A hairbrush. Seriously worse thing ever. Its hell to get out of and hurts even worse. I totally become a baby when I get my hair stuck in a brush...Especially the round ones...I should warn you...incredibly painful.

And there you have it. Five more random questions you probably really never wanted to know about me. But don't you feel better that you do...

Have a fabulous weekend!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Game 7.and the winner is...

By now most know just how magical the past twenty four hours has been for the DC area.  And while I could go on about this and that. About my emotions, and everything that goes along with game 7s, including what else but an OT game winning goal in favor of us. But  sometimes words are not I will let a couple of pictures be my words for the day...

Moments after we won.  

Yep. This is pretty much sums up exactly what I was feeling after the game. Surprisingly I did not wake up little man who slept through the entire game.  Believe me it was not easy yelling at the top of my lungs, without making a sound.

And the Caps have eliminated the reigning Stanley Cup champs. Much to the surprise of pretty much everyone, well except for the fans of the team that is. Because yep we knew they could.
 Congrats boys.
 Enjoy the moment...


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Don't Stop Believin'

And so it all comes down to this one game. The game that decides who goes on to the next round and who leaves thinking well better luck next season, its time to start perfecting our golf swing.

We are still a few hours away from puck drop. Even still there is a certain sort of energy that comes that knowing in a few hours the fate of the season will be determined. Already several of my coworkers-half of which aren't fans, the other have become fans since I started- have asked how I am feeling. My thoughts. And while I try to give them my best its on like donkey kong face, I know that it is so much more than just a game.

I know that its not going to be easy. In fact in a lot of ways Boston has a lot going in their favor. They won game 6, which gives them the extra little boost. They are at home. They are the defending champs. Everyone is expecting them to win. Yes, they do in fact have a lot going for them. Then again, they have the pressure. They are expected to win this. Shit they were expected to win this back in game four, or five even. This series should have been over a long time ago according to most analyst.

But it isn't. And I am not about to count my boys, nor my team out so fast. Yes I know if you read the statistics-if that is your sort of thing-the odds are against us. History is against us. The Caps on a whole aren't great when faced with a game 7. The past few years have shown us this. But this is a different season, different team an different coach. I don't think in the past they wanted it as bad as they do now. And the coach, as much as he was loved was not a game 7 sort of coach. But Dale Hunter is. Every game in the series has seemed to be played like a game 7. With that much depth, need and hunger that it brings. And no one is expecting us to win. Or was. And they may be on home ice but its not like we haven't won there. We have won up there as many times as they won down here during the playoffs. The regular season favored us in their house. Holtby has been incredible. The players are going to be pumped. We are going to be pumped. And we want it just as bad as the boys from B'town do.

So no, why should I count us out.

That being said, I go through moments of doubt, moments when I don't want to watch tonight's game afraid it will be the last. Granted no matter what I wasn't even expecting them to make it into the playoffs and was pleasantly surprised that they have. And have had what I think has been their best playoffs to date. So with that, I will be proud of them either way in the long run. Still I would hate to see those last seconds knowing that I will have to wait six months til I can watch it again. I vow to bring my nook in with to my parents house which is probably where we will be at least to start the game. Just in case. I promise I will try my best not to cry....I promise I promise I promise. What I can't promise is a clean mouth. I probably should apologize to my mom in advance. But if the game for some chance does get ugly, I can't guarantee that I will remain the sweet little thing I am at this very moment. And I can't guarantee that there won't be moments when I leave the room, if only for just a few moments. The pressure of the game, the importance of the game is just that heavy. Sometimes I just need those moments to regroup and remind myself in the end, everything will be ok.

Five hours to go.

This is it boys, this is your moment. Your time.

Lets do this...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Game Six, hold your horses.

Game Six.

Pretty sure I said this back on game one, but this series isn't going to be a short one. And yet here we are, game 6. And the chance to clench it at home.

I must say, I  am not a fan of these back to back games. I was never a fan during the regular season. I am much less of a fan in the post season. 

I tried going into this game thinking if they win, the only thing that it will accomplish is the fact that we will have a game 7. It would be up in Boston, but its not like we would be out of it. Still I wanted to win the series. On home ice. I wanted to shut all those people that said we couldn't do it up.  I wanted it so bad....

I feel like a broken record here when I say game six was very much like games, 1,2,3, 4 and 5. Both teams went back and forth. Though this game both teams just seemed really tired. Again the whole back to back games really suck. I would and could go on about the whole analysis of the game, but I find I would only be repeating myself.  So I will only say that it was tied pretty much through most of the game. Though Boston did have the lead throughout, we always found away to come back. Including within the last minutes of the game when Ovi finally came through and scored the goal to kick us into OT. See I told you it was a repeat.

I couldn't watch the intermission report. I get antsy at this point. Because come on boys. We can do this, seriously we have this. Instead I focused on getting my son his movie in. I focused on Night Road, the latest book I am reading. And as OT started I focused on my father who had just gotten in from a doctors appointment. Focused on anything besides the game.

Which of course totally didn't work because as I struggled to get the whole movie into my sons new DVD player, the buzzer goes off. Someone had scored. And judging by the fact my mom was dead silent, I was pretty sure it was the team I didn't want to score in OT. Turned out I was right.

After I sat there in my mothers kitchen feeling blah. Here we go again, game 7. And how familiar are we in with this position. For several years now we have been in the same spot. And every year we lose. And for months I have to hear just how crappy we are. Etc. For some reason I really really wanted to win this game. Game 6. Not game 7. Not in Boston.  I admit for a moment there I am pretty sure I cried.

Well almost.

Though I was quickly reminded the series is not over. One team still has to win one, the other has to lose one...

Which means.

Boston best watch out.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Game Five. And its Wicked Awesome.

Game Five.

Series tied.

The Caps headed up to Boston knowing whomever took this game was one game away from clinching this series. And once again my husband, my son and myself sat there in the middle of our living room, the game on. It was very much like the Saturday exactly one week ago. Except, well it wasn't tied.


And just like that game two, the first period brought on a lot of....nothing. Yes there were hits and near misses and close calls. But the score remained 0-0. It looked like we were in for the long haul that's for sure. By this point there has been plenty of talk about Holtby, who before the series was questioned regarding his readiness for playoff games. After all he was a minor league goalie. I would like think by game five he has put those questions to rest. Yes he is ready.  He continued to show his brilliance as a goalie. Keeping up with every shot the Bruins threw at him.  And by the end of the first period, it wasn't the Caps that was looking a little exhausted. But the Bruis, who were not having much luck getting anything past Holtby on home ice.

I was beginning to think this was going to be one of those games again. A one goal whomever scores first, gee this doesn't sound familiar game.  Really couldn't just one of these games be stress free? Judging by the way things were going, probably not. As it was, we were halfway through the second period and it still remained scoreless. Not for the lack of effort mind you. For the first time in this series, the Caps were leading on shots. And Boston  looked so frustrated. And almost...tired. Now if we could just capitalize on this. And wouldn't you know just as I was thinking this, Beagle found a way to the net, he shot and found his way, past Timmy Thoms, and right into the back of the net. But of course as we know, in this game, in this series the one goal doesn't mean much. Which is why three minutes later when we scored the second goal I thought, maybe just maybe....there was hope.

But the Bruins wouldn't go so quietly and just three minutes later would answer with a pair of goals themselves.  Damn it. Well we all know a 2 goal game is the hardest to hold onto anyway.  Even so I admit I got a little frustrated. Here we were, with the two goal lead and we couldn't hold it. What did this mean??  Did I even want to watch the third.

Of course. It would all come down to it. Still I went outside from time to time the pressure of it all just being to much for me as I watched the minutes tick by. And as I was outside we score. Of course. Have I not learned this already. My sure beat for us to score is by way of me leaving the bathroom, the seat or whatever. And so I was allowed back in. It works both ways though for the next time I left the room, Boston came back making in 3-3. And shit. I needed to learn to reverse this. With just under three minutes to go, it looked like we were heading into OT. Again. Except, wait a minute. A peanlty against the Bruins gives the Caps just about the rest of the game one man up. And please, oh please...I sat on the edge of my seat, wanting to watch and yet scared to. But wait, here comes Brouwer, and there, just there. He finds the net. And with a minute to go, the Caps take the lead.

And never look back.

We bring it home to DC tomorrow, with a chance to clench the series.

Lets Go Caps.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Five. 4/20-Get your Geek on.

 I am feeling pretty good my friends, pretty good. Its Friday, its pay day and my team won last night. You can't ask for anything better.  Well you could but....and since I have had some geeky moments later I found this five question Friday to be only fitting...This weeks theme:Geek

1. Are you a loser?

Well I don't like the word loser....but if you would have asked anyone during my school years I am pretty sure they would have told you that I was in fact. A loser. So yes probably.

2. What "geeky" activities do you take part in (games, trivial pursuits, etc)?

Not really into games. But I read. To the point of obsession from time to time. Seriously I left my book at home the other morning and just about had a fit because I didn't have anything to read on my way home from work. It was uber upsetting. I pretty much carry a book, my nook or anything that I can get my hands on. Its horrible, this obsession but I totally feel lost without a book to read...

That and I watch the history channel. I read history stuff. I love history. I need it. And so I turn to the station.  Etc. Yeah one of these days it will come in handy when I land on Jeopardy and that usual random fact about the Titanic having 12 dogs on the ship when it sank, three of them survived. Well that just may come in handy one day. And then who will be laughing??

3. Are you out of the closet about your geekiness?

No question. Yes. Which sadly did not help my cause of running for Ms. Popular in school. I used to hate this, almost be ashamed of the fact that I was such a 'geek' But lately I would like to think that not only am I 'out of the closet.' about my geekiness but I am embracing it rather nicely. I mean its not everyone that can be this open and willing to accept it...and I have. Besides I think geeks around the world are starting to come out. And there are probably a lot more of us than you think.

After all pretty sure everyone has a little geek in them!

4. Does your significant other join in on these activities? (Or, if single, would a potential SO have to?)

On the whole reading front-yeah nope. Not happening there. He reads on occassion but these are few and far between. I have crossed him over though on this whole history thing. We have gone to historical sites, and find ourselves watching Datelines, and history channels and things like that all the time. So in that case yes.

5. Geekiest public moment?

I worked at a radio station in my early twenties. It was the best job I have ever had. I was their receptionist. Which meant anyone that came through those doors I greeted. Musicians, actors. Athletes. One fall morning I came into work, I was going to head to the Caps game with my then boyfriend. The team at this point sucked but I didn't care. I plopped my t-shirt under the desk and got to work. When this guy came in...he was absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't help but stare. I called the DJ who was going to interview him. As I continued to watch this guy walk around the lobby. He had the nicest ass I think I had seen at that point. When the DJ came out and greeted the gentleman with his hand stuck out. Yes. His ass was extremely fine. 'Ollie its good to see you. Come on back. Aleisha meet Mr. Ollie Kolzig.'  I pretty much flipped out right there in the middle of that lobby. You would think he was Nick Carter. As I stumbled for words.

Believe it or not out of all the people that came through the door, he was the only one that left me speechless.

And that is this weeks Friday Five...have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Two up, two down....Game four.

Game Four

And this could very well be a game changer. Should the Bruins win, well they go back to Boston with a 3 to 1 lead in the series. They of course would still need one additional win to clinch the series, at the same time, no one wants to be down two games. Especially not when your talking about being down two games in a series to the current Stanley Cup champs.

Yea, no you don't want this.

If you-like my mom-are one of these fans that listens to every analysis. The odds of us winning the game, seemed possible, and there was a good chance that we would win but we would have to do this without Nick Backstrom. And that may not be as easy as we think. I mean after all, he was the one in overtime. So surely he would be missed. Well. Duh. Yes he would be missed but I was quick to point out that we did win three times during regular season against the Bruins, without Nicky thank you very much. And so yes I for one thought it was possible.

That being said my nerves were on super overtime last night. So much was riding on this win...and it has been so close....I was so nervous in fact that I began shaking. Yes actually shaking. Well isn't this new....I tried to tell myself this was just a normal every day game. But who was I kidding, this is the playoffs. And nothing is normal. Though thankfully as the puck dropped and we sat down in our seats, the first 'LETS GO CAPS' started being chanted it settled, coming to a swift stop. Thank god. Now just as long as we could score, take the lead..and keep it. If the past three games were any indication, all we needed was one. 

And just as we were settling into that first period wouldn't you know, Johansson scores.A minute into the game. And just like that, we got the lead I was so nervous about. And things settled down. Well in regards to the game that is.

Up in the stands? 

There is something to be said about crowds during playoff games. They are loud, they are at times obnoxious and they get in your face. Opinions are thrown around left and right, as if the playoffs seem to make everyone an expert. Like the guy behind us who starts mouthing off about Green-my moms guy-so much so that she pretty much turns around and gives it to him. Amusing the rest of around her. Someone probably should have warned him.  Or the pack of Bruin fans, who apparently seemed to have been bused in from B'town itself. Smarting off about this and that. Especially after they scored and tied it up. I really do need to discuss our seats with someone higher up. Because it seems as though we sit in front of the other teams fan base....

I actually thought both teams looked a little tired during this game. Granted we started off incredibly but by this point we seemed to have slowed down. This probably only fulled those fans behind me because I swear they got ten times louder during the second period.  Don't get me wrong there were some incredible shots on both sides.  And I swear during one of our three power plays we could have, and should have scored three goals. Tim Thomas  thought otherwise Which is fine, since Holtby responded. I looked up at the score, the tie game thinking dear lord no OT. I have to work tomorrow. Calling in wasn't probably a smart idea. No, please. Pretty sure someone was listening since it wasn't to long, on a power play that Semin scored.

Once again that crowd erupted. We watched as the decimal machine was flashed. 115 and rising....We have a game...

During the third period with Caps leading 2-1 the Boston fans seemed to be getting just as frustrated as the men on the ice and while the Caps were on the Penalty Kill, I watched as a fight broke out between fans.  Well it was better than watching the game between the wedges of my fingers anyway...they broke up the fight, the fan was escorted out and I returned back to the game....

Ten minutes left....and Boston was beginning to look frustrated. Five minutes and it appeared as though they were desperate. While I didn't want OT, they on the other hand probably would have welcomed it.

With five minutes to go, the entire crowd rose. Including the most awesome fan there is. The guy that sits in the next section over to us. Who just seems to get really into the whole 'UNLEASH THE FURY' bit whenever he goes to the games. He rubs his head of hair, which I admit isn't much there. He pats his belly. He flaps his arms as if he is getting ready to take flight. And he repeats every single line in the segment. At the end he just about pulls out his imaginary guns and starts shooting them off. The act always makes me smile. To know he is just that into it...quite fabulous....And so I rose. And I stood alongside my fellow fans until that final buzzer went off. 

Game 4 goes to Caps. And once again the series is tied

Boston here we come.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Houston, we have landed.

Taken by a coworker
Growing up there was one thing I always wanted to be. An astronaut. The dream started well before elementary school. I don't really remember how it started, all I really remember was the Challenger wasn't the Challenger anymore, but EC's ship. Thats right I was going to go up with it one day.

I still remember that day. January 28, 1986. Anyone who was alive then has to remember. For those of us living in northern VA it was a teachers work day, meaning we could actually watch as the shuttle was to blast off, taking along a teacher Christa McCauliffe. At five I didn't really understand the importance of her going up but still thought it was cool none the less. I mean the entire world was going to be watching her take off. My mom gathered my sisters and I into her bedroom where they had a tiny TV, to this day I don't know why we didn't go downstairs but I know we sat on the end of the bed so we could all watch it together. We counted down with the clock, cheered with the reporters and clapped when they said. 'Liftoff.' And watched as the shuttle went up, higher and higher and higher...and then right before our eyes the shuttle was no more. In fact it was nothing but a major ball of red fire descending back down to Earth... and suddenly everything went silent. The reporters, the TV. My mom.

My dream.

After that, the dream of being an astronaut pretty much went out the window. Though for reasons I don't really know. Considering how much I loath math and science it probably wouldn't have worked out in the long run anyway. Still there has always been a part of me that has always been in love with the program. That follows and has followed the NASA program. That still calls it EC's shuttle no matter how many shuttles there actually where. There has always been something that is just so fascinating with the whole concept of space.

Caught from one of our offices rooftop.
A couple of months ago the announcement came that they would be ending the Space program. No longer would we be going up to the moon, no longer would we need shuttles. The thought saddens me a bit. This is the sort of things dreams are made out of. And to take a way the program? I feel a bit lost in truth. They would retire the shuttle, Discovery and bring her to the final destination of The Air and Space Musuem in Dulles in the that generations behind us could enjoy. Though I don't think they will ever understand or feel the same way I did as a kid.

Discovery made her final flight home yesterday on the back of a 747. Coming in from FL at ten in the morning. But before she did so, they treated those around the DC area to an incredible sight. She flew around the nations capital with low clearance. Low enough that if you saw it, you were speechless.  And it wasn't just once, but several times around. Making sure that anyone and everyone who wanted a chance to see her, would be able to.

There right there.
And it was just by chance, that from my office in SE, my dream seemed that much closer.  You see not only did I see it, but it flew right over top of my building. I stood among my coworkers who clapped and saluted and teared up. Yes, teared up including myself who couldn't really help it. Knowing that what we were seeing was something that was just amazing. I will not lie, it was pretty much the most incredible sight I have seen in years-well besides the birth of my son that is.-I am pretty sure I was on cloud nine for the remainder of the day.

Most of us stood there long after the shuttle had passed us by. None more so than myself who quietly sat there thinking of the Challenger, and Christa McCauliffe. And feeling as though we had just lost something so much more than a dream....

God Speed Discovery, god speed.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Game 3-Heartbreak

When your a fan of a team losing on home turf sucks. After all, there i a certain sort of expectation that the home crowd comes to expect. A win is one of them.

But losing at home during a playoff game? Well it sucks about ten times more than it does during regular season. Trust me on this one.

There is this feeling of being disappointed. Of questioning things, plays that were made. Plays that weren't made. You begin to wonder which player could do so much better and which need to be benched. Yes its frustrating. Its heartbreaking its every emotion wrapped into one.

And so much more.

I know I for one thought we had a pretty good chance of winning on home ice. Really I did. Or maybe it was wishful thinking, but none the less yes I did. And I still thought so as the game went on because believe it or not, it was a good game. It was a battle, but finally we were beginning to see the scoring that we needed. Of course, we saw it from Boston as well. But still. At least we were scoring, and often enough that for awhile we had the leads. And the hope that we would walk away from this game with a 2-1 lead in the series.

And yet as the final minutes played out, and Chara scored the game winning goal, with a 4-3 victory, I sat there silently thinking. Shit. Is this the way the series is going to go? I felt so disappointed that we lost, on our home ice none the less...and what sucks, is that despite what the scoreboard read the game was actually really good.

This is what is so disappointing. Because its not like we are Pittsburgh at the moment, and the games are pretty much blow outs. No, these games are battles. They are hard wear out til the other team is tired sort of games. Both teams are in it, both teams seem to want it. They score, we score. And vice-verse. Or neither of us score until OT, to which its whomever scores first at that point. They have been incredible games. I used to hate the close scoring games, but now, well now not so much. I have seen several games in this years playoffs that are so lopsided the fights become more entertaining than the game. But no, not this series. All three games have been emotionally draining. I am sure the Bruins fans would agree with this statement. Because these games are not for the faint of heart. Both teams have seemed to be on their A games, and the opposing teams seemed to have met their challenge. And losing like that, when you know you have done everything, when you have fought and played your heart out and everything like that. Royally sucks.

It would be a hell of a lot easier if we were playing a lot crappier than we truly are. Because then I would say, well you know what boys, with the way you are playing, you don't exactly deserve to win. Not at all...And I wouldn't have to sit every game, with my head in my hands, or covering my eyes, or staring at the clock thinking one goal is going to be the difference between winning and losing this game.

As proven by all three games obviously.

I remind myself that the series is far from being over. And Thursday is another day, another game. And I am fully confident that we can tie up this series and head into Boston with a 2-2 series.

Because this is the playoffs. And I expect nothing less than an incredible hard fought series...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Game 2...and we're off.

Well no one said this was going to be easy. And if the past two games are any indication we are in for a long low scoring series.

I was really hoping that things would be different this game. That somehow Ovi would find a way to score, Backstrom would score and even Semin would find that magic he can at times provide and score. I was hoping that by some chance the shots and the score would go our way and we would walk away tied in the series when we made our back to DC.

But lets not forget who were are up against, the current Stanley Cup Champs. Not only are the good, but they tend to be a low scoring defensive group. They like their games close, and their outcome in their favor. After all they to are shooting for the same thing we are. To advance. Another words, this was not a team that were just going to hand us a game.

And if we want it, we are going to  have to fight for it.

I was pretty confident though that this game was going to be our game. Of course it all changed when one and a half periods into it, the game was still tied. Both teams with near misses. It looked to be one of those whoever scored first was going to win-again. And in their hometown I was afraid I knew which team that was going to be. And I couldn't watch that happen. Not after sitting there watching my team, which I thought looked really good. Once again Holtby was amazing. And despite what the commentators were saying I really did think we were playing incredible and a lot better than Thursday game, which wasn't bad in itself. So no I couldn't see that. And OK, I couldn't watch Boston do that to us. Because, well they are my second team. I didn't want to hate them. And I really didn't want that to happen. Though I admit during playoffs, sorry B'town, but if we are playing you, I am not a fan. Not at all.. So instead I went upstairs. Just for a few minutes. I didn't turn on the TV, instead music to drawn out the groans from my husband as each near miss drew closer to a goal. And then I hear. We scored. We scored...and seriously?? I flew back down those stairs, Well shit, if this is all it took for them to score. In fact, the more I think about it, it was the same thing during the regular season as well. I would leave my seat, go to the bathroom and they were bound to maybe...

All we had to do was just hang on, that's it...because as I said, this game was going to be determined by one goal...

We headed into the third with the lead. 20 minutes...that's all. Boston had another idea, to win. So why should it surprise me when they countered our goal with one of their own. And just like that, a whole new ball game..shit. I admit I just about cried, while my husband was trying to tell me that it was ok, no one had won, they weren't ahead. But as I listened to the commentators going on and on, I was already thinking, um true but come on, they just scored they have the momentum. And there is no way they are going to let us out of here with a win. It just wasn't going to  happen.

Perhaps I should have had a little more faith in my team, and as soon as I retreated to my bedroom where I turned on the mute button, I found the game was actually a hell of a lot easier to watch. I didn't nearly mind it as much. Yes we were tied, but at least I didn't have to hear the commentators go on about everything we weren't doing right, and saying how we were barely in the playoffs. And how Holtby just couldn't keep up, he was after all the backup to the backup.

Ah yes, note to self watch the game in mute next time.

I came down just in time to see us go into overtime, great. Well at least it was only 6, which meant it wasn't damn near eleven like Thursday. Hopefully the boys were awake enough to pull out something. Though I have to admit, as much as I was excited to see them go into over time, I was starving and it looked like dinner was going to have to wait, and so we waited and watched on edge once more. As once again both teams had some amazing chances. And both goalies, seemed to be just as exceptional as they were on Thursday. Except, the game didn't end during the first overtime. And there was no shootout in OT, which meant another full period. And Logan was beginning to get fussy. And OK I was getting extremely hungry. And by the look of this game, well it was going to go on forever...So as much as we wanted to, I convinced the husband to pack it in, and head out to dinner. The game would go on, and we would hear it on the way, with any luck they will still be playing when we returned.

I did however feel bad that I was so upset we didn't win in regulation that I spent the entire drive apologizing to Andy, because yeah that wasn't exactly what I wanted. And once again my husband decided to remind me that even if by some chance we were to lose this game, they were only up by two and he went on to recite how many teams-including Boston last year-went on to win the series. So no time to freak out...

This made me feel mildly better.

Of course all worries were set aside as we walked into Logan's just in time to see Backstrom score the winning goal.

Leaving Boston to head to DC, tied up. And making me one very happy CAPS fan

Bring it Boys.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Five question Friday-Random 4/13

Happy Friday!

Yes thats right we have obviously made it through another week. Yea go us. This week there is no specific theme, just five random questions. Enjoy!

1.  Have you ever eaten a crayon?

Umm nope sure can't say that I have. Though Logan would probably tell you that would be awesome if I did. Sorry kid to disappoint you, mommy has never eaten a crayon herself.

2. Whats the last sporting event you watched?

This should not surprise anyone-and if it does, where have you been-but the Stanley Cup playoffs kicked off last night for us Cap fans. Which means yes I did watch game one against the Bruins. Yes we lost. But hey its only game one right??

3. Last person's house you where in?

Other than my own? The in-laws. My brother and sister in law bought a new house this past weekend. We went over there yesterday to check it out. Beautiful house, they did good for themselves. Which is great. I am thrilled for them. Rather large, I don't think I would know what to do with all that space.

4. Do you have a tan?

Oh how I want to laugh out loud at this question, because yea. Tanning and me do not mix. Not for the lack of trying mind you. Its just no matter what I do, tanning and I=epic fail right there...

5. What is your heritage?

On my moms side I am English, Irish and Blackfoot Indian which growing up I always thought was super cool, knowing that I had a great grandfather named Dangerfield....well as long as it wasn't that Dangerfield that is.

So there you have it.

Now go and have a very random sort of weekend my friends.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Let the fun begin...

And so it begins, the 2012 race for the cup.

I had even intention of sitting down and writing a post regarding my nerves, my thoughts and emotions. And yet I sit here as the score remains zero to zero finding that at the moment, I can not and will not tear my eyes away from the game. 

Which means this blog post will probably be a poor excuse for one. Forgive.

I know the Caps are the underdogs this go around, the first year that they have been in years...and while so many people have written us off, thinking there is no way we are going to even stand a chance against the Boston Bruins-who are the Stanley Cup reigning champs.-I for one think that perhaps just, perhaps the fact that we are the under dogs may the best thing that has happened to us in awhile. 

No one expects anything from us. Players, teams and of course the media. All of which think Boston is going to runaway with the series.

For the first time, we have something to prove.

Lets go Caps!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Baby, I'm the lucky one.

little man on his 3rd birthday
Sometimes I forget just how truly lucky I am.

Yes I may bitch about certain situations I find myself in. My slight disability, my frustrations of being a full time worker and part time student, the co-worker that is giving me a hard time about one thing or another. My umpteenth surgeries in the past year and a half. And yes even how my team is doing. But most of all I am lucky for my son. More specifically, his health.

You see I came across a fellow bloggers website the other day who shared a link to A New Kind of Perfect, which is a friend of hers blog. And for some reason I found myself clicking on that very link. It didn't take me long to find myself in near tears. The blog was from the viewpoint of a mother losing her daughter. Dying of some rare sickness which I never truly found out what it exactly was. But as I read my heart began to break for this woman as she wrote about making plans, and preparing and figuring out how she was going to tell her older son that Emily had passed, when she finally does. I read on, paragraph after paragraph until I got to the end, barely able to finish it before having to excuse myself to the bathroom to dry my eyes.

Several moments later I returned sat down and stared at a picture of little man and me during his birthday.I couldn't imagine the pain she was going through. I didn't even want to pretend that I knew one ounce of it. Flashes of days in the past three years began to replay in mind. Pictures at Disney, and the beach. With cousins and his father. How much did I take these for granted? Did Emily have pictures like this? Was she like my little Logan at one point, happy and young and carefree. More so was her mother like me at one point? Full of hope and aspirations and dreams for her daughters future.

I took these all for granted. I take all these for granted.

You never really think of these other parents out there. I never thought of these other parents. The ones that aren't as lucky as I am at the moment. Whose children fight to stay alive on a daily basis. And for some reason Emily's story, well it just touched me. I clicked on one blog after another-all thanks to links-and found several other stories just like hers. And with each passing story, the more my heart broke, the more my heart said you are one lucky mommy.

My son is not in pain, he doesn't live off medications and has endless amounts of doctors appointments on a weekly basis. I don't have to worry whether a simple bruise puts him at risk for a break, or could be an underlining issue. I don't feel the need to have another kid for the sole purpose that they may be a match.  Should I decide to have another, its because I want to. And I don't have to worry about making arrangements for the inevitable, knowing its coming a lot sooner than I ever dreamed of.

You are a lucky mom...

Because yes, you do have a slight disability, and your coworkers can be annoying-whose aren't from time to time?-and your still working your way through school. The surgeries saved your life.  And your team, 'barely' made it into the playoffs.

But you know what? Your son? Is pretty incredible. And he is healthy.

Remember that.

Last I checked, which was just this morning there had been no updates on Emily's progress since Monday where they posted precious pictures of Easter. (I don't think I even took a picture during Easter) The no news scares me, since Sara, the mother had posted pretty regularly. But I am hopeful that no news is good news. At least for the moment. Or perhaps she is spending as much time curled up in her daughters arms, knowing that at any given moment, it could be her last to do so.

Go home. Hug your kids. You never know what the future holds.

Monday, April 9, 2012

A fan once more.

Should he or should he not?
When my husband started his career as the Graphic Artist with the Caps six and a half years ago he gave up a lot more than time spent with his family.  He gave up going to games as a fan. No longer could he wear the countless amount of jerseys lined up in the closet, No longer could he sit down with me from start to finish as we rooted for the team we loved so much.  Don't get me wrong. I am pretty sure he wouldn't give up going to every single home game even if it is sitting in the press box-which he claims is one of the best spots. And I don't think he would trade the few months spent traveling for the team if you asked him. No I don't think he would trade any of these. But sometimes, every now and then he has mentioned how nice it would be. To go to a game, as a fan again.

Its game time
Which is how the whole idea of mine started to begin with. Right before the beginning of the season, which now seems so far ago. Andy mentioned that he would like to go to a road game, with his brother and father. Make it a guys weekend sort of thing. I know they were talking about a Hershey trip more than a Caps game, but still.  For two months, I plotted and planned. I looked over schedules and home games and figured out which would be the best. Turned out the last game of the season just happened to fall on his birthday against the Rangers...and there was no home game the night before, or after for that matter. And so I got the  tickets-and cringed because I had to sign up as a Ranger fan in order to do so- and tried to hide my excitement so not to give it away..somehow it worked and I managed to pull it off. The only thing I wasn't counting on was the fact that he suddenly had no desire to take his brother nor his father. But opted for the very wife he got the tickets from.

Now I will be honest. Andy had warned me about going to a game in another teams turf. Be respectful. Don't wear a jersey unless you want to get shitted on for the entire game. No smarting off. He had warned me so much I wasn't exactly sure I even really wanted to go.  And yet, there was no way I couldn't not go either. Still we decided that we would go, as the respectful in disguise fans. Because we wanted to actually enjoy the game instead getting the shit kicked out of us....

Just before the game. Andy and I.
Of course even the most thought out plans are never set in stone. Which is why the moment Andy saw several Caps fans walking around the city, he had second thoughts about leaving the jersey back in our for the first time in six and a half years my husband threw on that red jersey and walked into Madison Square Garden as if this was a Caps home game. I must admit I was a bit nervous, ready for the gloves to come off and all hell to break lose. Thankfully neither of which happened. We actually sat amongst Rangers fans who seemed to be more pissed off at the fact their team was looking so busted up than they were at the fans sitting beside them. Of course Andy and I did take some care celebrating the four Caps goal silently and amongst ourselves rather than the alternative. Which probably helped our anti beating up campaign. And when the final buzzer went off and the scoreboard read 4-1 in favor of the Caps, the only thing we heard was, have a safe trip home. Which in all actuality was kind of disappointing considering I was expecting a fight of some sorts.

In the end, the experience was far better than I ever thought possible. And just seeing my husband back in that jersey he loved so much, that was well worth the price and the four months of Rangers emails I received along the way.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Five Question Fridays-4/6-Contact.

Ah yes it is Friday once more. I actually debated about making an entry, since after last nght's win over the Panthers put us into the playoffs, I have a lot more on my mind than answering questions. But lets be real here. Its Friday. Which means, yes I am going to answer the five questions. The Caps will have to wait. So here we go. This week's theme: contact.

1. When did someone last knock on your door, and who was it?

That would be the Chinese delivery guy. Last Sunday night. I don't know his name but we have gotten in the habit of ordering so often that I am pretty sure he knows our orders. And he is always really nice to little man, who finds him a little odd....I am actually kind of ashamed to say we don't get many visitors knocking on the door anymore.

2. When did someone last call you on the phone, and who was it?

My mom. I pretty much talk to her on a regular basis. Most of the time it isn't about anything specifically. About the game, something little man did-we are after all going through the potty training stage-wants to know our plans. Etc. Though now that you mention it, I haven't heard from her today...

3. When did someone last hand you a business card, and who was it?

I had a gentlemen come in looking for a manager-who had a meeting with-the manager was running late I suppose. The gentlemen seemed a little impatient and couldn't stick around much. So he handed me his business card and told me to deliver it.  The moment he left the manager showed up. But this shouldn't surprise anyway as this always seems to be the rule.

4. When did someone last hand you a pen, magnet, calendar, or other trinket with his or her business info on it, and what was it?

Honestly I don't think anyone has handed me anything. The closest thing that came to it was 3 years ago when I was still working under the HR department directly I would work the job fairs, and people would give us things all the time. So I think I have a lot of stress balls with other companies info on them. That is about the closest thing.

5. When did you last get info out of a phone book?

Phone book?? What in the world is that? And what kind of useful information may I obtain from this.

And there you have it. I shall be heading up to NYC for the weekend, so I hope you have a fabulous Easter/Passover.

Questions provided by Friday Five

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The backup plan

It hit me today between flipping back and forth between three different spread sheets, assisting with a new hire and covering for the receptionist This was so not what I thought life was going to turn out.

Not at all.

Granted I actually never really thought about life in the future. But I am pretty sure it didn't involve spreadsheets. Rather it probably involved kids, since for the longest time I swore I was destined to be a teacher. Then again, my older sister at the time was studying to be a teacher herself. My mom a school bus driver. Which naturally meant I was totally going to follow in the family footstep.

Six months into college, I discovered teaching really wasn't for me. A thought I still regret to this day. Because in all actuality I probably gave up on this thought way to easily after being told I was in no way my sister, and so I would not get off easier than the other students.  I should have probably discovered this was bound to happen, since after all we did go to the same college. Still I let it discourage me.

Even so, I don't think I was ever meant to be a teacher. It just isn't my style.

I always figured something would fall into place, that I would find my niche and things would truly be alright. And yet, now in my early thirties I find I seem to be no closer to this than I was back at twenty one.


Probably because I live off this pipe dream. I have always dabbled in writing. I took a creative writing English class back in high school and picked up a couple of best writer in the class-voted on my peers-awards. I dreamt of words and pictures and scenes.  I have kept a journal since I could remember. Yes writing has always been something I have loved to do. And the idea that I could someday be a writer has always been in the back of my mind. It wasn't until I started writing about some of my experiences with my disability, more specifically after a date when I came home and started a piece revolving around it. I was working on it one day when I accidentally left it on the table where my dad picked it up. I came home to my mom sitting at that table, saying for the first time in years, my dad had literally cried.  Even if it was my dad, there was something about it, the feeling that I got, the emotion that I got. It was then that I realized it was something more than just a hobby. It was something I actually wanted to do. Like for real for real.

So why not be one right? I mean it has to be easy?

Except its not. My mom has always told us to follow our hearts but to have a backup plan, which is why my sister teaches anyway. Since her dream of being on Broadway hasn't really panned out. Yet. And because the likelihood of becoming the next Jodie Piccoult often takes time, time in which I don't always have with a son, a full time job-hey something has to pay the bills-and my school at night. And while I would to think the first piece I send out will automatically get picked up and published, I am realistic I know it may not always happen. Which means I have to figure something else out.

A backup plan. One that doesn't involve spreadsheets all day would be preferred.

At least until that book finally gets finished and that publishers deal comes through.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Sunday night blues.

I admit it. There is a feeling that comes upon me every Sunday night. Lets call it, the three D's. Dread, doom and utter dislike. Its been hitting me for awhile now. And no matter how much I try to ignore this awful feeling it seems to creep up on me, without so much of a warning.

I am beginning to think this is telling me something.

Sometimes I don't know what it is, Perhaps its the thought that tomorrow is in fact Monday. The weekend is over and won't be saying hello for another five days.  Maybe its the fact my weekends are becoming so packed with activities, that even the weekends aren't like they once were. I do remember after all a time when sleeping in was the rule instead of the exception on the weekend. And when staying out late meant until midnight instead of 9 pm. And hanging with friends seemed to be the in thing to do. And now? Well now Saturdays and Sunday are packed with things like wedding showers, and shopping. And before long they will be filled with projects, practices ad sports tournaments.

And Sunday evening is just another night.

Still my packed weekend seems to be a hell of a lot more pleasurable than a week at work. And an afternoon spent with my favorite three year old beats sitting in two hour traffic any day.

None of this of course helps me with my Sunday night blues. The thoughts of all of it only dampen my thoughts that much more. After all, I am staring at the clock realizing that before long I will have to be heading to bed only to get up at 430 in the morning. I think maybe I need to find a job that allows me the freedom of not working on Mondays. Yes this wouldn't be so terrible. Or maybe not at many Mondays.  I realize half of my friends are in the education field and as I write this they are on spring break, a thought I admit gets me jealous and debating a career change. Though I know they have it far from easy themselves.

Still the thought of a week off, is tempting enough to think about.

And I am pretty sure they get a whole lot more Mondays off than me.