Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Five. 4/20-Get your Geek on.

 I am feeling pretty good my friends, pretty good. Its Friday, its pay day and my team won last night. You can't ask for anything better.  Well you could but....and since I have had some geeky moments later I found this five question Friday to be only fitting...This weeks theme:Geek

1. Are you a loser?

Well I don't like the word loser....but if you would have asked anyone during my school years I am pretty sure they would have told you that I was in fact. A loser. So yes probably.

2. What "geeky" activities do you take part in (games, trivial pursuits, etc)?

Not really into games. But I read. To the point of obsession from time to time. Seriously I left my book at home the other morning and just about had a fit because I didn't have anything to read on my way home from work. It was uber upsetting. I pretty much carry a book, my nook or anything that I can get my hands on. Its horrible, this obsession but I totally feel lost without a book to read...

That and I watch the history channel. I read history stuff. I love history. I need it. And so I turn to the station.  Etc. Yeah one of these days it will come in handy when I land on Jeopardy and that usual random fact about the Titanic having 12 dogs on the ship when it sank, three of them survived. Well that just may come in handy one day. And then who will be laughing??

3. Are you out of the closet about your geekiness?

No question. Yes. Which sadly did not help my cause of running for Ms. Popular in school. I used to hate this, almost be ashamed of the fact that I was such a 'geek' But lately I would like to think that not only am I 'out of the closet.' about my geekiness but I am embracing it rather nicely. I mean its not everyone that can be this open and willing to accept it...and I have. Besides I think geeks around the world are starting to come out. And there are probably a lot more of us than you think.

After all pretty sure everyone has a little geek in them!

4. Does your significant other join in on these activities? (Or, if single, would a potential SO have to?)

On the whole reading front-yeah nope. Not happening there. He reads on occassion but these are few and far between. I have crossed him over though on this whole history thing. We have gone to historical sites, and find ourselves watching Datelines, and history channels and things like that all the time. So in that case yes.

5. Geekiest public moment?

I worked at a radio station in my early twenties. It was the best job I have ever had. I was their receptionist. Which meant anyone that came through those doors I greeted. Musicians, actors. Athletes. One fall morning I came into work, I was going to head to the Caps game with my then boyfriend. The team at this point sucked but I didn't care. I plopped my t-shirt under the desk and got to work. When this guy came in...he was absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't help but stare. I called the DJ who was going to interview him. As I continued to watch this guy walk around the lobby. He had the nicest ass I think I had seen at that point. When the DJ came out and greeted the gentleman with his hand stuck out. Yes. His ass was extremely fine. 'Ollie its good to see you. Come on back. Aleisha meet Mr. Ollie Kolzig.'  I pretty much flipped out right there in the middle of that lobby. You would think he was Nick Carter. As I stumbled for words.

Believe it or not out of all the people that came through the door, he was the only one that left me speechless.

And that is this weeks Friday Five...have a fabulous weekend!

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