Thursday, April 19, 2012

Two up, two down....Game four.

Game Four

And this could very well be a game changer. Should the Bruins win, well they go back to Boston with a 3 to 1 lead in the series. They of course would still need one additional win to clinch the series, at the same time, no one wants to be down two games. Especially not when your talking about being down two games in a series to the current Stanley Cup champs.

Yea, no you don't want this.

If you-like my mom-are one of these fans that listens to every analysis. The odds of us winning the game, seemed possible, and there was a good chance that we would win but we would have to do this without Nick Backstrom. And that may not be as easy as we think. I mean after all, he was the one in overtime. So surely he would be missed. Well. Duh. Yes he would be missed but I was quick to point out that we did win three times during regular season against the Bruins, without Nicky thank you very much. And so yes I for one thought it was possible.

That being said my nerves were on super overtime last night. So much was riding on this win...and it has been so close....I was so nervous in fact that I began shaking. Yes actually shaking. Well isn't this new....I tried to tell myself this was just a normal every day game. But who was I kidding, this is the playoffs. And nothing is normal. Though thankfully as the puck dropped and we sat down in our seats, the first 'LETS GO CAPS' started being chanted it settled, coming to a swift stop. Thank god. Now just as long as we could score, take the lead..and keep it. If the past three games were any indication, all we needed was one. 

And just as we were settling into that first period wouldn't you know, Johansson scores.A minute into the game. And just like that, we got the lead I was so nervous about. And things settled down. Well in regards to the game that is.

Up in the stands? 

There is something to be said about crowds during playoff games. They are loud, they are at times obnoxious and they get in your face. Opinions are thrown around left and right, as if the playoffs seem to make everyone an expert. Like the guy behind us who starts mouthing off about Green-my moms guy-so much so that she pretty much turns around and gives it to him. Amusing the rest of around her. Someone probably should have warned him.  Or the pack of Bruin fans, who apparently seemed to have been bused in from B'town itself. Smarting off about this and that. Especially after they scored and tied it up. I really do need to discuss our seats with someone higher up. Because it seems as though we sit in front of the other teams fan base....

I actually thought both teams looked a little tired during this game. Granted we started off incredibly but by this point we seemed to have slowed down. This probably only fulled those fans behind me because I swear they got ten times louder during the second period.  Don't get me wrong there were some incredible shots on both sides.  And I swear during one of our three power plays we could have, and should have scored three goals. Tim Thomas  thought otherwise Which is fine, since Holtby responded. I looked up at the score, the tie game thinking dear lord no OT. I have to work tomorrow. Calling in wasn't probably a smart idea. No, please. Pretty sure someone was listening since it wasn't to long, on a power play that Semin scored.

Once again that crowd erupted. We watched as the decimal machine was flashed. 115 and rising....We have a game...

During the third period with Caps leading 2-1 the Boston fans seemed to be getting just as frustrated as the men on the ice and while the Caps were on the Penalty Kill, I watched as a fight broke out between fans.  Well it was better than watching the game between the wedges of my fingers anyway...they broke up the fight, the fan was escorted out and I returned back to the game....

Ten minutes left....and Boston was beginning to look frustrated. Five minutes and it appeared as though they were desperate. While I didn't want OT, they on the other hand probably would have welcomed it.

With five minutes to go, the entire crowd rose. Including the most awesome fan there is. The guy that sits in the next section over to us. Who just seems to get really into the whole 'UNLEASH THE FURY' bit whenever he goes to the games. He rubs his head of hair, which I admit isn't much there. He pats his belly. He flaps his arms as if he is getting ready to take flight. And he repeats every single line in the segment. At the end he just about pulls out his imaginary guns and starts shooting them off. The act always makes me smile. To know he is just that into it...quite fabulous....And so I rose. And I stood alongside my fellow fans until that final buzzer went off. 

Game 4 goes to Caps. And once again the series is tied

Boston here we come.

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