Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Well. yeah. A blogging confession

Image is not my own
So I have been horrible as of late with my blog updating. I am assuming you surely must be wondering what has happened to me right? No I did not fall of the face of the Earth. Yes I am still here. Well relatively speaking. I do not have the perfect excuse other than.

Life happens.

One minute it is the beginning of December and the holidays seem like they ions away and you have all this time to get things done. And the next thing you know, well exams start, holiday party invitations happen. Work remains steady. Somewhere a long the lines there are hockey games, and Christmas shopping. And get togethers between family and friends.

 And you promise yourself, well I know I need to blog. You think you have some fantastic themed posts. And you swear maybe tonight will get things done. But then there is the classroom party at your sons school. And cookies to be made. And the Christmas special which you admit is all together rather corny but you know you have to watch it because, well what is Christmas without it.

Before you know it you are now through the middle of the month. You still have plenty of time. But wait you get word that there are more get togethers, and more cookies to be made. And you promised your son you guys would  go see Big Hero 6 because it had been a long time since you guys had seen any movie in the theater. And the flu hits.

Suddenly, your staring at the last weekend before the holidays. And by now? Well now really whats the point in rushing to get all those pieces out right? Because you are going to have all this time off so you will have plenty of time to write about things then right?

Perhaps I shouldn't hold my breath.

Better luck next year.

Friday, December 12, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things: Holiday Movies.

It is that time of year again, when we are surrounded by family, friends and...


Yes that is right, it is the time when we find ourselves rushing to the theaters to check out those holiday films and decide if they are worthy enough to be added to our favorite holiday movie list of the kind we find ourselves going back to year after year.

We all have our favorites. Whether it be of the classics or the contemporary kind. Some are actual holiday themed and filled and others are not so much. But we all have them. And yes I too have my favorites, and since tis the season what better time than to share what is on my favorite holiday movie list.

1. Love Actually.

Let me begin by saying, this is one of my favorite movies of all time. I find Hugh Grant brilliant as the Prime Minister, I love Liam Nesson as a widow with a stepson, I love Laura Linney as a single woman. And the Prime Ministers girlfriend is absolutely adorable. Ye I love the cast, I love the theme and the accents. It is just one of those movies that you can't help but fall in love with. I know they tried to do the same sort of thing in Valentine's Day and New Years Eve, neither of which seemed to have the same sort of appeal to me as this one does Perhaps because nothing makes me want to cry more than knowing that love actually is all around. And is out there for anyone.

2. Rent

OK so perhaps this is not technically a holiday movie. But it is based around Christmas, which means I classify it as such. I love musicals. Not surprising in the household I grew up in where we played Annie in our basement on a regular basis. And this movie, while I admit probably doesn't do the real show justice (I never saw the actual stage production) is still one of those movies that reminds me of the meaning of friends, family and love. Perfect for the holidays. And those voices, how can you not love them?

3. Les Miserables

Again, technically not a holiday movie but there is something about it that makes me want to watch it during the holidays.  Maybe some of the casting could have been a bit better, but that does not take away from the fabulous of the movie, the lyrics and the scenery. Do not tell me you did not feel anything when Anne Hathaway was belting out "I Dreamed a Dream" Or when Samantha Barks was singing "On My Own" (which is my favorite song). Because I know I did. Confession, I could be a bit biased as this is my favorite musical of all time. But never the less....

4. Home Alone

The original. Because, well how can you not think of the holidays without thinking of Kevin McCallister and parents who left without him. It is a classic without a doubt.It is one of those movies you can pop in during July and still enjoy. And unlike some of the other movies listed, it is one that the entire family can enjoy together.

5. Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer

Probably my favorite "classic" movie.  Or rather TV special. I love the stuffy voices, the style of claymation. The message behind it. Really it is one of those movies that you find as a kid and sticks with you as you grow in to an adult. It is a fabulous little show that I am thrilled to say my son is finally old enough to enjoy and fall in love with. And will for years to come.

And there you have it some of my must watch movies during the season.

Happy holiday movie watching!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Checking the list.

Well somehow I think we managed to get little man taken care of. Or rather for the most part that is. Unbelievable considering we have yet to hit the midway mark of the month. Sure they are sitting under the steps, and waiting to be wrapped and there is still one or two things we need to get. But by the end of the weekend (and thanks to some amazing parents who are willing to help out so we can finish up) well I think we will be good to go.

I always say I am going to be done sooner than I was last year. But never fully expect it to happen. And I am sure there will be years when I will get to do the mad rush at midnight on Christmas Eve because I waited till last minute. I specifically remember my mom doing this as a teen. But getting through a good chunk of the items now, well that feels pretty darn good.

Yes it does.

I must admit I love doing this, playing Santa. I know there will be a day when it will stop, but at the moment I do not contemplate this at all. I am enjoying the magic of the season for as long as I can. I don't know who will be more excited to see the things he gets. Myself (because I am pretty sure I will forget what exactly I got him) or my son. Either way I know it is going to be exciting.

Yes it will.

So then what is left for me to do? Well nephews. Four little boys who I hear have been very good boys this year. Which means I will need to make sure to get them something extra good. Work up a little magic of my own perhaps. Boys, they are somewhat easy to shop for. Especially when they are reaching that wonderful time of age when you give them a video game of some sorts and they seem ecstatic. 

Now if only my husband was as easy to figure out. Never the less, he will get done as well. Though come to think of it, I just may be going to those stores at midnight after all.....

Santa has some shopping to do my friends.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mommy guilt and holiday parties.

Yesterday among the endless amounts of holiday sale emails, and deals I received one from little mans parent classroom assistant. It was an invite to volunteer and participate in the kindergarten holiday party.  I scanned through it and instantly felt the guilty pains that I have become all so familiar with.

I never fully understood the whole mommy guilt thing until this year, when little man entered kindergarten. Probably because while he has been in Pre-K before this, my mom was able to be there in my absence which at least made me feel a little bit more in the loop of things. Either that or there wasn't quite as many in your face activities that we were asked to do.

 But I get it now. Because as much as I want to be able to attend every party, volunteer opportunity, luncheon and concert they hold within school hours the sad truth of it is. I have a full time job in DC, where it would take just as long to get to his school as it would to come in to work. And the forced leave at the end of the year does not allow me much flex time at the moment to just up and leave to volunteer. As much as I would like to.

But each and every time I get these emails I once feel the tug of war, and the guilt that comes with it. I know the reality of things. Time flies. Little boys grow up way too fast and these precious moments will fade in to the clouds. It is moments like these when I find myself struggling with the commute, the pile of work at my desk and listening to coworkers talk about what they missed out on.  Am I doing the right thing? I know why I am working and I know I need to work. Life is not like it was. But still I find myself debating if there is a better option. If I am perhaps missing out on something.

I am sure I am not alone in my sentiments. I know it is a struggle many of us deal with. The balance between home and work pulls us to our very core. I know the desire to be there is great, but the reality is far different.  Just as much as I know I am in for many, many years of feeling guilty about things. I can't spend as much time with him as I want.  It will be a struggle I should get used to I am assuming.

And yes, it is a real thing.

I scanned the email a second time until I got to the bottom where I hit the decline button (feeling a tad bit better that I could at least bring something in to the party). Still my mommy guilt was definitely working in over drive.

One year I promise myself I will be able to, until then I just hope he understands.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Welcome December!!

And we have reached December my friends. I am pretty sure I write this just about this time every year, but how did this happen? I was just taking down the lights from last Christmas (cue 1980s epic tune). I swear we were.

This year however I am more than happy to see the final month of the year. It has been a long year, and one that has had several ups and downs. I suppose not every year can be wonderful right? And to think we still have 29 days to go of it.

And yet despite it all, I love December. Sure it is cold, and snow is right around the corner. But it truly is one of the most magical times of year. The lights, the cookies. Puck, our  Elf on the Shelf returns (he is currently nestled in between our railing slates). And little man beaming from ear to ear. Yes it truly is a sight to see. The month brings out the best in all of us for awhile. At least we can hope right. It is the shopping, and the excitement it brings.

Yes, it truly is the most  magical of months.

Enjoy it my friends. The holidays will be here and gone before we know it.