Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Well. yeah. A blogging confession

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So I have been horrible as of late with my blog updating. I am assuming you surely must be wondering what has happened to me right? No I did not fall of the face of the Earth. Yes I am still here. Well relatively speaking. I do not have the perfect excuse other than.

Life happens.

One minute it is the beginning of December and the holidays seem like they ions away and you have all this time to get things done. And the next thing you know, well exams start, holiday party invitations happen. Work remains steady. Somewhere a long the lines there are hockey games, and Christmas shopping. And get togethers between family and friends.

 And you promise yourself, well I know I need to blog. You think you have some fantastic themed posts. And you swear maybe tonight will get things done. But then there is the classroom party at your sons school. And cookies to be made. And the Christmas special which you admit is all together rather corny but you know you have to watch it because, well what is Christmas without it.

Before you know it you are now through the middle of the month. You still have plenty of time. But wait you get word that there are more get togethers, and more cookies to be made. And you promised your son you guys would  go see Big Hero 6 because it had been a long time since you guys had seen any movie in the theater. And the flu hits.

Suddenly, your staring at the last weekend before the holidays. And by now? Well now really whats the point in rushing to get all those pieces out right? Because you are going to have all this time off so you will have plenty of time to write about things then right?

Perhaps I shouldn't hold my breath.

Better luck next year.

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