Friday, February 26, 2010

I am not a winter person. By now, I would like to think you would know this. After all, I have only been complaining about the amount of snow, the bitter cold and the shortened days for awhile now. So its safe to say, and right to assume that I am not a big fan of the winter sports, other than hockey.

That is of course, written off, and ignored every four years. When the winter olympic games come to what ever city decides to host. Because no matter how much I am not a fan of winter, and no matter how much I may not know about most the winter sports. There is just something about them, that draws me in. More likes suck me in to be honest. For the two/three weeks that it is on, I pretty much eat sleep and breath whatever sport is on.

And its usually not the usual that fascinates me. But the curling, the bobsledding. The other stuff that I usually don't see on a daily basis.

Maybe its because for those precious weeks, the quiet moments, it is not US vs. Canada. It is not us vs. them. But its the world coming together. Its the world sharing moments, stories that touch us all. Whether your from the US or from Germany. Whether you are white or black. You may be playing for your country, but in those moments you seem to be playing for the world.

I will admit there have been several moments, when I find I am not rooting for my home country. And I know I should. But there are times, when I find a story, like the skier whos brother has CP, from Canada, and while I should have been rooting for USA. At that moment.

We were all Canadian.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So Why Always Disney?

Everyone has there go to places. You know the place I am talking about. The place that you go to when you are down, when you can't find your way out. The one place where no matter what is going, it makes you happy. For some like my in laws, its the peaceful calm of the West Virginia mountains. For others, its the beach. And while I do love a good day on the beach, my happy place. Is Disney.

So why Disney you may ask.

Well why not? I mean seriously, where else on earth can you completely escape from the everyday. Where acting like you are five again is not only acceptable but the norm. Where else can I go, that I don't have to worry about my allergies because for the entire time I am there I get a chief that will cook for me.

If you can't think of it, its because well most places none of these exists. Unless of course you are Disney.

And because, while I love hockey. It is pretty much what we eat, sleep and breath here. It is our breadwinner. And because of this, there is no escape. No rest from it. Not even during the Olympics, which was supposed to be a two and a half week break from the beloved sport. Turns out, it seems it has only fueled it even more.

No, For us, there is no off season.

So our only place to go to escape this? Just happens to be the happiest place on earth.

So why Disney?

Well why not?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

How to pack

So how do we pack?

This may seem like a strange question, coming from a veteran of Disney travel such as myself. But, this time, we aren't just packing for the hubby and myself. This go around, we are also packing for Logan, our one year old son.

When we first started talking about packing about two weeks ago, Andy and I really didn't think to much about it. I mean how hard could packing really be? After all we do it all the time. Because of this we took our time, we procrastinated not really worrying about it at all.

Until last night. When we realized we had less than 48 hours before we would be hitting the road. And the only thing we had packed was about four feet of snow outside our Northern Virginia home. So like two crazy people we began shuffling through the laundry, through drawers, scrambling for the outfits that would make his vacation debut just right.

And soon we realized, it wasn't the clothes that was the issue. No, it was actually the small things. The bottles, the baby food. The diapers and the toys for the car ride down. Its all the essential things, that until you start packing you considered non essential.

Its the medicines that you have never used before but now you should bring because this will probably be the week he decides to get sick.

Of course, the most important thing to pack is the little one. After all, isn't he the reason we need the stuff anyway?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Logan at 1

After a week of trying, we finally got to celebrating Logan's birthday, though notified as it was, I was glad to see that we actually ate the cake we bought instead of it sitting in the refrigerator as I had feared.

The smaller crowd consisted of Andy, and Logan and myself. Along with my parents, and sister Hillary and her son Randin. Gathering around, we sang him happy birthday before letting Ran-Ran help with the blowing of the candle.

He didn't quite know what to think of it in the beginning, but soon caught on really quick. And before any of us knew it, the entire kitchen looked like it had been in the midst of a war zone. With the cake winning against his chubby little hands.

But it didn't matter. My parents were happy to lend us their floor as they watched and cheered for our little Logan.

In the end, the cake was distroyed but he had one very happy one year old. And two very happy parents who were thrilled to finally celebrate their first childs birthday.

So Happy Birthday Logan, and here's to many more to come!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Round 2

Dear Snow Gods.

I get it. For years you heard the DC area bitch moan and complain about the lack of white fluffy cold stuff that for so long has eluded us. You sat back and waited listening to our pleas, the children's cries for snow days and the adults wishes that it would snow enough that they to could possibly get some time off. Yes, you waited with patience until just the right time. And you somehow managed to do this, while laughing at us. Knowing full well what you had in store for us.

Well ha ha. You have had your laugh. You have had your fun. Taking it well beyond a five minute joke to a point where it is so not funny anymore. In fact it is rather, unbelievably sad. I mean yes, most of the city wanted snow. But enough is enough. A third major snowstorm in less than two months?


Now I understand. The first was cool. Fun even. Who doesn't love a good two feet of snow the week before Christmas? A few weeks after that, a few inches here and there. Ok I can, we can handle that. But this three feet of snow one weekend and then hey for fun I will throw in another near foot three days later? You have taken it way to far my friend. Way to far.

Which is why, I am making once again another plea. Perhaps I am the only one who will plea, and whom is saying they are tired of the snow. But come on, give me a freaking break. I can not take this to much longer. I am tired of trying to figure out how I am going to get to work. If I am going to get to work. I am tired of hearing the same snowstorm watch twenty/four seven, I really don't think I need to know that we gained another inch within a half hour. Or the fact that our local reporter, who has been out there for the past twelve hours has run out of hot chocolate, and he prefers it with marshmallows. I don't need to know that the last loaf of break has been bought.

Another words. Give me a freaking break. Enough is enough. Now move on, pack your bags and go pick on someone your own size once more.

Sincerely yours.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Blizzard of 10'

We are currently in the midst of the second blizzard of the winter. The first was back in December, where it dumped 24 inches in the Centreville area. This go around, it is predicted to be dumping a good 30 inches.

Now I know its winter, and I know several people, including most in my family that are loving it. And while I do enjoy a good snow storm every now and then, I have to say I am done with winter. I don't quite remember a winter that has seemed to slam us with one storm after another. As it is, this is the second weekend in a row that we have had significant amount of snow. Most of the four-six inches we got last weekend remains on the ground as we speak.

So yes I am done with it all. And considering we are preparing to head down to our home away from home in Disney next weekend I must admit I am looking forward to the warmer temps. Sure maybe it won't be the hundred degrees like it often is when we are down there in August. I am assured there will be snow in the forecast for the entire week that we have reserved.

Bring it on. Bring it on.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

1st birthday.

I am now a mom of a toddler. Gone is the saying, I have a six month old, or an eight month old I can join the many of others who have toddlers. Now you may be asking why is this so important. And I will answer this. Because I no longer have a baby. Sure you can argue Logan, no matter how old he may be will forever be my baby in some sense of form. But in a lot of ways, in terms of age and all. I nolonger have that baby.

Instead. I have a kid. A little one. A munchkin.
The thought is believe it or not, kind of scary to think about.

Because he will only grow from here. I mean yes I knew that was going to happen. But before this, before he turned a year the milestones he had were simple, they were a smile, or the first laugh. And I cherished all of these milestones. And now its the first official steps, the first day of kindergarten-yes i realize i am getting way ahead of myself here-. things that babies don't do. but kids do. the first friends. stuff like this. the small milestones that made up our lives the first few months of existence are now a thing of the past.

Yes my friends I am now a mom of a toddler.
And a whole new chapter will begin.

Oh the fun we shall have.