Friday, January 28, 2011

The ten hour commute

On any given day on my commute into DC, its an hour and a half drive from my home in Northern Virginia to DC.

And this is on a good day.
Add accidents, broken down vehicles, or weather related and you can pretty much push it to a good two hours.

At least.

Now I have lived in this city all my life, so this is to be expected, even anticipated. But ten hours? Surely this is unheard of, even impossible right?

Wrong...think again.

They had been calling for a good amount of snow for the past week. But as most of us know in the area, you pretty much take the forecast and the weatherman that deliver it, with a grain of salt. As it was, they couldn't even tell how much we should be expecting until that very day. Which, depending on which part of the area you lived in, could be anywhere from 1 to 10 inches, in my neighborhood they were predicting 8-10. But as we looked outside on that Wednesday morning, it was doing nothing. Cloudy yes, but other than that there wasn't so much of a sprinkle hanging around.

Still, in anticipation nearly every county in the immediate area closed their schools feeling as though they better be safe than sorry. By noon, when the first sprinkle fell they announced that the federal government would be closing two hours early. They weren't the only ones, in fact most companies, including my husbands had the same idea.

Mine didn't. Still I had made a plan with my husband to come pick me up all the way from his office in Arlington VA, to my SE office and at three he left on his merry little way not knowing that this would be the start of the commute from hell.

His usual fifteen minute trip from office to office took nearly an hour to complete. But no worries, he picked me up, and we were soon on our way. Along with everyone else trying to mass exit out of the most powerful city in the world.

And of course it had begun to snow.

Our first problem was gas, having no idea it was going to take as long as it did, my husband didn't think of stopping to get some before heading out. Finding a gas station in DC is pretty impossible. Which means, we would have to wait til we get to Virginia. Great. But it was ok, we had enough to get us there, at least Andy, my husband thought so. I on the other hand?

Wasn't so confident. Looking at the never ending traffic, I was just hoping we would make into Virginia before the dial landed on E.

By 6, we finally made it past the welcome to Virginia sign and were creeping along the way. The snow was picking up, the traffic was miserable and it seemed that neither was going to be slowing down any time soon.

We were in for a long road ahead. I informed my husband at this point that we would be lucky to get home by midnight, to which he said that was impossible.

The good news, if there was any, was my mom had graciously offered to keep my nearly two year old son overnight, saving us from adding that much more time to the commute.

I don't know about you, but if your in the car for hours at end, with no end at sight, things get a little dicey between you and whoever you may be riding with. And while I would like to say we are the exception, sadly we aren't and by 7:30 pm, barely into Arlington, the frustration levels hit. We had been in the car now going on five hours. We hadn't had dinner and we had been up since before dawn. All I wanted was to get the hell out of the car, take a nice hot bath and enjoy the snowfall. From the inside of my house, and not the inside of my car.

Andy, who had been in the car a lot longer and had been maneuvering between the cars and the snow was feeling much the same. You never realize how exhausting it is just sitting there, trapped in a car can be. But it is. Every little thing seemed to make things that much worse. Including the number of cars that were piling up, being abandoned or stuck in snow.

I was worried about being the next to get stuck, or be struck by another car who was in the same position as we were. He was worried about the next exit, if there was one. About the falling branches and the power outages. Clearly no one in the area was quite ready for this. Including us. I don't think it was one of our finest nights that's for sure.Still there was no getting out of this, so we tried to make the most out of it, the Caps game was on, I had an amazing selection of music on my Ipod and our phones, had enough juice to last a while to surf the net and update status's from. Lets not forget, we planned some amazing vacations.

Though, the Caps loss two hours later, didn't help either of our moods, which is why it will not be mentioned again.

By 9:30, as the thunder snow moved above us, we were beginning to wonder if we would get home. Of course both parents had called several times by this point, proving that once their babies, always their babies. They both had suggested we find a place for the night, but with little options in sight, we decided to keep trudging along. After all we weren't the only ones stuck in the mess of it all.

I fell asleep somewhere around ten thirty, it was uncomfortable and often interrupted. My stomach was growling, my husband fuming and myself feeling the nerves wearing on me. And by eleven thirty, when we made it into Fairfax, I knew we wouldn't see the turn off into our development until Thursday morning.

I should have bet my husband.

By twelve fifteen, I was thinking a hamburger was sounding good. I can't eat beef. But at that moment I would have taken it without a complaint what so ever. As we passed the Hampton Inn, I yearned for the bed, but judging by the amount of cars I wasn't the only one and so we kept going. Surely we would be home soon enough.

The snow had stopped two hours ago, but the lightning remained. With several areas getting hit with heavy snow it created power outages, causing a rather eerie yet breathtaking sight all at the same time. We weren't the only ones on the road but without the street lights, the store lights, the snow glistened, and gleamed.

It was the first time since getting in the car that I appreciated just how powerful mother nature really is. Its the kind of beauty, we often don't think about, and don't experience with electricity so often handy these days.

Still, while the beauty was great, the car ride was getting old. I could have been halfway to Florida by now. I could have pulled in another work day by now. Florida sounded a lot better though. And beauty, couldn't hold a candle to a bed at this point.

It was one when we finally made the final turn into the neighborhood, 1:15 when we finally put the car in park and turned off the engine. Exhausted and overwhelmed we pushed our way through the ten inches of snow and made our way into the house, thankful we had power, because that would have been the icing on the cake.

We didn't care we hadn't had dinner, at that point it didn't matter anyway. We had one thing, and one thing in mind.


And believe me, it had never felt so good.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow day.

Ah yes, after much bitching and complaining to the snow gods, it seems as though the DC area may actually be getting the snow that they have requested all winter long.


Now to most, this is exciting news, as it was, most of the major school systems across the area went ahead and closed their doors this morning before any of the kids even arrived. And it was raining. Meaning we had yet to see a drop of snow. Even if they were forecasting it, I found the move to be a little odd.

Never the less, it was exciting and thousands of people in the area have gotten what they have been wanting for awhile now.

Well, call me the grinch. But me. I don't work for the school system, and I am no longer a student in the school system. And while they are praying for it on a daily basis, I am dreading it. It means having to try and figure out work situation. Which lets face it, probably won't be happening. Which means I have to use a vacation day, meaning I have to make sure I have enough for the other vacations.

It means trying to figure out if we have enough stuff to get by on for a few days, just in case it happens we are stuck, for a few days. Its all the little things that half the people aren't thinking about.

Lord I wish I was a kid again.
When the thought of snow was exciting. When I actually wanted it to snow. When having a few days off were ok, because everyone had off and it was acceptable. Now I fight the feeling of being thought of as weak, or getting crap from the boss because I couldn't make it in. And then if you do go in, you find your the only one who actually made it in, and you think well shit, I mean I tackled the nasty weather for this, to sit in an empty office with no one else around.

There often is no win win, nor is there a right answer when it comes to the whole snow days off in the office ordeal.

Yep. Being a kid right about now sounds perfect.

Monday, January 24, 2011

In full mode.

I stood there, in aisle 3, somewhere between Toy Story 3 and Cars party supplies staring at a thousand little add ons to make the perfect party that much more incredible. And my first thought was.

What the hell have I gotten myself into?
Really was this such a good idea? I mean he is 2, or will be in a week. Does he really need to hand out goody-bags? Did they even do that anymore?

My husband had taken the birthday boy off, running up and down aisles grabbing things, that weren't even on the list. He came flying down aisle 3, looking all proud of himself exclaiming he had found this best thing ever.

'And what about these? And these?' He shoves things in my face left and right. Streamers, birthday cupcake holders, and even something that resembled a baby carriage where among the items.None of which was anything that I had in mind. 'Umm dear, he is going to be 2.'

He just stares at me.
Clearly he had never thrown a birthday party before.

Not that I didn't appreciate the effort and I am sure most women would be over the moon if there husband was absolutely willing to help. But I have things in mind, I know what I want it to look like, how I wish it to be. And little baby carriages aren't exactly it.

You may ask, then what exactly is? I am no perfectionist, but I want it to be as close to perfect as I can, I look in these magazines, and on random blogs and I think, that, that is exactly what I want . And baby carriages weren't in it. I envision, balloons, and army men. Cool alien cupcakes and a barrel of monkeys. I envision several happy little boys running around our three story townhouse having a blast, not caring if we weren't going to playing games, because at 2 I don't think they will last long enough for games.

And toys, lots and lots of toys.

Of course, envisioning it is one thing, pulling it off is another. After all those blogs, and the websites are usually run by professionals. Either that, or by moms who have had several years of practice with this sort of thing.

Neither of which I am.

So with this picture in my head I stood there a little while longer, in aisle 3, planting, figuring and envisioning what my perfect birthday party for my son would be. Knowing that it may not be exactly right, or the picture perfect idea I have in my head.

But damn if I won't get it as close to it as I can.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Party to infinity and beyond.

Perhaps I missed my calling. In fact I am pretty sure I have. After deciding that we are officially throwing little man a birthday party-to the theme of Toy Story 3-I have gone right ahead and plunged into the planning of it. In doing so I am reminding myself how much I actually enjoy doing this sort of stuff. It is the same sort of rush I felt when I was planning my wedding. Except in this case its a whole lot cheaper.

So as I have said, I have found myself fully emerged into the planning of it. Not the easiest of tasks considering its pretty much two weeks away, and this has all been thought of in the past twenty four hours. Easy no, but not impossible. After all, I managed to pull off my wedding.

And thankfully. I am not alone. The internet has become my friend for the past two days, and the search engine has taken on an incredible task of looking up theme ideas, and cake ideas and anything that I can think of involving Toy Story 3. And I was pleasantly surprised by the results.

For instance how cute are these:

(image and recipe can be found at:

A little overboard? Maybe but I did happen to think they were really cool. So much so that I am determined to see if I can recreate them this weekend. I realize this whole party is for a two year old. Another reason to totally not go over the top, because I promised myself I would not in a million years be one of those mothers. You know the ones that do it to impress everyone out there.

But lets be realistic. No matter how much I promised, in a lot of ways I want to impress. I want them to be wowed even. I feel as though I need to prove myself here, as a good mom. As a good wife. As a good something or other. Considering the circumstances, you would understand.

And lets not forget that he never got the whole one year party thanks in part to a massive blizzard last year. So why not go a little overboard?

Besides, you only two once right?

Which means, this weekend I will go in full force. Become superwoman and bake bake bake. In hopes that I will make one special little boy have the best 2nd birthday ever!

Wish me luck.

Monday, January 17, 2011

So much to do, so little time.

So after much thought, and a few questions, it looks like I will in fact be throwing little man a birthday. And by that I mean, having a party which consists of my family, Andy's family and then two girlfriends with their sons/nephews that Logan is close with.

Which means, this little party that I thought was going to be little, has now become the possibility of 20. Granted this is not a lot of people to a lot of people and certainly not a lot of kids in the grand scheme of things. But this is a lot of people to me, who is not a grand gathering sort of person. Who feels slightly uncomfortable when there is more than four people I have to focus on. And the more you add, the more awkward I seem to get.

I am very much introvert in fact.

But I am not about to let my introverted tendencies ruin or stop me from having a 'party' for my son.

Which means I have about two weeks to get it all together. To figure out all that needs to go in. And while I would like to say I am a pro, fact is I have no clue on how to through a kids birthday party. Should be expected since surprise, I have never had a kid. Yes, I planned my wedding pretty much all on my own. But this is no wedding. And Logan is not at the age where I think he can handle games, and party favors and all that stuff. So do I still do it anyway?

Two weeks. Two weeks to figure it all out.
To get a cake, to think about lunch.
To think about cleaning the house.
And to get a present.
Not to mention, having both sides of the family together for the first time since we got married.

Two weeks.
My introvertedness is already exhausted.
And not so secretly freaking out.

Friday, January 14, 2011

48 hours notice.

Two days ago, Andy informed me I have tickets to tonight's Caps vs. Canucks game. Catching me off guard I found myself scrambling for someone to go with. Of course, two days isn't a lot of notice for anyone. I should know, I am a mom. But then again, it was the weekend, and someone was bound to be able to go. Its not like it was exactly last minute.

And so my quest to find someone began.

There was a time when two days was plenty of notice. Pre-baby and pre full time work. Back then, all my husband had to do was say you want them, I would jump at the chance. There was no scrambling to find a sitter, and my friends, would be glad to dump whatever they were doing to accompany me as well. If nothing more, the tickets were free, so even if they weren't exactly into hockey. It was something to do, and free.

Believe me the word free spoke volumes with several people.

Of course this was back when there was little responsibilities on either part. The after games were spent at IHOP writing terrible poetry and talking about the game.

But sadly these days, have come and gone. Now, getting tickets means I have to arrange for someone to watch Logan, who is still a little to young to go. The friends that once jumped at the chance, have now found full time jobs themselves. And while none of my girlfriends have kids of their own, they have lives. Boyfriends, husbands, weddings to plan. Etc.

Truth be told, its no longer easy to coordinate doing anything with any one anymore. Whether its a hockey game, or just a night out. Its simply not easy to coordinate it. If I am free, they aren't. If they are free, I am not. Not to mention, that while none of them have kid(s) I do. And while I love my son, having him as a tag-a-long, wasn't exactly apart of their plans when they asked if I wanted to get together. They understand of course, and usually say nothing about it. But I still feel that guilt over it.

So when my husband offered me the tickets Wednesday night, I scrambled. My mom thankfully offered to watch Logan so mommy could have a night out. Which was lovely but didn't resolve my who to take issue. My mom, being a hockey fan herself of course was now out of the picture to go, since she was watching my son.

If only I had more time. I cursed my husband for the lack of notice. After all he has had these tickets since well before the season started. You would have thought....

Still I sat there flipping through my list of contacts yesterday in a scramble trying to find anyone to go with. I mean someone had to be able to go right? There is no way in hell that everyone was busy. Right?

Wrong. By 5 pm last night it was clear. Not one of my friends could go. Not only where they busy, but it was a three day weekend-well for most of them anyway-which meant, they were heading out of town, spending it cleaning or hanging out with their significant others.

None of which I could blame them for. Given the chance, I would do the same.

Of course they all apologized and said if they had known sooner they would have, that 48 hours was not enough time for them to figure things out, that they were already busy. And to keep them in mind for the next go around. And that we should get together some time. They leave it up to me to figure out what is the best time, since it apparent to them that I am the one with the busy schedule. And the son, and the husband who works for the NHL.

I hang up with each and everyone of them, promising I will get back to them, yet not knowing exactly when that would be. Because they are right about one thing. I am busy. I do have a son and a husband who works for the NHL. I work full time and go to school at night.

Yes I am busy.
But something tells me I am not the only one. Who after all was the one that required 48 hours notice?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

To throw a party or not to throw?

Hard to believe but in a little less than three weeks, I will have a two year old on my hand. No longer an infant, no longer a baby.

But a full grown out toddler.
Believe me this thought makes his mommy a little sad. (And ok, maybe beginning to feel the certain itch again)

And whether I am fully ready for it or not, his birthday will be here before I know it. Which leads me to this question.

To through him a party or not.

I have had several people inform me that in fact a party is in order. Invite some friends, have a good time. But Logan is not in daycare, the kids in the neighborhood are all quite a few years older than him, and neither one of my husbands, or mine have kids yet. Leaving only family. Cousins, grandparents that sort of deal.

Do we still through a party?

I admit I tried last year, it wasn't going to be anything grand. It was just going to be a family gathering, much as I suspect this years will be. And then the blizzard hit, and all my plans went down the drain. Leaving us not able to celebrate until almost two weeks after his official turning of one.

Originally our plan was always to hold family parties until he was 3 or 4. Until he got the concept of opening gifts, and parties and all. There will be years of presents and screaming kids filled with excitement so what is a few years without such things going to hurt?

But then I wonder if I wait, am I depriving my kid of something? By not throwing my son a party, am I being lazy?

Or does it matter in the long run?

Monday, January 10, 2011


Abc, what can I say. You have done it again. I swear I wasn't going to let you suck me into such overrated, predictable drama again. I vowed I would not watch, would not sit there week after week as one by one the girls would cry in front of the camera, exclaiming they are the one who is meant to be with the bachelor. They do these crazy antics, go way overboard and throw themselves at him and then sob as they are let go. I always find it amazing how many of them can't figure out why they weren't chosen at all.

I vow I won't get sucked in as I watch the couples go on the exotic dates. Feeling jealous as I watch because while I am married, there is a part of me that would love the opportunity for just half of what these ladies get to experience in the span of a few weeks.

And yet no matter how much I vowed, I find myself sitting here on the couch, with my husband nearly a foot away watching the very show I swore off just a few months ago. No, I can't explain it really. I know its not real, believe me I have noticed some Eire similarities between certain seasons, contestants and even episodes. And yet somehow your amazing ability to suck the viewer in has once again worked on this sole.

Somewhere across my forehead the word SUCKER is written all over it.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Clean house.

I have another confession.

I can't seem to keep my house clean.

Now you may see nothing wrong with this, in fact you may find yourself saying so what? Its a house, a home. Surely it does not need to be immaculate. And while this may be true, I find it irritating me that I can't what so ever even keep it picked up.

I try. Believe me I do. Just this afternoon as my son was sleeping I walked around picking up things he had pulled out, because at just about two, the whole picking up concept still leaves a lot to be desired. I did the laundry, or started it anyway. I did the dishes. And I even managed to start putting away the holiday decorations. And yet. As my son got up from his three hour nap, I turned, to find the toys I had just picked up, pulled back out, leaving a trail once more in the wake. The trail is still there even if my son has been in bed for several hours now.

I would like to say this is an isolated case. But sadly it isn't. In fact its the norm. And honestly I don't know how any one with kids does it. I have seen several friends, and relatives all with kids whose home in no way looks like mine. They are neatly cleaned, laundry kept up, dishes no where near the pile that I obtain. I sit there and marvel at the fact that they can do it all, all the while feeling like I am somehow a failure for the lack of my cleaning skills.

And I wonder how they do it. After a full day of work, a combination of four hours commute, I just have the umf to clean. And when it comes to the weekends I don't want to spend the entire day with my head cleaning anything. No I would much rather spend my time with family, with the husband that I don't see often enough or catching up on my lack of sleep...

In no way do I want to clean.
Maybe its just me, judging by the houses I have visited it, it probably is.

Because the question remains, how does anyone do it.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Great 8 debate

I have come to the realization that some people just aren't happy with Ovi. Whether its scoring a bazillion goals, or rather as of late not scoring. Either way they just can't be happy.

Last year, I sat and listened as one by one the men around my office came up to bitch about the great 8's roughness, his skating abilities which to them seemed to harsh. They said while he could score, he could never really share the spotlight and was always to aggressive. This is why he landed three suspensions last year. For many of these people, they believed he needed to grow up and mature. To learn to share the spotlight with his fellow Cap teammates and realize that the show was not just about him.

Sure he led the league in goals for several years in a row. Yes he has won several awards for his play, his points and for his heart. But that did not mean he didn't need to change, because yeah they weren't thrilled with the way he played the game.

And lets not forget his lack of getting both the Caps into the finals, and his Russian hockey team into a medal at the Olympics.

Flash forward to this season. Ovi, isn't the scoring machine he was last year. While he has been a great assist man, he is falling way behind in the leading goal scorer for anything. And once again the men of the office started coming to me for Ovi's performance. Once again they weren't to thrilled. These same men who bitched about his game, where now slamming him for not being aggressive enough. For not being the same player that they thought was to rough last year?

They aren't the only ones. I have read articles lately-and I usually avoid them like the plague for this very reason-regarding his game. Questioning if he has peaked. They analysis every game, if he doesn't score its horrible. Is it the pressure? Is it the disappointment from the playoffs? Is he saving himself for this years rounds? Should we write him off now as just another hockey player that had all the potential but never lived up to it?

I suppose only time will tell. But all this talk just makes me think, that he can't catch a break. Sure he hasn't been scoring. But since when did the game of hockey become an individualized sport. When did assisting in several of the big goals this year become a horrible thing?

Did I miss something here?
Will they ever find something right with the guy?

Because the next time he goes on a twenty game scoring streak, I am pretty sure they will find something to bitch about that as well.

Monday, January 3, 2011

A return.

There is always the same sort of melancholy that seems to hit me about this time of every year. For starters, I return back to work, after almost a week and a half without so much of a thought of it. The holidays have come and gone leaving a messy house and a bunch of new toys and gadgets in its path. They are still under the tree, yet to be touched or put away. And while I know I need to I put off taking down the lights and the decorations for just one more day. Hoping to delay the whole its over feeling that much longer.

Its not that I don't welcome the new year. Believe it or not I do. Its a fresh start, a new beginning a chance to redeem ones self in a lot of ways. And while I may bitch about work, I am thankful I have a job. Well most of the time I am thankful anyway.

But its the fact that the most magical time of the year has come and left us. Without allowing me to blink.After all there is the fear I might have missed something. Its the fact that I know I don't get another good chunk of time for awhile. Its the fact that I had the best time with just my son and I. We left this morning, bright and early and my heart broke as he said goodbye to all of his toys. And his books. I wanted to immediately say screw it, call in and spend another day lounging with him in PJ's while we play Thomas and Mickey Mouse club. I mean is my job really all that important? Am I really needed right away? Couldn't it wait just one more day?

For a minute I truly did contemplate this, because when all is said and done. No matter how much I may not say it to be able to stay at home with my son would be a dream come true. I know several women who aspire to be Managers, teachers, run their own company and doctors. But I have never had that desire to be anything big. I don't wish for the power that management brings. I used to want to teach, but think the best teacher I could be is to teach my son the things in life. And while curing the next big disease would be amazing, science was never my thing.

Of course in order to pull this small request I do cherish so much it would require several things. Win the lottery, which I found you actually have to play in order to win. Move out of the DC area, and considering we just bought a house here, I have no desire to pack and unpack once more. Or for my husband to up and leave his job, get a new one that will pay him enough to take care of us all. And since he happens to love his job-and honestly I don't blame him either-I will not ask him to leave it just in order to make me happy.

So it looks like at least for the time being I am stuck here.

That being said, I managed to get not only get him, but the husband and myself out the door and on to another work week without so much of a tear. I tried to ignore the feeling of complete dread for just much longer. Reminding myself that maybe one day things will be a little different. I waited for the husband to lock the door before making my way down the flight of stairs trying to remember the last time I had been out the door in the dark. Before the holiday break that was for sure. I slide into the passengers seat of my husbands Protege waiting for the car to warm up wondering were the holidays had gone. Where the past week had gone. And why it suddenly seemed like the shortest week ever.

Yes I knew this day would come. The holidays can't last forever. The week long vacation can't last forever. But it didn't make that cold car ride any less easier.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Winter Classic 2011

Dear Caps-

So I feel like I have bitched enough at you guys lately that I should redeem myself in several emails. This is my second.


I mean really, congratulations for winning the winter classic, though by the way the media and all played it out you would think it was more like the seventh game in the playoffs rather than a normal game, mid season when the only thing the winner takes home is two points, and the knowledge that they beat the other team on an outdoor stadium. Which lets face it, would have probably been true, but we are talking about Pittsburgh here. Beating them, whether its a regular season game or a Stanley cup playoff round feels pretty damn good right about now.

I sat there in my sisters living room Saturday night, a sister who mind you us more of a hurricane fan than a Caps fan-but this will not be mentioned-rolling my eyes through the pregame talk about just how wonderful the Pens are feeling like they were pretty one sided. I mean granted the game was being held in Pittsburgh, so in the respect I guess it should be somewhat. But this was to the point where I had to walk away. I can only handle so much Crosby love before feeling the need to vomit. And when the game began, and the Pens scored first. My first thought was. Well shit.

Seriously it was.

In fact my mom was getting rather pissed once more at my lack of believing, as was my husband. I admit it was getting ugly again. But come on, I just couldn't stand listening to Pens are fabulous, pens are so much better. Crosby is the good guy, Ovi is the bad. So I took my moms advice from a while ago and walked away. Tuned it out and talked to my sister. About anything other than the game.

And then we tied it. And I could breathe once again. Sure it was only tied, but my mind set of I just want to be blown out had to be better than the alternative. And then I watched as we scored again, and I moved to the edge of my seat holding on while they-as in commentators here-moved from how freaking wonderful the pens where to just how bad the ice was. And no they did not give you any more credit, because they started making excuses on why Fluery wasn't exactly making those saves.

It was all rather. Pathetic.

And as I watched, as you guys, you band of brothers battled it out, fought the elements, the horrible weather, the bad ice to take a three to one lead and held it. You guys were playing hard. You were out playing them. YOU were the better team. I realized how much I am proud of you, how much I am proud to call myself a fan. Even if you didn't win how proud I was going to be anyway. I mean you could have backed down, you could have done what the commentators wanted and given the game to the home team. But you didn't. We didn't.

So thank you.

And when the final buzzer went off, it took me to realize what we had just done.
We had won the Winter Classic. Maybe it isn't exactly the Stanley Cup, maybe you weren't standing there holding a silver cup over your head. (Yet) But it was the winter classic.
And damn did it feel amazing.

Though I am pretty sure, they will be gunning for your heads come February. For this moment, for this weekend, it doesn't matter. This moment, this weekend is yours.
Own it. Cherish it.

Before they seek blood.

With love
A devoted& proud fan.