Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What do you mean the professor is older than me??

Here we go, a new semester. I am ready. I can do this. I am going to do kill it this semester.  I will hold my head up high and not care that the kids-because lets face it, they are-are years younger than me. It doesn't matter right? I mean it isn't exactly the first time that they are younger than me. And usually, well usually there is at least one person that is older than me. But as I step into the room, I look around at all the fresh faced, dew eyed students and realize. The old person in the class, the one that everyone giggles, well that old person is me.

Damn it.

Its fine, maybe someone will be late. There is always someone late. I pull out my stuff. My pens, realizing that I am the only one that still does this. Most of them have laptops and tablets. But they walk to the class from their dorm, I come straight from work. It isn't easy to carry everything. I have a kid, they have disposable income. And I wait. They pile in around me like ants marching. Do I know anyone?

No, not one.

But its not like I am actually social in class, nor at school. I am after here only one day a week for three hours.

Yep, this is my college experience.

There is no sign of the professor, which doesn't surprise me as most of them come rolling in, messy haired and all out of whack talking about how things have been crazy. But no sign yet. There are however already clicks. Everyone knows at least two people. I am the fish out of water.

Maybe this isn't such a good idea.

Around me people begin chatting about the professor, one I was recommended taking, apparently she is awesome. Well that is good news at least.

Then she  comes in....And wait, she does not look like any professors I have had. There are no bags of paper flying around. Her hair is definitely not a shade of grey, but red. A pretty red at that. She wears no rings on her finger and she is super peppy.

She also isn't even thirty yet.

WAIT???? WHAT??? 

I mean I fully expected to be older than half my class, though the oldest? Well this one was a first. As if this isn't bad enough now I find my professor isn't as old as I am.Surely this is not happening. This can't be happening.When did I become older than even the professors??? WHEN??? What happened to the old time professors with the big coke glasses? You know the ones that resemble something a lot like the character from UP!?  What happened to them?

Suddenly I feel old. I feel like people are looking at me as we all discuss who we are. I hear the gasp when I say I am in the adult concentration program offered at Mason-for the adult student-I am thankful however that she doesn't break us up into groups to tell each other about ourselves. Thank the lord on that one. I am not naive enough to know I don't have anything in common with these kids. I am sure if we pulled hard enough we would. Though my luck they would probably tell me their moms listen to the same stations I do. Nick Carter who???And then they would tell me their mom preferred NSYNC....whomever they were.


By the end of the class I have said less than two words. I gather my things up as the groups head out into the cold, walking with one another to safety in the dark. And I make my way down to the professor who definitely does look exceptionally younger. I hate to introduce myself but do anyways. And when I mention my son..she brightens and says.

'Well then by all means you just let me know if you need to be out for him. That is definitely excused!'

Maybe this being the oldest in the class isn't so bad after all.
After all, at barely 20 the rest of the class can't do the same.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A day to remember

January 28th 

 To most this is just another day. They will go to school, to work. Come home not thinking of anything. But to me, January 28 has always been and will forever now be one of those days that aren’t just another day to me.  And not just for one reason, but for three, though I fully admit one is quite absurd and silly of me. But this will be addressed. 

You see today marks what I refer to as the Challenger day. The day I watched at the time a bright eyed kindergartener who dreamt of being an astronaut as the beloved space shuttle blew up in to outer space, disappearing before my eyes. It stunned the world, broke my heart and forever changed my dream. It still remains one of the most vivid recollections of my childhood. Ever since I have quietly marked the passing of years on this day in my own silent way, remembering it all to well as if it was not 28 years ago but rather yesterday.

In high school, the date helped me with my history classes. But then something else came to mark the day. For anyone who knows me knows this. I am a walking calendar, especially birthdays. You tell it to me once and for some reason I will never forget it. It doesn’t matter if I knew you in elementary school and haven’t talked to you in years. I still remember it. So when my favorite boy band member announced his birthday was on January 28th, well I stashed it away, and my fifteen year old self still wishes him a very happy birthday. So what if he has no clue that I am. 

It just made the day that much more important to me. 

When my husband and I found out we were expecting with an early February due date I truly thought, you watch this I am going to deliver on the 28th of January. The date just seems to stick. I didn’t. He came five days later. And I will be honest when I say, I kind of took one giant sigh I didn’t go into labor on the 28th.

But now this day, well it marks something much more personal than a shuttle, or a crush’s birthday. Because this is the day three years ago now when I went to work not having a clue that by the end of the day I would be rushed to the ER, undergoing the first of three emergency operations  on my colon and coming out to tell about it. It is not always something that is easy to talk about and something that I wish I wouldn’t have to celebrate or remember on this day. But for reasons unknown it is and forever be marked year by year. 

I am sure we all have days like this, ones that may mean nothing to the rest of us, but the world to us. January 28th, just happens to be mine.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Sunday before.

Three days.

That is it. That is all I have to make it through and we are on the road. And yet, those three days just my kill me. So to speak.

It is always this way before vacation, whether it be a short long weekend, a long one or simply a day off. The week before pretty much seems like it is never ending.

And lets not even mention all the things I feel I need to get done, the packing, making sure we order cupcakes for someone's birthday party the weekend after we get back. I had at one point thought about making them. But lets be honest here we get back three days before his party, there is no way my mind will be on baking mode by this point. I played it safe. Call me a bad mommy if you will.

There is school to go to, papers to read. Weather to check on. There is hotel reservations and ADRs grabbed. And work to go to. It is the week before when I begin to think we should have really taken the full week off rather than the actually time I am going to be down

I have no worries things won't get done. I know in the end they will. Thursday morning will be here soon enough and we will be hitting the road for the long drive to FL with a very excited and hopefully surprised little man.

But on this Sunday night before, it can not get here soon enough.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dear Caps, well well well.

Dear Caps-

For the past month I have sat and watched what we know has been some of the most painful games to date of the season. I have watched these past two weeks as the loses began piling up. I have gone to work listening to coworker after coworker continuously talk about, ask about and question everything.

I had watched the downfall so much that this morning I decided I would not be glued to the television with the game. I just did not want to watch the heartbreak once again. Instead I would take advantage of my son being gone for the night. I would go out with my husband. I would sit as far away from a TV as I could. I would not look down at the Washington Caps mobile ap to check on the score. I was not going to have any of it.

And wouldn't you know....what do you guys go and do? You actually win. And not just barely, nor did you just squeak by. But you actually legitimately won.  Hands down. 5-0. And I missed it. I just about threw the remote across the room when I saw this.

I guess you think you can not make me happy, you lose I complain, you win I still complain. But believe me you would be wrong. You made my night with your win. Even if it is just one win in a handful of loses, at this point, at this moment. I will gladly take it.

Just let me know next time you decide to take such a lead.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

On furthering my education

I was asked had I thought about a Masters program yet. My first thought-besides a bunch of big girl words that is- was really?  Like I need another five years of hitting the books, ignoring my family on a Saturday afternoon and working my schedule to fit a class in here and there. Let’s not even mention the whole financial aspect of it at the moment.

It is not that I hadn’t thought about it, or that I don’t know the value in getting a Master’s degree. Because yes I do, believe me when I say I know.  I have worked in HR long enough to see the transition from only needing a Bachelors, to a mandatory Masters. I know it is almost not enough to get the Bachelors these days. It is kind of sad if you think about it. I wonder five years from now if we will all have to be walking around shooting for those PHDs. 

But at the same time, it has taken me twice as long to get that Bachelor’s degree as most. I am still in school, and still have 6 classes to go to even get that. I do not plan on, nor do I want to be in school for the next two decades in order to get a Masters. I am speaking the truth here when I say; if or rather when I graduate I will be lucky enough. I will consider it a huge accomplishment in its own right.  

Nor do I find the need to get a Masters to prove something. I am pretty sure I am doing so just by continuing on as it is. As someone who was told she would never go to college, the fact that I still am means a lot to me. Maybe getting a Masters is important to some, and if it I truly support and respect your decision. I commend you for it. I think it is an amazing accomplishment that you should be proud of.

Yes perhaps it will mean my chances of landing that huge ass raise are greater. And I am pretty sure it will advance my career in ways I am not even imagining. However to me, that doesn’t matter. Money is great, but ultimately it is not everything in life. 

But if you were to ask me at this very moment what I truly thought about it? I will tell you this, sitting sideline cheering on my son while he plays hockey, or scores that goal in soccer, or the piano or whatever he chooses to do; well that seems to be worth so much more than a piece of paper validating that I spent so much money on my education. 

Those are the moments; my education and the time spent on it can’t buy. 

And that is the truth.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Good call, good call.

Not my picture I do not take credit.
And sometimes, they get it right.

I should apologize now for yesterdays outburst. Believe me if you live in the area you know just how much they talk these sort of storms up only for it to become a whole lot of nothing in the end. But every now and then, well they seem to get it right.

Today was that sort of day.

It hasn't stopped snowing since this morning. Outside it is truly a winter wonderland. The only thing I can think to make it more fittingly so would have been if this was a month ago and we were looking at the holidays.

But I will not complain.

There also was no twelve hour commute, the government and every school system closed down allowing those of us that did venture out easy access to the roads. And coming from this gal, it was super. Even the way home as the snow really began to stick was this appreciated.

So I will congratulate the weathermen, you have done your job well.

This time.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Here comes the snow again.

This image is not my own, I do not take credit for it.
Hold the masses, run to the nearest store and stock up on whatever groceries you can find. The big one is coming!!!

Well at least if you believe every weatherman in the local area it is. Anywhere from 3-8 inches depending on where you live. Which is awesome if you happen to love the snow, and winter.

But for those of us that don't? Well we better brace ourselves because we are in for another round. I know what your thinking, but how can you not love winter?

Well for starters, unless you are a student, work for the government or a school system itself, dealing with it can be a rather pain. There is no exception to the rule in taking the day off. You either come in or you burn a vacation day. Even if it is five feet of snow and no way you are getting in. Believe me I remember the winter of 2010 all to well. And while everyone could use a vacation day every now and then, burning five of them when you are not intending to, is not exactly something one likes to do.

Second, all day we get to listen to the reporters go over and over regarding the whole snow event. As if we do not know that it is snowing out, and that the roads are bad. Don't get me wrong I enjoy a good snow story. I love Pat Collins getting out in the snow reporting on some random corner in only the dramatic fashion he can do. But after an hour, when we know all the schools are closed, the roads are closed, the government closed and it is best to just stay indoors if you can avoid it, really I do not see the need to report on things for the next five hours straight. Overkill at its finest is still overkill.

And what should happen if we wake up tomorrow and everything blows over us, and it turns in to a bunch of nothing? Like it so often does in this region?

Well if that is to occur, you better believe those five hours will be filled with well we dodged a bullet talk rather than well we screwed up. And every single person, parent and what not will be talking about how the lack of snow is disappointing and how they got it all wrong, including half the school systems that will inevidably close when the first snow flake falls. And they will complain that this means they will have to go to school for a day longer in June...and they wasted a completely good day.

Sure it is beautiful. And I love watching it fall. Sometimes I wish nothing more to be able to stay home and play in it with my son, after which we would grab hot chocolate and giggle while we get warm . I even look forward to the day when I can. I also realize  my anger and irritatedness comes from jealous of all those that never have to face driving in the weather to get to work, only to sit around when everyone else calls in, or the clients office's were closed.

But if you were to ask me, well I would be perfectly happy doing away with it at the same time.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Gut out.

They say Rome was not built in day, so I suppose it comes to no surprise the same can be said about cleaning out the house. Yes that's right. Three weeks after Anderson and I decided to organize, gut and clean the house we still find ourselves in the midst of it. Though I would like to think we are coming to the home stretch as we have now reached level three of house.

As I sat amongst the piles of stuff we had I began to wonder how we ever accumulated half of it in the first place. The odds and ends that I don't remember getting. Surely it had to have been after we moved in, since I cant not imagine ever cramming most of it in the two bedroom apartment we once called home.

And despite what many say, I actually enjoying getting rid of things. I know. I know it is a pain, but its also therapeutic in some sort of odd way to see the bags go out. Yes there are memories but not everything I have is so.  I mean lets be honest here, how many times am I going to wear those shoes that so and so had for a wedding party. I loved them, I wore them a few times but not anymore. And so I gladly threw them away in the pile of giveaways. Feeling no shame....

Besides, cleaning out only leaves me more room to now obtain and endless amount of more stuff..
And I have the room to not only prove it, but to totally justify it.

That in itself is worth it.

Friday, January 17, 2014

So it turns out we have a sleepwalker on our hands after all....

Growing up my older sister sleep walked. I of course was way too young – or not thought of – to remember this. But what I do remember is my parents going on and on as they recalled her sleep walking escapades. From sitting in a bathtub in her nightgown, to roaming the house during the night, yes I have heard them all. And for the most part they still remain told for good laughs from time to time.

That was until we caught little man doing the very same thing. 

In the beginning, we thought nothing of this really; he was in the transitional stages from crib, to toddler railings, to the now big boy bed. And we laughed it off and told ourselves it would be a phase, and he would grow out of it. I reminded myself that months from now I would miss those special moments when my little man comes and snuggles with me. After all how often are we told they don’t last long as it is? I was lucky.  

Two years later, he still did it. It was getting so frequent we would find ourselves waking up and marching him back into his room four or five times a night to show him this is what the big kids do. We would exhaust him to the point we hoped he would stay. I prayed, Dear Lord please just one night let him stay. I read to him, we turned on soft music and we blacked out the room. We gave him extra blankets and then took them away. We set up a chart to monitor his improvement and would treat him with small things we picked up along the way.

We researched how to deal with kids that wouldn’t stay in their own bed. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. I hate to admit after so many times of marching back to bed, you get to the point where it is just easier to leave them there. Isn’t it better to get an hour of good sleep over waking up every half hour to return him? And so he would remain his little body curled up around and against my own, envying my husband who slept soundly on the other side of the bed once more.

 In the morning we would rise and he would look around, confused saying. “Mommy how did I get here?” Or “I didn’t sleep in my own bed?” He would seem perplexed by the revelation that he was in our bed. He would then promise us he would do better, and that he would stay in his bed all night and sometimes it would work, but more often than not, he would be back in our room. It was all back to square one.

But then over the holidays, my sister was up visiting. The very one who sleep walked herself as a child. And wouldn’t you know one night while she was watching my son; he started roaming the halls, making his way down the stairs. He was out to the world, but was roaming as if he was fully awake. 

“You have a sleep walker” she said.

I had never thought of this, but the moment she said it, it made sense. How he couldn’t remember being there or even how he got there. And you want to talk freaky? Try having a kid stare you down with his wide-open eyes and yet be zonked out. That is something movies are made of.  Knowing this makes things a little easier to deal with, though a little scarier at the same time. We now make sure to check things are out of reach and put away a little more. I was told it runs in families as well as the fact it is usually outgrown by the time they reach teenage years.

Though with a good number of years before that happens, I surely hope it is sooner than that.

I do however welcome any advice from anyone who may have had experience with this, and welcome any thoughts on the subject.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dear Caps: Same team. Another letter.

Dear Caps-

There used to be a time when hearing we were playing the Penguins was exciting. In fact it was something I looked forward to. Counting down the evening, ordering Chinese-unless I happened to get the tickets.-kicking up my feet and prepared myself for an amazing game. An exciting game. After all, they are our biggest rivals and who doesn't love a good hockey rivalry.

But last night, as I came home I almost dreaded the thought of playing them. Why?

Because this season has been brutal enough. Because you were playing on Versus which meant I would have to listen to Mike Milbury go on and on about how wonderful the Pens are and how unorganized we are. Because this season I have decided we can not win or lose for that matter in regulation but somehow you seem to drag it out beyond even overtime anymore. Only to break our hearts in a shootout.

Honestly. I am beyond speechless anymore.

But of course I watched, because there is a part of me that still hopes somehow things will change. That perhaps this is the game where you guys will prove us wrong. Wake up and play. And by that I mean not just the one period, but all three. I am getting the feeling you tend to forget this game is three periods rather than the one you tend to think it is. Believe me, you seem to come out charging at times only to let it fall the moment that second period horn goes off.

No I am not blind to notice this.

I have to say for a moment there, I had hoped. We looked decent. We played. hey we even scored first, and held the lead for the better part of the game. There was this hope. And maybe it was there because it was the Pens, and if we won, well wouldn't that be something right? We kept up with them. Sure we had moments were we looked like crap, but didn't they? And they had to come back. Yes for a moment there I was really thinking good thoughts, and believing that this was our game.

And guess what?
You blew it. Yep. I said it.

And I say this as a frustrated fan with little hope that things will be changing anytime soon, but I hope that you guys wake up. That you realize things need to be changed and fixed. Within the organization, outside of it, something needs to be done.

Its time to become a team, and stop building one.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The power of social media.

Social media. It is a powerful tool. We tend to forget just how much so. Last week after a failed third attempt at getting a pair of shoes from my local Vans shoes I got on twitter. I was frustrated. I was irritated and I was simply expressing it. I did not think anything of it after I hit send.

That is until I received a response to it from the Vans Company. What followed was a week of responding via emails to customer service. I was not really expecting much, and did not want anything other than to let them know that I had gone in to the store on three occasions and on all three occasions I was ignored. I felt that they needed to know because as someone who has worn the shoes since high school I obviously had every intention of buying another pair, but of course I cannot do that if I am being ignored. The emails were rapid but stopped after they asked for the entire information and I let it go feeling I had done all there was to be done.

And then I got a call from a district manager, who was not as pleased to hear of my issues. The conversation flowed and he apologized more times than I could count. Was this going to make me stop buying the shoes, no. Did I think any less of them, no. I have bought more pairs than I can count. Online, in stores. All I wanted was to let them know that being ignored when I clearly had a pair of shoes and needed assistance was not something you want in a store. He agreed. And as a result he informed me he was sending me a certificate for a pair of shoes as a thank you. It was not needed and not the point but thanked him and told him I appreciated it.

I hung up thinking how social media plays a part in marketing and promotions in our lives these days. How years ago, you could complain face-to-face and you would get nowhere. But you put something out there, especially negative for the world to see on twitter and whether you meant to or not, you may just get results. 
All because I hit the send button.

Monday, January 13, 2014

May the waiting force be with us. Keeping a secret may be harder than it appears.

This image is not my own, I do not take credit for it.
Usually by this point in our Disney vacation prep we are busy counting down the days, marking each sleep off on the calendar the moment we wake up.

By this point we are busy trying to figure out what rides we will go, have numerous amounts of discussions about whether we will hit up Star Tours or Buzz first. Little man will be busy planning out who he will ride with – inevitably it will be me, he decides.

But not this trip. He has no idea he is even going.

18 days from now.

So rather my husband and I busy ourselves trying not to think about things, steering him away from thoughts of Disney by counting down our August vacation – which surely feels like eons away to him now. All the while we are busy planning things to make the trip extra special.

Fastpass+ selections have already been picked and our meals have already been booked. No doubt about it the kid for the five days will be spending his time riding and eating at some of his favorite places around the world. And yes, Star Tours is booked, as is Buzz….

We received the Magic Bands a little over a week ago. Pretty sure we looked like complete lunatics opening up the package and examining the colorful bands that are our key to the kingdom so to speak. But this being a complete surprise to little man, trying to sneak in a box with Ms. Incredible on it is not exactly easy when he has super “Disney vision” powers in which he can spot anything Disney related in the house. It currently sits on top of the refrigerator far from sight – at least for the moment. I am looking forward to testing them out for the first time; I hope to have a review when we return in February.

I was able to order him the Star Wars Both Sides of the Force package from Disney Florist. We have used them before, but never for Logan. Considering you only turn 5 once, well a magical vacation he shall have. Though honestly I do not know who will find this cooler, Logan or Daddy. The force will definitely be with the two that is for sure.
18 days.

I am trying to figure out how I will keep this a secret from him. Even as I write I am sure he is going on about how much he misses Disney, how he wonders if Mickey has forgotten about him. Yes, he has asked and is majorly concerned that Mickey will not remember him due to the fact it has been absolutely way too long… I bite thy tongue when it is mentioned. I hide my countdown app, and thank the lord he has yet to master the fine art of reading most of the big words like vacation that is scribbled on our calendar. I smile as he talks about what he is going to ride next time, knowing full well that next time is just about two weeks away.

Now if only I could figure out how to tell him he is going once departure day does get here.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Why I blog

Ever wonder why one blogs? For some its educational, to get the word out on a specific topic. Some do it to keep in contact with family,  taking them on a journey through the years posting pictures, reports and odd and end of day-to-day life. While others, I believe, hope to get their name out, earn money and become a successful writer. And still others view it as just another job. None of these reasons are horrible. I know several who do a little of each and absolutely love it. There is no shame in any of the reasons to blog.

So why do I blog? I was asked this the other day. Is there something that draws me in to it over another? Do I do it to become popular? Because surely isn’t blogging one huge popularity contest?

I suppose it is. Though I have never felt the need to be so. I will not lie; I am thrilled when people read. There is some sort of satisfaction that comes from knowing people enjoy my writing, and my thoughts. But at the same time, I did not start out to become the biggest blogger around. Just the same, I realize and recognize that not everyone is going to like the way you write, what you have to say or find what you write about to be all that wonderful. I do not and will not hold that against them.

As for money?  Or fame? No, I do not earn money for blogging. I do not do this as my day job and while I would love to think I have people who read and enjoy my endless amount of rambling, thoughts and input, I am in no way famous for it either.   
So then why? The answer is simply that I enjoy it and love to write. It should come to no surprise to anyone that I do. I was one of those kids who kept a journal growing up. I wrote in it every day in fact for most of my childhood. I still keep one to this day, though not on a daily basis as I had before.

And I blog because I love to share things I know, whether it is in regards to parting, or my endless amount of Disney World travel knowledge or hockey. And occasional I love to share my poetry, which at times can be on a bit of the terrible and embarrassing side. But nonetheless I share it anyway.

I always thought blogging would help prepare for my career in writing. I toyed with journalism for about a half minute, but have never really had a desire to do that kind of writing. Rather, my work and my aspiration have been on the creative writing side.  If blogging should ultimately help, then so be it.

I do so because it is fun. It is not work or a chore. No one makes me do it. No one tells me to do it. Rather it is something that I look forward to doing. It is my escape. It is my own corner of the world, my own voice.   

Perhaps that is enough reason.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Busy bee...

And so it begins again. When I first flipped over that calender, the year seemed wide open, with endless amount of possibilities. It was going to be a fabulous year, it still is going to be a fabulous year.

But then we decided to clean out the house. Reorganize and gut. We soon discovered, it was not going to be just a one weekend thing but a week, or two weekends.

Or three.

And before you know it, you realize this needs to get done, and that needs to get done. Your son has a birthday coming up and you haven't even thought about sending one birthday invitation out. Oh yeah, your also going on that surprise trip he has no clue about. Packing would be a good thing to start thinking about.

And then there is school that starts back up. Maybe you should drop it. But wait your so close. So can do it. Despite what I say, I may be busy but I also have time to do things. In my head its overcrowded and a lot.

But man, for awhile there, the calender was empty. And open.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Six goals I want to accomplish in 2014.

A week into the new years and I already have a great feeling about the year. Call it a refocus of things or perhaps rather a new perceptive of how I see things. But for whatever reason, I am trying to keep a positive attitude on this year. It its going to be a good year.

I have decided to start a list of things I want to get done this year, and have decided to share it with the world. They are in no particular order or have a method of why I want them, other than the obvious.

1. Put down my phone:

We live in a tech world anymore. I can not remember the last time Anderson and I had dinner where one of us-more so him than I-pulled out our phone. We barely talk at night anymore. I blame this on Ipads, laptops and cell phones. And so I want to put down my phone, close the laptop and maybe just focus on face to face communication a little more. Perhaps if I start, someone else will notice and attempt to do the same thing. No, I do not expect to leave the tech world behind but maybe every now and then we should start experiencing the world and our lives in real time rather than through the lens of a phone.

2. Teach my son it is OK- to play outside.

Yes, my son has played outside, he loves it. But he has spent an endless amount of hours this winter playing video games. I plan to teach him that every now and then there is thing called the sidewalk. A bike. Its good to see these things. Make friends. I want to teach him to laugh out in the rain, and catching raindrops in a jar can be an amazing afternoon memory. 

3. Finish my writing project.

I have been working on a project for pretty much my entire adulthood. Always one thing or another. More specifically I have been working on one writing project for the better part of a year and a half. It is time I try and finish it. This does not mean it will be absolutely completely one hundred percent ready to go. But my goal is to get to at least 100,000 words by the time December 31 rolls around. I am sitting at 74,000 plus. Wish me luck.

4. Read 40 books

This should be a no brainer and fairly simple. I finished 37 last year so my goal is 40 this year increasing it by 3 books. If I read more than this, awesome. But I will read 40 books. Yes I will.

5. Pay off car bill

Not going to lie, this is not exactly going to be easy, and if I have calculated I may be about two months shy of this. But I will say this, I paid off my last car early. And it was a fabulous feeling. With other things in the works, my son soon starting kindergarten getting that payment down and out of the way would be amazing.

6. Moms Panel 2015 here I come

Yes I realize they have just selected the new panelist, and they are just beginning to make their way to answering their first questions. And yes I took it hard after the loss. But it has only made me realize how much I would like to be apart of it, how much I want to help people and how much I love Disney. And so I vow I will prepare and plan. And you better believe I am already planning things to help me get there. I am taking notes, bringing pads of paper and answering questions already on my own. Will it work? Time will tell. But until then, I shall have fun trying.

So there you have it. My goals for the year. Go ahead, set your own. We shall do it together.