Monday, January 20, 2014

Here comes the snow again.

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Hold the masses, run to the nearest store and stock up on whatever groceries you can find. The big one is coming!!!

Well at least if you believe every weatherman in the local area it is. Anywhere from 3-8 inches depending on where you live. Which is awesome if you happen to love the snow, and winter.

But for those of us that don't? Well we better brace ourselves because we are in for another round. I know what your thinking, but how can you not love winter?

Well for starters, unless you are a student, work for the government or a school system itself, dealing with it can be a rather pain. There is no exception to the rule in taking the day off. You either come in or you burn a vacation day. Even if it is five feet of snow and no way you are getting in. Believe me I remember the winter of 2010 all to well. And while everyone could use a vacation day every now and then, burning five of them when you are not intending to, is not exactly something one likes to do.

Second, all day we get to listen to the reporters go over and over regarding the whole snow event. As if we do not know that it is snowing out, and that the roads are bad. Don't get me wrong I enjoy a good snow story. I love Pat Collins getting out in the snow reporting on some random corner in only the dramatic fashion he can do. But after an hour, when we know all the schools are closed, the roads are closed, the government closed and it is best to just stay indoors if you can avoid it, really I do not see the need to report on things for the next five hours straight. Overkill at its finest is still overkill.

And what should happen if we wake up tomorrow and everything blows over us, and it turns in to a bunch of nothing? Like it so often does in this region?

Well if that is to occur, you better believe those five hours will be filled with well we dodged a bullet talk rather than well we screwed up. And every single person, parent and what not will be talking about how the lack of snow is disappointing and how they got it all wrong, including half the school systems that will inevidably close when the first snow flake falls. And they will complain that this means they will have to go to school for a day longer in June...and they wasted a completely good day.

Sure it is beautiful. And I love watching it fall. Sometimes I wish nothing more to be able to stay home and play in it with my son, after which we would grab hot chocolate and giggle while we get warm . I even look forward to the day when I can. I also realize  my anger and irritatedness comes from jealous of all those that never have to face driving in the weather to get to work, only to sit around when everyone else calls in, or the clients office's were closed.

But if you were to ask me, well I would be perfectly happy doing away with it at the same time.

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