Sunday, January 19, 2014

Gut out.

They say Rome was not built in day, so I suppose it comes to no surprise the same can be said about cleaning out the house. Yes that's right. Three weeks after Anderson and I decided to organize, gut and clean the house we still find ourselves in the midst of it. Though I would like to think we are coming to the home stretch as we have now reached level three of house.

As I sat amongst the piles of stuff we had I began to wonder how we ever accumulated half of it in the first place. The odds and ends that I don't remember getting. Surely it had to have been after we moved in, since I cant not imagine ever cramming most of it in the two bedroom apartment we once called home.

And despite what many say, I actually enjoying getting rid of things. I know. I know it is a pain, but its also therapeutic in some sort of odd way to see the bags go out. Yes there are memories but not everything I have is so.  I mean lets be honest here, how many times am I going to wear those shoes that so and so had for a wedding party. I loved them, I wore them a few times but not anymore. And so I gladly threw them away in the pile of giveaways. Feeling no shame....

Besides, cleaning out only leaves me more room to now obtain and endless amount of more stuff..
And I have the room to not only prove it, but to totally justify it.

That in itself is worth it.

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