Friday, May 30, 2014

Two weeks down, four to go.

Well I have managed to make it through the first two weeks of the summer Spanish class. And so far I have learned a lot. Despite my thoughts otherwise, truth is, things do seem to come back to you. Sure maybe I don't remember every little thing but I remember how to order a meal at McDonalds, I remember how to tell time. And to count.

Yes it is the little things that thrill me.

Believe me, I will fully admit it has not been an easy two weeks. In fact I would not be lying to admit that I have studied a lot more in these two weeks that I have in awhile. Whether it is the subject, or the fact it is a hybrid summer class I do not know. But it is true. I have also enlisted my coworkers, and random people I know that speak Spanish to help me out in my quest.

So far I have been keeping up, and am doing ok.

Will I be able to fully speak it within the next four weeks? Doubtful after all I did not learn to speak English over night. But I will be happy to know at least a little to get by. Some ask why I decided to take a language for summer. I say why not? I also know that as an administrative professional and working in HR, means I am seeing more and more must speak basic Spanish on applications.

So they can go ahead and ask why I am studying it.

I will still say why not?

Monday, May 26, 2014

Hello Summer!!

Ah yes, the return of my favorite season has once again found me. You have no idea how much this makes me happy...honestly. It does.

There is something special about the first long weekend of the summer. All the possibilities lay ahead. Gone is the endless winter chill, and yes the DC area had its fair share of winter weather this year thank you very much. And no I do not wish to repeat it any time soon but thanks for asking anyway. And the only thing to worry about is how to fill up the long days.

It was quite the quiet yet enjoyable weekend for the household. Little man graduated from Pre-K and is fully on his way to becoming a kindergartener. Believe me the thought probably is more exciting to him than to me at the moment as I am trying to relish in the joys of childhood with him as long as I can.

I turned thirty-four the day before he graduated and while I would never say it is old, it definitely has a different feeling that surrounds it. I am now in my mid thirties. If I thought little man turning five was hard, the realization that I too am getting older is just as scary.

It also saw us cleaning the house which desperately needed it. Its an evil evil process which I am sure is not fully done but hey, we tried anyway right? And if nothing more it was clean for what a half hour. Spending way more money than one wants to admit on clothes that I may or may not have needed but since it was my birthday weekend gave myself permission to do so and enjoyed some sweet frog on the expensive of my stomach. The price was well worth it.

Yes the long weekend was absolutely relaxing. It was a time to spend with friends and as a family, which vary rarely happens these days as life often gets in the way. I can only imagine what it will be like once fall comes around.

This summer could see some changes, all around. But here is to hoping the best is yet to come, and the endless summer is just that.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Why I hate dressing rooms....

I am standing in line for a dressing room. Around me teenagers are giggling at remarking about the end of the school year. Proms, graduation parties the same sort of feeling I used to get.  'I'll help you if you help me, you don't think this is too long do you?. Make sure it looks OK?'  They hug it out and march off into separate rooms.

The worker calls me up, grabs my dress, the one that is super cute and I am dying to try on and marches me back to the room.

Closing the door I slide off my jeans, my t-shirt and lay my hands on that very cute sundress. Please let this fit. Please let it look as cute on as it did on the hanger. Because we all know, it usually never does. These things are all so very typical of every female on the planet. We stare at pieces forever wondering things like fitting in to things. Believe me we do.

Taking it off the hanger I inspect it. And then I realize it has a zipper. Shit
I try not to panic, I can manage it. I can do it. I am like every other female. Except I’m not. I can’t use my right hand and so that simple zipper will eventually become a pain in the butt. Trust me on this one. Still I slide the dress over my head, and it looks oh so cute. Honestly it does. And yes, it does despite my worry fit me. I rejoice in my victory feeling the comfort of a win.

Now as long as I can get the zipper.

Twisting myself I contort my arm as far as I can. The more I do so, the higher the dress does, which is great I can inch the zipper up. But so does the dress, the moment I pull it down, I can’t reach the zipper to actually pull it up. It is an endless battle between my left hand and the zipper. The zipper was clearly beating my ass.

And people wonder why I hate trying on clothes.

OK so maybe turning the dress around backwards or to the side and sliding it around would work. Believe me I know all the tricks. And so I do. Except it isn’t made to be that kind of dress. And on the side, well I still can’t reach it. I think about calling out for help, but decide not to. What am I twelve?? And there is no sign that reads, dress assistant provided. Not that any stores have one. And I am sure if I begged someone some poor soul would have pity on me. But I always feel silly to ask for it.

 Beside me two girls are laughing and carrying on.Back in my own, I want to cry. Frustration begins to hit. And for a moment all I really want is to be like everyone else. I try once more before deciding the dress wasn’t all that worth it, I mean honestly if I couldn’t get it in the middle of a dressing room, how would I be able to do it at home on my own.

And so like I have done with so many other garments, I abandon it.

Cursing the dressing room on my way out.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Go team go.

Last night the Ducks were eliminated from the playoffs. They were the last team we were rooting for standing in this household of hockey fans. Which means as of this morning, we could probably care less about the playoffs anymore.

OK so that isn't necessarily true.

Rather we have no idea who to root for. Do we even care who wins at this point. I am pretty sure we don't if you ask us. Chicago because they are Chicago and we haven't seen a Stanley Cup repeat in ions, the Kings because, well because they are the Kings? The Rangers have the St. Louis factor this year. My mom loves the guy, as do most people around the league if I am going to be honest. Or the Canadians because of their history, and because my sister's husband is Gionta's cousin which sort of makes him like family. But not really. Or because they beat the Bruins.

Honestly I do not know, nor do I seem to have the answer. Does it even matter that I don't have a specific team I am pulling for. Perhaps I should just wish for some great series. Maybe that is the better option.

Or perhaps I do what has been suggested and find a team to root against. My mind is still not made up on that point. But it is a very possible thought. And perhaps a little tempting.

And because I do not have any certain picks, nor feelings I will just say, go team go...may the best team at the moment win...and good luck.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hola, ¿cómo se dice... nervioso.

Let's discuss the whole school subject shall we?  Back in the beginning of April I discovered that if I push myself and take not only the planned fall and spring classes but a summer class as well I could graduate next May. The thought sounded quite fabulous really. After years of sitting in classrooms, and trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel, being done in a year, well I never thought I would see the day. And so I immediately began my search for a summer class, preferably one online because who necessarily wants to spend their summer jammed into a classroom for endless amount of hours. Not I.

There were few and far between option wise, a finical class-yeah no thank you. A few I had already taken, and a Spanish class. The good news the Spanish class only lasted five weeks. Five weeks I determine I can deal with. Sure it was going to be a hell of a lot of work. And it was going to be pretty much bust my ass sort of work. But five weeks in the grand scheme of things, I could handle. I signed up. I got this.

Until I saw the syllabus, the 15 page syllabus mind you.

I immediately go into panic mode. Honestly I do. I sit behind my computer rereading the thing shaking my head. There is no way, no way at all. It has been years since I have even attempted Spanish, though I can get to the bathroom and order McDonald's so I guess I am not that bad off. Still I wonder if my ambition back in April was far to high....

And maybe. Just maybe.

This whole taking a summer class should be re-evaluated. I will admit, syllabus's intimidate the hell out of me. Perhaps they are created to do just that, it works. I begin to think about everything. Maybe this isn't such a good idea. I know I am so close, but could I hold out for one more extra semester. Maybe that is the better option.

My answer is no. Delaying, is just that, delaying. And as much as the next five weeks may kill me, at the end. I will be one class down, four to go

And the thought of that sounds a hell of a lot better than the alternative. 

I just may need a little more extra luck. And a whole lot of prayers.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Put the phone down.

This past weekend the family made our way down to NC for the annual supporting of my sister's theater program.

This years musical was Footloose. And as always the show was amazing, the talent unbelievable and it has been wonderful to see my sister grow as a director.

But there was something that I noticed. You see I sat there in the middle of the theater trying to pay attention to the lead actor when halfway through his performance the young girl in front of me whipped out her cell phone and began flipping. Through Facebook, twiiter. Texting. Soon her friends followed her and before I knew it not only was I staring at the stage, but I was also staring at the glow of the latest Iphone and trying to ignore the whispers and giggles that came from the row in front of  me.

I know we are all guilty of it. Checking on emails, and occasionally glancing at them when we know we shouldn't. But being on it throughout a high school performance? A play? Really. Is it that important that we need to be connected to everything at all times. Apparently it was.

Apparently it is.

This led me thinking about my own habits.  I will not lie and say I haven't done this from time to time, because I too have. I even caught myself doing it in the middle of that very same show, during intermission. I told myself it was OK because well, it was intermission and I was just checking the score of the hockey games. After which I put it down and did not glance at it again. But I definitely gave myself a little talking to.

We live in a world where it has become OK to do this, during dinners, dates and in the middle of class lectures. We talk to friends through texting now because it is easier to get a hold of them that way, instant gratification in the palm of your hands. And we wonder why we are losing touch with human interaction. Have we forgotten the basic manners our parents parents taught them. Should I get used to this whole well its perfectly normal to do this? Everyone else is doing it?

Or should I start my own trend and stop the urge to look.
Even if it is just for an hour.

Friday, May 9, 2014

The case of the Fridays.

It happens about this time every week. But especially once the weather begins to turn from mild to extremely nice. When the days are longer and the office becomes empty. What am I talking about? 
The case of the Fridays. 
Admit it, you know exactly what I am talking about. It has on occasion happened to you even. Its the moment when the workweek may as well be over because you are over with it. Your production and productivity hits the wall. The moment when you can't think of another spreadsheet or report. The coworker down the way, the one who has been on conference calls all day just got a little more annoying.And you would much rather be anywhere, and I mean anywhere than at your desk.

It comes and goes of course. And can change from person to person. Week to week. For myself, this week it has been brutal. Painfully so. Enhanced by the fact for the 7th time since relocating to the DC office they have moved my cube, reassigned me with a new group. All of which has yet to move meaning I am sitting in a quiet row with nothing more really to do but stare at a clock.

For the record, I am pretty sure it hasn't moved since I walked in.

I know Fridays should be the same old same old in the business world. And maybe it is. But for me, today. I will tell you this. It is just not happening.

Better luck next week.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I'll be frank. I detest exams. Give me  15 page paper no problem, but I see the word exam and I can already feel the anxiety. Yes I know they are part of the whole education experience, but its an experience I could live without.

Still I knew it had to come, the final exam time. I sat there over the weekend studying, thinking please Lord, just let me pass. Let me do a hell of a lot better on the final than I did on the midterm-which we won't even get into because yeah, that went oh so wonderfully. I can't say I was fully ready to take the exam yesterday afternoon, but then again I don't think I am ever quite ready no matter how much I study. I will admit this, I could have studied harder. I probably even studied a lot harder for the midterm. But I felt OK about it, I knew I could relate to a lot of the material on a personal level, giving me an advantage on that aspect.

The exam was over within 40 minutes.I walked out feeling OK sure there were questions I didn't know, or guessed on. But I didn't feel like I failed it either, and isn't that a good thing. I came home, ignoring the books and the notes. I am one of these after its done, its done why go back and agonize over the ones you know you missed.

But curiosity kills the cat. And so I decided to take a peek later last night to see if by any chance she had graded it. And wouldn't you know she had.

I stared at the big fat B on the exam and rejoiced.

I did it. I passed.
And it felt pretty damn good.

Maybe the whole exam taking isn't so bad after all.

Monday, May 5, 2014

A getaway

Sometimes, all one really needs is a getaway.

Admittedly a lot of things have gone on lately. A lot of which should not be discussed in the walls of a blog. These past couple of months have been and continue to be some of the hardest I have ever experienced. So much so that for the past few days the thought of running has seemed well, rather tempting.

Fueling the fire? A simple one line email from Jetblue, sale.

Typically I delete these, ignoring as junk and forgetting them the moment I do. But not this one. For some reason it felt as if it was staring me in the face, taunting me with its blue and orange wording. Click me, click me.

I did.

And soon I found myself plotting. I needed a getaway, we needed a getaway. And at the price? And with our DVC points, well that getaway went from nonexistent to quite possible. Even more so when my husband actually agreed to go, so what if it was only going to be a four day trip. So what if it meant giving up some extra vacation days. It would be worth it. We needed this. It may be more beneficial than ever.

I know what your thinking, again? Weren't you just there. I get it. We go an absurd amount of time. But here's the thing. I get just as excited as I did that first time. And on some level there is a need to go back down. I assume it is sort of like an addict. I need that fix to be happy.

And so this past weekend, we planned. We plotted. We found ourselves renewing our annual passes-we were going to have to do so anyway for August.-and we hit the submit buttons. We are heading back down the weekend after Memorial Day.

This gal couldn't be happier.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Happy Star Wars Day

Yep, it is that day. The day that both the husband and my son look forward to and quite possibly ranks right up there with Christmas and their birthday. If you ask me, well it is just another day. But apparently this whole Star Wars day is a pretty big deal.
Just ask my five year old.
We made sure to celebrate as best we could. We trekked down to the local Lego store to build a piece of a puzzle, before making our way down to the Disney store where little man learned how to be a Jedi in training. Yes the kid was in love.
They are currently watching one of the six episodes, though as me and I will tell you I have no clue to which one it is. The whole Star Wars love seemed to bypass me. 
But I suppose, there is one in every family.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train...I

I take no credit in the photo.
There has been a lot of buzz this week going around regarding the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in Fantasyland. it has been long awaited and anticipated by many, including in my very own household.

And earlier this week, video was posted from a recent ride on giving many their first 'on-board' test. I admit I get excited, I am counting down till the annual summer vacation anticipating the very ride. But what I did not do was this. I did not and have not watched the video.

You may ask yourself why. After all, I am a huge Disney World nut. I live for news, and videos and anything with the word Disney in it. So why not check it out and see what its all about. But here is my reasoning.

You see I like the element of surprise on the first trip. I love not knowing exactly where every turn is going to be at, or what Dopey's face is going to look like. Or this and that. I sort of enjoy the thrill of finding this all out in person. What is the fun of knowing things ahead of time? Yes I get in today's time where we live on social media spoiler alerts, the need to see things right away has its appeal. And is so so tempting. But doesn't that take at least a little fun out of it? Wouldn't you rather be surprised and in awe over it than not?

Besides, isn't that truly what life is all about.