Friday, May 30, 2014

Two weeks down, four to go.

Well I have managed to make it through the first two weeks of the summer Spanish class. And so far I have learned a lot. Despite my thoughts otherwise, truth is, things do seem to come back to you. Sure maybe I don't remember every little thing but I remember how to order a meal at McDonalds, I remember how to tell time. And to count.

Yes it is the little things that thrill me.

Believe me, I will fully admit it has not been an easy two weeks. In fact I would not be lying to admit that I have studied a lot more in these two weeks that I have in awhile. Whether it is the subject, or the fact it is a hybrid summer class I do not know. But it is true. I have also enlisted my coworkers, and random people I know that speak Spanish to help me out in my quest.

So far I have been keeping up, and am doing ok.

Will I be able to fully speak it within the next four weeks? Doubtful after all I did not learn to speak English over night. But I will be happy to know at least a little to get by. Some ask why I decided to take a language for summer. I say why not? I also know that as an administrative professional and working in HR, means I am seeing more and more must speak basic Spanish on applications.

So they can go ahead and ask why I am studying it.

I will still say why not?

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Megan Ludeman said...

I took s hybrid sped class. I too feel I learned more in that short class than in a 16 week semester.