Friday, June 6, 2014

A couples getaway, Disney style.

And sometimes, all you need is a little getaway.

Back in early May I made the executive decision that it had been far to long since Anderson and I had some couples time. Sure we had had weekends here and there due to various events. But half the time they were jam packed and even filled. There was no actual time to enjoy each other as a couple.

And so I came up with the idea. I logged into the Disney Vacation Club site and soon found myself figuring out and plotting my getaway. Anderson having little idea that I was doing so. Before I knew it I was asking my mom if she would mind keeping him a few extra days so that we could do our first adult only trip to Disney World since 2011. Thank god for parents as she agreed.

I know what your thinking Why in the world  out of all the places you could go to, why go to Disney World? After all, romance and relaxation aren't the first things you think of when you hear the word Disney World. But trust me here, you would absolutely be wrong. Not only can the most magical place on Earth be romantic, but it can be a whole more fun as an adult, and dare I say, kid free.

A kid who had no idea that while he was enjoying a special weekend with his lolli and pop pop, his parents were running around the Magic Kingdom. Maybe I feel a tiny bit of regret that I checked out the Mine Coaster before him,  but know soon enough he will be on it as well.

Don't get me wrong. I love my son, I have loved bringing him to my favorite place for the past several years and I look forward to doing so for years to come. But there is also something to be said about seeing the world as an adult.

Like the fact that for the first time in three years we stopped and did the entire World Showcase, roaming from country to country exploring the exhibits, the culture and the shows that they had to offer. I can not tell you if I have ever been as far back into Morocco as I was this weekend. It has always been something we fly right by. Nor could I remember the last time we were able to ride rides together, acting like two giggly kids through most of them. Usually there is always one of us that has to fly solo so the other could watch or ride with our son. We were able to sit and talk, and enjoy the sights without rushing around, most of the time we forget to pay attention to the small details that Disney is spectacular at. And if you haven't been able to, next time your down there I strongly urge you to take a moment and pay attention to every little detail as it is some of the most amazing pieces of art you will seen. When it comes to detailing and imagery, Disney is top notch. Just wait till you get on that Mine Coaster, or have dinner at the Beast Castle. It will make you a believer.

You should really check out the mine coaster. It really is that cute of a ride.

And checking out the sun rises and sunsets on boat rides, which we took just to take...well I can honestly say it was some of the most romantic nights. It didn't cost anything extra, there was no extravagant acts of proposals or anything but I learned it didn't need to be. It was simply amazing just being there, observing the peaceful and tranquility that the space and the moment brought.

I hated to see the long weekend go. Who really wants to return on any vacation really. But there was something special about this one. Something I can't quite put my finger on. Call it a  little Disney magic. Call it just a reminder of what we have, and what we often take for granted.  Or call it simply a great time.

But whatever it was, I will call it a much needed getaway and a most magical time.

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