Monday, June 9, 2014

The finals.

Did you know the Stanley Cup finals are happening? Yeah apparently it is. You would think the hockey fan that I am would be glued to my TV. After all I had been for so many weeks.

But here's the things. After some incredible series to get to the finals, I have found the actual finals against the Kings and Rangers to be....

well rather boring.

Granted the first two games of the series were exciting. Who doesn't love overtime hockey in the race. None of this five minute crap or shootouts. No, its full hockey straight on till the end. Its fabulous. But in all honesty, I haven't found the same level of excitement that I usually do.

Perhaps its because I don't care about the teams. If you were to ask me who I would want to win, I will say I could really care less, neither team has won my full support. Though I like St. Louis, I mean how could you not. So if that is any indication then it would be the Rangers.

Or perhaps it is truly because the series is that boring.

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