Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Parent of the year award right there.

This past weekend I was out and out and about doing my usual typical Saturday errands when I decided to stop for lunch at my local Subway. It was packed. I made my way to the line like everyone else. Behind me a gentlemen comes in with four kids. Two no doubt his own, the other two clearly not.

The two that weren't immediately went up to the counter and began talking to the cashier who just sort of stood there. These kids where no more than 6 and 4.   Not getting their way they ran around the place, hitting the bathroom, cutting in line. Yelling. The guy that brought them in stood there. Not knowing they weren't his a lot of people looked at him clearly all thinking the same thing, you just going to let them run the place? A mom behind me turned to the older of the two and said something to the effect of your a good big brother. That was it.

And that is when a gentlemen came in. He was identical to the boys. The guy looked in and said do you have my children. Did you feed them? When the cashier informed him they were in line, that he had to wait. The guy asked why, they were kids. They needed their food. The original dad turned to him and said, those boys were roaming the parking lot looking for you...they were in the middle of the street..I thought it was better they were inside.

By this point I had my lunch and was getting ready to go. But I couldn't help to think to myself who lets a barely 6 and 4 year old kid in the street? Alone.  Come on people honestly? This is not acceptable. This should not be allowed. I really wanted to give the guy my two cents even if it was fathers day weekend. Because I am pretty sure that should not be allowed.

It just didn't seem fit.

I also had to commend the guy that brought them in. Without him, I am pretty sure it could have been a lot worse.

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