Thursday, June 26, 2014

An overkill adventure.

Is there such a thing as overkill?

This past week found Disney announcing a summer of Frozen themed fun at Disney Hollywood studios. For full information and details please check out the Disney Parks Blog on the specifics. And while I love Disney, and the movie itself I couldn't help but think, are we reaching the point of FROZEN overkill?

Don't get me wrong I am a sucker for the movie, it is in fact one of my favorite Disney  movies-top three- I think it was wonderful. Yes I find myself still singing in the car to Let It Go, and For the first time while my son is in the back, probably plugging his ears. And I can not think of snowman now without the name Olaf. And OK, I was even excited to see they were coming to the parks. Despite the fact my husband and son would have nothing to do with standing in line to meet them. Just knowing they were there seemed exciting.

But then came word that they were flipping Norway's Maelstrom into a Frozen theme base which is sort of cool. I am not one to judge rides until I am actually on it or see how it works so, meaning I will save my thoughts until it actually does. But then they began changing rope drops to suit the needs of the characters. Balloons, floats and all began finding their way throughout the parks. Again, I see nothing wrong with merchandise. After all, it is a hot ticket why not right?

As if this is not enough, Frozen is coming to the ice, and to Broadway..there is sing along versions and parties geared to Frozen. 

But for some reason this latest news seemed to stop me. A special party, parade and sessions for Hollywood Studios? If you are changing a lot of things, including it in to other aspects of the industry already is there a need to?

I am not saying it isn't brilliant because it is. Disney is, if nothing more amazing at keeping our interest in the company. But one has to wonder, in a year from now are we all going to be pulling our hair out and saying...

Let it Go.

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