Saturday, June 28, 2014

No me gusta espanol.

And with the push of a single submit button, I was finished with the summer class that for the past six weeks has caused me to cry, to yell  at times to laugh and be proud. And it caused me to skip  weekends away and some important time with the family.

Believe me I was not sad to see it go.

How did I do? I want to say pretty well, but the truth is I am pretty sure I bombed the final, exactly the same way I had done the other two.  But ask me if I had actually cared at that moment. Hint -I didn't.  No at that moment all I was concerned with was getting it done.

The bright side? I have done pretty well on everything else, meaning the grade should still be pretty good overall.  Though I find even if the grade turns out to be not the one I think it will be, I will take it. After all I worked my ass off for it. I studied, I sought help. I worked on it every day. My weekends along with my weekdays have been consumed with getting me through the day. Whether the grade, or the professor reflect or could see this, I do not know. But I did.

I have no intention with moving forward with Spanish. I did not take it to do so. I simply needed the credits....

Which means after that final grade is posted,  I am that much closer...

And 13 credits away from graduation.

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Megan Ludeman said...

All ya need is a big old fat C!!