Friday, November 30, 2012

Please come to Boston

For the past several summers, I have lived for a few things, sun, warm. vacations. And, concerts which range from 90s boybands, to rock gods, to barely out of the teenage year country girls. But when it comes to concerts in the summer, there has been a long standing tradition. For several years now, well with the exception of the one that he decided to take a break, my summer revolves around one concert in particular. Mr. Kenny Chesney. 

I have seen him for years, the majority of which have been in the DC area, though I do admit to traveling down to NC once or twice. And while these places are fabulous to see him I have always had this dream spot. Call it my dream spot in my dream city sort of thing. You see besides my love for Kenny, I have a love affair with Boston. The town, the city, besides Florida, it is the city where I feel most comfortable in. Pretty sure if not for the fact it was cold, I would be more than willing to move there-which is why the lord invited a winter get away home right?-I had this idea a couple of years ago, right about the time he started playing his stadium tours. The idea was to see Kenny in my beloved city. I immediately put it on my 'bucket list' though in my mid twenties, I admit I really didn't think I needed one. Still it was on there. I was going to get to Kenny in Boston before he retired. It was all but said and done.

But the years, they come and they go. We get married, we go on honeymoons. We buy houses, and decide to finish school. We have kids. Life has a funny way of slipping right on by. Still with each year, as the tickets would go on sale I said, this would be the year. Except, well that would be the year he would do Boston in the middle of the week, or on a Sunday, when you know you can't get off on the Monday.  And so you push it off for another year. And you promise yourself next year you will. 

But it always felt like an empty promise.

So this year, when I logged on to find the annual schedule, I glanced down at the date when he would be in Boston, and woah wait a minute. He would be playing Boston, at the end of August..on a Saturday night. And all those years, of dreaming of planning. Well this year you decide would be the year.

That is if I could only convince the husband, who is usually my co partner in crime-considering he isn't much of a country fan, I know I need to thank him. He agreed, as long as we hold off on tickets to the DC show, which happened to fall between my birthday and our anniversary. And as hard as it was to not hit the find tickets I agreed. Because this is Kenny, and this is Boston. And its closing night (as of now that is) and so I quickly agreed.

I was worried however that his recent popularity with the stadium concerts would mean tickets would not be available. After all it's hard enough getting them in DC but now I would have to add on flight and a hotel and everything else. And this is closing night. Still I sat there this morning with hope. I didn't even care-well ok I did to a point- where the seats were. I just wanted tickets. I watched as the hours to go turned into minutes to go. I recruited Anderson to help on his end because one could never be to sure and it's an extra chance. And when the bewitching hour struck noon I logged on and waited and waited... I held my breath that Anderson would have luck if I didn't. And I patiently waited as he typed out...

We got them. 

See you in Boston Mr. Chesney. 

I expect it to be epic.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Meltdown.

Well folks we finally had it this weekend. Our first official temper tantrum. And no I am not talking of the minor kind. Those have come and gone throughout our three years of experience in the parenthood department. Rather I am talking full blown, screaming in the middle of the store while everyone around you is watching sort of one.  The kind that you look around, feeling every pair of eyes on you. Fully aware that the mother in the corner is sitting there judging your ever move. She glares at you, and the recruits her two teenagers to follow suit. Yeah, because I am pretty sure they were perfect angels growing up...

And as I sat listening to Logan scream at the top of his lungs that I was in the wrong, and he was right and that he was going to get his 700th Spiderman figurine and that was just the way it goes mommy all I could think about was my parents.

You see I remember growing up, throwing tantrums, and watching as my sister(s) throw them as well. Back then I thought-just like the rest of us-how totally unfair life was that we were not getting our way. I remember begging, and pleading for toys, and games and even that pony that I never got but always added each Christmas, hoping that beyond hope it would somehow appear. If it wasn't the holidays then we would beg and plead in the middle of the store and do our best at trying to convince my parents that we would be good as long as we got what we wanted. Sometimes it worked, but when it didn't. Well when it didnt, you best watch out. I specifically remember my little sister throwing some rather nasty ones. And when this happened, well we would be marched out of the store, the resturant until we could either calm down. My father would be the one to give us a 'little talking to' while mom would stay behind.

And growing up. I swore when my kids grew up I would handle things differently. Though how I didn't know. Maybe I was naive and thought they would never act they way we did as kids in the store. Believe me at ten things were a lot different. And as a kid, you swore what they were doing was the worst thing ever.

Yet as I stood there in the middle of the store, with Logan informing me I was wrong, and the lady across the way glaring at me. And my husband standing there asking me which movie I wanted over the other, all I could think about was. I get it. I totally get it All those years, of truly not understanding why my parents did what they did..and I finally got it.

And so I did the only thing I could think of.

I grabbed my screaming child, my husband. I abandoned the basket leaving everything right there in the middle of Target. (I am truly sorry for those that had to put it all away) I did not look back, or look at anyone really while Anderson hid Logans face and tried to unsuccessfully wipe away his tears.

As we left the store I wondered if this was how they felt. This pit in the stomach. Had I done the right thing? Caving in would have been a lot easier, and perhaps a lot less embarrassing.And for a moment I almost felt ashamed that I had let it get this out of hand. I wondered if they to questioned their own decision, if they swore they would never do such a thing in the middle of the store just as I had all those years ago. I did my best to hid the disappointment in myself, hide the tears that were bound to fall because I felt like I was the bad one in the situation.

Logan eventually calmed himself down enough that we could go to dinner-because our dinner still lay in the basket we left back at the store.-and as we sat there in the middle of the restaurant with a now happy little boy. The only signs of any meltdown was a blotchy red irritated cheek, and when a father flew out of the restaurant with a screaming kid in toe. I smiled, nodded to him in total understatement.

I had been there, we all had been there.

Welcome to the club.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Goodbye to a tradition.

Its been a tradition for a few years now. Every Thanksgiving started the same. My day before Thanksgiving hockey game with one of my best friends Sarah. It started several years ago, right when Anderson  first joined the organization. Back when we didn't have little man, we were still just the engaged couple and going to hockey games seemed like an appropriate way to kick off the holiday season. It also was Sarah and I's first official hockey game together. Which is how the whole tradition started anyway. After the game, win or lose we found ourselves at IHOP waiting on Anderson to finish. We would spend hours there, drinking stale coffee and flat soda while we downed those pancakes and listened to some horribly awesome music. The kind that you almost expect to hear during such an hour in the middle of a 24 hour diner. Anderson would break down the game for us,mentioning things here and there if we didn't understand. Because back then we weren't the experts of the sport that we pretend to be today.

As the years have gone by the tradition has changed a little, with a son I guess you would expect it. We still would hit up the game, and the diner, but sitting until 2 in the morning wasn't as feasible. Nor as recommended. I don't think I can even remember the last time I saw two in the morning, other than when little man was an infant that is. And there was a time or two that we skipped it all together for travel purposes, exhaustion or other reasons that are escaping me now. But for whatever reason we still hung to the game. No matter what. This was our tradition. If we did not make it to any other game together during the year, we would be there. 

Sarah said it best when she mentioned how it often wasn't about the outcome, or who it was against-which most of the time it was the Trashers, now Jets. It was about the evening. About our friendship and just the whole time together. It helped form who we became. The bond that kept us together...

But not this year. Thank you NHL lockout, my traditional hockey game and IHOP at 2am has been cancelled. The thought saddens me a bit as I was as I always am looking forward to it. It wasn't unexpected. I mean I pretty much knew it would not be happening this year. But maybe a bit of me was hopeful that something would be worked out. That the season could be saved. Now I don't know if I hold out any hope in even that happening.

Whether this bothers the players, or the owners in anyway I have not one clue. I know they could care less about my tradition. In fact they have no idea it even goes on. Sometimes I wonder if they even miss or care about the lockout, After all most of them are overseas playing in their home country, they are still getting some sort of income. And while there are a few Americans who will be celebrating Thanksgiving at home with their own families come tomorrow, I doubt hockey will even be on the forefront of their minds.

But here back at home. A day before Thanksgiving, and what is traditionally known as hockey night...

Well here, it won't exactly be the same.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A board of magic

We have been on a board game kick here in the household as of late. It started right before Sandy, when we were preparing for the possibility of no power and a very active three year old.  Pulling out Chutes and Ladders, we introduced little man to a little thing called, a board game. Yes it was quite a concept to a son who assumed that the only games you can play are on a phone or on daddys Wii. Of course, as you know we were spared of Sandy's wrath thank the lord, but the storm taught us 2 important lesson.

1. Modern technology is great, but nothing beats a classic. 

This weekend while we were out, I suggested we continue this board game thing and picked up Candyland. A staple during my childhood, I was quite surprised when my own husband informed me he had never played it in his life. Seriously?? Who hasn't played this as a kid. None the less, we pulled out the classic, set it up and soon sat down to enjoy a Saturday evening with no TV and no phones.  And what we found, was that win or lose, little man enjoys his board games. Since picking it up, we have played somewhere of two dozen rounds of it. Anderson on his end seems to enjoy it as well though he still swears he does not remember ever playing it. I say he was apparently a deprived child.  It was amazing how for that two hours we sat there playing it neither of us checked email. Neither of us cared what game was on, what TV show we may or may not be missing and none of us cared that the house was completely silent.  I know people think they couldn't survive without the every day convenience of TVs. But on that Saturday night on the weekend before Thanksgiving, this family learned that sometimes, nothing can replace three plastic gingerbread men, and a board.

2. Little man does not need to win every game.

I get it. I know he is the kid, and he is only three and because of this he should win by default. And while I agree that he should win, and that it is an important lesson. I also feel that losing is just as important. And so we let him win-ok, so let may not be the correct word because he technically won on his own right-but we also let him lose. Should this make me a bad parent? I don't know. But here is the thing. If I let him win every game, every time he will grow up with the expectation that he will always win. And as much as I want my child to succeeded I also know that there are times when he won't win that first place trophy. When he won't win the girl, the game or even the lottery. And how did he take this lesson? Did he stomp and kick his feet exclaiming its not fair? Not fair at all? No, he smiled congratulated the winner and then said 'How about we play for 2nd.' and then he smiled and laughed and pulled out that next card, and then added. 'Maybe next time I will win.'

And perhaps this will be the greatest lesson of his life.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Five Question Friday 11/16: Cellphones.

Well my friends this has been beyond a doubt a hard week,  which explains why I have been away. I know I need to update, but for the moment this is not the time, nor the place to do so. Which is why I will just do a five question Friday, this weeks theme: Cellphones.

 1. When did you get your first cell phone?

August of 2001, I was actually the first one in the family to get one. It was a Nokia, which at the time was the big phone to get. I always wonder if they even still make them. Anyway. I bought and paid for all on my own, which made me so excited and proud. Of course this was only by request from my parents after I got lost heading to the mall....I had also just gotten my license the day before and always swore I knew where I was going. I will never ever forget that day...
2. Do you have any special ring tones, if so what are they?

Ah I used to. I actually miss it, but since I have converted to my Iphone, sadly no. I now have the same ring everyone and their mother who owns the Iphone does. But before hand. I did. And I would switch it up every so often. Usually it was the following

Summer-Summertime by Kenny Chesney
Fall-Bigger by the backstreet boys
Winter- Holiday music or Back to December by Taylor Swift
Spring- whatever fit my mood.

 3. Does your phone have a camera?

But of course. At this point, I wonder if there is a phone out there that doesn't. But yes mine does have a camera.
What kind of phone do you have now?

An Iphone4s.
What carrier do you use?

Verizon, and have been with them since 2003 I believe...

And there you have it. My FQF. May you all have a wonderful weekend. And may I find some time to update...

Friday, November 9, 2012

Five Question Friday: Kicking it old skool.

 Ah yes, its Friday!! This week's theme takes me back big time, back to when TV wasn't all about the whole reality thing. So here are the Five Question Friday to the theme of classic sitcoms,

 1. When was someone or something recently Too Close for Comfort?

The people on metro, who always seem to stand a little to close for my liking. I think the whole personal space pretty much goes out the window while riding the lovely metro.

2. Besides yourself, who’s recently been in Double Trouble?

I wish I could say my son, but in all honesty he is quite an easy, care free and really good kid. And sadly this is all I know. So I do not have a great answer for this. I am sorry.

3. What’s Happening?

Currently, not a whole lot. For a Friday afternoon, it is pretty dead. Most have taken off determined to enjoy a three day weekend, even if the company doesn't officially have the holiday off...

4.  Who’s the Boss?

In the house? We take turns actually. Currently my husband is. Tomorrow this may change and I could be. At work, a man named Charlie, he look Charles in Charge. LOL. I crack myself up.

5. What are you most likely to be up to from 9 to 5 tomorrow?

Running around doing errands and entertaining a very active 3 and a half year old. The good news, its supposed to be fairly nice out...we shall see...

Alrighty then, there you have it.....Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Just about a week ago, I found out I was nominated for the Liebster Blog award thanks in part to Jessica from Living La Vida Holoka. I am both amazed and honored to be nominated as I have loved blogging for years now.  You may have never heard of the award, but it is given to up-and-comers in the blog world with under 200 followers. 

This is a pay it forward reward: 

Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves. 

-Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, then create 11 new questions for the bloggers you pass the award to.
-Choose 11 bloggers (with less than 200 followers) to pass the award to and link them to your post.
-Go to their page and tell them about the award.
-No tag backs!

11 Random Facts about me:

1. I like even numbers and have to always have my savings account be exactly even at all times. My husband often laughs at me for this. But someday he will thank me.
2. I type 75 words a minute, one handed. And yet I still can't memorize the numbers on the right side of the board.
3. I am a walking jukebox, seriously. At any given moment I will break out into songs. These range from various genres and decades. I also know just about every song at any given moment.
4. I have always wanted to break out into dance in the middle of the mall. Sort of like the way Tiffany did back in the 80s. Glee has only enhanced this.
5. My favorite day is Thursday. Weekend is just about here, Monday still far away. And the workweek just about done. I do not know when my love affair started. 
6. That being said, I was born on a Thursday. Meaning I apparently have/had far to go.
7. I had this huge crush on a kid named Josh back in elem. school. It was my first crush, and thought he was absolutely adorable. I was 7. I now follow him on twitter. 
9. I haven't had beef since Dec 2000 when I had a cheeseburger after an ice skating show. This was not truly by choice. 
10. My sister was on the show 'Thats Incredible' back in the day. Its her claim to fame. And if you remember the show at all, I would say thats incredible.
11. I have a thing for clean teeth. If I was on an Island, I would have to find a way to clean them.

10 Questions from the one that nominated me:

1. When did you start blogging?

Back in 2000, I was 19. This was of course more on online diary. But still it was well before the whole blogging craze truly took off..

2. With the holidays coming up, what are some of your favorite family traditions?

My mom always has a tangerine in the bottom of our stockings. I thought that when we got older it would stop, it hasn't. Its simple, and at times cheesy. But its something I look forward to every holiday season.

3. What's your guilty pleasure?

I love plugging in my ipod, and jamming to the boy bands of the 90s. Especially BSB. For some reason it just makes me feel a whole lot better. Judge all you will. I could spend a couple hours being reminded of the 'good ole days'

4. What's the last really good book you've read?

The Last one? FIREFLY LANE great book, made me laugh, cry, feel, love...everything. Great book for anyone with a friend throughout the years. Dif recommend. 

5. What is something that has made you happy recently?

My son. At three and a half, he is the love of my life.

4. What is one of your favorite smells?

Thanksgiving dinner. The whole warm smelling, pumpkin pie and all. I just absolutely love it.

5. What is one food you probably couldn't live without?

Turkey....enough said.

6. What is one of your best traits?

I am caring, and loving. I will go out of my way to make sure you are happy before I am. Its the way to be. It can also work against you.

7. How do you keep positive?

Music. If I am ever down, I jam to something, see above.

8. What's something you would absolutely love to splurge on if money wasn't an issue?

A trip to Italy. Because my husband wants to go there so bad, and while we were in Europe he gave up the chance to go, so that I could go to England, he did get to see Paris, which was his choice. If money was no object I would get him there. 

10. What's something you love about where you live?

The history. DC holds so much of , but its VA where I live that I forget how much history it has. I love the battlefields, the colonial. Everything. Its rich in history.

I nominate the following

Everyday Enchanted

Now for your questions:

1. What was the last thing you ate?
2. If you were born the other gender what would your name have been?
3. You have just won a 5 minute shopping spree at the mall, what store would you hit?
4. At what age do you consider/did you consider yourself grown up?
5. Whats your take on Uggs?
6. Who is your favorite president, dead or alive.
7. What Disney princess would you be for the day if you could?
8. When was the last time you played in mud puddles?
9. Thanksgiving or Christmas/Hanakkah?
10. Whats in your back pocket at the moment?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

Election day. It seems that the campaigns have been going on for so long now that this day has taken forever to get here. And like most of the rest of the country, I too did my civic duty and voted.  And I sit here, watching as the numbers go back and forth, one minute it seems to be swinging Romney's way, the next its Obama. Currently its tied. Dead even.We are in for a long night my friends.

Speaking of friends, if this election has taught me anything it has been the role social media has played, specifically in regards to Facebook. And how with a simple post, you can be unfriended, unliked and piss off quite a few people. I have sat back and watched, and ignored mind you half of what people post when it comes to political messages. As I have previously mentioned in past posts, while I applaud someone's enthusiasm and their support for a certain party but what I don't like is the rants, the verbal lashing and the disrespect I have seen from so many of those out there. If you post something like that, then in a lot of ways I would expect that someone will disagree. Especially when you post something as negative as I have seen. We must remember this though This is after all America. We were born and fought for our individualism, the right to have an opinion, and by posting yours, you invite others to disagree.  If you can't handle it, then don't post. Don't comment and ignore.

And truly, is arguing and getting pissed off really worth losing friends?

Something else we must remember, come tomorrow-providing we know by then-half of the country is going to be celebrating, while the other half will not. Like everything else there will be a winner and a loser. Plans will change, parties may divide and defeat will be admitted. And life? Will go on. No matter what. The sun will come out, the morning will start. I will drag myself out of bed and head into work.  My son will still be his goofy little self. And no matter what, things will be OK. Sure it may not be the answer you want. But in the long run, when things are all said and done.

Life goes on. And so will you.
No matter who wins.

Hang in there.

Monday, November 5, 2012

5 Unmissed Election Things.

With the Presidental election now just hours away. I would like to take this time to list a few things that I will not miss once Wednesday morning arrives.

1. Campaign TV Ads

That's right. Because apparently once during a commercial break is not enough. I will not be ashamed to admit I have long since tuned them out. And I am not slamming just one side here, because when it comes down to it, I find them both equally annoying here. Though for the record, I also think I know more about Maryland's Questions 6 (Gay Marriage) and their Question 7 (Casinos) than I do regarding anything I should be voting for in Virginia. I wonder how this happened.

2. Campaign Phone Calls

I don't actually know which is worse, the TV ads, or the phone calls. I haven't answered my home  phone since August. And while I have always liked having a home phone, this campaign has really made me re-evaluate my decision. And no Ms. Romney, or Mrs. Obama I know it is not you on the other end of the line, though I appreciate your efforts and your enthusiasm for your husband. Stand by your man.

3. The Political Talk around the office

Yes, I get it. I work in Government Contracting. And I know for the most part our lives revolve around what the government does. But it has become a twenty four hour session around the coffee pot these days. Its getting rather old. I can now tell you who likes whom-for the most part everyone seems to be Romney fans-and am getting rather tired of hearing the F work dropped after speaking of the President. Those that do support Obama, seem to sit silently fuming listening until they can no longer stand it and then it all hits the fan. While the views may be different, I am of the mind frame that you should have some respect for the president. Like or hate either party, candidate I believe it should be the standard, especially working where you work.

4. Being asked who I am voting for, and if I am Republican or Democrat.

I have, and I claim neither party. I have voted Republican and Democratic. I try to decide what or whom I believe will be right for the country. There are certain things I side with each party, making me an Independent. I will say I hate that I even have to declare anything. I am not a political person,.

5. Seeing the kids dressed in political party gear.

It annoys me to see kids in gear that states the following: I voted for Obama in 08', now I am voting Romney in 12'.  or Forward four more years... Why? Because no, they didn't vote in 08' In fact they weren't even around. I get the parents are full supporters but I really don't think kids should get truly involved. Especially kids that are still in diapers and don't know any better. Even worse when you get them to chant things during a fall parade two months before election. I was sick when I saw two kindergarteners going at each other because one was wearing Obama and one Romney. I wondered how much they actually knew of the man they were 'supporting' because  if you were to ask my son at the moment who is favorite president is he would say 'Obama' and if you asked him why: he would say this: Because that's what I know.' I am pretty sure most kids feel the same way. Despite what their t-shirts say. Leave the politics to the grown ups.

And there you have it. Five things I will look forward to not seeing after the election.
Which if you ask me, can't get here fast enough.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Moving on.

As if Sandy wasn't enough bad news, yesterday sealed the deal.  But I guess, in order to really understand the current story, I should start from the beginning. Back to September. When the whole story first started.

I applied to a job working for the local school system in Fairfax county. For the school board.  I had and have been interested in working for the system for awhile now, though a teacher I am not. Still I threw my name in the hat figuring I had at least a decent shot of even getting a phone call. Though in all honesty at that point I really wasn't expecting it. At all.

It came a month and a half later. They were interested in me, and wanted to interview me. I sat there for the next week, preparing myself, prepping for senerios and questions until I felt the most confident I had ever felt. In fact I knew I was going to kill it. This was my job, and it was mine to take. I just knew it.

And I left, feeling wonderful. If there was a recipe for the perfect interview, I am pretty sure it would have been it. I answered everything with confidence, I smiled. I shook their hands. I did everything right as far as I was concerned. And it must have worked, the next day they contacted me for more information, for references. And three days after I was told they were contacting them. And I was thinking this was it. It was mine. I mean you don't contact references for no reason right?  Now coworkers were starting to know I was looking. But this was ok, I mean surely if they called the references that meant only good things. I having worked in recruiting and staffing to know that when you call, its a pretty sure bet.

Then they called...and a second interview was set up. And I was feeling pretty good, though a little confused why the called the references before they finished interviewing. The second interview went well, I wouldn't say I knocked it out like I did the first. But it was still really well. I was told I would hear either way. And by everyone that worked for the county, the longer it took to hear back the more likely I would get the position.

I waited patiently, each day expecting that email. It never came. Good sign. Especially since the past time I had interviewed I received the thanks but  thanks email two days later. I listened as friends, my mother and even Anderson told me repeatidly I had the job. Despite my worry I didn't. I was getting nervous, the lack of news made me nervous. The longer they took, the more I doubted. The more I figured I didn't get the position. Even if I had heard it took forever I began to wonder how long was to long to hold out hope. A week? Two

Turns out three. It took three weeks.

And within seconds, a blink of an eye really, it was over. My hopes of landing that job I really really wanted dashed. Over.

It hurt like hell to read the email. I cried. I sat there feeling sorry for myself and disappointed and feeling every other sort of emotion that I can't find words for at the moment.

There was no real reason given, they said they were impressed with me but they went with someone that was a better match. Whatever that means.  Maybe they had that degree that I am still trying to get. Maybe they looked like they fit in with the group more than I did. Maybe I could sit here and go around all night speculating on things.

Truth is, I know I will truly never know why.

I know things could be worse, I have seen recent reports on Sandy. I know I have a job, and whether it is my ideal position or not, I know far to many people that would love to have one right now. Things could be worse. The right job will come, I just need to be patient. These are all the things I have heard since receiving the news twenty four hours ago.

But right now, that is little constellation.