Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

Election day. It seems that the campaigns have been going on for so long now that this day has taken forever to get here. And like most of the rest of the country, I too did my civic duty and voted.  And I sit here, watching as the numbers go back and forth, one minute it seems to be swinging Romney's way, the next its Obama. Currently its tied. Dead even.We are in for a long night my friends.

Speaking of friends, if this election has taught me anything it has been the role social media has played, specifically in regards to Facebook. And how with a simple post, you can be unfriended, unliked and piss off quite a few people. I have sat back and watched, and ignored mind you half of what people post when it comes to political messages. As I have previously mentioned in past posts, while I applaud someone's enthusiasm and their support for a certain party but what I don't like is the rants, the verbal lashing and the disrespect I have seen from so many of those out there. If you post something like that, then in a lot of ways I would expect that someone will disagree. Especially when you post something as negative as I have seen. We must remember this though This is after all America. We were born and fought for our individualism, the right to have an opinion, and by posting yours, you invite others to disagree.  If you can't handle it, then don't post. Don't comment and ignore.

And truly, is arguing and getting pissed off really worth losing friends?

Something else we must remember, come tomorrow-providing we know by then-half of the country is going to be celebrating, while the other half will not. Like everything else there will be a winner and a loser. Plans will change, parties may divide and defeat will be admitted. And life? Will go on. No matter what. The sun will come out, the morning will start. I will drag myself out of bed and head into work.  My son will still be his goofy little self. And no matter what, things will be OK. Sure it may not be the answer you want. But in the long run, when things are all said and done.

Life goes on. And so will you.
No matter who wins.

Hang in there.

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eslachtdermai said...

I agree that it's sad that people were unfriended during the whole process. It was like the American Revolution where if you were a fan of America and your friend was a fan of England, you weren't friends anymore. Or the Civil War... I lost one friend officially during the whole process, one that I had for years, but because I was playing "Devil's Advocate" with her (even though I agreed with her!) she unfriended me and blocked me. So sad...I guess I just don't understand why we all can't get along and work together for what is right, not sticking solely with party lines, but for what would actually be best for the country.