Thursday, November 8, 2012


Just about a week ago, I found out I was nominated for the Liebster Blog award thanks in part to Jessica from Living La Vida Holoka. I am both amazed and honored to be nominated as I have loved blogging for years now.  You may have never heard of the award, but it is given to up-and-comers in the blog world with under 200 followers. 

This is a pay it forward reward: 

Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves. 

-Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, then create 11 new questions for the bloggers you pass the award to.
-Choose 11 bloggers (with less than 200 followers) to pass the award to and link them to your post.
-Go to their page and tell them about the award.
-No tag backs!

11 Random Facts about me:

1. I like even numbers and have to always have my savings account be exactly even at all times. My husband often laughs at me for this. But someday he will thank me.
2. I type 75 words a minute, one handed. And yet I still can't memorize the numbers on the right side of the board.
3. I am a walking jukebox, seriously. At any given moment I will break out into songs. These range from various genres and decades. I also know just about every song at any given moment.
4. I have always wanted to break out into dance in the middle of the mall. Sort of like the way Tiffany did back in the 80s. Glee has only enhanced this.
5. My favorite day is Thursday. Weekend is just about here, Monday still far away. And the workweek just about done. I do not know when my love affair started. 
6. That being said, I was born on a Thursday. Meaning I apparently have/had far to go.
7. I had this huge crush on a kid named Josh back in elem. school. It was my first crush, and thought he was absolutely adorable. I was 7. I now follow him on twitter. 
9. I haven't had beef since Dec 2000 when I had a cheeseburger after an ice skating show. This was not truly by choice. 
10. My sister was on the show 'Thats Incredible' back in the day. Its her claim to fame. And if you remember the show at all, I would say thats incredible.
11. I have a thing for clean teeth. If I was on an Island, I would have to find a way to clean them.

10 Questions from the one that nominated me:

1. When did you start blogging?

Back in 2000, I was 19. This was of course more on online diary. But still it was well before the whole blogging craze truly took off..

2. With the holidays coming up, what are some of your favorite family traditions?

My mom always has a tangerine in the bottom of our stockings. I thought that when we got older it would stop, it hasn't. Its simple, and at times cheesy. But its something I look forward to every holiday season.

3. What's your guilty pleasure?

I love plugging in my ipod, and jamming to the boy bands of the 90s. Especially BSB. For some reason it just makes me feel a whole lot better. Judge all you will. I could spend a couple hours being reminded of the 'good ole days'

4. What's the last really good book you've read?

The Last one? FIREFLY LANE great book, made me laugh, cry, feel, love...everything. Great book for anyone with a friend throughout the years. Dif recommend. 

5. What is something that has made you happy recently?

My son. At three and a half, he is the love of my life.

4. What is one of your favorite smells?

Thanksgiving dinner. The whole warm smelling, pumpkin pie and all. I just absolutely love it.

5. What is one food you probably couldn't live without?

Turkey....enough said.

6. What is one of your best traits?

I am caring, and loving. I will go out of my way to make sure you are happy before I am. Its the way to be. It can also work against you.

7. How do you keep positive?

Music. If I am ever down, I jam to something, see above.

8. What's something you would absolutely love to splurge on if money wasn't an issue?

A trip to Italy. Because my husband wants to go there so bad, and while we were in Europe he gave up the chance to go, so that I could go to England, he did get to see Paris, which was his choice. If money was no object I would get him there. 

10. What's something you love about where you live?

The history. DC holds so much of , but its VA where I live that I forget how much history it has. I love the battlefields, the colonial. Everything. Its rich in history.

I nominate the following

Everyday Enchanted

Now for your questions:

1. What was the last thing you ate?
2. If you were born the other gender what would your name have been?
3. You have just won a 5 minute shopping spree at the mall, what store would you hit?
4. At what age do you consider/did you consider yourself grown up?
5. Whats your take on Uggs?
6. Who is your favorite president, dead or alive.
7. What Disney princess would you be for the day if you could?
8. When was the last time you played in mud puddles?
9. Thanksgiving or Christmas/Hanakkah?
10. Whats in your back pocket at the moment?


eslachtdermai said...

Oh I feel so what do I have to do now? Wait for questions? :-)

We do the orange in the stocking...similar to tangerine, citrus.

Aleisha said...

Yeah, sorry I haven't gotten to them yet. I will update and post them shortly.....

Aleisha said...

OK go for it...

Jessica @ Living La Vida Holoka said...

Oh my gosh! Our lives would be a super musical! Haha! Also, I think it's adorable your mom still keeps the tangerine tradition going. :)