Friday, November 9, 2012

Five Question Friday: Kicking it old skool.

 Ah yes, its Friday!! This week's theme takes me back big time, back to when TV wasn't all about the whole reality thing. So here are the Five Question Friday to the theme of classic sitcoms,

 1. When was someone or something recently Too Close for Comfort?

The people on metro, who always seem to stand a little to close for my liking. I think the whole personal space pretty much goes out the window while riding the lovely metro.

2. Besides yourself, who’s recently been in Double Trouble?

I wish I could say my son, but in all honesty he is quite an easy, care free and really good kid. And sadly this is all I know. So I do not have a great answer for this. I am sorry.

3. What’s Happening?

Currently, not a whole lot. For a Friday afternoon, it is pretty dead. Most have taken off determined to enjoy a three day weekend, even if the company doesn't officially have the holiday off...

4.  Who’s the Boss?

In the house? We take turns actually. Currently my husband is. Tomorrow this may change and I could be. At work, a man named Charlie, he look Charles in Charge. LOL. I crack myself up.

5. What are you most likely to be up to from 9 to 5 tomorrow?

Running around doing errands and entertaining a very active 3 and a half year old. The good news, its supposed to be fairly nice out...we shall see...

Alrighty then, there you have it.....Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend.

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