Sunday, June 30, 2013

Goodbye June.

Hard to believe we have now come to the end of June.  School has ended for the year, as has hockey and summer has officially begun.

It finally started to feel like it around the DC area. It has been hot and steamy. Storms are routine. As has been rain lately.

And around the office work has slowed and cubes have become empty. At least for a week as you find at least one person in each row on vacation. I suppose this is to be expected up until the week of labor day...

Tomorrow begins July...


Friday, June 28, 2013

Five Question Friday: 6/28/13:Austerity


It has been awhile since I have had one of those weeks. The long slow ones that you think will never end. I am happy to announce it has. This is the last Friday Five for the month of June...already. This weeks theme is Austerity

1.When you have to cut back on spending for a time, what are the niceties you’re least likely to give up even though you could (or should)?

Meals out. We have been able to cut back on the amount of times we go out for dinner but have not been able to wipe it out completely. Thankfully we haven't been to hard pressed to do this to often so that is the good news.

2. In leaner times, what are your go-to “famine foods?”

Grilled Cheese, tuna and PB&J sandwiches along with some chicken noodle soup. Its our in a pinch, low on dough meals.....

3. How do you keep yourself amused or entertained in times requiring great frugality?

Its hard and yet easy to entertain around the DC area. A lot of the Smithsonian are free so you have an instant day trip as it is. Not to mention the battlefields and all. But to entertain my son we tend to go to the local mall and have him run around the play areas. It works for now.

4. When was the last time you had to go into austerity mode?

Right after the holidays. Which seems to be a routine. Holiday spending can be brutal.

5. What’s a necessary expenditure others might consider an extravagance?

I am allergic to most everything. Including makeup. I am only allowed to by from Clinique now. It cost a lot more than drugstore brands but I consider it to be an evil necessity on my end of things. Its that or end up in the hospital with a medical burn.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Here it goes. My attempt at a totally honest confession. Because I need to get it out there. Because I feel like I am falling and the landing is no where in sight.

I am stuck in a rut.
I am miserable.

I thought perhaps it would pass, maybe its just a day thing, which turned into a week, which has turned into, hell I don't even want to admit how long it has been.

No it has not been overnight, but rather for some time. I realized it over a year ago, it was my job, I began to see cracks in it. I was unhappy with it. The commute, the job itself. Everything. I started applying and had somewhat mild success landing an interview or two.  But they didn't pan out. And so I forged on.

I continued with my job, I faced company layoffs waiting for my own notification. It never came. I face a company reorg. I hated it. I tried to tell myself things were going to get better. They had to. And still it was horrible.

I realized it was school, because it never seems to be endings. I am thirty three years old and have been going to school for to long, more than I want to. I should be done and over with. I try to remind myself 7 more classes to go. But those 7 more classes seem to be getting farther and farther away.

I realized its my marriage, we just hit the 7 year mark. He never wants to do it anymore. I have stopped trying. We barely talk, and when we do it sounds like the same conversation over and over. We could sit in the same room and just not seem to care anymore. Friends, not lovers we have become. I wonder if I feel the same way as I did. If I ever did.

And I feel like I have failed in so many ways. I failed him, I failed everything.

And hanging in there, doesn't seem to quite cut it these days.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Blurried Lines. When country meets pop.

Turn on any of the top 40 radio these days and you will find the following: Florida Georgia Line, Hunter Hayes, Taylor Swift, The Band Perry and Carrie Underwood.

None of which are actually pop artists. but rather country artists.

Wait a minute, you mean its actually cool to like country music? Since when did this happen.

I grew up a teenager in the 90s. Back when Garth Brooks, LeAnn Rimes, Reba and Brooks & Dunn ruled the country stations. Back then, admitting you liked such artists did one of the following:

1) Killed your popularity no matter how big they were.
2) Made you an instant hick. Because apparently only hicks listened to such nonsense.

And so I kept a pretty tight lip back then about my love for such artist as Bryan White-who was my favorite of the moment.-not bothering to tell many because surely it was better than being uncool, I was already that enough. Why add to it? So the love of such artists was reserved for after school jam sessions in my bedroom and at a friends house.  I hid my concert t-shirts and wore them only around the house when I was sure no one outside of my circle would catch me wearing it. I even laughed when people mentioned the bands myself, because back then that is what you did.

Now my son is singing in the back of the car to Taylor Swift who has thought to be beautiful since before he knew it. And to Hunter, and Fl/GA line. There is no shame in liking these as we blare it down the road and turn up the volume. Obviously country has come a long way since the days I was in school.

Or maybe it may not be that as it is this: the lines classifying what is country and what is pop these days are beginning to be a lot more blurry. If you are pop, you will duet with a country artist and the song is instantly that much cooler. The same can be said if you are a country act and you pair up with a pop artist.

And instead of country artist trying to mesh in with the likes of the Pop princess's and rock gods. You  know have pop gods trying to turn into country artist. Lionel, Sheryl, Jewel even the dude from Hootie and the Blowfish (yes I know its Darius Rucker.) seem to be doing it these days.

Which means surely I was not as uncool as I would think.

Maybe I was just way ahead of the game.

Yes let's go with that.

Monday, June 24, 2013

2013 Stanley Cup Champs

I myself, here at From the Puck to the World would like to congratulate the Chicago Blackhawks on their win last night. 
This now means for the 2nd time in four years
Te blackhawaks are


It was an amazing series.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Five Question Friday-6/21/2013: Scatagories.

 Welcome to the official first day of summer! The thought thrills me but with this being the longest day of the year I know the days will only get shorter from here-I know not for awhile-so that saddens me. But lets not think about this shall we. Its Friday, which obviously means one thing around here. Time for my Friday Five. This week is Scatagories...

 What random letter was generated by the online random-letter generator? (this doesn’t really count as one of your five questions)

Obviously, the letter was R.

1. What geographical location, whose name begins with the letter, would you most like to visit someday?

Russia, where my family first began. I know its cold, and dark and all but I am pretty sure this just may be a stereotype I have learned from school somewhere. Still one of these days I would like to adventure over there. The likelihood of it happening however is pretty slim.

2. What’s a yummy dessert whose name begins with the letter?

Rocky Road ice cream....just thinking about it right now makes me crave it. Yes it does....and considering I haven't had it in ages, its a pretty good chance this will actually be consumed. Well if only my stomach could handle it that is. 

3. What’s an annoying or unpleasant task whose name begins with the letter?

Raking the leaves in the fall. And it seems no matter what, the moment you finish another tree decides to drop the leaves and shed off its 'coat'. Leaving you with another pile...

4. What implement, whose name begins with the letter, would be good to take on a camping trip?

A radio, one that is battery operated that is. Though these days, good luck trying to find one. Because they are becoming harder to find. Apparently they are not in style anymore....

5. Which of your body parts, whose name begins with the letter, needs some attention or maintenance?

Ring finger actually. I have a nice little blister from writing lately. Its not the most pleasant of things and hurts quite a bit...

 And there it is, may your summer be spectacular!!! Happy Friday.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

What I have learned from the pen and the paper.

As many would now know, I have big dreams of becoming an author. Its an ongoing process that has taken me years to play around with. Though as of late, has really come together. I mean 60,000 words and counting coming together. This in itself is a huge deal to me, since I have never ever gotten to this point. Most of the time, I am done around 30,000. Since I have been working on it a lot lately, you can say I have learned quite a number of things on my journey. But here are a few of my favorite things I have discovered.

1. You may or may not be insane.

There is a great thing about being a writer, beautiful actually. You can walk around all day and have conversations in your head with people you know aren't actually real- and lets face it you have some totally kick ass conversations going on up there-and you totally get away with it. .

Really it truly is brilliant.

Of course this can be a horrible thing as well because while you know they aren't real, . The rest of the world. Doesn't. Face it, having to try to explain why your yelling at someone who isn't in front of you makes you seem really really insane. Or creepy. I haven't quite figured out which, though beginning to think there isn't much of a difference in the two.

There is no doubt half of you are reading this thinking I have in fact gone insane. The other half? Well the other half of you are probably still debating this. And that's alright. Truly it is. Maybe you are right. Maybe I have gone a tad bit insane. Wouldn't you like to know?

2. You tend to have a fabulous dream life.

I have discovered in my quest to become the next big thing, that living in the thoughts, well its kind of like living in a dream. You have this whole other world that no one knows about, and it is exactly what you want it to be. Well to a point that is, because lets face it, not everything can be wonderful all the time. But ultimately, the pieces fall into place, the guy gets the girl. That dream job is within reach and issues are resolved with little effort.

Its really quite fabulous.

3. There is no off days

And half the time, you can't just turn off these thoughts. Or the voices. I can not tell you how many times I have walked into a store, gotten on metro or stood in the midst of my living room and something comes to me. Which means, there is no day off, no off button to turn flip. Because I will not be satisfied, and the voices will continue to talk inside until something is down on paper, or napkin or sticky note. You get the point.

4. Its not easy work

When I sat down and started writing back in November with the latest idea, it actually kind of was. Easy that is. But by the fifth page I realized it needed more than just conversations and such. I needed things to happen. And ever after couldn't exactly be done in five pages. Writing takes research, and real life event inspired. And there are going to be days when your writing isn't going to be the best, and your going to hate it. You may give up. And even if I had a great imagination as a kid that has helped me in my quest, its not in fact as easy as anyone thinks....

Then again, what line of work is?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I won it on the radio....

Its no secret that I am a fan of the Backstreet Boys, OK to some yes, because I am reaching the oh my god you still like them stage in my life. Of course at the same time I can also now claim I have liked them for the better part of half my life,-the thought really does scare the shit out of me.  A) because they have been around that long. And B) because I am now at that point in my life, and I mean seriously this as not supposed to happen. Ever.

That being said, this does give me the right to still continue to follow them. And because I still do I was more than a little excited when they announced they would be coming around on tour again. And more than a little disappointed when I found out they weren't going to be coming to the DC area. OK, heartbroken was more like it. I hated knowing they were going to be out there and I would be missing it. But hey, if they wouldn't come to me, maybe I would go to them. I have after all done it before and its not like they weren't worth it. Believe me they are.

Still I admit I sort of hated the fact DC was all together forgotten about.

But as luck would have it, a new announcement came via the radio yesterday. Of course they just said a huge concert announcement and didn't name the band, but the moment they said it was going to be huge, I knew it was them. And so my heart leaped with joy. They heard my cry, along with I am sure others...I immediately texted my BSB fanatic in crime, asking if she was interested. I mean how could we not go. These were our boys we are talking about. The boys we have spent half our lives with. I was going to get tickets one way or the other. Her reply came with a $ sign saying she didn't have that much, and how much did they cost. I didn't know. But this did not bother me. I am more concerned with actually going than the price of the ticket. Or having to buy hers. Besides, friends have each others back.

But I understood her reasoning's as well. Money is tight everywhere these days, and its not always easy to just accept the offer. Still I was determined to figure a way out to get her to say yes.

It would come this morning.

While Anderson and I commuted into work. I flipped on the pop channel and listened for the time they were going to give away tickets, and a special meet and greet. My fingers were ready to dial and at 7:27 I began to dial only to be told it was not a call in but a text. I hung up, and sent in my text.

Nothing. Well that's a big surprise. 

I turned it off. I didn't really want to hear who had won. I flipped to the station I listen to with my son. Its up and coming, pop without the rap. FreshFM. I cringe just a little bit because I am once again  reminded I am now in the demographic of mom stations. But they have a daily quiz contest, I enjoy it. And I play along. Afterwards they announce they too have tickets. A half an hour from now. And despite my two hour commute I pray I am in the car when they ask for it.

Turns out. I am.

At 8:09 they ask for caller #9. Wait. Caller #9? That's pretty impossible. But I dialed anyway. I had to try. Busy. My husband shrugged, I said once more. And the phone begins to ring, and ring and ring. The next thing I know they are taking my name and congratulating me.

Problem solved.

Now the question remains, do I even want to know how close I can get with actual tickets? Or be happy with the free ones I won?

Monday, June 17, 2013

You've got a friend in me.

When it comes to friends, I admit I could probably count the number I have on one hand. Sure we have the couples friends. Those people we get together with from time to time. His and Her friends sort of thing that are now ours...But actually solo friends? Just her friends?

Maybe less.

Its not that they aren't important to me, or that I don't try to make friends...

Its just well... not as easy...

It used to not be like this. No, I used to have a lot more.  It was easier then to get together. Before kids, and husbands and jobs and life got in the way I suppose. Back when having a lot of friends was the most important thing ever and you could just call up so and so, see if they wanted to see the latest movie, or go shopping for things you really didn't need. And of course they would always say yes because, well they didn't have a life back then easier.There was no curfew or bedtime you needed to worry about. No babysitter to pay and the mall really was the coolest place to be.

 Maybe I didn't have the quantity of friends my sisters had, but I didn't do shabby either. And yes it was a whole lot easier to maintain the small number of friends I did have. 

Ah those were the days.

I never thought I would miss them. The days when getting together were simple. Or friends. Just having friends. But this weekend, I had dinner with a friend I had lost contact with, and am just now getting back really in touch with, I realized how much I had. And how much I not needed them.

It was not that we did anything special, because we didn't. But we sat there and talked. There was the usual job talk, kid updates and walk down memory lane. What get together wouldn't? But then there was something else that I hadn't done with anyone. Guy gab. Husband bashing-yes, honey there was.-and just all around gossip.

I talked a lot. Unusual for me since I am a whole lot better in written communication than verbal. But I let things out, and let things go some of which I hadn't admitted to anyone. For a brief moment I felt guilty about this, after all she didn't come here to listen to my issues. And who was I to be talking to her about it anyway. But afterwards I sat there across the way feeling as though this huge stress was lifted. As though I had been holding something back and inside for so long and letting it out was the key to releasing it.

I realize you can't do this with every friend. But it felt good at the time to do so.

With this one.

True maybe we still didn't see the latest blockbuster. And I ended up heading to the mall on my own for things I actually needed. But I left feeling as though the dinner meant so much more than it did back when things like going to mall was the coolest thing ever. And maybe I still don't have an enormous amount of friends, though my Facebook would probably say otherwise.And maybe I don't get together as often as I should, though we did vow to do it a lot more often.

But maybe that isn't what is important after all.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fathers Day

Would like to wish a very happy fathers day to all the gentlemen out there from The Puck to the World. May it be a day of relaxation, love and family.


Friday, June 14, 2013

Five Question Friday 6/14/2013: Summer Rules

 Its a cool Friday here in the DC area, the storms-if that is what you want to call it brought in a gorgeous Friday afternoon. I think this is what spring is to be about. And once again we find ourselves with another five question Friday. This weeks theme: Summer Rules.

 1. You are the boss of summer time! So what behaviors are not allowed until summer’s end?

Returning indoors once the sun goes down. I am in fact encouraging people to stay out, enjoy the evenings. Listen to the crickets and go catch a lighting bug or two. Because when was the last time you did that?

2. And what is everyone required to talk about until summer’s end?

Their dream vacations. What did they want to do, and what they see when they look at the clouds. I used to lay there for hours having conversations about what shapes I could make out. I think we all need to go back there.

3. And what songs must be in regular rotation until summer’s end?

This should be pretty standard for me. Anything by Kenny Chesney. Which is my standard summer song list, but here are ones that I think need to be put on summer rotation regardless:

Summertime-Kenny Chesney
Boys of Summer-Don Henley.
Summertime-Fresh Prince
Cruel Summer-Bananarama.

I could go on with this.

4. And what must be eaten at least once per week until summer’s end?

Corn on the cob....its on my summer must have list....and one of the families favorites.

5. And since you are also the poster child for summer time, what activity will the poster display you engaged in?

Sitting on the deck, feet propped up against the railing reading while I am enjoying the sun....yep. Perfect.

And there you have it. Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dear Kristin Hannah

Dear Kristin Hannah-

As a reader I am in love with you. I am sure you hear this a lot. How often do I run across someone while sitting on the local metro reading one of your books, and a complete stranger will say so. 'Don't you just love her.' But its true, I love you. Because you truly are that good. Not many books make me feel every emotion. But yours do. I laugh, I cry. I get angry-to the point I want to throw the damn thing across the room.-But mostly I cry. I specifically recall a moment in particular. When I was on the metro, reading Home Front. I was at a really good point to. The doors opened and chimed, riders got on and off. Usually I pay no attention to them. The seat beside me was empty and I feel a gentlemen come up. 'May I sit here?' He asked. I look up.

And have to pull out my sunglasses to avoid the tears I had already felt rising. He was in uniform. I tell him he can sit and he does. And I try to go back to my book, the man sitting beside me flips through a magazine. Somewhere I realize I have read the same line four times-its right at a good point of the book. But I can't concentrate because the man in uniform seems so different now. After what I had just read, my heart bleeds for him that much more. You brought me on to the battlefield, and I lost. I was there. Even if it was through a book, I suddenly felt like I knew so much more about it. And with the guy in uniform sitting beside me, I couldn't read it any further. I closed the book and sat in silence the entire way home out of DC.

And cried.

I used to hate this, reading these kind of books and crying. Especially in such an open place. It made me feel weak and silly because after all, its just a book. These characters aren't real. Despite what I may think otherwise, they aren't. But yours, are so much more than just a book. And your characters, come to life. If this makes any sense at all. I am pretty sure it doesn't. Now however, I relish these kind of books, because they are few and far between that can do so. And I know that this does not mean the book is terrible or that I am silly. It means its a good book. No scratch that, its a fantastic book. Because it does make me feel. With everything I have. 

So yes, as a reader I am in love you.

But as a writer, I hate you. Yes, I am aware hate is a strong word.  I do not hate you in the way one hates Lima beans, or math. Both I fully admit to hating. But rather because you truly are that good. Because you make me want to be better writer myself. Because I find myself pen in hand, rereading one of my several pieces of work-none of which have yet to be complete-thinking, this is so not what Hannah would do. I know this is unfair to my self. I am not you. I should not compare me to you. A professional who has had several scripts already turned into books. I am a novice who only at the moment aspires to be something greater. I know I am far off, and have a long way to go before I can even regard myself in the same category with the likes of you. Though should this ever happen would be an honor in itself.

But compare myself I do, so often my husband has to remind me to stop trying to be like you, and to be like me. Still, I want to be that kind of writer that makes her readers cry. And feel something. Maybe it won't exactly be to cry, because as I have mentioned very few can. But to make them feel an emotion as strong as you make me feel in any of your given books would be a win in my column. I have a long way to go.

Nor can I write when I am reading you. Its a habit I try to break. But I can't, maybe because I am comparing, and I know I need to stop. Or maybe because while I am reading your books something will go off and a whole other idea will form and then I must write, and I will not be happy until I get it down. Which means abandoning your lovely work and get to my own. In the past, I have not minded this, but your books are to good to not pay attention to. And so I abandon my own, because I have to know what happens to Kate, or Tully. To Jolene and Michael. Or to whichever character I am at the moment invested in. I  can't just not know.

I am pretty sure you knew this to.

And so I applaud you Ms. Hannah. Because while I may hate that you are as brilliant as you are. I love you for that very same reason. My only hope is that one day, I will be able to thank you in my liner notes.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Quest for the Cup.


Begins tonight. 
Chicago is favored, but I wouldn't exactly rule out Boston. After all they were the team that defeated what most people thought would have been the champs. Or should have been. I'm rooting for Boston, obviously.
This will be the first time since 1979 that two original teams are in the cup finals. This is also the first time that the two teams have faced each other in the finals.
I laid in bed last night, thinking about the series and this for pure entertainment value is what I came up with.
Chicago and Boston both have 70s bands named after them
Chicago: Your my Inspiration and Hard to say I'm sorry.
Boston: More than a Feeling. Amanda.

I sat there for the remainder of the nights singing the four songs. This may be absurd because really why should I compare the two music groups to hockey? You can't. But I did. I sat there thinking well Chicago was probably the better of the bands, their hits remained huge. But Boston's are rock classics. 

So if the music past is any indication, Chicago will win.
But I am still laying my bets on Bruins.
In 7.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

This is a test....

If you know me, you know I am not a huge reality show junkie. That being said I do admit to having my two staples So You Think You Can Dance and the Bachelor, which I always vow not to watch because of its pure ridiculousness at the end of it all. But we all know what happens. I come home on a Monday night in the middle of January and nothing is on, and so I get sucked into the show no matter how much I vow I won't.

And what of the summer counterpart? The Bachelorette? Eh, really when it comes to it I could love it or leave it. Sure I may watch a season here and there but to me, its just there.

Which explains why I had no real interest nor was I going to go out of my way to watch these season. I like Des, but I wasn't in love with her when she was on the Bachelor. Of course things sort of changed when I saw an ad on the TV for an upcoming episode of the series. The one that called for a current girlfriend ratting out one of the male contestants. And hot dog, we may be on to something. Even if I didn't have much interest in it, I knew it was going to be ridiculous and outrageous. Even if it was somewhat staged as I believe most of them are. And so last night I decided I was going to watch it, just to see how absurd it could be.

I sat through an hour of it before the event that had teased so much decided to play out. And just as it began to get good-the girlfriend finally confronts her boyfriend in front of Des, well the local meteorologist breaks in about the severe weather.

Damn it!!

I realize the weather is kind of important, tornadoes aren't something you mess with but you got to be kidding me? Talk about brilliant timing. THE ONE THING I WANTED TO SEE THE ENTIRE EPISODE and you break in to tell me that there may be a chance for storms, the same thing that they had been flashing across our screen through the entire episode?? Typical. I began to laugh. Because really? You would know.

And of course they finished, just in time for Des to be addressing the remaining guys. I had missed the entire event.

Double Damn.

Yep and with that, I am pretty sure I won't be watching the remainder of the season.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Five 6/7/2013: Retrospect

Well Tropical storm Andrea has hit the area, leaving it a very soggy DC area currently.  This Fridays Five topic is Retrospect.

1. What seemed like a good fashion choice once upon a time but now seems kind of dumb?

Probably those biker shorts that were big in the early 90s. Yea, they were pretty awesome back when I was like ten of course now looking back now I tend to then what the hell was I thinking??

2. If you knew then what you know now, what might you not have put in your mouth?

Probably the soda that I tasted from a country test tasting, I can't remember what country it was from but it was pretty nasty and I doubt I will ever try it again. But I can't say I haven't tried it.

3. Now that he or she has been a great friend for a while, your initial uncertainty about whom seems silly?

I have this friend named Sarah, back when I first met her she was totally different fro me, now we know that opposites can really attract and not every friend has to be exactly like you personality wise!

4. Somebody should have warned you never to go where?

Disney world only because its addicting and I am totally in love with the place. I would have a whole lot more money had I never stepped foot on property.

5. Who now seems to have been right whenever you were wrong?

Probably my mom, who always seems to have the answers to everything, even if I am wrong. What is is, mom is always right and seems to know better.

And there you have it, happy Friday to one and all.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The great collapse.

Right after the Caps were eliminated from the playoffs I turned to my husband said. 'My prediction for the finals is this one.

'Bruins vs. Blackhawks.'

Anderson turned to me and said, nope it was going to be The Pens. But me pulling for them  did not surprise him considering The Bruins are my number two team.

I still stood by my predictions, even if everyone swore it was the Pens year to go all the way. And don't even get me started on commentators like Mike Milbury because we all know how they feel. The only thing we seemed to agree on was either way it would be Boston and Pittsburgh to fight it out. But that is where it ended.

 And while it may not be ultimately who I wanted to win, the only thing I at least hoped for was a good series against the two. I also didn't think Boston would go down quietly.  It would at least go to a 6 game series, if  not a 7.

Andy just shrugged, and my dad who is not much of a hockey fan-or sports to be honest-said there was no way Pens would lose, as they are unbeatable. But wished me luck in my thoughts and wishes.

And then wouldn't you know both the Pens and the Bruins made it through to round 3. And the series was about to start. And still I had to endure the taunts from the Pens fan, one in fact came specifically to my desk with this prediction:

'Pens are going to hold Boston to 24 shots on goal the entire series. And when they do, well we are going to sweep Boston and will win the cup. I hold you to it.'

He also informed me there is no such thing as following or liking another team and that this was not allowed. And that the Caps are screwed come the realignment as we will have to get rid of a lot of players and as for the Pens I asked? Well according to him, the Pens have set themselves up so that they don't have to get rid of people...

umm right......

I tried my best to listen but I think I tuned him out and wished him luck, he informed me he wasn't rooting for the team that was going to need luck...

And here we are, almost a week later, the Pens and Bruins have now played three games. And wouldn't you know, somehow Pens have found themselves down by 3 games....That is right, there may be a sweep but its not the one the guy, nor may predicted. Even I, rooting against them am shocked to see this. I was expecting a lot better from them. Especially not when the first two games-played in Pittsburgh-were as lopsided as they were. A one goal game, yes but not the 6-1 we saw in game 2 of the series.

And yes as a Caps fan, I know exactly how that feels. Believe me. Remember game 7 of the first round? Yeah. Exactly. Its not pretty.

True the Pens are not out of it, after all they are the Pens, they are an incredible team, and talented. They have some of the best players by far on the league.and its not the best of 7 for no reason here. But to come back and win the next four games against the team that has seemed to have risen to the occasion and strained their opponent's every last resource? I find it hard to believe. Perhaps I am not the only one who is beginning to think the Bruins just might make it.

After all, the guy hasn't been back to my desk since....

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The sleeping problem

Its been a restless, sleepless couple of nights in the household. Or rather in regards to my side of the bed it has been.

You see two and a half years ago when my son graduated from the crib to a big kids bed Anderson and I were elated. Sure this meant he was no longer our baby, but the freedom it gave outweighed this.

However what we didn't count on was this. Now that he has his own big boy bed, it meant free reign of the house, and minutes away from mommy and daddy whenever he wanted. Often I would wake up the moment his little hands went around my neck and snuggled. I even relished in it, knowing that these moments wouldn't last. I was informed it was just a phase he would soon grow out of and before I knew it he would be staying put in his own bed and we would miss the nights when he would crawl in and snuggle with mommy

This was two years ago.

He is still doing it. And while I love it, love the fact that this kid loves me more than anything and all he wants to do is be close to me. It puts a smile on my face and puts aside most everything.

But here's the thing, there are times when all I crave is a full nights sleep. One that is not interrupted with a slap to the face in his sleep, he is now reaching the squirmy stage of sleep when staying still is not an option, and despite the fact he is the smallest of the three of us, he seems to take up the most room. And sometimes I want one night where I am not being smashed up against the two-Anderson and little man-that I can't breath.

Such as the case as last night. We tucked him, turned off the lights and told him to sleep tight before heading off to bed myself. Two hours later little man is telling me about monsters and zombies and what not and how he was dreaming about them....

Its a routine conversation in the middle of the night. He is not crying, at times laughing while I try my best to be awake enough to half listen for a minute.

As he goes on, and on I look at the clock and think, please just go to sleep. I want a night just one to sleep.

Am I bad mom for saying this? For thinking how much easier it would be to sneak into the other room and just sleep for a couple hours? I suggested this to Anderson the other night, the only response I seemed to get, was the next morning I found him in the other room and I still was curled up next to my son, the sleep still not restful. Am I bad mom, a bad wife for being jealous of my husband who may be interrupted but surely nothing like I am?

Sometimes I wonder.

Still I struggle to figure out how to address this, we have talked to him numerous times regarding the need to stay in his bed. We have marched him back to bed, he only comes back. We have put up a baby gate, he is getting to tall for them, and smart enough to figure out how to free himself. We have offered rewards, they do little and he may swear he will stay in bed, nothing seems to work. I have read blog after blog of suggestions, none of which seem to work. The only thing we have yet to do is lock the door.

And while I know it won't last forever, and I am truly trying to enjoy this and remember that fifteen years from now I will miss it. At times, I wonder if I truly will.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Bucket list.

A blogger friend discussed her summer bucket list on a recent post. This of course only led me to think about what I wanted to do during the summer. Things I would like to accomplish and get done. I realize not all of them may get done, but it doesn't mean I will not try to get them completed. So without further ado, here is my list of things I would like to get done before the fall.

  • Take my son into DC for day, not as a commuter but as a tourist.
  • Attempt to get a tan.
  • Write.
  • Hit up a ballgame, Nats or local. It doesn't matter.
  • Go to the beach
  • Enjoy a slice of watermelon.
  • Head to Charlestown, watch horse racing.
  • Enjoy an ice cream sundae
  • Take a picnic.
  • Visit a national park.
  • Sit under the stars for an evening.
  • Get together with at least two friends.
  • Drive, just drive.
  • Hit up the house in NC at least twice. 

Lets see what I can get done shall we.....

Sunday, June 2, 2013

June. Day.

After the hustle and bustle of last month it was strange to flip the calendar and stare at a blank page. Besides a minor thing, and a date with a friend there is absolutely nothing on the page. Nothing. It is extremely strange. I am sure things will fill up, days will go by and people will want to do things. A day in DC here, a weekend away there. But I admit as strange as it is that nothing is going on, in a lot of ways, its kind of. Nice. Yes, we wanted May to fly by, the little getaway down to Florida would get there faster and with 60 days (as of tomorrow) to go until we head out again, well in a lot of ways I like the fact that this summer is not really planned out.


Give it time, and I am sure I will be complaining about the fact my days are once again swamped. But for right now, well for right now I think I will enjoy the silence and the nothing planned while I can.