Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Quest for the Cup.


Begins tonight. 
Chicago is favored, but I wouldn't exactly rule out Boston. After all they were the team that defeated what most people thought would have been the champs. Or should have been. I'm rooting for Boston, obviously.
This will be the first time since 1979 that two original teams are in the cup finals. This is also the first time that the two teams have faced each other in the finals.
I laid in bed last night, thinking about the series and this for pure entertainment value is what I came up with.
Chicago and Boston both have 70s bands named after them
Chicago: Your my Inspiration and Hard to say I'm sorry.
Boston: More than a Feeling. Amanda.

I sat there for the remainder of the nights singing the four songs. This may be absurd because really why should I compare the two music groups to hockey? You can't. But I did. I sat there thinking well Chicago was probably the better of the bands, their hits remained huge. But Boston's are rock classics. 

So if the music past is any indication, Chicago will win.
But I am still laying my bets on Bruins.
In 7.

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