Tuesday, June 11, 2013

This is a test....

If you know me, you know I am not a huge reality show junkie. That being said I do admit to having my two staples So You Think You Can Dance and the Bachelor, which I always vow not to watch because of its pure ridiculousness at the end of it all. But we all know what happens. I come home on a Monday night in the middle of January and nothing is on, and so I get sucked into the show no matter how much I vow I won't.

And what of the summer counterpart? The Bachelorette? Eh, really when it comes to it I could love it or leave it. Sure I may watch a season here and there but to me, its just there.

Which explains why I had no real interest nor was I going to go out of my way to watch these season. I like Des, but I wasn't in love with her when she was on the Bachelor. Of course things sort of changed when I saw an ad on the TV for an upcoming episode of the series. The one that called for a current girlfriend ratting out one of the male contestants. And hot dog, we may be on to something. Even if I didn't have much interest in it, I knew it was going to be ridiculous and outrageous. Even if it was somewhat staged as I believe most of them are. And so last night I decided I was going to watch it, just to see how absurd it could be.

I sat through an hour of it before the event that had teased so much decided to play out. And just as it began to get good-the girlfriend finally confronts her boyfriend in front of Des, well the local meteorologist breaks in about the severe weather.

Damn it!!

I realize the weather is kind of important, tornadoes aren't something you mess with but you got to be kidding me? Talk about brilliant timing. THE ONE THING I WANTED TO SEE THE ENTIRE EPISODE and you break in to tell me that there may be a chance for storms, the same thing that they had been flashing across our screen through the entire episode?? Typical. I began to laugh. Because really? You would know.

And of course they finished, just in time for Des to be addressing the remaining guys. I had missed the entire event.

Double Damn.

Yep and with that, I am pretty sure I won't be watching the remainder of the season.

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