Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Five 6/7/2013: Retrospect

Well Tropical storm Andrea has hit the area, leaving it a very soggy DC area currently.  This Fridays Five topic is Retrospect.

1. What seemed like a good fashion choice once upon a time but now seems kind of dumb?

Probably those biker shorts that were big in the early 90s. Yea, they were pretty awesome back when I was like ten of course now looking back now I tend to then what the hell was I thinking??

2. If you knew then what you know now, what might you not have put in your mouth?

Probably the soda that I tasted from a country test tasting, I can't remember what country it was from but it was pretty nasty and I doubt I will ever try it again. But I can't say I haven't tried it.

3. Now that he or she has been a great friend for a while, your initial uncertainty about whom seems silly?

I have this friend named Sarah, back when I first met her she was totally different fro me, now we know that opposites can really attract and not every friend has to be exactly like you personality wise!

4. Somebody should have warned you never to go where?

Disney world only because its addicting and I am totally in love with the place. I would have a whole lot more money had I never stepped foot on property.

5. Who now seems to have been right whenever you were wrong?

Probably my mom, who always seems to have the answers to everything, even if I am wrong. What is is, mom is always right and seems to know better.

And there you have it, happy Friday to one and all.

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