Thursday, June 6, 2013

The great collapse.

Right after the Caps were eliminated from the playoffs I turned to my husband said. 'My prediction for the finals is this one.

'Bruins vs. Blackhawks.'

Anderson turned to me and said, nope it was going to be The Pens. But me pulling for them  did not surprise him considering The Bruins are my number two team.

I still stood by my predictions, even if everyone swore it was the Pens year to go all the way. And don't even get me started on commentators like Mike Milbury because we all know how they feel. The only thing we seemed to agree on was either way it would be Boston and Pittsburgh to fight it out. But that is where it ended.

 And while it may not be ultimately who I wanted to win, the only thing I at least hoped for was a good series against the two. I also didn't think Boston would go down quietly.  It would at least go to a 6 game series, if  not a 7.

Andy just shrugged, and my dad who is not much of a hockey fan-or sports to be honest-said there was no way Pens would lose, as they are unbeatable. But wished me luck in my thoughts and wishes.

And then wouldn't you know both the Pens and the Bruins made it through to round 3. And the series was about to start. And still I had to endure the taunts from the Pens fan, one in fact came specifically to my desk with this prediction:

'Pens are going to hold Boston to 24 shots on goal the entire series. And when they do, well we are going to sweep Boston and will win the cup. I hold you to it.'

He also informed me there is no such thing as following or liking another team and that this was not allowed. And that the Caps are screwed come the realignment as we will have to get rid of a lot of players and as for the Pens I asked? Well according to him, the Pens have set themselves up so that they don't have to get rid of people...

umm right......

I tried my best to listen but I think I tuned him out and wished him luck, he informed me he wasn't rooting for the team that was going to need luck...

And here we are, almost a week later, the Pens and Bruins have now played three games. And wouldn't you know, somehow Pens have found themselves down by 3 games....That is right, there may be a sweep but its not the one the guy, nor may predicted. Even I, rooting against them am shocked to see this. I was expecting a lot better from them. Especially not when the first two games-played in Pittsburgh-were as lopsided as they were. A one goal game, yes but not the 6-1 we saw in game 2 of the series.

And yes as a Caps fan, I know exactly how that feels. Believe me. Remember game 7 of the first round? Yeah. Exactly. Its not pretty.

True the Pens are not out of it, after all they are the Pens, they are an incredible team, and talented. They have some of the best players by far on the league.and its not the best of 7 for no reason here. But to come back and win the next four games against the team that has seemed to have risen to the occasion and strained their opponent's every last resource? I find it hard to believe. Perhaps I am not the only one who is beginning to think the Bruins just might make it.

After all, the guy hasn't been back to my desk since....

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