Friday, June 21, 2013

Five Question Friday-6/21/2013: Scatagories.

 Welcome to the official first day of summer! The thought thrills me but with this being the longest day of the year I know the days will only get shorter from here-I know not for awhile-so that saddens me. But lets not think about this shall we. Its Friday, which obviously means one thing around here. Time for my Friday Five. This week is Scatagories...

 What random letter was generated by the online random-letter generator? (this doesn’t really count as one of your five questions)

Obviously, the letter was R.

1. What geographical location, whose name begins with the letter, would you most like to visit someday?

Russia, where my family first began. I know its cold, and dark and all but I am pretty sure this just may be a stereotype I have learned from school somewhere. Still one of these days I would like to adventure over there. The likelihood of it happening however is pretty slim.

2. What’s a yummy dessert whose name begins with the letter?

Rocky Road ice cream....just thinking about it right now makes me crave it. Yes it does....and considering I haven't had it in ages, its a pretty good chance this will actually be consumed. Well if only my stomach could handle it that is. 

3. What’s an annoying or unpleasant task whose name begins with the letter?

Raking the leaves in the fall. And it seems no matter what, the moment you finish another tree decides to drop the leaves and shed off its 'coat'. Leaving you with another pile...

4. What implement, whose name begins with the letter, would be good to take on a camping trip?

A radio, one that is battery operated that is. Though these days, good luck trying to find one. Because they are becoming harder to find. Apparently they are not in style anymore....

5. Which of your body parts, whose name begins with the letter, needs some attention or maintenance?

Ring finger actually. I have a nice little blister from writing lately. Its not the most pleasant of things and hurts quite a bit...

 And there it is, may your summer be spectacular!!! Happy Friday.

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